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2008-02-10, 12:21 AM
You've been stuck on Doom Island for what seems like forever. You might've felt you were the toughest badass in the city, but that quickly changed once you came here. Crime lords and serial killers surrounded you at every turn, and you did all you could to survive. Despite its name, Doom Island has very advanced facilities and reasonable wardens. More like a comfortable hospital than anything. The real danger came from your fellow inmates.

But the island itself is behind you, as you have been judged as completely unable to be rehabilitated. You are now to be shipped to the real prison, the real horror, to an alternate plane of nightmares and the dead from which you will never return alive and spend an eternity of torment wallowing in misery.

They put even more restraints on you when they took you to the Planar Train than when you were first shipped here. Spells and such are repressed by the metal bonds that cuff your hands together and you can barely move otherwise.

Among you and some of the other inmates (read: PC's) three more criminals stand out.

The first is a smiling kobold wearing sunglasses. On your first day, he introduced himself to you as Shiv. An odd fellow, even for a kobold, he nontheless helped you to get used to and survive your first few weeks in the penitentiary, and proved himself an individual with many, many contacts, whose past is otherwise shrouded in mystery. That odd, toothy smile persists even now, in what you believe to be your final hours.

The second looks like a bald elf, but his white facial hair and black skin give him away as a drow, a pitiful creature doomed to crime and poverty by his former elven brethren. He goes by the name of Sethuel, and he, like many of the prisoners, is antisocial and sociopathic to a fault. When anyone attempts to socialize with him, they wind up wounded or dead. He is equally silent during this trip.

The third and final individual is someone you've never met and you doubt if he/she/it's even a sentient being. Stuck in a full-body case in the back of the car, you could swear, despite its weird, tentacle-mouthed freak of a face, that it was slowly dying from starvation. The guards on the train seem to be keeping their distance from it.

You are forced to sit in individual seats on the train where two heavily armed guards watch you as the train starts moving. You don't have much time until you're stuck in a true hell...

2008-02-10, 02:17 AM

He was a tall one. 6,8". Brawny, and strong, green skin and the look of leather in his very being. Dull red eyes clipped past the greasy black hair. He was a bundle of hair and testosterone, and for the first time since he got into prison he was rather scared. This fear however was reflected into a cold determinism. It wasn't the first time he had gotten scared nor would it be his last; however, this was by far the trickiest thing he was in right now.

He had no intention of leaving this plane of existence, but he wasn't so sure what exactly he could do. What were his resources? A knife, he had a knife, and his fists. The arrogant guards had not touched 'that' place on him. Racists were predictable at least. That was something at least. What else did he have? He had people. People in themselves were resources and of those he didn't trust the elf or the 'thing', though he had more trust in the elf than the thing. Anything that our oh so fearless police force feared was not something he trusted. The kobolb was alright at least. The darkling was insane. And the man called 'Sore-throat' was a murderer, but a very, very smart one. He had gotten to know these people from inference when he was in the prison (he had gotten himself close to the top of the Worgs in the prison system). He didn't know the others.

He had gotten the death sentence, and truth be told he had no crime that warranted it. This thing was political, at least for him. They must have known who his mother was. Mom was probably having a fit, but the Worgs ruled the streets not the courts and the courts were what would get him out of this situation.

He had to help himself.

He studied everything he could, trying to get as much information as he could. He examined the area with keenness and determination, searching for a weakness. He refused to die.

Search check: [roll0] If you think it would be a spot check, there is a penalty of -1.

The Duskblade
2008-02-10, 04:25 AM

Darkness... Shadows, twists of darkness. Malu stood in the confines of his own twisted mind. Vague shapes of horror formed and faded as Malu watched the evidence of his own insanity. Suddenly he was looking at himself. eyes closed and seemingly asleep. As he watched his eyes opened. For a moment he saw his own mismatched eyes. One blue and one brown. For a second his vision momentarily doubling. Then his eyes focused and he was staring forward. The Tiefling blinked twice and looked around. They were still on the Hell carriage. His fellow chained, sat around him.

Absently Malu noticed he had bored a hole into his arm. With rabid fascination he examined the the bloody sore. Malu touched his figure to the sore and brought it to his mouth. The Tiefling smiled as he tasted his own blood. At his side he felt an inquisitive nip. Malu smiled again and transfered a drop of the blood beneath his worn but loose fitting clothing. He nodded absently as he felt small mind's tiny tongue.

2008-02-10, 11:04 AM

A human male was sitting in a corner, keeping a bit to himself. On first look he seemed mostly normal, aside from a few scars on his forearms and his chins. He was slightly muscular and a bit taller than the average, but no further at that. Something about him told you though that he was not exactly ordinary. First thing you noticed would be that he was completely calm despite the situation, seemingly untouched by what was about to happen to him. Second off there was his hair, completely black but seemingly the shadows within it was flickering, growing and waning all the time. Third light seemed to be lesser around him, and lights brought near flickered about him, even with the rest of his powers held down by the enhanced manacles. Finally there was his eyes, blue with a slightly unnatural gleam, were having something about them that suggested that this man had bested challenges that you could barely even imagine.

Most of the time his eyes were occupied by gazing upon the tentacled thing that seemed to be starving. His interest had been awakened by this monstrous creature because it may be able to offer some insight in the monster within him. He hoped that he would get a chance to investigate this creature, maybe even talk to it before it starved to death... or before he would have to incinerate it if it proved hostile.
The thought of where they were heading actually didn't bother him at all, how could the place torment him more than the beast did now anyway?

2008-02-11, 08:33 PM
Kathris Terall

A four-armed mantis man sat perfectly alert by one wall. his shackled, massive arms and claws seem to be sculpted from stained glass, and the rest of his body is covered in gleaming black under a prisoner's outfit.

Next to his eyes, his intimidating form seems almost insignificant.

Bright yellow eyes glare out at his surroundings. On the surface, one sees nothing - the thri-kreen's calm composure maintains a thin mask. Looking deeper, one can see a boiling sea of rage, a seething hostility toward all who gaze into it.

And beyond it, the tranquil waters of insanity.

Perhaps he could have moved. Perhaps his claws alone would be enough to tear these manacles asunder. The Ripper makes no such attempt, he simply does not care. His destination was a world of darkness, where the shadows had eyes and madness took form. Where evil walked the lands and nightmares became a reality. He did not care, he could scarcely tell the difference from this city. One realm was as another, perhaps this would even seem like a reprieve after the streets of Darik City, after the horrors of this world.

Soundlessly, the Ripper smiled to himeslf within the shadows, awaiting the hour of his arrival. Perhaps he would find peace there at long last. All that would remain after his arrival would be to wipe it clean of the last traces of this tainted world.

Once that was done, he would follow. And then... rest. Peace.

The train ground slowly onward, blissfully ignorant of the evil that it held within its walls.

2008-02-11, 10:40 PM
Rough Map:

Not exactly to scale, but there's about 10 feet between each inmate. You're all sitting down in chairs similar to what you'd see on a monorail wearing the typical orange jumpsuits for prisoners. The "thing" is in some very elaborate restraining cell in the back with only its apparent head visible.

For Thraknor, as well as the rest of the inmates, the task of escaping is daunting, but at least clear. First, you'll have to find some way out of your restraints. Spells and brute force likely won't work against those, as they've been designed to hold some of the more dangerous prisoners. Picking the lock seems plausible, but difficult. If you can do that, you'll have free reign of the car, and two heavily armored uzi-toting guards to worry about. Armed, but not too well trained, probably because of the risk involved they assign the expendable to this duty. They patrol the front area of the car, never even going near the back. They eye you every once in awhile. If they suspect you could escape, then it's definitely possible, just difficult. Difficult for one person maybe, but even half of you should be able to manage to take them down with a few wounds. As for breaking out of the train, well, there are no windows, so you'll have no idea where you are, and the only apparent door towards the front of the car is heavily mechanized with thick adamantine, presumably magically warded as well. All the while, Shiv is simply grinning, which he normally does, but you wonder if he has some sort of escape plan...

((I'm going to give Lars another day to post before moving on.))

2008-02-13, 01:00 PM
All right, we're going to assume Lars is... "asleep" or something.

Has it been a minute? An hour? Two? More? It's almost impossible to tell with the windowless features and the very smooth train ride. For all you know, you could be in the hell dimension already. Looks like there's nothing left to do but to accept your fate...

A massive explosion wracks the car, shaking it badly. The guards fall on the floor, but thanks to your shackles you remain a little jarred but safe. When you look back, you see a massive hole in the ceiling towards the back of the car above Sethuel, and you can tell from the bright blue sky above that you're still in the material plane. You can also see a black chopper lower down and humanoid figures in black suits rapel down into the car, undoing Sethuel's chains and hauling him to safety. He looks just as surprised as everyone else, but remains relieved. The chopper flies off.

During this time, however, at least one hasn't wasted the time. Shiv throws off his manacles, having used the distraction to pick the locks. He quickly tumbles over to Thraknor and starts picking his locks. The guards are only just coming to and realizing what's going on.

Roll Initiative.

2008-02-13, 10:34 PM
So... the kobold had a jailbreak in progress. Kathris was hardly surprised - Shiv was an opportunist, it was evident in his eyes. Kathris did not budge. He could barely move and the guards had guns - he could wait. If he did not escape, well, that was entirely acceptable. If he was unbound, though... then he would have a chance. After all, the guards had been kind enough to provide him with a weapon..

Initiative - [roll0]

Also, I'm going to Refocus on my turn if I'm still bound. I.E. full-round action to get to the top of the initiative list.

2008-02-14, 03:48 PM
Shiv finally undoes the lock and the manacles spring free on Thraknor, giving him free reign. Shiv then tumbles over to the still dazed guard, slips what looks like a piece of sharpened glass out of the hem of his ankle, and slits the back of the guard's knee, making him cry out in pain. "That's what yoo geet, sooldier boyee." the kobold laughs in that peculiar accent of his, before immediately running over to Kathris to undo the locks on the Thri-Kreen's manacles.

2008-02-15, 03:11 AM

He laughed when he got his freedom. Shiv was nothing but resourceful, yelled thanks when the kobolb freed him and got out his dagger. The guard who's knee was sliced would soon find a dagger in his back.

"Sorry bub."

Initiative: [roll0]
Dagger attack roll damage: [roll1]
Dagger Damage: [roll2]

Sorry for the delay and the short post. Been sick.


2008-02-15, 05:07 AM
Kuar sat still, unable to do anything else while still cuffed after all. His eyes and mind were occupied though, taking in every part of the scene and evaluating what to do should he be able to get free, as well as who in the wagon might be useful contacts in the future and who were more fit for punishment.

The Duskblade
2008-02-16, 06:32 AM

Deciding he would have to wait a little while Malu attempted to strike up a conversation. Speaking to the monster in the restraining cell. "So, Being of tentacles. Malu asked politely. "Might we ask what it is the brought you to share our voyage of Hells railroad?"

Not much I can do now. But [roll0]

2008-02-16, 02:53 PM
Shiv finishes unlocking Kathris's manacles before moving on to Kuar. The second guard tries to shout a warning to stop the escapees, but Shiv pays little heed, the other guard, however, takes his uzi and fires a spray of bullets at Thraknor in self-defense. (12 damage.)

The tentacled beast only replies with gasps and wheezes, and it's unlikely that the thing has any capacity to speak or even that it's conscious.

2008-02-16, 10:44 PM
Kathris nods briefly at Shiv as the manacles come undone. This kobold had something planned - no doubt he intended to cash in on the favor at some later point. He leaps into the air with practiced ease toward the nearest guard, shadows whipping around his insectile form as though they were alive, and slashes at him with a claw as he alights on the ground.

[roll0], [roll1], [roll2]. Full attack next round, guards beware! :smallbiggrin:

Also, swift action to activate the Child of Shadow stance.

2008-02-17, 10:20 AM
As Shiv began to undo Kuar's restraints he felt the hellish fire return within him... well at least the monster wasn't pure drawback anymore. But it was hard to keep it from turning the cops to ash as revenge... hard but doable.

2008-02-20, 12:43 PM

Shiv: First
Kathris: 26
Malu: 15
Thraknor: 5
Guards: Last

Kuar: ?
Lars: ?

Kathris tears into a weak spot into the guard's armor who screams in pain. Strangely enough, his swordsage stance does not activate. Assumably the same properties of the manacles that kept the casters from using spells also kept the manuevers and other such things under check. Kathris figured he'd probably need a chance to rest to regain his manuevers first.

((Thraknor's turn, then Shiv will undo the manacles on Kuar.))

2008-02-20, 04:08 PM

He decides that the only thing he can do is to keep the guards busy enough so that they could all escape, but he had no intention of getting whacked with a spray of bullets either. Best thing to do, whack him in the face and slice him with the knife.

Dagger Damage:[roll0]
Unarmed Strike, lethal: [roll1]
Unarmed Strike Damage: [roll2]

Sneak attacks if applicable: [roll3][roll4]

Two weapon fighting penalities represented above.

No whammies. >__>;;

2008-02-20, 04:10 PM
Forgot to close a bracket: [roll0]

2008-02-20, 04:21 PM
[roll0] initiative

As soon as Shiv has undone Kuar's restraints, the flames return inside him on full power, and on the outside too. The best way to prevent a man from shooting a gun is to make him stop wanting to touch the gun, and few are the men indeed that wants to touch a burning gun. Thus a blast of hellfire gouts out, intended for the gun. The monster is angry though, and tries it's best to take over the flames for its own purposes

[roll1] will save

It fails, but effects the blast, making it go in a curve, first towards the cop, then turning at the gun.

1d20+5 ranged touch attack

3d6 damage

((Shadowmental touch on the guard's gun, trying to set it on fire as per the sets things on fire like alchemists fire (as I read it, it keeps burning for the next round if I hit the gun directly, taking 1d6 damage at that round...) logically, touching it would be all but pleasant))

2008-02-20, 04:28 PM



2008-02-24, 01:58 PM
As Shiv finishes undoing the restraints on Kuar, Thraknor stabs the first guard in the neck, taking him down. Shiv moves over to Malu and begins undoing the restraints as Kuar blasts apart the second guard, who only barely manages to stay standing, firing a spray of bullets in Kuar's direction for 12 damage.

"Yoo boyees feeneesh up queeckly, yees? We goo too Shiv's place. Lay loo for awhieele, yees?"

2008-02-24, 03:38 PM
Kuar mutters a curse when the blast of fire hits the guard instead of the gun, seemingly the beast's wrath gave it more control that he had estimated. Hopefully the guard would take the point at least and stop resisting. Then the bullets his and he cursed from the pain and the realization that the guard wouldn't let them go unless he was unconscious or dead. Then he turned around and took a look at the restraints of the tentacled creature to see if it was possible to blast open without causing too much harm to the creature within.

2008-02-25, 11:31 AM
Fortunately for Kuar, the restraining box holding the strange creature is so elaborate and large that it'd be pretty easy to hit the device instead of the creature with an attack. There is the matter of what happens when the device is destroyed however, and whether the creature could survive if Kuar's blast should penetrate the device.

2008-02-25, 03:37 PM
Kuar decided to take the chance, the creature could be valuable if freed, and if he misfired he wouldn't be any worse off than he would be if he didn't give it a shot, unless the device caused a really terrible explosion or something. Weighting risks against potential benefit, he deemed it worth a try though, and seconds later a blast flew at the device holding the creature captured.


2008-02-26, 06:45 AM
Kathris continues his assault, clawing with all four arms this time.

attack rolls [roll0] [roll1] [roll2] [roll3]. Damage rolls [roll4] [roll5] [roll6] [roll7]

2008-02-27, 01:11 AM

"Got it mate." He said as the guard dropped. He then dropped the dagger and picked up the machine gun that the guard had dropped, and kicked him when he was down. Following that he got up and went on bodyguard duty beside Shiv.

The Duskblade
2008-02-27, 06:05 AM
"We say thanks scaled key." Said Malu, as Small mind appeared from his hiding space and preformed an odd bow to the the Kobold. "Might we ask we're abides the den of the key?" He looked around, interested at the proceeding's. "It is nice of The Harrower to help the Being of tentacles. Very considerate."

2008-03-03, 11:09 PM
Kathris rips apart the other guard easily, his supposedly sturdy armor doing little good against the Thri-Kreen's claws. The guards dead, Shiv undoes Malu's and then Lars' manacles for safe measure, even though Lars was apparently unconscious from the wreck (read: likely dropped out :smallfrown: ) but stayed far away from the tentacled horror. Shiv cackles at the other four escapees. "Good, very good, yees? Yoo crash at Shiv's place, Shiv get us noo cloothes and noo weepons, yees..." Shiv hops over to the massive hole in the train and easily climbs his way out. "Hurry, reeal troops is coming here soon."

2008-03-04, 03:18 AM
((what of Kuar's attempt at freeing mr. tentacles?))

2008-03-04, 01:17 PM
((My apologies, I thought I posted that earlier, guess I hadn't.))

Kuar's blast severely weakens the structure holding the tentacled beast, but it's still holding, if only barely. It could probably be pried apart at this point. "I's woodn't doo that if I were yooz. Theeng looks veery hoongry, yees? Mieeght theenk yooz were snacks-times." Shiv gives his last warning and then jumps out of the hole, yelling back. "Hooree up, Shiv no wait long for peegs to come, yes?"

2008-03-04, 04:07 PM
replying to Shiv without any emotion in his voice, Kuar says
"Unless it likes very hot food, I won't be in danger."

Then he calls forth the fires and blast at the lock again

[roll0] ranged touch
[roll1] damage

Depending on what happens next Kuar's actions will be one of the following:
((if the thing is unconscious)) try hauling it with him, if impossible, leave it behind
((if the thing seems nonviolent/grateful)) signal it to follow him and leave
((If the thing is hostile)) keep his distance and activate his shadowmental mantle at first opportunity.

2008-03-05, 01:31 AM

"Coming down mate" He said and followed the kobold down the hole. He kept the gun tucked in with him as he went down.

2008-03-05, 01:32 AM
The structure easily blows apart, and the creature falls to the ground. You only just now notice, but the rest of its body looks fairly humanoid (although a bit gray and misshapen.) It's hard to tell whether it's conscious or not in its pitiful state. As soon as Kuar approaches it, however, the thing lunges up in a desperate, ravenous attempt to latch on to Kuar's head.

2008-03-05, 01:39 AM
Kuar, prepared for this eventuality, quickly steps backwards and holds up a flaming hand interfering with eventual contact to his head. With his other hand he points to the dead guards, as if signaling that they could be a potential food source.

2008-03-05, 02:11 AM
The thing tries to latch on, but ultimately fails from weakness. It collapses once more on the ground, but now seems to be trying to crawl over to the dead guards. It crawls slowly, barely able to lift the weight of its own body inch-by-inch.

2008-03-05, 09:07 AM
Troops? Let them come. I will drag them into the grave with me... and then, they will burn.

But perhaps I owe this kobold a debt, foolish wretch though he may be. For now, it would be wisest to follow him...

With those thoughts in his head, Kathris leaps out of the train and follows Shiv, never speaking a word.

The Duskblade
2008-03-09, 06:47 AM

Malu stretched. "I think he's hungry." He noted to no one in particular. Smothing back his hair he follows the others off the train.

2008-03-09, 10:37 AM
Kuar extinguished the fire around his hands and walked to one of the corpses, after a moments consideration, he took a grip in the corpse and started dragging it towards the tentacled creature.

((an ilithid right?))