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Lady Tialait
2008-02-02, 12:25 PM
A Court Wizard in stunning blue robes stands in the air with a wave of his hands a booming voice echos over the Contest Arena "Welcome to the First Anual Princly Cup. Today is the First day of the Contests the Competitors are
Sir Raleigh Branta, a Neanderthal Bard/Paladin in the service of Playswithfire
Dehl Barker, a Human Ranger/Swordsage sponsored by Dobe
Uraz Son of Bane, a Human Barbarian from the clan of EloquentRune
Jermayn Schirmherr, an Elf Fighter Fix from Bandeded
Tristan de Troye, a Human Fighter of the House of Samuel
And Carrick Ballyna, a Human Cloister Cleric/Diviner, from the Sainthood of Toliudar.
Intruduce yourselves. To our lovly ladies."
With that three fireballs burst in the sky and a crowd of peaple littering the stands start to cheer.

2008-02-02, 06:48 PM

With a wave of his hands and a grand flourish, a rather narrow-shouldered and unassuming young priest enters the Arena on a much larger mount. He wears the simple robes of a travelling priest, although he wears no discernable holy symbol. A heavy metal mace is strapped to his saddle behind him. Floppy dark hair is just avoiding getting into his eyes. A black hawk launches itself from his shoulder, and circles overhead. He peers out at the surrounding crowds and smiles.

Peering back at the much more impressive-looking warriors behind him, Carrick shrugs good-naturedly. His sweet, clear tenor voice sails above.

My Lady Magpie. My Lady Awfullich. My Lady Sha'Hilta. The mighty wizard does me too much credit. Ladies, and all the assembled gentlefolk, my name is indeed Carrick Ballyna, but I am from no sainthood. Though...I have read much of the lives of the saints.

And the sinners.

The broad grin that follows his last statement is calculated to bring a laugh from the crowd. If he could not be the imposing favourite to win, perhaps he could become the good-natured jester.

Still have to buy the last 1K of gear. Sorry. Tomorrow!

If helpful: [roll0] Perform, for any effects from the above.

2008-02-03, 01:22 AM
Raleigh (and Tala)

A wolf with pale grey fur and hard blue eyes walks slowly and deliberately towards the center of the arena, displaying a sense of quiet power while giving no impression of hostility. Upon reaching the center, the animal dips its head and then rears up on its hind legs. A voice emerges and seems to come from the wolf.

"Lords and ladies, I come before you with the honor of announcing the next competitor, a stranger to these lands, but no stranger to honorable combat. He has fought many battles in defense of his homeland, as well as for his new home among you. He fights here today to show his thanks for your acceptance of him in these lands and to prove himself worthy in the eyes of such fine lords and ladies to be called a Champion. I give you, Sir Raleigh Branta"

The large, powerfully built Sir Raleigh walks towards the wolf, which has resumed its standard four-legged stance and begun walking towards him. As they meet, the wolf circles behind him and falls into step with him as they together return to the center of the arena. With a quick nod to the wolf, Sir Raleigh continues in the voice that those present realize was his all along.

"I hope you can all forgive me my rather unorthodox herald, but had she the gift of speech, I would indeed choose Tala to announce me before an event such as this, for she has fought well beside me in more battles than any I have had the pleasure of serving with. My three great ladies, if my eccentricities have offended, you have my apologies beyond my words to express it; I could not bear it if it were to spoil your favor of me this day. For while in my native frostfell lands, we have days where night holds sway for but a few hours, I have never known such radiance as now when I stand in your illustrious presence. I am your servant, Sir Raleigh Branta and I hope my actions this day are to your pleasure. This last is said as he bows deeply and begins to back away to prepare for the first challenge.

Wolf speaking done using the Ghost Sound cantrip (no armor yet so no ASF). Wolf on hind legs is from his having perform as a bonus trick as my animal companion.
Perform(oratory) check [roll0] for all that if needed
EDIT: please tell me it wasn't needed; yikes

2008-02-03, 09:39 AM

A rather large horse enters the arena. On its back stands a human of average height, wearing a rather worn and beaten set of traveling clothes. A large-brimmed hat sits atop his head, obscuring his features as he paces the length of his horse.

When the horse reaches the center of the arena, the man simply walks to the rear end of his horse and walks off.

When his feet touch the ground, he gives a flourish of his cloak and a bow, taking his hat off as he rises, Brown hair cascades from its hiding place and falls to his mid-back.

Ladies and Gentleman. I am Dehl Barker. Seeker of Knowledge, Jack of all trades. Master of all, master of none. It is my great honor to be accepted, weighed, and measured against the calibur of the opponents that will be joining me in competition.

He then turns to address the women of the court with a deep bow and an even deeper grin.

Miladies, I especially look forward to the undoubted pleasure of making your aquaintance.

With that said, he returns his hat to its rightful place, leaving his hair unfolded and calls his horse, Nipper is what he calls him, to his side, walking towards the edge of the arena, waiting for his remaining competitors to arrive.

And a perform check... [roll0]
edit: Sweet... I couldn't have asked for a roll to have more awesome...

2008-02-03, 10:14 AM
A large man riding a large black war horse can be seen not far from the gates of arena. Not slowing down at all the man bursts through the gates and rushes out onto the field.

He makes a few laps around the arena howling and swinging his massive greatsword over his head trying to excite the audience.

As he passes the crowds all can see that he is wearing leathers, and hides of animals, with a breastplate that has intimidating spikes protruding from it.

After his third lap he stops in the Arena center and jumps of of the back of his horse.

"I am Uraz, son of Bane, son of Glade, son of Horus, son of Gaius. Next in line to lead the tribe of the Stag. I am here to show you all the true strength of a man and gain honor for my people. I shall fight with all that I am and do all that I can not for myself but for my peoples who after I win shall no longer be kept from your cities and prosecuted without reason."

oh btw I pick Red

2008-02-03, 02:21 PM
A slight elf of middling hight enter the arena, passing almost unnoticed in the excitement Uraz's enterance.

His armor is plain and unassuming, as is his mount's, and though he carries a greatsword and a lance, he seems merciful, and perhaps kind.

He dismounts when he reaches the center of the arena and bows to the ladies.

He begins soberly, "I'm sorry, my ladies. It seems I may be outdone for this opening appearance, but I promise not to be a disappointment for the rest of the competition. With luck, and perhaps a little help..." his eyes sparkle and he smiles mischievously, "I will not be an embarrassment. I await the command to begin," he finishes and takes up a ready stance.

2008-02-03, 07:57 PM
Last contender entering the jousting area is Tristan de Troye (http://slb.free.fr/RPG/CS/Tristan%20de%20Troye.htm), riding his white palfrey. The spirited stallion seems extremely nervous but his rider keeps him under control with only one hand on the reins. He waves at the crowd and receives many cheers in return. His blazon - purpure, a lion argent - is well known by many of the folks for the barony of Troye is not far away.
Following the knight in his shiny armor are two squires, dressed in white and purple like the palfrey's coat. The first squire raise his left hand where a beautiful falcon his perched, sometimes sending a piercing shriek covering the noise of the crowd. The second squire keeps two astounding white greyhounds on leash.
The knight cross the jousting area, maintaining his palfrey at an ambling gait, he then stops himself in front of the honor seats where the nobles and the ladies are. He removes his helm and still using one hand and his knees instruct his palfrey to do a curtsy by lowering his forelimbs and his head.

"Know oh fair ladies that it is a great pride for any knight to have a chance to compete in front of you. There are many champions coming from far away lands who are here to prove their valor, and I hope that I will give them all a good challenge. But my dearest wish is that this competition will please you and your noble guests.
I may not have tamed a white lion like my ancestor, but I swear that my fame as a master of the beasts and of the weapons will honor the house of Troye."

Saluting again the noble assembly with a curtsy of his horse, he puts back on his helm adorned with white and purple long feathers and turn the palfrey where the other champions exited the jousting area. Then, raising his palfrey on his hind limbs, he draws his sword high in the sky and shout to the crowd "May Heironeous bless this tournament, and let the best champion prevail"

The horse tricks are normal on a properly trained horse, and Tristan's palfrey being a show-off horse, it is trained for this kind of stuff. In case my riding check is needed:[roll0]
Also a Perform (Oratory) check if needed: [roll1].

P.S. And apologies for the frequent mistakes in English, most of my medieval-based vocabulary is French :smallredface:

edit: minor rephrasing, unhappy with first version, revised CS

Lady Tialait
2008-02-04, 06:21 PM
The three ladies smiles apon the entering contestants. Each speaks in turn. Starting with Lady Sha'Hilta Oh, You six are kind. a smile crossing her lips she looks over to Carrick I too, know a thing or two of historical Sinners. Perhaps when the time is correct, we may discuss this more. she sits in her chair and smiles down.

The second Lady to speak is Lady Awfullich For starters, I am glad you are all gracing us with your talent. As we start with Violence A show of strangth, I will not be judging you favorly or otherwise at the moment. But hunting skills later, that is a differnt matter completely. A flicker of mischeif hits her eyes as she looks over to Raleigh But, if i could I would give Tala a point of favor, she is a beuty to behold

The final Speach of approval or otherwise is given by Lady Magpie and starts with a yawn Wonderful, a bunch of fluffed up knights, atleast that last one is a proper knight...but other then that i'm less than impressed with the selection. she yawns again and eats a chocolate that she has infront of her.

Afer the Three ladies speak the Mage trumpets out again Very well, the games shall begin! The lots have been cast! and The following peaple will face off in the Joust! Lord Dehl Vs. Lord Trove, Lord Raleigh Vs. Lord Carrik, Lord Schirmherr Vs. Lord Uraz , Please collect your Lances and make it to the Jousting Circle

As the Wizard Said, I want in spoilers, ACs Rolls to hit, bonuses to hit(inculde your +2 for charging), and Attack Rolls, and Damage Rolls in your posts. Remember the Scoring Requires both Style and Highest Damage. The lances are Masterwork, so remember to put that into your bonuses.

2008-02-04, 08:27 PM

Carrick bows low to each of the three ladies as they speak - that is, as low as he can without pitching forward in the saddle. He dismounts carefully in order to go and select a lance from the pile.

En route, he nods somewhat shyly to the massive Sir Raleigh. When he reaches the lances, he does his best to hoist one without grunting. Somehow, he manages to get back onto the horse holding the lance, and to get over to the jousting pitch.

At the pitch, when the "two minute warning" is given, Carrick draws a trio of scrolls from a bag at his belt. He takes a full minute to pray silently, drawing the power of the spirits to him. Slowly and carefully, he reads off all three scrolls, followed by two additional spells that he weaves himself.

Not sure if you're running all of the jousts simultaneously. I'm fine to put this on hold if we're not first up.

Spellcraft DC 16 to identify the first, third and fifthspells he casts. DC 17 for spells two and four.

First: Mage Armour
Second: Alter Self - he turns into a Tren (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/iw/20040613a&page=4)
Third: Shield
Fourth: Bull's strength
Fifth: Magic Weapon

Revised stats: HP 19; AC 27; Attack with Lance +3 for 1d8+2

Partway through his preparatory process, Carrick nearly doubles in size, becoming a rugged, scaly lizard-creature with prominent fangs and a long, slender tail. He pauses in his spell-casting to shout out to the crowd.

My fine opponent hails from the wild-lands, and to match him, I too now become a wild thing. May both of us battle well, for the glory of this cup.

Shamelessly, he pumps his lance in the air in an effort to sway the crowd to greater excitement, and then turns his attention to his formidable opponent.

2008-02-04, 08:48 PM
Sir Raleigh

There's more to you than meets the eye, good sir. I know not your new form and would learn of it later, but first, we battle! AARROOOOOOOO!

The wolf howl is one of my inspire courage uses for the day. Not sure if we're actually doing the rolls, but I'm going to do them and you can extrapolate the modifiers if you want to roll them yourself.

AC 22 (unless we subtract the 2 from changing)
HP 26
Perform check for style [roll0]
Attack Roll [roll1]
Damage Roll [roll2] x2 for charging while mounted

OOC: definitely thought "HULK SMASH" when I saw what you changed into and please tell me that 27 is before subtracting 2 from charging :smallfrown:
silly 1s for damage

2008-02-04, 09:37 PM


The lizard-man roars and urges his mount forward. He tightens his grip on his lance as he lurches forward.

playswithfire - the hulk reference is brilliant. Fortunate for both of us - and the tournament - that he's the Banner-in-control Hulk.

Man, am I a geek.

The AC 27 is indeed before the charge.

Carrick's rolls:

[roll0] Perform
[roll1] Attack Roll
[roll2] Confirmation, if attack roll is a natural 20
[roll3] Damage, x2 for charging

2008-02-04, 10:14 PM

Dehl bows to the ladies, his eyes meet theirs, one by one, seeming to pause longer on Lady Awfullich. He knew he was an Excellent hunter. That event was almost assuredly his.

With that, he leads his mount to the racks, hefting a lance and climbing nimbly onto his mount.

He then leads his mount to the starting area, awaiting his turn against his opponent.

Those who were looking at him would see a grin on his face for a moment. When the moment passed, his image would start to blur as shadows began coalescing around him, making him a difficult target. As soon as he would spur his mount into a charge, he would whirl his lance about his head and it would alight.

"YAAH!" He would scream, spurring his mount to greater speed.

Child of Shadow stance grants 20% Concealment
Burning Blade Technique grants 1d6+3 fire damage on a successful attack
AC while charging: 21
Attacker misses on a roll of 1-20[roll0]
Perform Check: [roll1]
Attack Roll : [roll2]
Damage Roll (Lance and Fire): [roll3] + [roll4] x2 on lance damage because of the cahrge

2008-02-04, 11:35 PM
{table]Jermayn Schirmherr |Elf |Fighter fix |4 |Neutral Good |Medium
25/25 |+3 |40 |AC/T/FF |20/15/15 |Chain shirt
Melee Atk |Lance +8, Greatsword +6 |Lance 1d8+4, Greatsword 2d6+3 |Ranged |Comp(+2)Longbow +7 |1d8+2
Saves |Fort 2 |Ref 5 |Will 2
Srt - 14 |Dex - 16 |Con - 10 |Int - 10 |Wis - 15 |Cha - 8[/table]

Against him?! First! Gods be good to me, guide my blows and allow me the victory! he thought, nervous though this was hardly his first battle. He quickly drinks his potion of Bears endurance, and fills himself with eagerness to do battle, though the sight of one contestant changing himself into some odd creature sickens him slightly.

"Forward, Jed'aen!" he calls to his horse as he charges.

I hope no one minds if I use the lance I brought.
New Con score = 14. New HP = 33. New Fort save = 4. AC because of charge = 18
[roll1] x2 because it's a lance on a charge.

Edit: Freaking three... :smallfurious:

2008-02-05, 08:20 AM
Tristan (http://slb.free.fr/RPG/CS/Tristan%20de%20Troye.htm)

Now mounted on his strong destrier, Tristan is about to take the lance handed by his squire Jehan, when he notices the lizard-on-a-horse and the would-be knight howling like his wolf.
Tristan sight. "By Heironeous, surely this is a joke and the tournament assembly wants to entertain the crowd by allowing these buffoons to the contest". Then noticing the scared look of his squire he adds: "They are not dangerous, my true challenge are certainly the barbarian and the elf, but to be honest, I have no idea what my actual opponent is worth. Look at him, no armor ! There's surely something fishy here and I should be careful, I just pray he will not change in a weird beast or start howling like Raleigh".

Tristan then enters the racks, noticing the shadows engulfing Dehl. He spurs his destrier and raise him on his hind limbs to shout the warcry of his familly "TROYE AVANT". Then seeing Dehl's lance suddenly ablaze he wonders if he shouldn't have asked his squire for a hanap of cordial before this joust, he immediately takes a defensive stance.

And now the shock: will steel prevail against magic ?

AC 20-2+4 = 22 mount charging, fight defensively
Attack [roll0] mount charging, mw lance, fight defensively
Dmg [roll1] x2

edit: aargh, Tristan has been really surprised by Dehl's combat tactics, his lance went astray !

For the DM about my temple questions: I wanted to replace potions use by a priest of Heironeous blessing Tristan, that would have looked more in line with this chivalry stuff. But finally I have an other idea: Tristan's squires could provide him with a cup containing a potion and that would also be okay. So don't bother with this, I just purchased two aid potions and now have approx 180gp left.

And one last question about potions: does the tournament rule allows one to use them during fights ?

Lady Tialait
2008-02-05, 11:00 AM
The Crowd Cheers with glee at the goings on. The Ladies seem impressed with the performance.

Not during events, but you can use buff magics before each event. You have two minets to cast or drink potions. (that is 20 rounds) you don't have to use this time, but it is allowed. The Joust is just one attack. So, once we get the last contestant's attacks I'll score everything.

2008-02-05, 12:01 PM
Tristan (http://slb.free.fr/RPG/CS/Tristan%20de%20Troye.htm)

Looking at the burned mark tarnishing his armor which took the brunt of the blow Tristan is disappointed he didn't even graze his opponent.

He crosses again the jousting area and open his visor to salute Dehl.
"You sir took me really off guard with your fighting style. I look forward to face you again in the duel and really wish we could continue this jousting. But since this tournament is based on a single exchange, I concede you had the upper hand."

Hey DM, what happened to your avatar ? Did she don a girdle of gender changing ?:smallwink:

2008-02-05, 12:29 PM

Damn, Dehl thought to himself as his lance skittered across the man's armor. As he came to the edge of the jousting area, he led Nipper back the the weapon racks and dismounted, the flame on his lance had died out by now, and he decided to let the shadows that aided him rest. He was putting his lance back in its place when Sir Troye began to speak to him.

"I too sir, wish we could continue this sport. I must say you have a rather impressive defense. I shall take from this experience the knowledge of battle you've exhibited and add it to my own. I look forward to seeing how things play out in the events to follow."

With that, he bows to the man and leans on his horse, watching the rest of the jousts play out.

Knowledge: Local to determine Tren attributes. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3892704&postcount=23)

The Lizard-man intrigued him. He searched his memory with a grim look on his face. His knowledge was vast. But like many things, his knowledge was too spread out to tell him anything about this interesting race.

He would have to ask him about that later.

2008-02-05, 12:48 PM
Sir Raleigh

Wheeling about at the end of his charge, Sir Raliegh pumps his lance in the air, attempting to add some glory to what he knew was a fairly weak hit. But he had scored a hit and not been touched and that deserved a brief show of pride.

Handing off the lance to a nearby squire, Sir Raleigh rides slowly back to the center to speak with Carrick. Yes, as I said, more than meets the eye. I confess I underestimated you before. I think I was fortunate that this new form seemed to have issues fighting on horseback. In sword on foot, I expect we shall see great things from you. Good luck to us both. Sir Raleigh extends his hand and will shake if Carrick is agreeable, then ride back to his area to dismount and make sure Tala is prepared for the hunt.

2008-02-05, 01:53 PM

Keeping his lance nearly vertical, Carrick remains mounted, trotting forward to chat briefly with Sir Raleigh. He waves a bit ruefully to the crowd as they come together. Carrick's polite tone is heavily distorted by the beast's fanged jaws.

A solid hit, sir! Well done. I would have appreciated a chance at a second pass - perhaps after the tourney is complete?

2008-02-05, 08:59 PM
"MWAhahahahaha This little thing shall be no challenge for me."

Uraz's face shows a massive grin as he mounts his steed and is handed his lance. "KORD! guide my blows and let me defeat my foe with strength and speed"

"Enough talk you shall now loose."

AC 18 Attack [roll0] Damage [roll1]x2 my HP=41

Lady Tialait
2008-02-05, 09:33 PM
The Wizard flys up high and starts his speach, it booms over all the exitment as he announces the scores for the Joust The following Scores have been given, For Best Joust ((Damage)) an award is granted to Lord Dehl, for Style and showsmenship, one point goes to Lord Raleigh. The ladies wish to speak.

The lady Magpie stands to speak, a hush goes over the crowd. Oh you have woo'd me with your valor sir knight, Lord Trove, I bestow on you one Favor. Please prove worthy of this grant as I have few favors to grant. she smiles and sits.

Lady Tialait Stands to speak A suprising work of Transmutaion, magical ability and choice of exotic ability has been shown to me today. For that I grant my favor. Lord Carrick You have proven that magic may win this Tournement, even without winning this round. I look forward to seeing some more magical suprises, and even more exotic accorances. She smiles bows then sits.

Lady Sha'Hilta stand and speaks scowling down at the competitors. What a bunch of wimps. I would have wiped the floor with the lot of you. But sense everyone else is gunna give away their favor, I'll give one to that guy who hit the hardest, Sir...um Delh or whatever I dunno she sits back and grumbles.

The Wizards voice is heard again. Compeditors have two hours, the Baazzar is open if you wish to buy addional equipment or sell anything. At the end of Two hours please report back here, and We will begin The hunt, if you wish to start your hunt then you must come to me.

Good job everyone!, alright, you can sell any of your equipment at eh baazzar for half the listed price for that item. Any Magical or Mundane Item that isn't costum can be found there at book price. After everyone decides what they are doing with this downtime, I will tell you how the Hunt works in Mechanics.

2008-02-05, 10:20 PM

Dehl bows at the crowd when his name is announced by the wizard. When Lady Sha'Hilta begrudgingly grants him her Favor, he smirks at her, deciding to hold his tongue and a snappy remark. He instead decides to tip his hat at her, bowing slightly.

As he listens to the announcement, he begins preparing himself mentally for the hunt, deciding which techniques he has at his disposal that would benefit him the most.

A few minutes pass with Dehl in quiet contemplation. Once he finishes preparing himself. Should no one attempt to stop him, he would proceed to the wizard to begin his hunt.

Readying the following Maneuvers: Counter Charge; Wolf Fang Strike; Mighty Throw; Fire Riposte

2008-02-06, 06:15 AM
Tristan (http://slb.free.fr/RPG/CS/Tristan%20de%20Troye.htm)

Immediately after the end of the joust Tristan sent his squire Jehan on an errand. "Take this purse to friar Cafdael at the temple of Heironus and ask him to give you the most beautifull rose in his garden".

Once dressed for the woods and while his second squire prepare his palfrey with the hunting gear, Tristan takes a glass of wine in his tent with a few knigths and barons acquaintances.

"My friends, I can't believe this big oaf of Raleight got a point in the joust. The court has already been buzzing about him for months since duke Ferdinand knighted him. Imagine the ruckus it would cause should he wins the Princly Cup ? Surely the story would cross the borders of the kingdom. I'm wondering if the duke isn't trying to make a joke on all of us by showing that a savage can be a proper knight. In any case I thank you for your support and pray Heironus will guide my hounds to a great stag."

10 gp in the purse as a donation to the temple (and maybe some wine for the friar :smallwink: ).

To Playswithfire: I took the liberty to give a name to Raleigh's sponsor, but if you have a better idea let me know I will correct it (or maybe the DM if this cup takes place in a campaign setting)

2008-02-06, 09:53 AM
Tristan (http://slb.free.fr/RPG/CS/Tristan%20de%20Troye.htm)

Moments after his fellow knights wished him good luck, Tristan is back in front of the ladies. He has donned his hunter's garb: leather boots, a studded leather armor, a green cloack and a felt hat of the same color with two peacock feathers. He wears a dagger on the belt and a beautiful rose is sewed on his armor. His left leather glove is rugged and bigger than the one handling the reins.

He rides again his white palfrey. But this time the horse do not wear an exotic saddle and a coat with Troye's colors. He has a simple saddle albeit with a very wide pommel, and two little saddle bag on each side, one being a quiver with many arrows and an impressive bow.
On each side of the horse a white greyhound walks unleashed, alert and graceful.

"My ladies, I present myself to you for I am ready for the hunt. Hunt is a noble art and in all honesty I hope I could entertain you a bit by explaining how I practice it. Many believe my two greyhounds here are just good to run behind little game or please a lady as an ornament. But their scent is very good and they are swift enough to race a stag and chase it back to me. I have spend many days in the woods of the kingdom to train them and hope we will together bring your cooks the meat of this evening. Of course no dog could catch the elusive dove or even rarest birds living in the royal forest. This is why I also trained this falcon."
Taking a very little whistle hanging on his neck, Tristan use it and raises his left hand. A little falcon fly straight to his hand and perch upon it.
"Even the best bowman's arrow can't follow a bird among the trees, but my falcon do. If by luck I spot a pretty bird whose feathers and delicate meat would please you, I will bring it back."

Tristan then let the falcon perch on his saddle pommel and cover its head with a leather blindfold. He then looks straight at lady Magpie.
"Fair lady, know that I have been extremely honored by your favor, and this rose on my heart is a token to your kindness. It shall remember me that I have been blessed by your sight for the rest of this tournament."

Following this speech Tristan orders his hounds to sit and do a curtsy with his horse. He then leaves in the direction of the forest in a slow canter, shortly followed by his hounds which stayed sit till he told them to follow.

edit: my English is so baad, I always find mistakes when I read myself later.

2008-02-06, 09:56 AM
Uraz infuriated by his showing in the joust goes to the Bazzar and purchaces a hunting dog to help him with the hunt after selling his warhorse and saddle.

Uraz removes his armor to prepare more for the hunt.

2008-02-06, 10:13 AM

At the announcements, Carrick waits with the others, grinning at the incongruity of the savage lizard-creature among the stuck-up knights. Even he, however, is shocked when Lady Tialait announces her choice. Immediately, he steps forward, and simultaneously drops to one knee and releases the transformation, becoming once again a humble priest in order to receive her favor.

My lady, you are too kind. Indeed, I hope that magic and courage will prove to be as valid a cause for celebration in the tasks ahead as skill with sword and bow. You are...gracious to indulge me in this.

Rising, he steps back, and bows his head. And turns to chat again with Sir Raleigh.

That was indeed well fought there. And I loved the trick you did with the wolf earlier. Very nice. I guess he'll be an invaluable assistance to you in the hunt ahead as well.

2008-02-06, 10:49 AM

Raleigh bows slightly to the ladies when it is announced that he has earned the point for showmanship and this fortunately covers his brief grimace upon learning that he did not win for damage. Silently cursing himself for the weakness of the hit, he returns a smile to his face and addresses the ladies. This point seems hollow without the favor of such fine ladies. Efforts shall be redoubled to show my strength and worthiness. The word strength is said as he directs his gaze to lady Sha'hilta.

He then turns to answer Carrick. Yes, Tala has aided me in many hunts and I believe she will again. I look forward to seeing the form you take for the hunt Sir Carrick. If you will excuse me, some preparations are needed. This armor is excellent for open combat, but I fear it will spoil the game out in the woods.

Raleigh sells his horse, saddle and shield at the bazaar and picks up 2 potions of hide from animals, 2 potions of mage armor and a potion of invisibility

slb, that name is fine

Lady Tialait
2008-02-06, 06:55 PM
The Wizard Flys overhead All contestants please report to the Courtyard. The ladies wish to adress you before your hunt. He waits till all are gathered.

Then the Lady Sha'Hilda stands We have each been told to give you a hint on what kinds of yummy animals we like to eat, I will tell you now, don't be bringing back something that couldn't have hurt you. That will not fly with this woman. I mean, Come on, what is the sport in that? she takes her seat after speaking.

Lady Magpie stands I just love wild hare, if you could bring it back I would be most impressed, after all, there are wonderful dishes our chefs can make with it, but be careful, too much damage can ruin the whole of the Hare. Lady Magpie sits down.

Lady Tialait stands Do NOT bring back too much meat for yourself and two other peaple, it would be overhunting. I do understand the art of the hunt. But, Over doing such graces can cause unbalances. We do not wish to have such things. she then sits.

The Wizard Speaks once more. The Ladies have spoken, bring back a animal of your choice, the Rules where set before you before this compitiion even started. Now, you have four hours annnnnd your off. as he said 'off' a fireball went off in mid air.

This calls for some crunch. Alright, First the 'no-track' rules.
Roll a Survival Check, an 3 attack rolls, and 3 damage rolls. This is all against the same creature. if you wish you may attempt just 1 attack and damage roll if you succeed on killing your prey with this one attack, you will get a point in the cup. If you miss all three attack or do not have enough damage after your damage rolls. You can try again. You may try up to 4 times. If you fail 4 times your hunt was unsuccessful. Every Animal has AC 14 and 8 HP keep that in mind. Without Track you are unable to choose the animal you are hunting down. But, here is a guide
DC 31 or Higher is an unicorn (disregard your attacks, it follows you back, you get 1 favor from lady magpie)
DC 16 to 30 is Exotic beast (Be creative, if you get this you qualify for most exotic.)
DC 11 to 15 is Deer or Hare
DC 10 or lower is Fowl.

Alright, Track Rules:
If you have a Hound, or other hunting animal you may use Tracking rules. As above, but you may choose to lower your survival check. as many as you wish. So, if you got a 29, but wanted to get a 15 you may lower it and find the deer or hare you wished to find. In addion you may add a plus 5 to the check.

OH, a Note to Bandededed You can still do your shopping.

Some potions will give you an advantage, just ask in spoilers. After your rolls I'll recalulate.

Have fun with your hunts!

2008-02-06, 09:27 PM
Sorry for taking so long


Frustrated, obviously so, by his horrendous display during the joust, he seems to be arguing with himself about it while the wizard speaks.

He stops immediately when the ladies begin speaking, however, and he seems unsurprised when his name is called out for nothing. He is unhappy, though, and expresses such, saying "I am sorry, my ladies, and I seem to be repeating myself. I have failed in my promise, and will not make another such. I remain undaunted, however, and will try again, and again, and again if I must." He leaves to prepare soon after.

To prepare for the hunt, Jermayn practices extensively with his greatsword, making sure he is in the best possible form before it begins.

[after hunt begins]

As soon as the wizard finishes speaking, Jermayn smears oil from his pouch onto his Greatsword, and it glimmers faintly in the air. After this, he moves into the forest slowly, looking form something to help him win favor.

Tracking: [roll0]

To edit after roll.

2008-02-06, 11:35 PM

Launching his hawk into the air, Carrick trots into the forest after it.

I was hoping to use my hawk's aerial perspective, ability to cover a lot of area, and great spot check to help find prospective game from above. He then communicates a basic sense of the creature and direction to it back to Carrick. If need be, in order to keep up with a fleeing creature, Carrick can cast fly on himself. I'm not sure how to incorporate all of that into the scenario.

Similarly, my hope is to disable the creature to make it easier to kill, using sleep, glitterdust and web spells. In an ideal world, he wouldn't be killing the creature at all, but bringing it back bound, so that the Ladies can decide what they want done with it.

So, I'm going to roll a survival check, but also a spot check for the hawk, to get this started, and you can let me know how to proceed:
[roll0] Survival
[roll1] Spot

Lady Tialait
2008-02-07, 08:24 AM
If you want to try to disable, and using your magic. I'll let you. Your Survival check says you get a deer or a hare, so you can easily disable those. if it was a magical beast I'd need to know what kind. The spot check i'll count as an aid another action giving you a plus 2 to your survival check, same applies for Sir Trove over there. I just didn't see the logictics of running six differnt combats, it would give me a migrane. hope it's not so bad that it costs you your best event. I did try to allow for your abilities assiting. I guess i'll allow one animal to give an aid another action. Remember if you didn't like your check you may go on hunting for another hour. Oh, and the size part is a percentile. if you want to go for the point for the biggest animal.

If there are any more questions please spoiler them and i'll try to adress them

2008-02-07, 08:37 AM
Tristan (http://slb.free.fr/RPG/CS/Tristan%20de%20Troye.htm)

Having heard the ladies' requests, Tristan call his squire and gives him his little hawk: "No falconering for this hunt Jehan, so feed her properly."

He then turns to his hounds while foraging in his saddlebag.
"You lucky guys, our lady Magpie wish us to bring back your favorite and easiest prey to catch. Now come here and seek, ... seeeek".
Tristan hands the dogs a small patch of fur and each one comes to scent it. He then spurs his palfrey and leaves for the forest in a cloud of dust and exited dogs barking.

Tristan's targets being easy to catch, he wants to be the first to bring a big hare back (DC15).

Regarding the tracking, he uses two hunting dogs that should help themselves for the tracking. Thus if both roll higher than 10, one could "Aid Another" to give a +2 bonus on the skill check.
Tracking rolls: [roll0], [roll1]

Regarding the damage it's a bit more complicated: Tristan would normaly hunts hare only using his dogs and not his bow more designed for big game. But on the other hand a hunting dog will have trouble killing a hare with 8hp in only four tries.
So, do you allow me to do a an animal handling skill check once a dog bites the hare to bring it back to me (Tristan would then coup de grace the hapless rabbit by breacking it's neck) or do he has to use his bow ?

Lady Tialait
2008-02-07, 08:55 AM
Alright, regarding your hunt Slb (i wanna know what that stands for), If you wish to order the Dogs to retrive, i'll allow it. As long as they know that Trick. (hunting dogs. The most likly know fetch) And if you've ever really been hunting. Mostly you when you bag a hare, you step on it's head and pull the body upward. killing the hare. So yeah, it's gruesome, but that is basicly what you'll do. The dog's will need to make a grapple check. so they can bite the thing and bring it back to you. That sounds fairly correct, as far as i can see from my hunting experiances in real life. Any other questions? (The hunt is always a bit tricky anyway)

2008-02-07, 09:23 AM
Approaching the forest, Raleigh two potions and then motions for Tala to precede him as he adjusts his grip on his greatclub.

Tracking [roll0]

Taking the potion of mage armor, in case it attacks back and then Hide from Animals so that they can't detect me (not sure if this gives a bonus)

Using Tala's survival check with me giving an aid another. I'm guessing I can't use her +4 when tracking by scent because I didn't give her a scent to start with so I didn't factor that in.
What I find will determine how I deal with it.

2008-02-07, 09:29 AM

Raleigh lets the bird go by as he is searching for better game.

Lady Tialait
2008-02-07, 09:36 AM
playswithfire, you have a plus 6 bonus, +2 from Tala, +4 from your potion, sooo, your first roll was a 16, and your second was a 20 that is 2 deer or hares, just...fyi

2008-02-07, 09:42 AM
Um, doesn't a 16 or 20 get me an exotic beast?
Also, I asked in recruitment, but I'll ask here, whatever I find has the same AC and hit points?

EDIT: oh, what's the animal's flat-footed AC, since they're unaware of me thanks to the potion?

DC 31 or Higher is an unicorn (disregard your attacks, it follows you back, you get 1 favor from lady magpie)
DC 16 to 30 is Exotic beast (Be creative, if you get this you qualify for most exotic.)
DC 11 to 15 is Deer or Hare
DC 10 or lower is Fowl.

2008-02-07, 09:58 AM
Uraz goes into the hunt grounds with dog at his side and and begins his hunt

Handel Animal [1d20+8]
Spot [roll1]
Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]

2008-02-07, 09:59 AM
Handle Animal [roll0]

Lady Tialait
2008-02-07, 10:20 AM
eek, your right playswithfire its early morning for me. I didn't think. One has a higher score then the other for points. if you want to try a thrid time and a fourth your welcome to. I just am a little out of it.

To ERune Um, you either need to try another hunt or another attack roll.

oh, and the reason all the animals have the same. is simplifaction. I didn't want this to be overly complex. if we did this on tabletop it would be full of more DM fiats, i'm trying to avoid it on the fourms, but the only other way we can do this is alot of combats. I'll break down exotic beasts for you guys. So we have less comfution.

16 Miscolored animal (albino whatever)
17-20 Boar (considered rare in the king's forest, has tons of meat on it. the king himself gives a gift of 50gp for catching one of thease)
20-25 Oddity beast (something that shouldn't be in the climete (think midevil england)
26-30 Magical Beast (pick one other then Unicorn. Duh.)

As for the generic animal Flatfooted AC, make that 10. all their AC is in dex as far as i'm conserned.
I hope the rest of the tourniment goes off without this much confustion.

2008-02-07, 10:34 AM

Spotting the wild boar and smiling in the knowledge that it is completely unaware of him, Raleigh lets out another roar and charges the beast

Boar's fine for me; should be good eating; hoping to get one big and dangerous-looking enough to impress lady Sha'Hilda. Raleigh did not like being called a weakling.

Using my second inspire courage with the roar (boar can't hear thanks to the potion), charging and power attacking for 3 using my club two-handed. We need to get them to -10 in one shot for the 1-hit kill, right? and/or have them bleed out?

BAB 3+ 4 STR + MW + Focus + Racial + morale + 2 charge - 3 power attack = +10 to hit an AC of 10
d10+4 STR +1 morale + 6 power attack

Attack [roll0]
Boar stabilizing roll: Failed (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3903175&postcount=23)

which crumbles to the ground, twitching slightly then falling still and dead.

2008-02-07, 11:52 AM

So, with your amended list, Carrick scores a wild boar. With your permission, I'll roll its saves as well as my actions:

On sight - summon a Celestial monkey to act as blocker/distractor as we move to close with it.
When in range - casting Web on the boar to hold it in place. Reflex save DC 15 to resist
Boar's reflex save
If it's successful in saving, Carrick orders the monkey to guard him, and then uses his scroll of glitterdust to blind the boar. Will save DC 15 to resist
Boar's will save [roll1]

If it's still successful in saving, Carrick swears quietly under his breath, and uses his scroll of acid arrow
[roll2] Acid damage over two rounds
, then Summon Monster II to bring in a fiendish wolf to act as a blocker/attacker (always trying to trip), backing up as he needs to. And then he'll start pelting it with sling stones:
Carrick [roll3] Attack 1 [roll4] Damage 1
[roll5] Attack 2 [roll6] Damage 2
[roll7] Attack 3 [roll8] Damage 3
Wolf [roll9] Attack 1 [roll10] Damage 1
Wolf trip attempt on attack one [roll11] Boar's Resisting trip [1d20+4

Once the boar is caught, Carrick will use non-lethal damage to knock it unconscious, then rope it up to drag it back to camp. As soon as it is safely secured in the camp, he will heal it back to full health, hopefully to create the equivalent of "least damage" to the beast.

Please let me know if any of this doesn't make any sense.

2008-02-07, 12:24 PM
Tristan (http://slb.free.fr/RPG/CS/Tristan%20de%20Troye.htm)

"Good boy Tazi, you spotted one ! Now fetch boys, fetch !" Tristan follows on his horse the swift hounds racing to their prey and is careful not to let them frenzy on it in order to have it almost spotless.

OK, so fetching a rabbit is a bit more difficult than just biting it so I roll all the tries in case all misses. In any case at the first success Tristan will order the hound to bring back the rabbit.
Will the rabbit elude the dogs ? Grapple check: -3 (grapple) +4 (size)
Tazi: [roll0], [roll1], [roll2], [roll3]
Saluki: [roll4],[roll5], [roll6], [roll7]

Animal handling roll to be sure the hounds are kept under control. Normally very easy but a very bad roll could mean the prey as been accidentally "chewed" or the dogs fought each over for it and damaged the skin.

Edit: Yay ! critical hit on the grab on the second try, Tristan really has a good pair of hunters.

Lady Tialait
2008-02-07, 12:31 PM
This looks a bit better, rolling the saves for the prey is fine. I think over all this is better then the starting system. Um...i'll be waiting for the last contestants to finish up. This is looking good now. Sorry for the confusion.

2008-02-07, 02:43 PM
Tristan (http://slb.free.fr/RPG/CS/Tristan%20de%20Troye.htm)

Tristan looses no time and race back to the tournament arena pushing his palfrey at the fastest speed he can. But he enters the area at a slow canter and goes to the judges to give them the hare. He then rein his horse in front of the ladies, still followed by his hounds.

"While we wait for the return of the remaining hunters, I would like to continue to entertain you with the noble art of hunting that can come in many styles. Thanks to lady Magpie's exquisite palate I can demonstrate that a hunter may be like these beautiful hounds an exemple of grace and swiftness."
"For with grace I caught this hare 'sans ruine', and with swiftness I brought it back to you while most of our valiant competitors are still searching their preys."
"I hope that the modesty of my hunt will also please you lady Tialait. Because I do not doubt that we'll have more than enough to eat this evening".

2008-02-07, 03:20 PM

As he searched the forest, Jermayn came upon a set of strange tracks, and found at the end an abnormally large displacer beast devouring the corpse of a deer. Knowing that the beast was far from natural and where it's head must really be - since it was eating the deer - Jermayn carefully stalked forward, drawing his greatsword. At the last moment, the beast sensed him, but it was not enough to save it's life. Jermayn's greatsword cleaved through the things neck even as it's image began to look at him.

Initially disappointed by his find, he quickly realized that not only was this monster exotic, it also had quite a stock of edible meat, even if it would not be the most delectable. He also figured that the Lady Tialait would forgive him for the extra meat, seeing as how it was a monster haunting her forest.

Lifting the thing was rather difficult for Jermayn, but he managed to carry the thing back to the entrance of the woods where his horse waited. His horse was initially afraid of the beast, but Jermayn solved that by pouring one of his potions of 'hide from animals' on the carcass, successfully concealing the creature from his mount.

With that accomplished, Jermayn wrapped the beast in a larger, sail-like cloth and strapped it to his horse. Supporting part of the beast himself, he entered the arena.

"It seems the gods have seen fit to allow me grace in this challenge. As I searched the forest, I came across the trail of this most unnatural predator. I killed it cleanly, and brought it for you to judge." He pulled the wrapped monster from his horse and called for a handler to take his mount away. "I present you with a monster, and blight upon the natural order," he said as he began to unroll it. "I present you with a displacer beast!" And with that triumphant cry, he once again assumed a ready stance, but now he was smiling, thinking that he had done quite well with this one.

2008-02-07, 06:44 PM

The boar securely bound, Carrick secures it tightly to the back of his saddle, holding on for good measure, and makes his way slowly, carefully back to the tournament area.

There, he seeks out a pen where such a majestic boar could be contained. With a bit of finagling, he manages to maneuver it inside, where he releases the ropes. Chanting for a moment, he touches the boar's hide, and it springs to its feet with a snort.

As his hawk settles on his shoulder, Carrick rides back to the reviewing stands, where he sweeps an arm in greeting to the ladies.

My ladies, thank you for your kind offer of an afternoon's hunt. It was MOST invigorating. My Lady Sha'Hilda, and my lady Tialait, I have done my best to heed you both - only seeking out prey that could easily have gored me, and killing nothing I could not eat. In fact, since there are stories circulating that the King's forest is becoming depleted in such fine specimens, I have brought him back, alive and not much the worse for wear. Thus, you can choose to breed him in captivity, release him for further sport, or eat him this evening, as you see fit. I am your most humble servant.

Casting Cure Moderate wounds [roll0] to rescuscitate the boar.

Perform check to see how well he carries off his final presentation: [roll1]

2008-02-07, 08:35 PM
NOt finding what he seeks Uraz tries again

Survival [roll0] Attack [roll1] Damage [roll2]

2008-02-08, 12:31 AM

When the fireball goes off, Dehl activates the secret he kept up his sleeve to aid him in his hunt. Shifting his poise slighty, shoulders drooping and nostrils flaring, he begins to pick up the scent of everyone around him. He lifts his head into the air, finding a worthy scent. He then sets off into the forest.

Activating Hunter's Sense stance which grants me the Scent Special Ability.
I don't know if you want attack rolls or anything to go along with this, so just spoiler, PM, or roll it for me if you wish.

2008-02-08, 01:00 AM
Edit to last post... I just missed the spoiler from earlier... here are my attack and damage rolls. Also... If my Scent ability grants me say... a +2 *pleads* Disregard these rolls... Cause A Unicorn would be AWESOME...
When Dehl finds a Girallon (http://www.systemreferencedocuments.org/35/sovelior_sage/monstersG.html#girallon), he makes a Wild Empathy Check.
If that fails, he then switches into the child of shadow stance and begins his attack.
First attack
[roll1] [roll2]
Second attack (TWF)
[roll3] ; [roll4]
[roll5] ; [roll6]
Third Attack (TWF)
[roll7] ; [roll8]
[roll9] ; [roll10]

Should the Girallon hit with an attack, Then I'll activate the Fire Riposte Ability

2008-02-08, 01:16 AM
Not to self... Do NOT hit preview...
Here are my rolls... Again..
Wild Empathy Check.
First attack
[roll1] [roll2]
Second attack (TWF)
[roll3] ; [roll4]
[roll5] ; [roll6]
Third Attack (TWF)
[roll7] ; [roll8]
[[roll9] ; [roll10]

Should the Girallon hit with an attack, Then I'll activate the Fire Riposte Ability

Lady Tialait
2008-02-08, 06:45 AM
I think that is everyone, tell me if i missed someone. after i get confirmed weither I am right that is everyone or not i'll post the scores and allow everyone mingle time with dinner,

oh and Dobler it's okay, just be careful. I mean i'm not worred about one or two ugly posts.

2008-02-08, 09:20 AM

With a satisfied grunt that the boar had died quickly, without suffering or undue injury and bleeding, Raleigh affixes his greatclub to his belt and bends down to pick up the boar ((gonna go with it being about 300 pounds, since that's what Raleigh can lift overhead)) which he raises up and lets rest on his shoulder. Whistling for Tala to join him, he silently thanks her for her aid in tracking the beast and begins the walk back to the arena.

Hearing bits and pieces of the previous speeches, Raleigh announces on arrival. We shall indeed have enough to eat, Sir Tristan, though I am sure your hare will indeed make a delightful stew as Lady Tialat suggested. For myself, I sought a larger beast, for, I admit, I was uncertain of the hunting prowess of my competitors. This large and noble beast I stalked and dispatched with no time for it to feel pain or any of the meat to be spoiled by injury, in the hopes of a fine meal tonight. For this reason also, this creature has not touched dirt since it fell and I would have no filth spoil such a feast. Raleigh sets the boar on the ground with apparent ease but allows it to land just loudly enough to make clear the size and weight of the beast he has defeated and carried to the ladies. He rights himself and then bows deeply to the ladies. I hope it will meet with your approval.

2008-02-08, 01:53 PM
Standing by the waters edge Uraz was looking for something large and preditory to present to the judges. And then he saw it a Crocodile and he stuck an arrow in its side now to take one more shot and finish it off.

Attack= [roll0] if that doesn't work attack = [roll1] Damage = [roll2]

2008-02-08, 02:01 PM
Uraz wades out into the water takes the large animal and carries it back to the judges

I, Uraz Son of Bane, Have brought to you strong souls a strong beast. Its hide can be used for good leather wears, and its meat when prepared well is sweet and succulent. In honor of you ladies I give you this crocodile.

Uraz showing great pride in his catchlifts it over his shoulders and raises it for all to see.

2008-02-08, 04:05 PM
...This large and noble beast I stalked and dispatched with no time for it to feel pain or any of the meat to be spoiled by injury, in the hopes of a fine meal tonight. For this reason also, this creature has not touched dirt since it fell and I would have no filth spoil such a feast.

Tristan ride next to Raleigh's boar and smirk
"Indeed fellow knight, that's the first time in my life I see a boar clubbed to death. I'm wondering what's the more awesome with you: having brought back the boar on your shoulder or having left your horse in the stable to go hunting ? Surely if there's a prize for the weirdest way a knight has been hunting, you really deserve it"

He then rides back near Lady Sha'Hilda.
"If you allow me milady, I think there's no real pride in hunting dangerous beasts, for they are dumbest than the most stupid troll. They do not hide, and they left obvious trails. You just have to poke them with an arrow and they come all bloodthirsty to impale themselves on your spear. I always had more difficulty hunting swift deers or cunning foxes than getting rid of boars or bears annoying my farmers.
However I must concede that the creatures caught by the warrior Dehl and the fay Jermayn are really outstanding and were probably a challenge more serious than any dangerous beast I have ever hunted."

2008-02-08, 04:35 PM
"Indeed fellow knight, that's the first time in my life I see a boar clubbed to death. I'm wondering what's the more awesome with you: having brought back the boar on your shoulder or having left your horse in the stable to go hunting ? Surely if there's a prize for the weirdest way a knight has been hunting, you really deserve it"

I suppose I could have let Tala take down the boar, but I felt it more proper to strike the blow myself. I do commend you on your skill in rising such fine hunting dogs; they were quite swift in catching that hare. As for my horse, she is a fine steed, but not yet so well accustomed to a stealthy pursuit; and, I will admit, I wanted to be sure I still had the power in my arms to bring it back myself. The blow I struck this morning was weaker than I have usually done and I feared I had lost some of my strength. But it endures and I am ready to face the rest of the challenges.

Lady Tialait
2008-02-09, 12:05 PM
Is everyone ready? I need one post for each of you telling me...in spoilers..that you are ready to be judged. Anyone who has addressed the ladies will be considered ready so. If you just want to adress the ladies. then your fine. Um...I really need to know.

2008-02-09, 07:41 PM
I am certainly ready. I think everyone else is too, but I may have missed someone

2008-02-09, 07:56 PM

Sliding in behind Raleigh's conversation with Tristan, Carrick can't stop himself from joining in.

Indeed, both of you did some impressive work. The sight of you carrying it in on your shoulders, Raleigh, was really one for the stories. And Tristan, it was very brave of you to catch that, er, bunny.

Smiling warmly, he joins the others by the stands to await judgement. If any of the hunters were injured in their hunts, Carrick will politely offer to ease their wounds a bit.

Ready for judgement, assuming that the thing with the boar went as described.

Lady Tialait
2008-02-10, 11:28 AM
The Court Mage flys up high annoucment ready in hand I have an announcment. The Hunt is over! I repeate the Hunt is over!. The winners of the contest are as such.

For Highest Weight. Sir Urza.

For Exotic Sir Jeryman

For Least Damage, We had a tie, as such The ladies recounted, Sir Carrik won this race.

One point to each of our winners. Congratulations. Our ladies wish to speak.

Lady Sha'Hilda stands and purses her lips How irritateing. I ask for real game you come back with a bunch of pigs, a cat, a swamp lizard and a bunny wabbit..I will be saving my favor for someone with more class..Stupid la de da knights... she rolls her eyes and sits down.

Lady Tialait stands No exessive hunting has happened. Over hunting of the boar has happened in this woods. As such any who declines bringing boar gets one favor. If Sir Carrik Releases his catch, he will loose a point of winning and gain two favor. As mercy is a knightly trait. She smiles and sits down.

Lady Magpie stands giggleing Sir Trove, you have treated my cravings. You have stood for knighthood well. Chiverly is not dead, it lives in you. I show much favor toward you....I grant you two favor! and with that she takes her seat.

The wizard speaks once again. Please present your catches to our chef to be cooked, after that you may mingle in the courtyard, for the rest of the eveing the Baazzar will be open and our ladies will be free for convorsations. And if Sir Carrik takes part of the Lady Tialait's offer, Good Sir Trove will win cleanest kill. In addion Sir Dehl gets one favor from each lady. As per his bringing a spectical of an unicorn to our supper.

if anyone isn't done with their hunt please pm me...i'll edit this post.

Edit: I was half asleep...I wrote something I didn't mean..and didn't make sense...Trove didn't have a heavy kill..

2008-02-10, 05:46 PM

Bowing low, Carrick nods and gestures to the boar in its pen.

How could I think to refuse such a gallant request by a lady of your quality, Lady Tialait.

He turns to Sir Tristan.

Good knight, the point is yours. I shall be content to see my boar released, hopefully to sire a dozen more.

In preparation for tomorrow's challenges, Carrick will sell his Elixir of Hiding and one of his scrolls of Fly (total 500) and spend his 200gp, and buy potions of Surefoot (50), Improvisation (at caster level 7 - 350), and Balancing Lorecall (300)

2008-02-11, 03:14 AM

Dehl bows low to the ladies, "Ladies, I thank you for bestowing your favor upon me. I look forward to the days ahead, In hopes that I may further impress.

Turning to the other competitors he adresses them all with a smaller, yet still respectful bow. Gentlemen, It was an honor to see the skills presented here today. I bid thee ado, and wish you all luck in the coming days.

With that being said, He leads the unicorn out of the arena, releasing it into the wild from whence it came.

The following day, Dehl will ready: Sudden Leap, Stone Bones, Counter Charge and Burning Blade

2008-02-12, 01:10 PM
Again struggling to keep an impassive expression on his face in the wake of his failures, Raleigh bows respectfully to the ladies and turns to congratulate Carrick. Well done and something I'd never thought of, as I can't heal as you can. Good luck to you in the coming challenges. I fear I may embarrass myself in the test of knowledge, but look forward to the others. With that, he will walk away, thinking that at least the boar will be good eating tonight, even if it won him nothing, and that he would very much like to personally defeat Tristan in the coming duels.

2008-02-12, 04:01 PM

Bowing low, Carrick nods and gestures to the boar in its pen.
How could I think to refuse such a gallant request by a lady of your quality, Lady Tialait.
He turns to Sir Tristan.
Good knight, the point is yours. I shall be content to see my boar released, hopefully to sire a dozen more.

To be frank with you sir, I'm not surprised one who's not a knight would weasel this hunt and win some points in a strange manner.
But I have to admit that by favoring lady Tialait's request and losing so liberally your point, you showed here chivalrous virtue.

Tristan Salute Carrick and goes back to his quarters to dress properly for the evening supper and send his squire to a few errands.

Tristan send a squire to ask the cook if he needs some spices to improve the hare and pay for them if needed (gold left ~50gp).
With 800gold he purchases the following potions: reduce person, reduce animal, Aid

Lady Tialait
2008-02-13, 12:00 AM
I really don't have much to say, if you wish to converse with one of the ladys, I'll try to make it all happen in one post, they kinda...cling together in a group. Anyway, remeber anyone who got a boar during the hunt is awarded 50 gold from the king himself. This can be used however you wish. (only if you killed the sucker..ofcorse.)

2008-02-13, 10:30 AM

Smiling at finally having gotten a point at all, he says to the others, "You may have beaten me so far, but this isn't over yet. I look forward to tomorrow, and hope that you can keep up"

Of course, most of you notice that he seems rather too nervous for that boast, and think that maybe he is trying to compensate for his rather obvious losses this day.

Quitting his competition, he sells a few of his potions and buys another Bears Endurance.

2008-02-13, 12:59 PM
Uraz approaches the ladies.

I ask all of you to give my rough behavior a chance. My people have been constantly oppressed based on our simple ways. We choose not to live in large citadels and believe in the survival of the strongest.

I ask you for your favors in hopes that one day my people will no longer be looked down upon because of our ways. And as one who is looked upon as a leader I hope to say our cultures will no longer be ones that clash.

2008-02-13, 08:28 PM


To be frank with you sir, I'm not surprised one who's not a knight would weasel this hunt and win some points in a strange manner.
But I have to admit that by favoring lady Tialait's request and losing so liberally your point, you showed here chivalrous virtue.

Carrick returns Sir Tristan's salute with an insouciant smile and returned salute.

Thank you kindly, Sir Tristan, and of course I humbly beg your pardon if my use of my imagination offends your sensibilities. I'm sure that your more traditional education will serve you in excellent stead in tomorrow's challenges.

As Sir Tristan departs, Carrick goes to see to the stabling and care of his horse, then heads for the palace's kitchens. There, he will wash up, then ask how he can assist in the preparations for the upcoming meal.

I can chop, carry, clean up - whatever you need. I don't need much time to get ready for such things, and my mother was an excellent cook - made sure all of us learned a bit.

If he is accepted by the servants, he will chat congenially about his experiences on the hunt and in the jousting this afternoon, and ask lots of leading questions about the three ladies.

About half an hour before the feast is set to begin, he will excuse himself and return to his room to change for the celebration.

Carrick isn't looking for state secrets on the ladies - just trivia like favourite foods, past experiences...small details. Diplomacy to be accepted by the staff: [roll0].

Afterwards, he will return to his assigned room, change into his actor's finery (closest thing he has to a noble's outfit), clean himself off using Prestidigitation, and head down to Party!

2008-02-15, 11:06 AM
Thank you kindly, Sir Tristan, and of course I humbly beg your pardon if my use of my imagination offends your sensibilities. I'm sure that your more traditional education will serve you in excellent stead in tomorrow's challenges.

Tristan looks down upon Carrick and answers in an obviously less courteous tone:"I see that you're well versed in the secret training of the knights in this kingdom: my long perusing of dusty tomes and frequents runs on the capital's rooftops like a burglar will obviously allow me to prevail tomorow. But non obstante your underestimate of the noble deeds of chivalry I may surprise you tomorow and certainly not by changing myself into an ape in order to climb better."

Having said that Tristan seems to think about something else and salute Carrick while whispering to himself "... speaking of ape ...". He then spurs his palfrey in a gallop to reach Raleigh.

"Hey Raleigh, since we're the only two knights of the kingdom competing for the cup ... that's Duke Ferdinand's opinion in any case; I would like to challenge you tomorrow for the Gauntlet dressed like a knight and not a peasant. I mean full plate, of course it will be harder for us but what do we care if we're beaten by strangers or commoners ? I'm sure the Duke would like to know if you're better than me rather than one of those guys no ?
Whatever your choice, I forewarn you that I will wear my fieldplate tomorow, so be sure to polish yours properly if you want to outshine me."

Note to DM: I'm still unhappy with the use of potions and the state of mind of Tristan (today we would say it's doping, but in the princly cup context Tristan would think it's not 'chevaleresque'. So would you allow me to cancel my purchases ? I'm thinking of a better use for Tristan's remaining gold more in line with what a Baron would have used it for.
If you don't allow this change, let say he had remorse and had it sold to the bazaar (that should net him around 400GP plus more or less 50 gold depending on the cook's requests for spices)

Once bathed and dressed for the evening (Noble Outfit with rose sewed on the heart), he asks the chamberlain's office who his the bard in charge of the supper's entertainment. Once found, he asks the bard to dedicate a song to Lady Magpie on his behalf and pays for it if necessary. He instructs the bard to do an allegory to Lady Magpie's beauty with nature's most beautifull flowers.

Knowing who to asks for at the court: d20+2
Having the bard accept request without too much to pay for: [roll1]

2008-02-15, 05:21 PM

My full plate remains clean, Sir Tristan, as I was untouched in the joust this morning. And it shall remain clean until needed, which, as I see it, is the duels tomorrow. There are no attacks that will be made against us during the gauntlet and so the full plate seems a bit excessive. If the gauntlet weren't meant to test our abilities to do such things in battle, I would, of course, dress to that occasion, but as it is not, I shall dress a I deem most likely to allow me to perform at my peak. I wish you luck in doing so in your armor, and a great feat if it will be if you should win while wearing it, but I will decline your challenge, for I believe cleverness to be a part of this competition and can see none in intentionally handicapping myself.

2008-02-15, 06:54 PM
Note to self: [roll ] tag does not allow parenthesis

So here we are
Knowing who to asks for at the court [roll0]

2008-02-16, 05:32 PM

At the feast, Carrick will deferentially approach Dehl.

If I may join you for a time? I am still unaccustomed to all this finery.

I was most intrigued by your talent in staying on your horse this morning. I'm afraid that it's a skill I sorely lack. Did it take a great deal of training, or is this some magical knack you have?

2008-02-17, 11:53 AM

At the feast, when Carrick approaches, Dehl tips his hat in greeting. And motions to an open chair beside him.

Well sir, I know how you feel about the finery. I'm a simple country boy myself and my travels don't normally take me into such grandiose endeavors. As for my abilities, I've been on the road for a while, and I can assure you that the only magic I employ is known only as Blade Magic. Its a way to wield the blade which unlocks the energies which surround everything. I learned it on my travels from a man with far more skill than I'm currently capable of. Thats why I travel, looking to gain abilities to one day prove myself worthy of the knowledge I've been given.

2008-02-17, 01:29 PM

It's clear from Carrick's response that this is both new and fascinating for him.

Blade magic, you say? I've studied enough of the stories to have heard of such things - sometimes discussed in terms of holy inspiriation, sometimes as you say, talking about a energy that lives in all things.

I am a bit of a restless soul myself. Perhaps, at the conclusion of these three days, you would consent to a travelling companion for a time? I feel I might have much to learn from you.

2008-02-17, 03:55 PM

Dehl grins for a moment before taking a sip of his drink. "My friend. I will never turn down the company of another. You see, I too am also on the search for knowledge. Though I warn you I may not be much of a teacher. I've always spent my life as a pupil, absorbing whatever information and skill knowledge I can."

He smiled a bit. It was more genuine that most smiles he'd given that day. A smile with his eyes.

"But I suppose... that should you join me, and allow me to add your knowledge to my own... I can bestow the same favor."

2008-02-17, 07:02 PM

Carrick gestures for more wine.

Well, I've never been much of a tutor, but I'll do my best. The spirit of the road moves us, and we move with it.

His goblet re-filled, he holds it up to toast with Dehl.

Lady Tialait
2008-02-23, 01:45 AM
I havn't got alot of time on my hands, sorry if i'm a bit slow for a the next week or so, family stuff. but I am not abandoning you guys or anything but got to do stuff, hope you don't mind.

2008-02-23, 04:42 PM
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2008-02-25, 09:53 AM
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