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2008-02-04, 09:22 PM
You've been wandering the streets of Sigil now for several days. You've travelled through many of the different sub-regions inside of the great floating disc, and this morning have found yourself in "The Lady's District." It is the high-class district dealing with the "nobles" of the city and other wealthy beings. There is no crime or violence, unlike any of the other districts, and everything is intrinsically beautiful. You find yourself heading towards the direct center of the city, passing through the Alley of Dangerous Corners, and emerging into the amazing high-class district. Everything in sight seems to be made of this odd forest-green marble color, and trimmed in a golden metal. There are numerous beings wandering the streets, from angelic Deva's to demonic Glabrezu. Though the tension is some what unsettling due to the over crowded populous, and the extreme racial differences, everything here is calm, for the most part.

You find yourself wandering further, passing among the bewildered individuals, who are for the most part doing the same as you are, wandering from place to place, heading towards an oddly shaped building. It is of a distinct globular shape, and sits uneasily on the street side. The door almost leaps out of the front of the building and unfurls onto the side-walk. Two quasi-magical lamposts are stuck squat next to the door, and there are several windows smattered about the front of the building.

As you open the door and step inside, the inside immediately grows to a building three times larger than what you saw outside. The change in the dimension is dizzying at first, but you quickly regain your balance, trying to avoid the stares of the beings inside.

Throughout the building are tables and bookshelfs illuminated by candles and lanterns, covered in worn-out maps, or open books left strewn about. It has a very musty smell to it, one of old paper and not enough fresh oxygen. The room is wooden, but the golden trim noticed outside is present on the corners of the room, sort of giving everything a highlited glow. The denizens of this building are mostly humanoids. Dwarves, men, and Elves are all scurrying about or labouring over cartographic machines. This building for those still unaware is the main headquarters of the "Planar Cartography Society." A group known throughout the planes for their work on providing well defined maps to adventurers among other useful trade items.

To your left, almost immediately from the door, is a steep spiralling staircase leading up farther than the ceiling goes. You know that you are supposed to take this stair-case to the top, then turn left, pass three doors, then take the right, then go to the end of the hallway. At the end of this extremely long hallway is a grand set of thick wooden double doors. Behind them is a man who goes by the name of Thirell Attrice. He is the leader of the PCS, or Planar Cartography Society. He has summoned you to Sigil for your help as adventurers.

OOC: Before you open the doors and detail your specific arrival to the building, or even how you got to Sigil is fine, but please describe your characters, as in current equipment, and a personal description. Also we need to claim text colors so lets do that now as well.

2008-02-04, 09:45 PM
Zebadiah Istarians

Those intunned with a force such as the All-knowledge needed no road-maps. Zebadiah stepped arrogantly, with the posture of a being who knew exactly what his purpose was. With each step, his confidence growing by the moment. Yet, if it was not for two key factors, many would not notice him among the gratuitously awkward and insane pedestrians.

For one, he stood a thunderous seven feet tall, and sported a dark purple robe. A thick and elegant color, rimmed with gold. A combination which screamed both "look at me" and "nobility". Though his hood covered most of his face, hiding his nose, eyes, ears, and most of his hair in total, and almost unnatural darkness, his chin, as well as his small gray beard, was exposed. On his back he wore what, at first glance, appeared to be a massive shield. Under further examination, the previous statement would be retracted and replaced with “a massive tome”. Strange cryptic letters were sprawled about, and a grotesque orgy of faces littered it's cover. A strange oddity would describe it best.

The next reason one would notice the glorious behemoth was that as he walked he gently slid his hands against the marble pillars and walls, and as he did such, a small purple aura literally embedded itself within the structures. As he removed his hand, it began to bubble and large boils began to erupt from its surface. If one were to continue to watch, they would notice that the newly transformed marble continued to grow more brittle, and eventually succumbed to even the slightest breeze, sending a fury of purple dust into the crowded streets.

Yet he entered the building with the utmost confidence, and immediately headed up the stairs, completely unphased by the intricate machines and their scurrying masters. Opening the door first to Mr. Attrice's office, he said one sentence. His inflection stone cold.

"In this, as in all others, Manifest is clear."

2008-02-05, 12:40 AM

Gwen smiles a little as she walks past all the sights, they are interesting to look at and she really likes the color scheme. She walks up and into the building, up the stairs and to the proper room. She walks in, Rain next to her, she smiles at Thirell, Sir, I'm here, what needs to be done?

She is wearing green (as in the avi in my sig) and shapeshifter's armor. She carries a staff in her right hand and has a pack of javelin's on her back, along with her other belongings. She never wears shoes, preferring to keep in touch with the ground under her feet. She is tall and slender, Qualinesti by birth, but she couldn't resist the urge to wander and see new places. She has red hair, usually in a braid that goes down to her ankles. Her eyes are green and she looks like she smiles a lot. By her left side, pads a large tiger named Rain. Rain seems to be a typical tiger and weighs in at about 350lbs.

((Gwen speaks in seagreen))

2008-02-05, 12:17 PM
The Stranger

A strange man was walking the streets of Sigil. His trenchcoat dragged across the floor as he lit the cigar in the corner of his mouth. The streets were crowded with all kinds of people, but he seemed to ignore them all, meaning he walked into a lot of them. He simply kept walking though, as they screamed at him.

He'd spent the night in a nearby inn. He was only a couple of blocks away from main headquarters of the Planar Cartography Society, but he'd decided he'd stay there anyways, instead of heading to the PCS right away. There was no need to rush things. Besides, he'd walked in a straight line for sixteen days without stopping to get to the city, so he felt he deserved a good drink of whiskey.

Some guy started yelling at the Stranger for bumping into him. This wouldn't have bothered the Stranger, up until the point the man grabbed his shoulder.
The Stranger turned round and puffed some of the smoke of his cigar in the man's face. The man coughed and started to protest, but stopped mid-sentence as he spotted the Stranger's eyes, and started into them. They were like diamonds so clear, and they just seemed to suck the man in. A bit of drool ran down the man's chin, and the Stranger nodded, moving his hat in front of his eyes.
"Remove the hand" he said calmly with his hoarse voice, and the man obeyed.
"Now scram"
The man walked off, dissapearing in the crowd.
The Stranger moved on again, not caring that people were staring at him. They moved out of the way now, no need to bump into people.

He walked into the building, not even slightly affected by the dimension change. He then followed Zebadiah and Gwen up to the office and walked in, sitting down on the desk without saying a word.

((Description of my character including equipment is pretty much in the recruitment thread...))

2008-02-06, 05:01 AM

A young, oriental man walks the lands. His direction north, his purpose unknown. He strides past trees and bushes in the wilderness. His armor consists of a couple of bracers, and a few plates of metal for his left arm. His once nobel clothes are thorn, and his black hair flows loosly in the wind. On his side, a slightly curved blade resides ...

Suddenly a band of orcs jump on the road. An ambush ...
One of the orcs calls out the mysterious stranger "Ee! Yuu'a 'n da rong neebahood man. We kiill you, stranger!"The man doesn't move.
The orcs charge.
The man doesn't move.
The first orc's axe comes inches before the face of the man ... and then he moves.

He steps with his right leg back, turning his body, and deflecting the axe with his leg arm panser. With his right hand he draws his sword, sundering the falchion of the orc on his right side. As his back is turned to the orc on his left, this evil creature takes his chance and tries to run down the unknown warrior with a spear. As the spear nearly pierces Mitsirugi, he continues his spin, first turning down and then striking the spearwielder with a upwards strike. The spear, the orc's armor and the orc itself all break in two.
The man takes hold of his katana with his left hand and and slices the axewielding orc with a downwarm slash, stopping his blade as it reaches the eys of the skull splitted orc. the last orc sees an oppertunity as this warrior's blade is stuck in the skill of his camerade. he lunches a punch with his rusted gauntlet, but the force gets magically deflected. the mysterious man spins his sword, so his blade is reversed in his hand, and makes it find home in the last orc behind him.
With a swing he cleans the blade, splashing off all blood from the katana, and sereenly but returns the blade to its sheath ...

Then the man, known to few as Mitsirugi, continues ... the road toward the village is once more save from orc bandits.

A few weeks later Mitsirugi comes to his destination, a portal to Sigil ... He steps through it and is teletransported to the city...

From there he walks the streets. Never been here, he hasn't got a clue where the P.C.S. building might be, but that does not matter: he shall get there when he gets there. While walking the streets, non seek quarrel with him. It might be the fact that he carries a sword and looks like he can handle it, or the fact that his clothes look too waisted it seems he hasn't got a much money left to steal, or it might be by the semi-unnatural look his has, as no wound is found upon his entire body ... either way, a swordman named Mitsirugi now walks the streets of Sigil.

The next day, Mitsirugi walks in PCA HQ, following the others. As the dizzying feeling leaves the warrior, he looks around, searching for what could be a reception. Not seeing anything that might look like it (or yust fumbling his spot check), he decides to follow the other adventurers to the Attrice's office.

Though uninvited, he walks up to PCS's big cheese and bows "Excuse me, Attrice-dono? I'm here on behalve of Sarra-sama, who could not make the appointment. I'm here as her replacement."

((instead of description: an image - though remove any scaring ... ))

2008-02-06, 08:06 PM
Hans, The Oracle That Said So

Like The Stranger Hans was found to be wandering through the streets of Sigil with little to no care for what he was walking into. However, unlike the strange man he took a much less straight path and at some points even seemed intent on running into people and less-than-human-things that passed off as citizens or visitors. He'd be walking and run into someone and for a moment it looked as though he disappeared but when a clone of the person was very suddenly walking the opposite direction the person had been it was obvious that something was afoot.

No one really seemed to bother Hans as he bumped into a few dozen people on his way through Sigil as when they looked to see who had done it they mostly became perplexed to see themselves walking away. Those that weren't Barking Mad just let it go, but those that were insisted on stretching his face and trying to pull off his mask. This only succeeded in making truly hilarious expressions that would be impossible in the first place unless one possessed the ability to alter one's own flesh as he did.

By the time he arrived at the entrance to the PCG he had taken on a hybrid shape that included the wings of a Red Abishai, the face of a Lim-Lim pasted on a human head with snakes for hair usually seen in a medusa, the arms of a Mercykiller in full armor, and the legs of what seemed to be a construct of some sort of a higher grade than a basic Modron. He'd stroll on in without a care in the world just smiling a stupid Lim-Lim smile until he stopped suddenly. He twitched once. Twice. Three times a spaz. With a tremendous sneeze his body seemed to blow up and rapidly deflate into the form of a lanky humanoid with bulbous golden eyes and silvery skin. From his back extended a pair of shabby gray wings with the feathers very nearly merged into a fleshy mass. He cocked his head, looked at himself, shrugged, and kept walking. Left, left, rightrightright, Lost, start again, get directions, and find it a half hour later right where he thought it had been but decided would be the wrong way because it had signs. One thing you never do is follow other people's signs, as your own signs are obviously ten times better.

2008-02-06, 10:13 PM
The man in front of all of you, sitting a very comfortable looking, plush, red lounge chair, crossed his legs while sitting. He was wearing very simple attire, a pair of burgundy looking pants with worn working shoes, a simple shirt with a some-what classy looking value about it. It was obvious to tell of his economic standing by the several rings he was wearing, and the golden pocket watch chain that hung from his chest pocket. He was an older looking gentleman, maybe in his mid-60's as a human looks, but in Sigil, it's never really possible to tell these things.

As you all begin to gaze around his office-area, you all notice the very precise manner in which things were ordered. Everything in the room was perfectly straight, from every map on the wall, to the books on the shelf being organized by color and height, then by alphabetical standards. The room was much unlike the downstairs of the building. It is well furnished, his chair, behind a large wooden desk, several bookshelves filled to max capacity along the walls. There was no dust in this room, and a nice carpet covered the floor. All of the corners of the room were well lit, except for one.

A man you had not noticed as you entered the room, now appeared behind you and shut the door once you were all in the room. He was an average looking human, around 6 feet tall and not very bulky. He appeared to be in his mid-40's, with black hair, slightly gray around the sides. He has a worn face, and it's obvious to tell he is an adventurer. He is wearing a dark-green robe, and attatched to his belt, alongside numerous pouches, was a very long broad scimitar. He carried a tall wooden staff in his hand, and at the top was a dark looking gem, embedded in the gnarled head of the staff. He now stands behind you, wordless.

Thirell stands up from behind his large desk and paces around to the front of it to greet you. He doesn't directly acknowledge any of you, except for the slight nod at each of your entrances and maybe a quick "Hello."

"Well then, it looks like everyone's here." He continued to pace back and forth with his arms behind back, and looked over at the man in the robe behind you.

"Chairs," he continues "If you'd please."

No sooner after has says this than the man behind you taps his staff on the ground. You hear a slight swishing sound followed by the sound of wood moving on wood, and you look behind you, to find a very comfortable looking chair to sit on.

Whether or not you sit is not important, but all of you, even with your tough wills, feels very compelled to sit in this very comfortable looking chair.

"So, to put it in a lack of better words, you are all here for a specific reason. There is a problem in Sigil, and it's a very bad one. Now, you all got here by the same way, you had to of, you all took a portal. Not sure where it came from, but that isn't really relevant. The point of the matter is, is that all of you found a different portal. Which I guess is a good thing, but really how many portals do we need that leave to one city. The problem is that there are far to many of these gates, and that leads to far to much traffic in and out of the city. As all of you have been able to see, there has been an extreme increase of crime in the lower parts of the city. In the outer rings, there is the most frequent use of transit portals, the ones that lead directly into the city. That is something that we are ok with, the problem is to many portals on the outside. A lot of them are charted, and therefore they can be regulated, but the one's we don't know about are a real problem. You've been asked here today because we have been watching you and we've come to realize how useful your skills are. So...what do you say?

2008-02-06, 10:25 PM

Gwen digs her toes into the carpet and sits when a chair is offered. Rain lies down covering her bare feet. Gwen absentmindedly scratches behind Rain's ears when the tiger puts her head into her lap.

It does sound like a serious problem. What exactly do you expect done with the uncharted portals?

2008-02-06, 11:00 PM
"Well, there-in lies our problem. They need to be closed. They have to be closed. He quickly shuffles his feet to back behind his desk and opens a drawer. He pulls out a parchment of paper that just breathes of magical energy. You can tell it's obviously quite potent.

"It's a writ...of passage. From The Lady Herself. All of you immediately realize how important this is if The Lady of Pain, Queen of Sigil, is worried enough to directly intervene, then something is wrong.

He takes a deep breath before he continues, and you can here the man behind you pacing back and forth, his staff tapping on the ground.

"You have all been requested after you leave here, to go and see the lady herself. I don't know why she wants to see you, that is all her message told me to tell you...and Ao knows I'm far from displeasing her. Regardless of that, if you have any more questions now would be the time to ask them, if not then you are welcome to head downstairs, this man here behind you will show you where you need to go, and will be accompanying you on this trip. I guess it's time we introduce you then." Mr. Attrice sits back down in his large chair and gestures to the man behind you. He steps forward and looks at all of you.

Othello, you may call me. You can call me whatever you like actually, names aren't really a big deal. I'm an adventurer, a wanderer, someone just like the rest of you. Well maybe not just like you but close enough. I'm going along with you on this trip, well for a lot of reasons, but really I'm just looking for some adventure. So unless you have any more questions, we can all move down to the map room.

2008-02-07, 02:11 AM
The Stranger had sat down in the chair. He'd been perfectly fine sitting on the desk, but had somehow been compelled to sit down in the chair anyways. He wasn't one for conversation, so he just let the others ramble as he blew little circles of smoke into the air from his cigar.

He nodded to Othello in acknowledgement, but yet again he didn't speak.

2008-02-07, 09:32 AM

Mitsirugi, sits himself in a chair, and respectfully listens to what the man has to say ... afterward he leaves with the group and says to othello. "Nice to meet you; you may call me ... Mitsirugisama"

2008-02-07, 05:31 PM

With a soft pop Hans sits down in the chair to listen but does so while looking like Mr. Attrice to any that didn't have a means to pierce his altered appearance. It wasn't done to offend or mock but to help center his attention and help to know who he was paying attention to and whose mind he was trying to read. At times his face would flicker and take on the appearance of others in the room but he'd mainly remain centered on Thirell. For a half second he even seems to look like The Lady herself but he was smart enough to stop that as soon as inhumanly possible.

When Othello was introduced Hans turned to him and did the same, taking his general appearance. He thought for a moment about any questions he might have while his own head turned pasty and bulbous. He shook his head and went back to looking like a bulbous half melted gray angel, "They call me Hans, The Oracle That Said So. My full name is a mouthful and involves screaming and the sounds of a doctor being eaten by something called a Lhurgoyf."

2008-02-07, 05:50 PM

Gwen will nod, No, no more questions right now. Although she does think to herself, I hope one of my companions can close a portal... She will introduce herself to everyone present at the appropriate time with a standard, Hello, I'm Gwen and the tiger is Rain.

2008-02-07, 08:58 PM

"I am the outlet of the Manifest, though within these mortal planes I am referred to as Zebadiah Zydrunas Malikah Istarians. I would like to be referred to by my full name, or not at all."

He said, his face not gazing at anything, yet his eyes filled with visions of far off worlds and places. A strange man, with a horribly annoying request.

2008-02-07, 09:04 PM

Gwen looks up at him, An interesting name...I'm not quite sure I'll remember it all.

((meaning I'll have a hard time remembering it all unless you type it out each time))

2008-02-07, 10:17 PM
((Ah, sorry I'm late.

While he's hiding it within the confines of his robes, Vehili does possess a sword. A Ghost Touch Longsword, in DnD terms.))

As he spoke, an intricately woven deep blue hooded cloak gently unhooked itself from a coat peg, turning around in a smooth motion. Two bright orange ellipses of light formed in the cloudy shadow seemingly concealing the contents of the cloak.

"My apologies for being late... I had business to attend to." he spoke with a quality not unlike speaking through a box fan.

"You may call me... Vehili."

2008-02-08, 02:21 AM

Hans folds his arms, and then does it again, and again, and then a fourth time before finally doing it a fifth time. The end result is a tangled mass of ten arms that look rather silly instead of upset as Hans had intended. He grumbles to himself in Celestial, "<Stupid bigger names that are more fun than mine. Mine is complete with a doctor dying, but nooooo, have to outshine the Oracle.>"

2008-02-08, 01:45 PM

"It is an honor to meet you all"
before they leave the room, Mitsirugi turns to toward Mr. Attrice
"Might I enquire where the location of she you call 'the Lady'. I'm new to this city, you see, and do not wish to make here wait."

2008-02-08, 10:34 PM

"If the remembering my name is a problem thousands of mortals shall be ripped limb from limb in order to rectify your honor."

((Don't worry about saying all of it. I encourage nicknames, or just Zebadiah. It'll be more fun that way))

2008-02-08, 11:05 PM

Gwen gives him an odd look after that statement and figures he's just a bit out of the loop.

She turns to the rest of the group, So...what do the rest of you specialize in?

2008-02-08, 11:50 PM
"Magic." responds the shadowy figure in the blue-green cloak, its voice slightly betraying a tinge of annoyance.

2008-02-09, 12:16 AM

The shapeshifter glares at Gwen with beady little eyes and an incredulous stare as though he were completely flabbergasted at her inquiry. As if to accentuate his his disbelief his hair makes a soft pop and turns into a forest of spiky bone protrusions.

2008-02-09, 02:21 AM

at Gwen question, the warrior replies. "I am the spiritdragon of fighting, incarnated in the body of a human man. I am he who fights. Any place, any time, any weapon.

And you mylady. judging by your compagnion, I would guess you are wielder of nature magic?"

(question: what type of tiger is Rain (white or normal?))

2008-02-09, 07:06 AM

Gwen gives him an odd look after that statement and figures he's just a bit out of the loop.

She turns to the rest of the group, So...what do the rest of you specialize in?

"Not getting killed" the Stranger says. He feels no need to further explain his statement, instead he puffs out a thick cloud of black smoke.

2008-02-09, 12:30 PM

"I am the bane of that which walks this plane, and the next, who deny the MANIFEST! I am a living monolith, a divine construct, an inconquerable avatar of the Source and in tuned with the All-knowledge. Your gall is unmatched, heretic! How dare you question he who has infalliability?! When the time comes, your slaughter shall be before all others for this grave insult..."

As Zebahdiah spoke, faces began to appear on the volume he was carrying. They didn't look pleased, and as he spoke, their voices spoke simultaneously, louder and louder as his rage grew. Their voices were shrill and clearly in pain, but also had the strength of convinction and anger behind them. It was probably unsettling to have that many voices yelling at you at once... but Zebahdiah wouldn't know that. After all, how many times has that happened to you? Once.

2008-02-09, 12:32 PM

She thought she had seen some odd people in Town, but it doesn't quite compare to the people she's met here. She turns to Mitsirugi, Yes, I am a druid, I specialize in weather spells and healing spells.

Rain sits next to Gwen and leans against her.

((Rain looks like a normal tiger, the avi is one I had done for winter.))

2008-02-09, 02:09 PM

Mitsirugi listens to what the other have to say, and then tries to pet Rain on the head. (if Rain tries to bite, Mitsirugi won't 'dodge', since the tiger can't hurt him permanently with just a bite (fast healing1). if Rain turn away his head, Mitsirugi won't press the matter). "Weather you say? That might come in handy on a cloudy afternoon ..."

then he turns to Zebahdiah
"It seems you are the only one here, besides me, who is also not mortal. If so, then you can call me Mitsirugisan." he makes a small bow and adds "... you also might tone it down yust a tad ... Threatening women - powerfull or not - is something that I can't stand by idly. If anyone is going to get slaughtered, It'll be me, not her ..." with his left hand he talks hold of the sheet of the sword, and uses his thumb to push out the sword half an inch.

2008-02-09, 03:46 PM
Rain (is female) and doesn't mind being petted, she encourages Mitsirugi to scratch behind her ears.

Gwen has to chuckle about the cloudy afternoon remark. It's a bit more than that.

As for Zebahdiah...she thinks he's not quite right in the head and wonders how he manages to get along in normal society.

2008-02-09, 04:52 PM
OOC: Sorry for the delay.

IC: Othello just watched and chimed in his own two sense.

I myself am a wizard. Now, if you will all follow me so kindly, I will show you the way to the map room. As you all follow the robed wizard out of the room, he promptly stops after he closes the door behind you, turns to face it and pulls out a large key ring, attatched to another key ring, attatched to one more, all attatched to a chain on his belt, all jammed with keys. He fingered through one of the loops and decided on one the keys. He fit it into the lock on the door handle, and re-opened the door. The door opened to this illustrious room, full of odd looking machines and mechanical devices. There were large looking star projectors that cast light onto the black ceiling, and an innumerable amount of maps covering every inch of space on every wall on the room. There were numerous desks scattered about, all a finely polished wood. They were covered in copies of maps, old ink bottles and devices that looked like nothing you've ever seen before. Taking the room in was an astonishing sight, the sounds of the machines around you adding to the effect.

Welcome...to the Map Room. If you need a map, it's here. If it exists, you can find out where it is. Everything is documented here.

2008-02-09, 05:37 PM

She's impressed by the knowledge represented in the room, but is brought back to the conversation by the availability of maps.

Thank you, we'll need maps for the city and the surrounding countryside.

2008-02-09, 06:08 PM
The Stranger walks into the room and pulls a seemingly random map off a shelf. He looks at it for a bit, nods, and puts it back. He then pulled out a whole bunch of them and started browsing, still not really paying attention to the others (or was he?).

2008-02-09, 06:25 PM

The strange man scratched his head with a mailed fist -which actually involved much more scratching his hand than his scalp- as he stared at Gwen. His face twisted up in confusion, "I wasn't aware Sigil had any surrounding countryside. I thought it was just city, more city, and even more city in the shape of something delicious while being quite airborne."

2008-02-09, 06:37 PM

There is always something surrounding any city. Whether it be ground, air, or water and what the people in charge of this city consider the boundaries, may differ from the actual boundaries of the city. I would prefer to see any maps of the city and any surroundings.

2008-02-09, 07:13 PM
"There are the outlands, yes, but not surrounds in the way you think there are."

Vehili glides casually around the room, enjoying the resonance of the magic presence.

"Very well, where are the uncharted portals you want us to find?"

2008-02-10, 12:23 AM
Othello casts an almost uncertain glare at Vehili.

Think about the words you just said, then consider asking that question again. If they are uncharted, were not going to find them in here. What we are looking for is a map which shows every door in this city. While it may be a floating pastry to some, Sigil is actually a very intricate thing. As you all know for a portal to work, there must be a door. A door that can be locked, or a door that can at least be opened and closed, albeit that requires much more potent magic to use. The idea with Sigil is that, there are so many doors, a portal can really be opened any where.

Othello digs through papers on the desk he's behind and pulls out a specific one.

Here, look at this map.

As you look over at the map, you all circle around the desk, you see moving figures on it. The majority of them are little round dots, that you realize are the inhabitants. But you also see several swinging lines, like they are on a hinge. You realize that these are doors that are being used as portals.

What we need to do is examine each of these doors. Then we will find out were they lead from. It will be a tedious task, but with the risk of not knowing where any door will lead us, it's definitly something we need to take caution of.

Othello once again pulls out the large keychain. He looks at the hundreds of keys on the ring, and then pulls off two keys.

What I am about to tell you is information you are to tell no one. No one. If it is found that you do, action will be taken against you, and all parties you tell. This first key, (he points to the key on the left, it is a large black skeleton key, you can tell it is very potent magic wise, but none of you can tell what type of magic it is) is the key that is used to permanently close portals. This next key-

Suddenly, an immense explosion is heard and felt. It rocks the building, sending maps flying and knocking over several of the machines. Othello rushes to the door, quickly grabbing the two keys on the table and stowing them in his pockets. He unlocks the door, and opens it to the outside of the building, you all rush out to see what happened and you see chaos. You look to the center of the city and see every door flying open and red-cloaked figures pouring out, masses of them. They pour into the crowds of sigil violently, killing all in their way. You can tell they are making their way to the tower in the center of the city, where the lady of pain resides. They quickly move their way surrounding the tower, as you see the stronger members of Sigil making it to the battle that is now raging in the center of the city. It's an odd site to see angels fighting next to demons, but in Sigil, all are neutral. It is you chance now, party to make your move and prove your might. You look around and before you notice it Othello has disappeared, you look forward to see him moving into the battle. With one hand raised he begins shouting out words of some unknown arcane language, as you see a large ripple blow through the air, causing several of the men in red cloaks to simply disintegrate. He looks back at you, but the you can only see him shouting and pointing towards the tower in the center of the city, the tall green and gold tower, now pulsing an unnatural light. The only thought that crosses your mind is "Hurry!"

2008-02-10, 12:44 AM

Gwen follows Othello, as she gets outside she casts Storm Rage on herself and flies towards the Tower. If any invaders come near her, she will zap them with a lightning bolt.

Rain stays at the PCS and will aid anyone who needs help.

2008-02-10, 04:14 AM

Mitsirugi is not impressed by the tons and tons of books. For him, the only diffrence with a library is the diffrence between 'very very much' and 'very very very much'. What are we doing in a library full of maps if the portals are unmapped ...

He listenst to Othello talking about doors and portals but doesn't understand much about it ...

At the same time of the explosion, a thought slips in his head, a agonizing voice screeming 'BATTLE' ... he rushes out, ready again to draw his sword, and then sees the battlefield ... the carnage, death, chaos ... home.

With his 120 ft speed he takes a gaint leap forward. He easely clears distance with the first redcloak, and even leaps the last 80 ft. With a flash he draws his sword (revealing a +3 wounding vorpal, lawfull and good, adamantine Nagamaki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagamaki) ... which is quite strange since the handle needed to grow about 3 or 4 times). In a blink of an eye he makes 3 slashes and a thrust:

During his draw, he strikes (or tries to strike) the critter with a powerfull hit, slashing from the bottom left to the upper right. Then he rotates while the handle of his sword suddenly strinks to what seems to be a katana and then strikes again (a vertical slash through the middle). He's not done yet as his jump is now complete and finds his foothold (putting the enemy on his left side). He rotates again, and slashes with his sword from front-top to back-bottom. As a last part of his kata, he puts his back foot solid on the ground and makes a tsuki (a thrust to the throat) with his katana.

2008-02-10, 03:07 PM
What I am about to tell you is information you are to tell no one. No one. If it is found that you do, action will be taken against you, and all parties you tell.
The Stranger almost laughed at this remark. Almost.
Telling him not to talk about it was like telling a puddle of water not to burn.

Then there is an explosion. Chaos. The Stranger doesn't even twitch. He calmly walks out into the battlefray, tying a sharp hook to the rope around his shoulders and spinning it round in circles with one hand, while the other pulls his dagger out of his belt. Clouds of smoke pour out of his mouth, in increasingly frequent bursts. Even though he never hurried, he seems to arrive at the battle only seconds later than the others.

His hook spins rounds, slashing into one of the redcloak's throats, while his dagger eviscerates all who come close, cutting through flesh and bone with ease. One of the men in red cloaks makes it all the way to the Stranger, only to stare in his eyes and stop in his tracks. He quickly spins round and jumps his buddies with wild ferocity, tearing at their flesh with his teeth. By the time he realises what he's doing, he himself is sliced open by the Stranger's knife.

2008-02-13, 08:10 PM
OOC: I genereally like to wait for everyone to reply before I post what's happened.

2008-02-14, 02:59 AM
((I apologize, I thought I had posted.))


A bulbous head with shimmering eyes looks through the crowd and despite his massive wings sees a clear path from one place to another. As he moves forward he doesn't so much force his way into the melee as wade through it as though it were a stream rushing by him. After the first step his visage cracks and shifts to take on the appearance of a fearsome devil with a massive bladed hand. The second step takes him forward and to the right to narrowly avoid a cleaving ax that would have surely felled him as it would any tree. His free hand whips back to slap the offender across his face and if nothing else leave a rather obscene bruise upon his cheek.

It was not calm that drove him through the slaughter, for he looked intense as he stared several steps ahead at every passing moment. An explosion of arcane might only narrowly avoided by a step to the left and a swing of a foe into the area of obliteration. An invisible foe from behind is foiled only by a simple tentacle to the eye and a tongue waving at him from a demonic face. Some say it is better to be lucky than good but they've never truly seen the wonders of knowing the outcome in advance to twist events and tempt fate. A particularly well aimed arrow flies through the air and passes right through the poor doppleganger's skull. Not one to be deterred by a slight shift of highly important organs his brain pops back into place with the roof of his mouth glad to have it out of the way. As his brain shifts the hole closes and the Oracle That Said So simply walks on while slapping people with his tentacle and shearing others in half with his other appendage.

2008-02-15, 04:39 AM
((Buh? I haven't posted?

Well, snap.))

"As you wish. Where are maps to the uncharted portals?" responded Vehili, noting that the wizard, for all his brains, had yet to comprehend the ridiculousness of his own statement. Was it possible he did not know the nature of the doors?

Far from the absolute panic the others were in, he simply glided casually towards the tower, snaring a little of the ancient magic as it passed, and maintaining it.

"Not bad at all, wizard." he called up, angling the disintegration so it puttered around him, sustained by the ambient magic so integral to his being, occasionally letting a little of it whizz out and annihilate some wayward intruder to his personal space. At other times, an ill-aimed spell would come hurtling his way, and he would kindly return it to the sender.

What else to expect from a being whose alignment was Lawful Abjuration?

2008-02-15, 07:25 AM
Far from the absolute panic the others were in, he simply glided casually towards the tower, snaring a little of the ancient magic as it passed, and maintaining it.

((Absolute panic? I explicitly wrote my character was very calm. In fact, it's pretty much impossible for him to panic... :smallconfused: ))

2008-02-15, 06:58 PM
Well, the absolute panic of those who were making themselves obvious through their absolute panic.

2008-02-15, 10:07 PM

While it may appear that Zyrdunas was in absolute panic through his gratuitous hand motions and maniacal gestures, the prophet was in fact summoning his power of perversion. With one large step, he heaved his tome from his back and it landed upon the room floor, opening to the twelve-thousand and tenth page. A page of this book, predicting this very incident, and immediately afterwards, the ground below him liquifies only to harden around the man's feet and propel him towards his intended destination.

2008-02-16, 03:44 PM
((ooc: Kobalt_Thunderfoot, could you also note how easy/difficult these guys go down?)

2008-02-26, 05:39 AM
((kamehamebumb ))

2008-03-02, 06:35 AM

(if the guys are stronger then I presume here; they can be illusions or summoned creatures ...)

After the piercing strike to the neck, Mitsirugi slashes of the head of the guy he was slaying, and continues his blade, dismeambering a hand and a leg of a second guy trying to attack him, with a single slash.

As a third enemy tries to attack him from the left, Mitsirugis bracer changes into a shieldspike on the bracer, which he uses to slash open the neck of the poor fellow.

A forth enemy aims a crossbow at Mitsirugi, but the shoulderplate Mitsirugi morphs into a big shakram, which he throws at the crossbowmen, cutting him clean in two pieces.

A fifth enemy charges Mitsirugi from the right, but Mitsirugi dodges the hit to the right, and the returning shakram misses the divine creature and gets stuck in the chest of the fifth one.

As Mitsirugi grips the shakram, it changes in a small shield which he uses to deflect a hit of a sixed enemy, and then uses his katana, which now looks as a wakasashi, and guts the enemy. As it pierces the enemy the blade becomes that of a greatsword, but when Mitsirugi retreaves his bloddy sword, it has the shape of a wakasashi once more.

2008-04-23, 03:54 AM
((Sooooooo, this is totally dead then?))

2008-04-23, 03:01 PM
((I think so, I did want to play in it, oh well.))

2008-04-23, 04:14 PM
((Yeah, despite my continued interest, the DM has not posted anywhere on giants since his last post here. So... yeah.))