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Gyorn Hrathen
2008-02-03, 04:22 PM
597 CY, Midsummer's Eve

Twenty-seven years ago, the great wizard Mordenkainen and his closest allies infiltrated the famed Castle Greyhawk and there let loose the enraged demigod Iuz, intending to destroy him, instead causing the loss of many lives. Iuz the Evil escaped... and now evil returns to the environs of the fabled Free City of the Flanaess... Greyhawk itself.

Many famed heroes have met on the road (whether physical or proverbial) to Greyhawk. You six are no different. The River Road, with the Selintan River gorge on its left, has been your lonesome route, and finally something comes into view...

About a hundred yards ahead squats a weather-beaten settlement of a dozen shanties or so, surrounding a crossroads where the River Road banks west across the Selintan via Zagig's Bridge. At the edge of the road, in amongst the shacks, a statue of a massive stone figure stands and points its stone sword across Zagig's Bridge. Two merchant wagons crowd the center of the crossroads, their forms broken and their contents strewn about the road amongst a handful of humanoid corpses of unrecognizable race, as well as four or five dead horses.

About half a dozen brutish humanoid figures in leather, wielding hand-axes, pick through the strewn loot while several more seem to be going form hovel to hovel, terrorizing those inside, if the screams are at all apparent. Finally, a cloaked, brooding humanoid sits atop a giant draconic beast atop the bridge's framework, and directs the brutish raiders in their less than benign activities. Considerable violence has clearly been wrought here... you arrive just in time for the grizzly aftermath.

How do you proceed?

((OOC: Alright guys, perfect illumination, as it's the middle of a summer day. The river road is about 40 ft wide at any given point. The bridge is about 70 feet into the settlement on the left and is 60 feet wide. The settlement continues for about another 95 feet after the bridge's crossroads. The looters haven't taken notice of you yet, but it's only a matter of time before they do. I'll give you one round to prepare and another round for a surprise round. Barring this, you could take two rounds to prepare and start combat with normal initiative rolls. In your first posts I'd like initiative rolls and any other rolls you'd like to make given the above scenario.

Statue: The statue of Boccob stands in the middle of the settlement, with its pointing sword, on the left side of the river road, pointing down the bridge across from it. It stands on a 20 foot pedestal that offers a fine view of the battlefield.))

2008-02-03, 09:34 PM
Kiran, NG Radiant Servant of Al'Asran

Looks like a raiding band caught up to a merchant caravan. I think we should prevent such a monstrosity from happening again, and give the victims a decent burial.

Initiative 10, Hide check 11 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3885547&posted=1#post3885547)
Move towards the enemy 30 feet while withdrawing my longbow and making a hide check. Next, I cast Greater Magic Weapon (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/magicWeaponGreater.htm) on my longbow.

I call DarkOrange for my speech color. Also, I vote everyone precede there post by name, class and alignment in bold. It makes things easier to keep track of. Also, Gyron--are my HP re-rolls from the Recruiting thread alright?

Also, I have the Divine Ward feat, and can use it on the whole party by using 5 turn attempts (of 10) and fifty minutes. It enables me to use touch spells (like Cure) on the party at a close range instead of touch. I'm going to end every day by doing this. That way if we run into a whole bunch of undead I won't be out of turns.

EDIT: Missed the bit about two rounds, and I forgot to have spells prepared. I will do that ASAP!

Zed's Dead
2008-02-03, 11:23 PM
Ulric Gan-Tai, CG Ranger1/Barbarian 7

This is trouble, sure. Look to the mounted man on the bridge. I'll try to get close enough to hit him solid. You ready, Nisheet?

Without waiting for an answer, Ulric crouches low and lopes toward the villiage, looking for cover and keeping an eye on the savage humanoids in the villiage. As he moves (80 feet, double move), he unslings his bow and nocks an arrow.

((initiative roll (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3885464#post3885464) 20

Hide roll (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3885480&posted=1#post3885480) 21 (forgot armor check)))

I'll take bright blue as my color. Here's the final version of Ulric (http://www.campaign-blog.com/view.php?id=7406).

2008-02-04, 01:56 AM
Indeed. Cut off the head and the body usually dies. Mopping up the rabble shouldn't take long if we can silence the leader. You go for the frontal assault, I will slip behind him and take advantage of your distraction to hamstring him.

I follow Ulric. Double move, 60 feet, and summon a mundane dagger (swift action)

Init 6

Hide 24

2008-02-04, 07:43 AM
Geirhart-Cleric/Ordained Champion of Hextor

Geirhart smiles with sincere delight as he sees battle ahead. It has been a boring few weeks for him, since he has not been part of any epic war battles. But a skirmish is a great way to keep his skills up and to honor Hextor's will.

"Well let's have at it then. This will be fun," he calls to his companions as he draws his flail while approaching the scene of battle. Although he does not know what group is in the right, fighting the obvious agressor will be a welcome challenge.

Initiative 20 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3886340&postcount=2)

2008-02-04, 10:11 AM
The Grey Mage watched his companions run off, each seeking to play the part he loved.

Everytime they do this. he muttered to himself.

Efellon drew back his grey hood and looked at the last of his fellows. The githzerai had always been something of an enigma to him

You should probably go save the villagers, Lisan. he said with just the hint of annoyance as he watched his comrades.

I doubt the Hextorite would be happy if one of those beasts decided to take a pot shot at him from inside a house.

Efellon then waved his hand in a small, concise motion and muttered a single word. Contego. From his hand emitted a small ball of light that grew and flattened itself into a circular blue disc that began to circle about him protectively. He then moved forward to back up his clerical companion while keeping an eye out for any other threats to his well being.

Initiative 23 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3886683&posted=1#post3886683)

Cast Shield (AC 24) and move forward 20 feet.

2008-02-04, 10:51 AM
As everyone spreads out to do their respective jobs, Lisin merely watches. When Efellon recommends him taking leave to deal with the people inside, he turns to the man and speaks with a sigh.

Yes... I suppose I should be the one to mop up the stragglers. Gods know I'm not a fan of an arrow in my back.

With that he sets off to the nearest house drawing his weapon and, sneaking as best he can, gets to the door and peers in.

Move toward the nearest house, double move if needed. Weapon Drawn.
Initiative = 15
Hide = 7
Spot = 0 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3886865&postcount=4)

2008-02-05, 06:16 PM
Efellon, Wizard

Efellon caught up to the Hextorite, eyeing the group of creatures, trying to figure out what they were. Of course, they were a little too far away though. He fell into line next to his companion, leaning on his worn staff slightly, and looked over at him as they continued along.

I don't suppose you have a plan of attack besides 'run in and kill them all' do you?

Move forward to space next to the Geirhart. Try to identify the creatures with Knowledge checks

2008-02-05, 06:51 PM
Geirhart, Ordained Champion of Hextor

"Is there any other way to fight?" he asks his companion.

2008-02-06, 09:03 PM

Kiran takes a double-move action (40 feet, move speed is 20, whoops.) and
Hide check 14 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3900739#post3900739)

To himself:
I hope everyone is getting into position alright, it looks like the situation could turn aggressive at any moment. All's the better for these scum.

Zed's Dead
2008-02-07, 12:21 AM
Ulric glances back as he nears the first shack. They'll have to hurry if they want a taste of battle, he whispers under his breath.

[roll0]general listen check

Gyorn Hrathen
2008-02-07, 05:42 PM
((OOC: Sorry guys, should have cleared up the distance thing. You actually see the settlement first at 100 yards, but the two free rounds begin 15 feet from the edge of the settlement, 60 feet from the first orcs who seem to be rooting about the midle of the road and about 40 feet form the nearest hut with the two orcs. I'll interpret actions based on this.))

Ulric is able to move 80 feet into the village, hiding amongst wreckage and then managing to hide behind the corner of a shanty. The leader and his wyvern sit about 50 feet away on the far pillar of the bridge. 15 feet into the street away from Ulric is one of the orcs. 20 and 35 feet respectively towards the leader stand two orcs at the edge of the bridge, kicking through wreckage for signs of life. He hears yet another scream from across the street (opposite the bridge) and it is easily assumed that yet another orc is attacking this hovel's inhabitants.

Nisheet is 20 feet behind the elf, crouching in front of a larger hovel. From inside there are sounds of a small group of people being attacked by two orcs.

Kiran, Geirhart and Efellon advance to within moving distance of the first two orcs in the center of the street. The brutes perk up at their approach and ready their throwing axes. The mage is able to ken the nature of the orcs: they do not hail from the direct area, but are instead from the north - likely the Bandit Kingdoms or neighboring countries. Kiran, advancing with his fellows, becomes accutely aware of the orcs' awareness... there is no sense in hiding at this point.

Nisin advances, making it to the door of the hut that Nisheet crouches by. He too is able to hear what goes on inside, but is only able to see several armed shapes moving frantically around in the darkness.


Initiative order:
Orc raider2
Orc raider3
Orc raider8
Orc raider1
Orc raider7
Orc raider5
Orc raider4
Orc raider6
Orc leader

Suprise rounds are over. The two orcs in the center of the street are aware of the clerics and the mage who stand 30 feet (clerics) and 35 feet (Efellon) away. Another orc stands 40 feet behind these two also in the center of the street. Two orcs terrorize the hut that Nisheet and Lisin crouch by. The door is slightly ajar. Two more orcs stand near the bridge and are not yet aware of the party's presence. The leader on his wyvern doesn't betray whether or not he sees what goes on from behind his cloaked head, but his mount begins to sniff the air frantically.))

2008-02-08, 11:10 AM
Geirhart, Ordained Champion of Hextor

Geihart smiles at the prospect of battle, realizing that he can't close with the nearest orc without charging, he decides to take the slow and easy approach. Gaining a firm grip on his weapon, he begins to advance only to be interupted by a flash of fire from his arcane weilding companion.
'Bah, he's taking the fun out of melee combat again,' he thinks to himself before calling to the remaining orcs.

"Where is your leader, you foul beasts? By Hextor's will if he thinks he can bring war upon this land, then he must show Hextor that he has the strength to uphold that right."

Just going to double move to the nearest orc. If it moves before me and is in melee range by my 20' move I will attack. Rolls just in case

[roll2] Forgot, will make rolls in roll thread if needed.

Original post

Geihart smiles at the prospect of battle, realizing that he can't close with the nearest orc without charging, he decides to take the slow and easy approach. Gaining a firm grip on his weapon, he continues to advance, calling out to the orcs within sight.

"Where is your leader, you foul beasts? By Hextor's will if he thinks he can bring war upon this land, then he must show Hextor that he has the strength to uphold that right." Realizing that the stupid orcs probably do not understand his statement, he does not wait for an answer.

Zed's Dead
2008-02-08, 01:21 PM
Ulric Takes careful aim and launches an arrow at the mounted, cloaked figure atop the bridge.

Let it come down, murderer! This day, you die!

Before the arrow has reached its mark, he lets another fly.

[roll0] (1st attack) [roll1] (damage)
[roll2] (2nd attack) [roll3] (damage)

2008-02-11, 09:57 AM
Efellon, Wizard

The Grey Mage watched the group of orcs about ready to charge in and hack them to pieces. With a wearied sigh at the creatures he wondered at the stupidity in the world for a brief moment.

Efellon thought for a bit on how to strike the fear of himself and God into these creatures. Perhaps something subtle and frightening.......bah. Their was a time for subtle and finesse and their was a time for a giant club in the face.

The elf pulled from the many pockets hidden in his robes, a bit of sulfur and bat guano. Weaving his hands together in a complex, but well known formula, he whispered a few words.

Erado Ignis

The pinch of sulfur came alight in his hands and encircled the ball of bat guano. The whole thing began to burn with a focused intense flame and with a smirk, Efellon loosed the ball from his hand. Guiding it carefully into the group of orcs before them.

Their was a massive flash and a roaring explosion as the world before the the Grey Mage and the Hextorite was engulfed in the trademark spell of any wizard worth his salt.

I hate orcs. he muttered.

Move action to pull out spell components. Standard action Fireball (woot!!).

(8d6)[29] (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3922013#post3922013)
Reflex Save DC ....crap, i can't access my character sheet at the moment but i think it was 20. Some one check for me please:smallbiggrin:

2008-02-12, 06:32 AM
Lisin hears the screams and commotion going on inside the hut and decides at that point to throw caution to the wind. He opens the door and rushes in, attacking the nearest raider he can get his sword into.

Attack Roll = 30 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3926828&postcount=10)
Critical Threat Confirmation = 25 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3926834&postcount=11)
Damage = 9 regular + 7 from crit. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3926844&postcount=12)

Don't have my books with me and I can't remember if Insightful Strike stacks with a crit. If it does.. add an extra 3

2008-02-12, 10:26 AM
Nisheet scans the battlefield and decides the time to announce his presence has not yet arrived.

Hold action until after the leader goes. If he comes down off his post to attack Ulric, move to set up flank with Ulric. Attack if it wasn't a double move. If leader does not come down to the ground, sneak to the opening of the hut across the street from the bridge, and fling a dagger into some orc's back.


2008-02-12, 10:28 AM

Kiran fires an arrow at the nearest orc.
To hit:[roll0]
Damage: [roll1]