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2008-02-09, 11:47 PM
Darik City: Known to its inhabitants as Dark City. A place of swords, sorcery, and skyscrapers. Of corporations, crime, and corruption. A place where the desperation of many leads to the streets running rampant with gangs and violence. In this city, only a precious few have the courage or the foolishness to try and enforce the law. Even these individuals are usually under the heel of major corporations or powerful mafia families.

As one of many reforms Mayor Gordon Goodwill promised to ensure his reelection, it was decided to form an elite force out of the finest in the DCPD. It was a complex selection promise, but eventually a precious few were selected. The special force has not been formed yet, but the few that have made it through the selection process will now go test their mettle in the field, bringing high profile villains to justice.

Five of these elite officers now have been called to Police Chief Lawrence's office to be briefed on their first mission...

2008-02-10, 05:21 AM
Ilikan Kalagiano

Ilikan was walking through the city and headed Police Chief Lawrence's office. He was both excited and curious. He would now be able to see what he himself can do for the city that had taken him in, for the corporation that had raised him...and for revenge. For his Father. Even though he was part of the corporation, being part of the police force would bring him one step closer...yes indeed...albeit small yet it was a step forward:

Internal thoughts:
You must not look into the past for tears and regret, only for lessons and determination

As we went past people in the crowded city they turned around to look at the gigantic figure with the stone grey skin. He wore only his canvas pants and his chest and arms were beared. He was proud of the leonine like patterns of his skin. His people always said that the patterns of our skin hold the secrete of their destiny and as he raised his hand to the leonine pattern over his heart and felt his rough skin he remembered his father telling him that his destiny was to be courageous and fierce like the lion, but always proud and kind to his own. As he fought back the tearful memory he felt his courage renewed as he reached the the police headquarters.

Internal thoughts:
I will make you proud father! I will be strong enough to protect and have my revenge!

He slowly and purposefully approached the guard and said:
My presence has been requested by Police Chief Lawrence, I am called Dawncaller Ilikan Calagiano. Where must I go?

2008-02-10, 05:42 AM
No one saw him come near the building, no one saw him walk through it, and none present so much as saw him enter Lawrence's office. Yet he is there, stepping lightly out of the shadows and taking a seat wordlessly. he winces slightly, as though uncomfortable in any amount of light, but stays put. Laying a twisted, massive claw of stained glass on the desk, he stares at the man before him, his crazed yellow eyes boring into Lawrence's. his voice is as calm as it is cold when he finally speaks, if only a little.

"I am Kathris Terall, as you no doubt know. What do you require?"

2008-02-10, 10:28 AM
Hallam strode forth through the streets of Darik "Dark" city. On his way to the Chief's office, he saw plenty of people who needed help, and his heart and soul cried out to him that he should lend that aid they sought. His intellect knew though that what the city needed most of all was to be ridden of some of the crime that is was drowning in which was what he was going to help do now. Amusing actually, that in return for his power he had had to promise to do exactly what he had come to do originally: help the city against the vile taint here.

He entered the office and bowed his head to the Chief in respect
"Officer Hallam reporting for duty sir"

Admiral Squish
2008-02-10, 02:17 PM
Yomruzz was hard at work at her desk, filing the last reports from her most recent bust when she got the news the chief wanted her. She tucked the last papers into her folder, tucked the folder away, stretched, and stood up. The chief wanted her? This was either really good, or really bad. The higher-ups never seemed to do things in half-measures. She walked her way over the chief's door, knocked, and came in. Looking around, she noticed the others there. Was this going to be a group chewing-out?

"Yomruzz reporting, sir. What did you need me for?" She asked, saluting sharply.

Kikkendekken had been called in by the police department, a job he'd been glad to accept. A job doing the right thing, and it was a government contract, so there were lots of juicy benefits. A sizable life insurance policy, too, but he wasn't about to dwell on that. They'd said he would have to pass a final test to make it in, though, but he doubted he'd have too much of a problem. He spurred Thump, his badger, on, through the doorway of the police headquarters. The poor critter whined endlessly if he left it alone for any length of time. He rode calmly to the office, and reached up to the knob, turning it and going in.

"Someone called for the artillery?" He asked, with a smirk as he took a spot in line.

2008-02-11, 01:42 PM
((Wrong thread for Kathris, cog_n_taz))

Ilikan is directed towards the chief's office on one of the upper floors.

The chief looks around the room at the four individuals with a stern look on his mustached face and then stands up, looking around the room at Ilikan (assumed to have arrived by this point), Yomruzz, Kikkendekken, and Hallam. "Looks like someone's late..." he grumbles to himself. "All right, listen up! You four plus the one late sleeper have been selected to undergo training for a special task force to take on some of the more powerful threats to law and order in the city. Some of you know this, as you've gone through rigorous exams and training for this. Some of you have only just gotten on board because my superiors think you'd be good additions to the force." At this point, Lawrence slammed both hands on the table. "Well I'm telling you now that I'm not so easily satisfied! You want my approval to the task force or my respect? You'll have to earn it! In my eyes you all start out at the same level: scum! Criminals and those who disgrace the force are worse than scum! If you want to prove yourself, show me with some damn good performance! Is that understood? Don't answer, that was rhetorical!" The chief continues on his rant. "I got your first assignment right here. Small-time fry, but enough to give our average beat cops some trouble. Apparently, some thief is hiding out in the sewers at Empire Street near the Goblin Shopping Center and causing trouble. So far we have charges for theft on most levels, disturbing the peace, and causing general health risks for the trouble. The culprit's name is Ratso, a regular down here at the precinct. He'll put up a fight but he's mostly harmless. As his name implies, he'll probably have a host of skittery little vermin friends backing him up. Remember, this is the police force. We arrest criminals and put them through the court system. Our job is that and to protect the peace. You are to only employ lethal force when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Each corpse you leave is a pile of paperwork for both you and me. Is that absolutely clear?"

2008-02-11, 03:18 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan's eyes glinted in disgust at the mention of the thief...and a cowardly one at that...he deserved to be put to death for such crimes...as any other criminal...This however was not in his decision to make. He would however make sure not to let the slightest oppurtunity to beat within this criminal repentance for his sin...maybe breaking one or two of his limbs...he would certainly be alive...but probably not kicking.

He smiled at the thought...When the chief finished Illikan asked:
Chief, if i may just ask a few questions?
He waited for the chief's affirmative answer and said:
When and where was the criminal last seen? Also, you said he was a frequent...visitor in the precinct...could we get a physical description by the officers in the precinct? And a final question, why was he never thrown in jail to rot as scum like that are supposed to?

He went silent for a while and then realised his outbreak:
I apologize for the last comment sir, could you please tell me why this.....man has never been put in jail?Maybe there is some mistake we can avoid in order to make sure he is brought to justice.

2008-02-11, 04:54 PM
"And just why do you assume he's never been put away before, huh? You think we're not doing our job here at the precinct, boy? Of course he's done time! He's been arrested and put away more times than I can remember, but gets out on good behavior." The chief calms down and sits back down. "Like I said, he was last seen by Empire Street near the Goblin Shopping Center, and trust me you'll be able to find him. He stands out pretty easily. If you honestly want a picture, just look through the mug shot photos."

2008-02-11, 05:55 PM
"Do we know of any place where he's frequently seen Sir? I mean more specifically"

2008-02-11, 06:41 PM
I apologize for the assumption sir, we will make sure to apprehend the criminal using whatever force neccessary...don't get me wrong but nobody would grieve the death of such scum. Of course i do not intend to present you with a corpse if at all possible, such are your orders and we shall follow them to the letter.

Illikan looks around him for the first time at his other companions, new people...he felt a bit uneasy. He never had socialised with anyone outside the corporation except clients...He wondered if he would be able to fit in...would he get along with these new companions? They all looked reliable...

His heart felt lighter and he breathed a bit easier...his massive body ached to bring this scum forth to justice....his hands were fidgety and so he clenched and unclenched his hands...he couldn't wait to get on the case...

2008-02-11, 06:55 PM
A human shoulders his way through the door.
Sorry, sorry, had to make an arrest. Saw some punk knock off a liquir store, had to bring him in the hard way. He'll be ok. Officer Inber reporting for duty sir!
Even though he knows he's in for a royal lecture, a boyish grin suffucies the man's faces. It's a been a good day.

Admiral Squish
2008-02-11, 10:05 PM
Yomruzz sighed. This was not her specialty. But, still, she supposed this was better than filing papers. She didn't need the chief to explain the need for bringing them back alive. She had first-hand experience with the amount of paperwork even one dead criminal left behind.
"What race is this ratso fella, chief? Are we looking for a gobbo or a human?" She asked.

Kikkendekken thought for a moment. Rats weren't all that bad. Probably a little annoying to blast them all out of existence, but no big deal. But, assuming this guy hung out in the sewers with all his rat buddies, Thump could be quite an asset in finding him. "Quick question, bossman. You have anything of his still in police custody? Thump here could track him by scent."

2008-02-11, 10:24 PM
Here is a current map of the city. The blue dot is where the police station where you're at is. The red-filled area is the Goblin portion of the city which is largely taken up by a shopping mall/bazaar, the Goblin Shopping Center. The red dot is Empire Street, where the culprit was last spotted.


The police chief glares at Inber, but says nothing, shaking his head. At least Inber was doing his civic duty. He continues answering questions. "Ratso 's a human, or rather used to be. Got bitten by something nasty and now he bears more resemblance to his namesake than anything else. As for scent, we don't really have anything on hand of his, but if you want to track by scent, it won't be hard to pick up his filthy scent, trust me.

Ratso isn't a tough guy to bring into custody. He'll talk big, but he's full of it. Rough him up a bit and bring him in, this is more of a test of your skills than anything else. Training wheels ain't off yet, folks."

2008-02-12, 01:24 AM
Illikan had assumed as much, still being tested...it's as it should be...too many of the police have signed off to lawlessness. They had to be sure and he had nothing to hide. Yet it was somewhat unexpected that this criminal was an abomination of sorts...At least he took the form that suits him...True scum he is and easilly recognisable as that. A soul that deserved more pity than mercy.

How many hours has it been since the last sighting? If it hasn't been long then it should be fairly easy to find him...Or we could try and find his hideout at the time he is most active doing his thieving and ambush him there...

He wanted to go out there and beat this criminal to a pulp until nothing of his original form was recognisable! Immediately he recognised these urges, his overzealous part was trying to take over. He went through a small prayer to Arkan in his mind and calmed himself. Without externalizing any of these urges. He abided by the law set by the coroporation of Arkan. He would kill when ordered or when he could do nothing else. It was not for him to decide who was worthy of death and who wasn't and he knew it. He shifted his weight around as if warming up for the test to come, he wanted to get it over as soon as possible in order to get to the real business....He would make the corporation proud...and of course...his father. He knew his spirit was watching over him now as it had in those long nights of training and his early days at the corporation. He would have to prove his worth.

Admiral Squish
2008-02-12, 03:26 AM
Yomruzz frowned and shook her head at Illikan's suggestion. "Bad plan. Never try to ambush a criminal on his own turf, there's no telling what wicked little traps he set up for us. It would be smarter to take him down while he's out and about. Besides, he's a thief, and he can't bring all his friends with him when he's on the job. He'll be alone, out of his element, and unprepared." She explained. "But we can plan as we walk. Who knows what this ratso freak is doing even now?"

"I'm with the girl, here." Kikkendekken chimed in. "The best plan of attack is to catch him while he's out, cut off his escapes, and capture him before he can go to ground. Later, we'll interrogate te location of the stolen goods, and even if he has goons guarding it, they'll be headless without a leader."

2008-02-12, 05:48 AM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan simple shrugged at the suggestion...He preffered rooting out the source of the problem...maybe they could find something more at the hideout, yet he kept the suggestion to himself...He prefered action, if they found ratso faster the less damage he was liable to cause...however, this presented a problem, if they alerted ratso to their presence it might make him all the more difficult to find him...and so he made a suggestion.

What you say may be correct, however, we might still be able to track him while he is unaware of us...outside he would be more cautious, or venture outside simply to steal...his tracks are now uncovered as he does not know anyone is following him. Subterfuge is not my strong point as you can see...yet talking while we walk might be the best possible route.

He was already impatient...he needed to be calm...This was very unlike himself, he would have to train and meditate to calm his father's spirit that was calling for blood and vengeance, he knew that was not the right way, chaos and evil had to be vanquished, but not with their own weapons. The law might be twisted at times to their favour, it might fall prey to promises of money and pleasures but justice remains the same, always...and there always be ones to fight for it.

He has been waiting a long time for this...

2008-02-12, 06:06 PM
Inber drums his fingers on the back his chair which he was standing behind as opposed to sitting in. He waited til he could catch up to the conversation.
He takes offence at the 'training wheel' crack, but understands it. I know I've proved myself, and that big ol' metal thing is probably competent enough at punching people out. Not so sure about the girl or that other guy. He looks kinda green. Wouldn't wanna mess with the badger guy though.
Possible wererat eh? Hmm... I think I'm all for finding his lair and then sitting outside of it til he comes out.

knowledge: local on ratso, to see if I know about him. [roll0]

Admiral Squish
2008-02-12, 10:23 PM
Yomruzzed nodded. "What are we all waiting around here for, then? We've got a freak to catch." She said, starting for the door, and pushing it open, heading out through the office and into the streets, not checking to see that she was followed. She could handle it on her own. She worked best alone. If these guys wanted to follow her, it wasn't her problem.

Kikkendekken blinked once or twice at the half-elf's departure, before spurring thump after her. As he rode he began to cast, his hands working through the motions of his beast-speaking spell. Thump would need the plan explained to him, whatever it turned out to be.

Kik's casting "call of the beast" which grants the effects of 'speak with animals' for 24 hours, and gives him the wild empathy feature of a druid equal to his level for the same time period. I'm not sure if I should roll a concentration on it, since he is riding, after all, but I'll roll to be safe. I'll also give you a ride check.
Concentration: 1d20+9 mod
Ride: 1d20+11 mod

Admiral Squish
2008-02-12, 10:28 PM
I hate the roller.
Concentration: [roll0] +9 mod
Ride: [roll1] +11 mod

2008-02-13, 06:23 AM
After hearing the chiedf's reply to their questions and seeing the others leave he followed them. Before leaving he says:

We will be back as soon as possible with the criminal, can we pick up a a ste of handcuffs or two on our way out and some a police badges for ourselves?

He waited for the response and then goes out the door following his comrades. When he reaches the door he turns and gives a short bow. The same he used to honor his masters and the higher ups at the corporation. This man was after all his new boss. He then catches up with the rest.

If the the chief authorised the request he informs his comrades that had already left so they can go and pick up the the handcuffs and the bage. Meanwhile, as they walked in the corridors of the precinct he scolded those who left withour permission:

You know, you should be more wary of your superiors and show appropriate respect. He is after all the head of the police and our own boss...So would you mind if I ask where you all started from? I don't recognise you from Arkan's corporation so you must have been working somewhere else...I myself trained since I was young with the masters there and learned many things after i graduated I continued working for them until i was sent following the police's request.

2008-02-13, 12:18 PM
(You get the following for equipment:
1 pistol (80 ft increment, 1d10 damage, 20 critical range, x4 critical, 1 lb., piercing. Only Ilikan does not have automatic weapon proficiency.)
1 nightstick (Simple weapon. Equivelent to light mace except you can do nonlethal damage at will.)
1 police badge (+ or - random modifier to diplomacy and intimidation checks based on target's willingness to cooperate with the police. Basically turns target's attitude to helpful or hostile depending on circumstances.)
1 regular, non-masterwork, non-magical armor of your choice.
1 permanent sunrod (able to be turned off and on)
1 masterwork manacles
1 signal whistle
100 gp base salary to be spent as you please.

You are to wear civilian clothing and remain inconspicuous and use your badges only when you deem necessary.)

"You know all the information you'll need to catch this crook. Dismissed." And Lawrence gets back to work as the troops file out of the office.

Inber's definitely heard of Ratso, as he's a regular at the station. Funny looking guy, usually works as a stooge for higher powers, but occasionally works alone as a thief. Has a lot of vermin minions and lives in various hideouts in the sewers, making a new safehouse for himself each time. His biggest crime is creating a public health risk with his vermin companions and lack of hygiene, but he is also a well-known shoplifter. Is constantly thrown in prison, but gets off for good prisoner and providing tipoffs on past "employers." A street rat in every sense of the term.

The party is now on free reign to decide what to do and the best plan of action.

2008-02-13, 01:35 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan did not even look at the armor or the weapons, he only took the badge, the sunrod, the cuffs and the signal whistle. He took the 100gp and put it in a pouch in his canvas trousers. He placed the badge on top of it. He put the sunrod, the whistle and the cuffs in his leather pack. The pack is well worn, it's strap gooes around his body and over one shoulder so that it is slung on the side of his hip for easy access. He placed it over the pocket where he had the pouch with the money and the badge being wary of pickpockets. He rested his heavy hand on the pack and waited for the others to equip themselves.

Admiral Squish
2008-02-13, 04:53 PM
"What is this, campfire storytime?" Yomruzz asked, cynically. "Alright, I suppose. We've got time, after all. I was trained in the police academy's unarmed specialty sector. I've been on the force for four years, and I've been an undercover detective for two. I've been reporting to the chief for most of that. I know when he's finished giving his lectures." She explained with a wry smirk as they walked, only glancing at the huge fellow asking questions. She grabbed one of everything but the armor and nightstick, tucking it the devices into various hard-to-spot pockets in her clothes.

Kikkendekken silently loaded his mount's saddlebags with equipment, slipping on a chain shirt, picking up the nightstick and testing it's heft. He tucked it into the bags, too. If he needed it, he could still reach it, but his blasts were more effective, anyway. He did the same with the pistol. It had it's use, if only a minimal one. He particularly savored dumping the gold into his bags. It was always good to get a down-payment on a job.

2008-02-13, 06:21 PM
Inber grabs everything he can, and quietly disapears to remove his uniform and replace it with a trenchcoat and fedora that practically screams undercover cop, PI, bounty hunter, or hitman.
Alright, lets do this. he says as he buckles the gun on to his waist, hidden by the coat.

What about a longsword? Should I just rp turning in my old things and buying a personal one w/ the salary provided?

2008-02-13, 10:46 PM
Inber grabs everything he can, and quietly disapears to remove his uniform and replace it with a trenchcoat and fedora that practically screams undercover cop, PI, bounty hunter, or hitman.
Alright, lets do this. he says as he buckles the gun on to his waist, hidden by the coat.

What about a longsword? Should I just rp turning in my old things and buying a personal one w/ the salary provided?

((You get a basic longsword as well, and if anyone else wants a basic weapon, they can have one.))

2008-02-14, 06:29 AM
((I'd like for Hallam to have a shield... possibly one that he had with him when he got to Darik city in the first place))

Hallam leaves alongside the Goliath, and happily and friendly replies his question for a quick past life overview.

"I comes from a town quite some way from Darik, where divine magic is granted by gods rather than contracts with the Arkon corp. I served as a priest out there, healer primarily. I got here a year ago, made a contract with the Arkon and joined the police force."

2008-02-14, 11:24 AM
((Yea, a basic shield is fine too.))

Admiral Squish
2008-02-14, 04:11 PM
Yomruzz cast a withering glance at the officer in the trenchcoat, and sighed. "You do realize you're not gonna get anywhere vaguely near the guy if you're traveling in that, right?" She asked. "Why not just carry a sign that says 'WE'RE HERE TO ARREST YOU'? Wouldn't it be simpler?" She added, massaging the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger. She hoped he wouldn't be like this every mission.

Kikkendekken chuckled. "Lay off the kid, babe. Everyone looks good in a nice trenchcoat." He said, casually at the half-elf's outburst, before turning to the goliath. "You wanna know where we're all from? I came straight outta the gnome quarter, this very city. I've been working as a merc for years, and I got my magic from a fey contract my grandpappy signed. Whole family has it, though I'm the only one who's really done anything with it. The cops hired me as magic backup for your little team, and the rest is history." He explained.

2008-02-14, 07:08 PM
Uh... the trenchcoat but... it's really all I have beside the uniform. he checks his reflection. I can't see my gun pokeing through.
He seems genuily confused, he plainly doesn't do much but eat, sleep, work in the station, and patrol. He does at least 3 of those things in uniform, maybe even all four.
He also gives the halfing a grateful smile.
He aslo answers the goliath I'm from around here, joined the force when I could, stayed in it ever since. turning to the other human he says Outside the city huh? Can't blame you for wanting to get out of there. This is where the actions at.
He takes the sword, which he can sort of hide under the trenchcoat, but very relectantly leaves behind a shield. No breastplate, no shield. I hope these buys are good at taking people down fast.
Outside the city huh?

2008-02-14, 07:32 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

So it seems most of you are from around here? I also come from outside of the city...ehmm...circumstances made it so i was rescued by the Arkan corporation after my tribe....could no longer be reached...and so I was in their debt, a life debt. I was trained under the masters of the corporation as many others have. But those of course were not the only reasons. But it appears we are all ready shall we then procceed to find this vermin scum and bring him to justice?

It was a good team he thought, especially the one in the trenchcoat...he looked dedicated, and the one that has a contract with Arkan also looked trustworthy...however those other two. The half elf didn't work well with a team...he was quite aggressive. Though the gnome, his cheerful countenance didn't put him at ease...a mercenary, and there was something else that striked him as odd about her but couldn't quite define it. He really didn't know if he could trust her. That day when the raid was made against the village...it was probably mercenaries and she looked old enough to have been with them...But illikan was not one to be untrustworthy of his comrades, just wary of their actions in case they did something wrong. He had always been trained strictly and his life reflected that. They would all have to prove themselves...he hoped they could start with the real work soon...hopefully this was the only test they had to pass...

2008-02-15, 05:18 AM
"Actually I didn't know about this city when I set out from home, I just left because there were more than enough priests and the like to take care of what they were needed for in my home town, and I knew that it was not the case everywhere. Later I heard of this city and figured that it'd be a place that needed all the help it could get."
Hallam calmly and friendly explained

Admiral Squish
2008-02-15, 07:00 AM
"I'm with you on that one." Yomruzz replied to the goliath, starting again for the front door of the station. "Just so we're clear on this, I'm gonna split off and meet up with my contacts, see what I can do about luring this guy into some sort of trap with an unfamiliar face for bait." she explained as she walked through the halls.

Thump trundled his way out the door after the lady as Kikkendekken's heels dug into his muscular sides. "Kik. Tell Thump, what happen." The slow-witted beast said in the language of beasts.
"Make plan. All hide, but lady. Lady bring prey to hiding all, all attack." He explained in the same speech, gesturing occasionally. "Thump smell for rats, tell kik when smell. Prey rat-man." He explained.
After the spectacle of grumbling and barking, he straightened up in his saddle, as though it was perfectly normal to bark at one's mount.

2008-02-15, 01:35 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan simply looked on as Kikkenden...communicated with the gigantic...he wasn't actually sure what the animal was or what the gnome was doing...He thought he might be a druid though he didn't look like one...a strange little man he thought and smiled...

Very well then, finding out about his activities might be extremely useful...I second the plan. Now then where shall we all wait?Shall we go somewhere around here for lunch since obviously our presence would be more of a nuisance than aid...

He didn't really like the plan, it jeopardised a lot but it was better than going in blind...still he wasn't entirely pleased, he prefered a more straightforward and honest approach and yet, he debated with himself, the law must use everything in order to apprehend criminals. As long as it was not a crime...who knows who those contacts of hers were...minute by the minute he was groing suspicious of this female half breed...I might need to keep my eye on her as far as possible...

I imagine you won't tell us who those contacts are...will you?

Disapproval and uneasy acceptance was written all over his face and he did not attempt to hide it...an officer of the law should never consort with scum, yes, he had to watch her...who knows what skeletons hid in this woman's closet...

Admiral Squish
2008-02-15, 06:48 PM
"A girl's got to keep some secrets." She said with a wry smirk as they emerged onto the streets. "I'd say meet by the empire street entrance to the goblin shopping center. If you're hungry, eat fast because my contact doesn't like to wait. And he'll be pissed if he brings Ratso past and you guys are all inside eating." She added, before slipping away from the group before there was a chance to argue. She went smoothly down the road for a while before dipping into an alleyway, out of sight from the rest of the team.

He looked after their departing ally. "Tricky little thing isn't she?" He smirked, before shaking his head. "Well, seems like we're going to the goblin shopping center, whether we want to or not." He said with a sigh, and spurred Thump down the road towards it.

2008-02-15, 07:35 PM
I'm all in. Normally I'd prefer to go straight to the hideout, but if I know Ratso we're after bigger fish. Ratso go at coughing up dirt on other people. Course we have to let 'im go again, which sucks, but he helps bring in the big guys. an evil smile flits breifly across Inber's face like corupt cops. By now he REALLY doesn't want to go to prison, cause he put lotsa people in there. he turns to the priest Well, since your new in town, why don't I take you to our friendly local greasy spoon joint. We'll be in and out in a few minutes.

2008-02-16, 12:46 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

With a clearly disapproving face he looked at the woman but said nothing, he knew the need for people like these, as long as she wasn't breaking the law...it was fine. What he was worried about was what Inber had said...letting ratso get out because he "ratted" out the big fish? Although it was an acceptable sacrifice he didn't know whether the law allowed it...he would have to ask the masters at the corporation...he wanted to change subjects and so he cheerfulyl said:

Perfect, I was getting hungry, it's tough to keep this body going with normal human portions so i need to eat more meals...HAHA..Not very economical if you ask me! He gave a hearty laugh at the thought of normal human portions...

And I just realised we do not know eachother's names...I am Dawncaller Illikan Kalagiano. My first name is Illikan, if you don't mind you can call me Illikan...How about you people?He talked while they all walked towards the..he guessed it was a restaurant...

2008-02-16, 03:04 PM
Benny's is a small, quiet little diner on the corner, a favorite of local policemen. In recent years, it's seen a lot more business ever since it got an official endorsement from the mayor himself, part of his reelection campaign. They serve mostly a homestyle food, for breakfast: pancakes, waffles, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, the like. For lunch and dinner, it's hamburgers and fried chicken. A few soups and specials here and there as well. The waitresses wear modest pink uniforms and aprons, while the equivelent to 50's rock plays quietly in the background. It's mid-morning by now, so the brekfast rush is just wrapping up, and there are plenty of quiet tables and booths to sit at.

2008-02-16, 03:21 PM
Hello there, I'm Inber. Good to meet you Illikan.
Inber waves whoever is with him into a booth near the door and then slides up to the counter. Hello Gladys. I'm in a rush today do you think Hank can whip us up a few Number 3's? Maybe four for the big guy. One each for the rest. We'll be down at the booth on the end. Inber drops the money on the counter and then tips her 30%, because he's in a good mood.

Admiral Squish
2008-02-16, 05:51 PM
Yomruzz grinned, spoke the command word for her vestment of many styles and shifted. Her auburn hair retracted into her head, fading to a soft brown, her jaw squared and her features hardened. Her chest deflated, then her ribs expanded, her shoulders widened and her hips narrowed. Then, like cracks across ice, wrinkles and imperfections spread across the idealized body. A scar here, wrinkles everywhere, fake dirt and signs of poor nutrition and lack of sleep. Her clothes shifted into tattered brown rags, haphazardly fashioned into rudimentary garb. Her eyes shifted from their usual green to a piercing sapphire as she finished her disguise. Now to find out about this ratso fella. She thought to herself as she went to question her usual unwitting informants.

Disguise check: [roll0]
Gather information check to find out about who ratso would trust, or what his usual clientèle would be. [roll1]

2008-02-16, 11:47 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan had never been to a place like this, preffering his own packed food or eating at the dining area at the corporation...He wonder what this numberthree dish was and in what language it was...maybe it had some exotic roots...then again it might be normal food on the outisde...and so he asked:

I have never had this numberthree dish...what is it? What is it's origin? I have never heard of it...

He looked at all the people that were around him chattering...he had seen places like this...they were called restaurants if he wasn't mistaken...His secluded life had never allowed for such extravagancies...he only did what was enough for him to survive...he was planning to enjoy the experiernce!! He sat on the small chair slightly uncomforable, he sat so his legs were not under the table...they would never fit...Even the uncofortably small surroundings did not make him uneasy, he was giddy with the experience...His life had always been about training and learning to obey the law and control one's self, he decided that once he had to try it...at least once he thought as he smiled to himself...
This is a very nice place Inber! Thank you fro bringing us! He said with a smile...

Admiral Squish
2008-02-17, 04:49 AM
About to go into the restaraunt, Kikkendekken tries the straps of his burrower's saddle, decides it's not worth it and simply rides in, taking a seat at the open end of the able, Thump's head under the lip, with Kikkendekken at just the right height. He signaled the waitress over, after a moment. "Excuse me, can I get a plate of strawberries for my fiend here, so he doesn't feel left out?" He asked, gesturing to Thump, having resigned himself to eating whatever this 'number three' dish was. He hoped it was good.

2008-02-17, 10:17 AM
Hallam followed in silence except when names where called for, at which point he said
"Yes introductions would be a good thing, my name is Hallam. I do not have a surname though, for in my home town the surname comes from the father, and my mother didn't know my father's name... see I am a child of rape."
Then he continued to follow in silence, and see if this restaurant was a good place to eat or if the food was as bad as in so many other places.

2008-02-17, 01:05 PM
The waitress comes by and takes orders from everyone, although the orders in this case seem to be coming from Inber. She quietly but politely mentions to Kikkendekken, "Sir, I'm sorry, but we don't allow animals in the restaurant." The wait for food isn't long, and soon after the waitress comes out with four plates with large stacks of blueberry pancakes as well as a plate of strawberries for the gnome. They might not have allowed animals in the restaurant, but she herself seemed to at least be fond of animals.


Ratso is a thief, street rat, and a squeal. He usually works alone (besides vermin animal companions), but has been known to have been intimidated into working. He is not a trusting individual, but he's also not a very smart one. Since he's working for no one in particular now, there aren't many, if any, individuals that Ratso would readily trust.

2008-02-17, 07:15 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Not knowing what was on his plate and how he was supposed to eat it he waited for others to begin so he could see for himself...It looked like nothing he had ever seen in his life...was this even food? As soon as he saw the others eat he attempted it himself...the pancakes were sticky and he couldn't very well pick them up with his large fingers. He partly made a mess of his hands and then popped the miniscule pancakes and popped one in his mouth...He expected food so he wasn't expecting such sweetness...he almost choked on the pancake but was able to gulp it down and stop coughing...he was then careful to take small bites...the sweetness was almost excessive but to him it was an amazingly new taste...it didn't even compare to the fruit he was used to eating...he procceeded to eat every single pancake that was set in front of him making a mess of his big hands, sticky with syrup from the pancakes...he realised that most of the people were looking at him and he was wonderign what he must've looked like while eating...

Slightly ashamed of himself he asked Inber:
Ehmmm...can you tell me where the bathroom is? I need to wash my hands...

He then stalked off to the bathroom and washed his hands. He knew he couldn't blush with that skin of his but his face felt hot with shame...he must've looked like an animal or a savage never having seen such food before...well it was true...he had never seen or eaten it before...but he should have restrained himself...He waited a minute or two before going back to the table...

2008-02-18, 07:00 PM
To Hallam: That must've been hard. Just as well we'll be on first name basis here right.

To Gladys: Aw c'mon Gladys, we'll be out of here really fast. Diplomacy [roll0]

Admiral Squish
2008-02-18, 07:33 PM
Kikkendekken smiled. "Yeah, Gladys, he won't be any trouble, I promise. Besides, if I leave him outside he'll probably dig himself a burrow and that's hell on property values. On top of that, he whines incessantly whenever I leave him alone for any sort, and none of us want to hear that, right?"
Aid another diplomacy. 1d20+4

Admiral Squish
2008-02-18, 07:35 PM
I hate the roller. [roll0]

Admiral Squish
2008-02-18, 08:22 PM
Yomruzz departed from her contacts, satisfied and ducked into a second alleyway. Once more, she began to change, speaking the command word for her vestament and began to change. Ratso was un-trusting, but he would need money from somewhere. As a shoplifter, he'd end up with lots of things rather than lots of money, and most places didn't trade things for things. So he needed a fence. A buyer. Somebody who wanted things and was willing to pay money for them. Yomruzz's beggar shape stayed mostly similar, though the blemishes were erased, his hair turned black and grew out in long, cascading locks and he slimmed down, taking on a more elite, wealthy facade. His tattered rags shifted into an expensive-looking but low-key outfit. (S)He smiled a glittering smile with her newly-glittering teeth before heading out into the hustle and bustle, making her way toward the goblin shopping center and empire street. (S)he sifted a couple of gold pieces from her hidden bag to her pockets. It would make negotiation a lot easier if (s)he had a few gold to flash in his face.

Disguise check:[roll0]

2008-02-19, 01:50 AM
Hallam gave Imber a half-smile that wasn't exactly happy
"Well, I'll manage. It was harder on my mother, Pelor bless her soul."
The last part was halfway mumbled, especially the part about Pelor. Not out of shame of course, but he was the only one to whom those words meant anything, so there was no point to yelling them out.

2008-02-20, 01:13 PM
"Well... all right, we let seeing-eye dogs in, so I guess there's no harm in a pet or two as long as he doesn't get in the kitchen." Gladys concedes and proceeds to give the badger a little pat on the head. To Ilikan's surprise, there weren't really any stares. The place reeked of tolerance towards this sort of thing.

Goblin shopkeepers all over the shopping center yell out various garbled sales pitches poorly translated from the goblin language, focusing most of their attention on Yomruzz. It's a pretty crowded place with a mixture of most races, but mostly goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears, but Yomruzz was definitely looking out of place with her wealthier-than-most look. Not enough that anyone would be suspicious, just enough to draw attention. ((I need Spot and Listen checks for Yomruzz.))

2008-02-20, 03:56 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan sensed the more serious mood when he reached the table hearing Hallam's words and decided to be silent and wait for everyone to finish their food. While silent he tried to think of other things to forget his shame for behaving like an animal...he closed his eyes for a moment and concentrated. A spellcaster of Arkan, a dubious happy faced gnome with a big pet, a detective and a shadowy woman...Quite a team...at least all the needs were covered. Brute force, subterfuge, spells...Still he wondered what the gnome and the woman's powers were...He wondered where the woman was...they shouldn't be late...

Thinking those things he fidgeted in his seat...He didn't want this test to take too long...the more they lingered the more they were away from catching real criminals...Besides...he wasn't at all comfortable with letting a criminal go simply because he provided information...He wondered if he should confront the officer or tell his masters to take appropriate action in accordance with the law...

Admiral Squish
2008-02-20, 05:08 PM
Listen: [roll0]
Spot: [roll1]

Yomruzz kept her eyes and ears open for signs of the rat. But she wasn't hindered by her rich appearance, her plan needed it. She visited a couple of the goblin shops, perusing the wares and commenting infrequently about inferior make and ridiculous prices. This did not make the newcomer entirely popular with the goblin merchants. Later she'd stop by and give them all a few gold as a 'reward' for helping in the capture of a dangerous thief. That is, if this worked.

Kikkendekken grinned. "Thanks, miss." He said, giving her a grateful nod.
"Mrrrr..." Thump 'purred', munching on his plate of strawberries but still appreciating the head-rub. Licking berry pulp off his lips, thump raised his head. "Good place. Come back, soon?" His mount asked.
Kikkendekken just smirked and gave the big, furry lug quick scratch behind the ear.

2008-02-20, 05:45 PM
As he finishes his meal Inber turns to the others.
Shall we go?

2008-02-20, 08:43 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illika nodded at Inber's suggestions and prepared to get up, he reached for his pocket and removed two gold pieces which he placed on the table...He didn't know if it was too much or too little...but it should pay for his meal at least...As soon as everybody else got up he too got up and headed for the exit...he stepped out and looked towards their destination...he hoped the woman had had enough time to do whatever it was she wanted to do...What was her name anyway?

2008-02-21, 02:00 AM
Hallam gave the gnome a quick gaze as he seemed to be extracting more meaning from the badger's sounds than most people would be able to, then shrugged and rose, rummaging around in his pocket for a gold coin to pay with.

2008-02-21, 05:33 PM

Nonononono My treat, I insist. Inber forcefully places enough gold down to pay for everyone. Someone else can pay next time and so on.

2008-02-22, 07:59 AM
Hallam nod and smiles at Inber.
"As you wish. Next time is on me then."

Admiral Squish
2008-02-22, 04:43 PM
"Sounds good to me." He commented, shrugging as he gulped down the last bite of pancake. "We should definitely get moving anyway." He added, steering thump towards the door. "Don't want to miss our little rendezvous." He smirked as he walked thump out the doors, before pulling to a stop outside and waiting for the others.

2008-02-22, 07:06 PM
Illikan Kalagian

Illikan got up and smiled, he almost toppled the table as he accidentally hit it with his leg while he was rising.

Then allow me to make you all an offer, let me buy us all dinner upon the conclusion of this test to celebrate the creation of the team...just one thing...eeemmm...does anyone know any good restaurants?.....I well...i don't go out much so I don't know any...

He looked at everyone feeling that he might be able to trust them as they were all hard working types, upholders of the law...even the half elf he though...maybe in her own particular way...nevertheless, i cannot allow doubt to blind me. I have a much more important task i have set for myself, yet the law does not seem so clear cut...it was all so much easier in the corporation during training...He would seek advice from the masters tonight if he had the chance...

Oh misshe turned to the waitressThank you very much for the food, it was very very good...I'll be sure to drop by again he smiled good naturedly and then hurried to join his new team.

2008-02-24, 02:21 PM
The total meal plus the generous tip ends up costing Inber 52 gp. This is considered the good part of town, so dining isn't cheap even at a greasy spoon like this.

"Y'all come back now, y'here?"

2008-02-24, 04:39 PM

Inber grabs his stuff and heads to the rendevous.

Hey, I just got a raise. It's cool.

2008-02-25, 08:12 AM
As Hallam heads out he says to Gladys
"Would you please bring my compliments to the chef miss?"

2008-02-25, 11:37 AM
"Gladly." The waitress smiles while wondering why the group kept calling her Gladys when her nametag clearly said Irene. ((jk))

Yomruzz hears the hustle and bustle of the crowds at the bazaar/shopping mall. Mostly just sales pitches and haggling, nothing out of the ordinary, not even signs of less than legal deals taking place.

2008-02-25, 02:25 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan followed the rest of the team, he took up the rear and looked around trtung to locate either the half elf or ratso. He tried to look incospicuous and so his eyes wandered on the stalls and looked at the merchant's wares. Although it might seem like he was looking at what was on sale, he was actually looking for any pickpockets and petty thieves. Oppurtunitty might just jump in front of them...he had to be ready and notice it quickly enough.

Admiral Squish
2008-02-26, 03:15 AM
Trying again. Also, with a bluff check to make herself seem like someone more willing to buy stuff pilfered off people.
Bluff check: [roll0]
Spot check: [roll1]
Listen check: [roll2]

Yomruzz frowned, internally and externally. This wasn't working as well as she'd planned, and she could see the giant pushing his way through the crowd. (S)He kept up the performance, picking things up and looking them over, before noticing the price tag and scoffing. (S)he even tried to haggle with one of the merchants.

Admiral Squish
2008-02-26, 03:30 AM
Kikkendekken stayed outside, tucked around the corner, out of sight from the doors. He heard her say the Empire street entrance, and that was where he was going to wait. Her he wouldn't have to shoot through a crowd. And besides, the sign said no pets, and making a scene would make it all that much harder to catch Ratso unaware. He'd almost stopped the goliath on his way in, but stopped when he realized the goliath had more mass than him and his mount combined, and there was NO fat there.

Hide check: [roll0]
Hide check, mount: [roll1]

2008-02-26, 09:14 AM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan was sure that he felt a slight tug on his hip as he was going in Empire street entrance. But then again this is a crowded market, people were bound to bump into you every now and then so he dismissed it. He stepped inside empire street market and looked around for Yomruzz and ratso.


After looking around he turns to his friends to ask if they should wait here. He assuming he saw them with the notices however, that the little man with the rodent was missing...strange and so looked around for him as well...his party seemed to be disappearing on him!

assuming he saw them with the spot check he tries to figure out what the little man is doing...*if this requires a sense motive check or something else, please roll for me disciple, thx*

2008-02-26, 05:41 PM
Hide: [roll0]

2008-02-27, 02:03 AM
hide [rollv]1d20-7[/hide] (this is -so- gonna hurt).

Hallam knows that hiding isn't his strongest point, but he tries to look like a normal cop walking about or something, at least not someone who's looking for someone, while still trying to stay a bit out of sight.

charisma based check [roll0]

2008-02-27, 02:05 AM


2008-02-27, 05:16 PM

:smallbiggrin: The dice are trying to kill you.

2008-02-29, 03:30 PM
Yomruzz doesn't find anything specifically relating to her mark, though the rest of the market seems to be pretty fooled. One goblin even offers to show her the "special stuff in the back," clearly a sign of black market operations, but one that probably also catered to honest individuals as well. The next time Yomruzz checks her pockets, however, she notices them empty, the gold having disappeared.

Inber neither blends in nor stands out, he seems like a normal customer in this everyday bazaar.

Kikkendekken blends in only because sights like him seem to be common in this rabble. Some of the foodstands even showcase fried badger, a delicacy of those in poverty.

Ilikan notes his various companions spreading out and attempting to blend in. Clearly they were using subterfuge in this operation, and it seemed a wise idea. A shadow that seems to be moving at a faster pace than the rest of the crowd catches his eye, but the next second, it's gone.

Hallam gets lost in the crowd, and, in a panic, can't help but yelling "HEY GUYS, WHERE ARE YOU?!" at the top of his lungs, drawing lots of attention. ((Sorry, but with a roll of -6, I had to.))

(Also, everyone roll Spot checks.)

Admiral Squish
2008-02-29, 05:38 PM
Spot: [roll0]

Yomruzz noted she felt oddly light on the side she kept her money on, but dismissed it relatively quickly, and kept her eyes open for some sign of the target. This was taking forever!

Spot: [roll1]
Thump's Spot: [roll2]
Also, remember that if the smell of rats/sewage gets within sixty feet, thump will notice.

Kikkendekken scowled for a moment at the fried badger display. He'd be angrier, normally but he was on a job. He turned his attention back over the crowd. "You smell or see anything?" He whispered to his mount in various grunts as he scanned the crowd.

2008-02-29, 05:51 PM
spot [roll0]

Inber can't help but laughing at the newcomer to the city. Then he graciously swims throught the crowd and recovers him.

2008-02-29, 06:15 PM
((please DoB, although my hide check was extremely bad, my charisma check to be unnoteworthy was quite good, and Hallam is not stupid enough to do something like that in that situation... I know you're the DM and all, and usually I don't object to DM rulings, but this just idiotifies the character far beyond what he is and that action doesn't really have anything to do with hiding))

2008-02-29, 06:16 PM
[roll0] spot check

2008-02-29, 08:04 PM
spot check[roll0]
spot check2, if needed, see text:[roll1]
bluff check, if needed, see text:[roll2]

Illikan knew that he should be hiding...however it would be quite difficult and decided against it...someone acting suspicious and try to hide something drew more attention than someone simply milling about in a market. He went towards where he had noticed the sudden appearance and disappearance of the shadow. He went towards a stall near where he had seen the shadow he looked very absently at the items while trying to see if someone was hiding where he had seen the shadow((spot2 in spoiler, if needed)).

2008-03-01, 12:07 PM
((please DoB, although my hide check was extremely bad, my charisma check to be unnoteworthy was quite good, and Hallam is not stupid enough to do something like that in that situation... I know you're the DM and all, and usually I don't object to DM rulings, but this just idiotifies the character far beyond what he is and that action doesn't really have anything to do with hiding))

Ilikan sees a shadow darting back and forth in the crowd. This time, he manages to keep his eye on it. The only thing that makes the shadow particularly stand out is the speed which it's moving. At a few points, he sees a gnarled claw reach out from the shadow and reach for a civilian's belt pouch or a stray piece of merchandise from a stand. The hand itself can't help but remind Ilikan of a rat's claw. The shadow is quickly darting away, and it won't be long until it's out of sight.


((I disagree that what happened would be completely out-of-character for Hallam. Being an "out-of-towner," it's understandable in a smelly, lower-class packed crowd he'd get understandably lost and overwhelmed. And I factored in the Charisma check to have people react to you as "Oh, an everyday guy got separated from his friends. How uninteresting." instead of "Oh, a suspicious foreigner, let's rob/con/run away in case he's with the law."

I also disagree that the result of your roll "idiotifies" your character. Moments of failure/weakness/mistakes add depth, personality, humanity, and realism to a character. On a skill check of 1, and a combined roll of -6 no less, btw the lowest I've ever seen anyone roll before in my life, something is going to happen.

So here's what I'll offer you: You can either go with the crap that just happened to your character, or I can ignore it and you can have something equally bad happen. You can either take the crap you already have, or take the crap in the mystery box.

Up to you.))

2008-03-01, 05:18 PM
Illikan Kalagiano

Illikan fearful of losing the shadow attacked immediately, he charged pushing people away if necessary. After hitting him he shouted towards to the nearest of his team "X Ratso's here".

attack roll for charge: [roll0]
damage: [roll1]
strength checks if necessary:[roll2], [roll3]
I apologize to anyone if I miss the attack or something happens and we lose him...i would've preffered hiding and finding an oppurtunity however our friend Illikan is the straightforward type...he would be useless in hiding anyway...thank you:smallbiggrin:

2008-03-01, 07:44 PM
Since those are good rolls...
*Whips out badge*
Inber shoulders his way through the crowds, presumably tailed by Hallam, throwing back his coat to reveal the pistol and longsword.

Admiral Squish
2008-03-01, 08:20 PM
Kikkendekken grimaced. This was practically a travesty. Nothing for it but to go at it. He spurred Thump forward, who bulldozed his way through the crowd, snarling quite effectively. "Stop!" He shouted, stabbing forward with a finger, firing a eldritch bolt at the figure the giant was hitting.

Thump's strength check: [roll0]
Concentration check for a double-move: [roll1]
Ranged touch attack: [roll2] (minus relevant modifiers)
Damage: [roll3]
It's an eldritch spear he cast, so the range is 250 ft, instead of 60.

Admiral Squish
2008-03-02, 04:09 AM
Yomruzz gritted her teeth. Idiots. She was working with idiots. Granted, this was probably faster, but still... She dropped low into a combat stance and crossed the crowd, dodging and weaving between people, using her stealth training to be just where everyone's eyes weren't. She clenched her fist as she neared, positioning herself to cut off the foe's escape from her large friend, and struck hard, aiming the blow specifically into vital, sensitive areas.

I use my ghost step, move to flank and sudden trike Ratso.
Attack roll with invisible bonus and flanking bonus, and he loses the dex bonus to AC.[roll0]
Unarmed strike damage [roll1]
Sudden strike damage +[roll2]

2008-03-03, 11:26 PM
Unfortunately, the shadow is still some distance aways, moving quickly, and through a very dense crowd. Ilikan can't quite reach the rat, but thanks to his strength barreling through the crowd, he certainly isn't losing ground, that's for sure. The shadow, however, is spooked, and starts to dart away. The same applies to Inber and the rest of the cops. Though the crowd starts to panic and run around madly. The warlock's eldritch blast, however, strikes true even through the crowds against the shadow.

Almost on cue, rats start pouring out of stands, nooks, and crannies, swarming on the streets and causing a general ruckus.

((Initiative time everybody, I have a map here of where everyone is right now, but this isn't empty space, the streets are plagued with panicking rioting citizens, which require a DC 12 Ref save to avoid getting trampled and pushed around, and a DC 20 Str check to move normal speed. Otherwise, it's difficult terrain. Yomruzz, your Ghost Step ability allows you to ignore the crowd in this place. The three black masses are rat swarms. The closest is currently Ilikan at 10 feet away.))



Admiral Squish
2008-03-04, 12:11 AM
Yomruzz checks:
Initiative: [roll0]
Reflex: [roll1]
Strength check: [roll2]

Kikkendekken checks:
Initiative: [roll3]
Reflex: [roll4]
Reflex (using thump): [roll5]
Strength check (using thump): [roll6]

2008-03-04, 03:16 AM
Hallam runs towards Illikan and Imber as fast as he can through the crowd, attempting to avoid the swarm of rats that he will be passing close by.

[roll0] initiative
[roll1] reflex save
[roll2] strength check

2008-03-04, 11:17 AM
Initiative: [roll0]
Reflex: [roll1]
Strength check: [roll2] (also Illikan counts as large when beneficial in accordance with powerful build, if it helps any) BTW, do i keep the attack rolls made before or will i need to roll them again? Seems like waste of good rolls..hehe

Illikan was intent only on catching up with the shadow he assumed to be ratso, the rats that were swarming about proved it enough for him to be concerned. He pushed his way through the panicking people intent only on catching Ratso. Increasingly annoyed he shouted "Clear the way you fools! This is Darik City police. CLEAR THE WAY NOW!"

intimidate: [roll3] crosses fingers...

2008-03-04, 05:32 PM
init: [roll0]
reflex: [roll1]
Str: [roll2]

If I get in range of the rats...
attack: [roll3]
Damage: [roll4]

Keep after him Illikan! I'll hold off these rats.
And I do just that.

Admiral Squish
2008-03-04, 06:11 PM
Yomruzz goes for her pistol, but realizes she wouldn't be able to get a shot through this crowd. Instead, she began to dance her way through the crowd of panicking civilians towards the target.

I'm gonna try a tumble check to move at full speed through the crowd.
If it doesn't work, I'm just going to make a half-speed move. If I can reach him and attack with my normal move, I'll use a ghost step. I only have four more of those.

Kikkendekken spurred Thump forward, the massive badger bulldozing his way through the crowd towards the foe. A vicious, swarming pile of rats stood in he path between the shadow and the badger. Undaunted, Kikkendekken sent another blast weaving through the crowd, blasting the shadow again.

Single move at an angle, towards were Illikan is. Hopefully, that should put me outside the rat's reach for this next turn, as well. It's another spear, so range is no issue.
Eldritch blast: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]

Admiral Squish
2008-03-04, 06:32 PM
Oh, I forgot Yomruzz's combat rolls.
Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Sudden strike: [roll2]

2008-03-05, 02:02 AM

Ratso: 25
Hallam: 11
Kikkendekken: 9
Rat Swarm: 6
Yomruzz: 5.5
Inber: 5
Ilikan: 3

Ratso moves as fast as he can, darting back and forth through the crowd. It's clear that despite his small stature, he's moving at a very good speed and is quite adept at moving through such crowds.

Hallam is the furthest from the fray, and is moving basically against the crowd, so he doesn't gain much headway. Fortunately, he avoids getting trampled by the stampede.

Thump can easily plow his way through the crowds, but Kikkendekken himself is hit several times by flailing arms in the crowd, and at one point a middle-aged bugbear woman trips and barrels into him, nearly knocking him off of Thump. (11 damage) This doesn't stop Kikkendekken from firing off another blast, which easily wounds its target.

One of the rat swarms goes for Ilikan an starts gnawing at its legs, another one goes for Kikkendekken and the final goes for Inber, swarming through the crowds and gnawing at your heels. (2 damage and all attacked get to make Fort saves (including Thump))

Yomruzz ducks and weaves through the crowd towards Ratso, bypassing the crowd and the rat swarms with the same ease Ratso exhibits. She's getting close, but not quite in melee range, merely 10 feet from her target.

((Inber, what weapon are you using? That's kind of important when determining how much damage you do to the swarms.))

Ilikan's shouts are either drowned out by the crowd or feed wood to the fire, as the crowd continues its rampage. As a result, he finds it harder to barrel his way through the crowd, especially now that he finds himself stepping through a swarm of ravenous rats. ((Does Powerful Build give you any extra reach?))

Admiral Squish
2008-03-05, 02:40 AM
Fort saves:
Kikkendekken: [roll0]
Thump: [roll1]
We'll see how those go, and work from there.

Admiral Squish
2008-03-05, 02:49 AM
Oh, and they provoke AoOs entering out squares.
Kikkendekken: [roll0]
Kikkendekken (morningstar): [roll1]
Thump: [roll2]
Thump (claw): [roll3]
Thump strength check: [roll4]
Thump reflex save: [roll5]
Kikkendekken reflex: [roll6]

With Kikkendekken re-experiencing his breakfast from earlier, thump is left leaderless. He'd seen his master attacking someone before, and so charges forward. Though the press of the crowd slows him, he does nothing but struggle valiantly against their numbers, making a full-round move toward the shadowy figure.

Yomruzz tumble check: [roll7]

Yomruzz dances his(her) way through the panicking throng again, growing closer still to the shadowy figure, his(her) fist balled in frustration. This guy was going down. Blinking out of his sight, she struck out at the figure.

This is assuming she can catch up this turn :She tumbles forward, uses a ghost step, and hits hard. Attack rolls next post.

Admiral Squish
2008-03-05, 03:04 AM
Yomruzz attack!
Attack roll: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Sudden strike: [roll2]

2008-03-05, 09:38 AM
((powerful build says that i have the same reach as a medium creature, but the goliath counts as one size larger than he actually is for determining size modifiers for an opposed check (such as bull rush, grapple and trip) if doing so is advantageous to him))

fortitude check: [roll0]
strength check: [roll1]

Illikan could not understand what was wrong with these people, they had completely ignored the fact that he was on officer of the law, they were even now close to trampling him and his friends...who knows how many people might get trampled today. He never thought his actions would have such an effect! It was all Ratso's fault. That damn lawless scum and his rats had scared the crowd into a frenzy. Now those rats were biting on his heels, he didn't care, he could see his querry and he was going to get it, no matter what! He continued to plow his way through the crowd. He considered jumping over the crowds, he though back on all his jumps to see if he could make it. Could he?

((How far am I? If possible i'd like to take advantage of the goliath's ability to treat standing long and high jumps as running ones. The question is if i jump can i do it in such a way to jump over the crowd and hit Ratso ala leap attack but without the x2 to attack? Also, would the DC be set at something impossibly epic? my check is +13, but because i make a running jump(standing, but running due to goliath's ability) with 40 speed i get +4 to the roll, so 1d20+17...does my character knowing his ability consider it possible that such a feat will succeed?))

2008-03-05, 09:39 AM
((reflex: [roll0]))

2008-03-05, 08:10 PM
I'm using a longsword.
And should all be the same, I'll have another go at the rats.


2008-03-05, 08:13 PM
whoops, fort. save!

2008-03-06, 02:03 AM
Hallam knows that any attempts at calming the crowds is useless, you'd need far more than they could bring in to ever hope doing something like that. Instead he keeps trying to plow through the crowd. He realizes that he will not be able to catch Ratso, the criminal being too fast for him to catch. Instead he hopes to reach and aid Imber against the rats, because now that they are at it they could as well try to get rid of this rodent infestation.

[roll0] strength check
[roll1] reflex save

2008-03-06, 02:21 PM
((Bad news: Kikkendekken and Ilikan fail the Fort save. (How does a Monk fail a DC 12 fort save? :smallconfused: ) Good news: you won't take the ability damage for at least a day.))

Kikkendekken's morningstar hits a rare blank spot between the rats, and although Thump slashes at the rats with his claws, it appears to do little damage.

Inber's sword seems to be doing very little to the swarm of rats below him, while his first strike sliced through a couple, his second just seemed to part the wave a bit before it closed up.

Yomruzz's attack hits home, causing a deep wound in a vital spot despite the creature's stealth. It cries out in pain.

Hallam manages to push his way through the crowd and get to the rat swarm bothering Inber.

((Ilikan: You're now 25 feet away from the shadow. Since you didn't make the STR check last time, you could only move at half speed and therefore lost a bit of ground. Luckily, Yomruzz (or rather I should say what looks like a complete stranger to you) has caught up and is doing vicious damage.))

((This also wasn't in initiative order. I'll post the enemies' actions in a bit Anyone who hasn't gone this round please feel free to post unless you're waiting to see what else happens.))

2008-03-13, 04:35 PM
Charging three hundred volts. Ready, and... CLEAR!

2008-03-14, 02:18 AM
((are there any civilians amidst the rat swarm? if not then Hallam will plant a sound burst in the middle of the swarm. That should do away with most of the trouble with swarm number that one.))