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2008-02-12, 09:11 PM
The void of space is calm as you rest in the lounge of the luxery cruiser BLACKLINE, a band is playing a recent hit song by the band-BE BIMB BOMP, you can see some diplomats argueing over the idea of a democracy, 1 guard at each of the two entrances to the louge, & some teenagers at the corner bar. All seems relaxed & comforting, atleast until a voice comes over the intercome stating in a cool, calm, voice,"Our sensors have spotted a set of incoming ships off the stern, they don't answer to any communication attempts, do not worry, we are dispatching a security force to deal with it." You can see as five ships pass by in the direction of the stern, they are easily recognizeable as the security forces. You may make a check to recognize the brand of ship

2008-02-12, 11:38 PM
Bendo is a six-foot tall human with sandy brown hair, Blue eyes, and a pale complication with rugged features. He wears some well worn simple clothing, a pair of black pants and boots, with a pale blue shirt, and a black vest. At his waist hangs a Dark Brown Utility belt and holster on the right side with his trusty Blaster pistol A DL-18 in it.

Bardo looks up as the anowsment and looks out the window as the ships go by.

Knowledge (starship systems) [roll0]

2008-02-12, 11:51 PM
You recognize them as z-95 headhunters, a brand of ship phased out militarily by the tie fighter(Empire) & X-wing(rebels) they are a base for modifications for all non-govermental military, these seem to have been modified to be especially efective against heavy class ships, as indicated by the outfitting of it with plasma bombs, designed to do heavy impact to large ships that lack the ability to turn or move fast in sublight travel.

2008-02-13, 07:12 PM
Taelen sits in the back corner of the lounge, holding a drink from the bar. He is somewhat short, only about 5'3" feet, but well muscled. He wears a simple outfit, consisting of a military jacket and slacks. He appears to be paying some attention to all the goings on in the lounge, and when he hears the announcement, he appears surprised, but doesn't do anything else.

2008-02-13, 09:10 PM

Tensig runs a paw through the ruffled, brown fur on his head as the announcement crackled to a close. He leans out from his table, trying to get a better look out the viewports, but given his short stature, has a hard time getting a clear picture. After seeing part of a ship pass by, he wonders what the other incoming ships could be. Maybe they're pirates, or worse. His hand instinctively wanders to the DL-44 at his hip before the thought passes.

Deciding it's probably nothing to worry about, he takes another swig of the Corellian ale he has before him and returns his eyes to scanning over the various patrons of the bar.

2008-02-13, 09:31 PM
The calm of the ship's cantina & lounge goes undisturbed for a few more minutes before a voice brings the intercom to live once more-"We are sorry to inform you that our security force has met with hostilities, who are moving towards us in large numbers, we would like to also note that the ship is to far away from any planet for the escape pods to be of use, thank you for flying TITANIC's space liner BLACKLINE & have a nice day."

Shortly after this message dies down, the lounge & cantina breaks into chaos, people running every which way, people hiding under tables, & people running out towards the escape pods anyway.