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2008-02-15, 02:39 PM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Late-morning, Fair sky, Cold, Little wind

One way or another each of you has made it to the small town of Saltstaff, which is located in the low-density Evermeer Woods. Even before entering the town it is quite apparent what the main source of employment is. You frequently spot groups of treestumps and the surrounding forests show signs of having been thinned. Occasionally you spot a farm when there's a large enough open spot in the woods.

The town itself is built in a large clearing in the woods, a small stream runs through, not big enough for ships to use it, but big enough to supply water to the town. There's about fifty buildings alltogether which make up Saltstaff. Most of these buildings are simple wooden homes, some a bit bigger than others and 2 buildings appear to be built at least partially from stone.
However, most notable are the 3 big lumbermills standing on the edges of the town, two of which are powered by even bigger windmills, the third powered by a watermill.

Tori Soulforge

You arrive on the west side of Saltstaff, earlier than you had expected. You've heard the sounds of people working in the woods all morning and the town itself appears to be fairly quiet, only a few people walking around, most appear to be women busy with choirs. Nobody really seems to pay much attention to you, for now...

Smelkie and Stockard

You both arrive on the east side of the town. Few people seem to be around and those few who are don't pay much attention to you two, only a few quick glances towards Smelkie, which isn't surprising since halflings are fairly uncommon in these surroundings.
Stockard, you however do notice some of the women appear to be a bit stressed and one even has some recent bruises on her lower arms and face.

Tathar Elendil

You have been searching the woodlands north of Saltstaff for over a day now, but haven't yet found anything suspicious. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong and Apricot isn't showing any signs of discomfort either, while she is usually quicker to notice these things than you are.
Yet somehow you can't shake off that feeling in your gut something is not quite right in these surroundings...

Stockard Spot Check (1d20+7=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1495479/)

For now most of you guys are separate, but this will change soon enough hopefully. Please feel free to make your first posts as extensive as you want (the longer the better), you can even retrace the steps a little if you want, describing exactly how you enter and such, as long as you don't change the information I just gave.

Good luck guys :)

2008-02-15, 05:16 PM

As Stockard and Smelkie enter the town, Stockard begins considering his options.

Inns... taverns... monasteries... I'm just not sure.

"Smelkie, though it was a long trip, it is still early. How do you suppose we kill a day in this town? i was thinking a stop to any local pub to kill some time? I'm not much of a drinker, but maybe something interesting may be going on, though it seems to be a rather small town."

As Stockard makes his way toward what he believes to be the center of town, he makes a few farfetched listen checks while passing buildings and civilians to see if he can hear anything mildly important

street listen checks (1d20 7=23, 1d20 7=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1495660/)

Upon getting to an area where he thinks he might find a tavern, stockard searches the area

2008-02-15, 08:06 PM
Tori Soulforge

Upon arrival in Saltstaff, Tori makes his way through the streets in hopes of finding a blacksmith. He notes the craftsmanship of the wooden building as sub par, but he is dwarf and anything is sub par. While trying to find the blacksmith he listens earnestly for any information regarding ‘troubles’. Finally finding a blacksmith, who kindly sharpened his axe and declined any further questions. With this axe sharp Tori makes his way to the tavern with hopes of finding something interesting. Nothing seems much out of the place but he spotted a little halfing scampering around earlier.

2008-02-16, 03:43 AM
Smelkie Greenhopper

After some nights of travelling with a Human monk that stood up for him, the party arrives in the small town of Saltstaff. The monk himself Stockard and as time goed by, Smelkie is getting less wary of his companion.
During their travel they had some of conversations about their parents, since having no father is something they have in common. Althought Smelkie isnt much talkative, he finds out one more thing: It seems both are true adventurers.

Upon arrival Smelkie has a strange feeling about this place.
This place has something odd in its surrounding, nothing i've seen before. What can it be?.

He decides not too inform Stockard and when the monk asks to find a pub Smelkie concurs.
"Yeah it was a long travel, i can surely use the comfort of a drink by a fireplace after those past days outside."

After the walk through the town in search of an Inn, Smelkie cant help looking out for valuable items, but as he also notices, people are also checking him out. They will blame the halfling for sure if something gets stolen... Like last time, when Stockard came to the rescue.

We will see, i still have Stockard with me might something happen.

2008-02-16, 09:18 AM
Tathar Elendil

As the sun shines high in the sky Tathar Elendil is wandering through the woods of Saltstaff, His companion Apricot as ever by his side and keeping alert for danger that may be lurking in the forests.

"Ah the lovely fresh flowers of early spring are arriving. The sun, at a somewhat pleasant temperature, but still a little chilly for my liking." Tathar says to Apricot who licks his hand as a sign of friendship.

I can't help shake the feeling of trouble around these woods, perhaps it's time to head back to the village?

Tathar makes his way back through the forest and to the entrance of the village where he spies some children chasing each other and having fun in the new season's sunshine. Still he cannot rid himself of his gut feelings of a possible dilemma that awaits though Apricot is showing no signs of distress.

The two keep close together as they pass the Tavern and homesteads where they hear shouting and a possible row coming from a kitchen but continue to move on.

Fighting is just not his thing for now, although adventurous that is not his idea of adventure and so the pair continue on their way through to the town centre.

2008-02-16, 11:15 AM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Late-morning, Fair sky, Cold, Little wind

Tori Soulforge

You easily spot the blacksmith's house after looking for a little while. His workshop is half open and as you walk in you feel the heat of his forge, it makes you think of home. The blacksmith himself isn't a real talkative guy, appearing a bit sullen, but he sharpens your axe for only 5 copper pieces and 10 minutes later you walk out again with a razor-sharp edge on it.

The tavern of the town is easy to find, being one of the few two-story buildings in town as well as being one of only two buildings built partially from stone. There is a very small stable on the left it, with room for maybe 2-3 horses at most, but it is currently empty. A sign above the door says the place is called 'The Drunken Boar'.
When you step inside you enter a large room with several long rectangular tables scattered throughout, a large number of chairs surrounding each table. A small part of the floor on the right side of the room seems to be heightened a bit, like a small stage perhaps. on the backside of the room is a counter behind which an old lady is cleaning drinking mugs with a filthy rag.

There currently ain't much folk in, 2 old men sitting in a corner, one younger man who does not appear to be from around here is eating a late breakfast and there's another young man accompanied by a halfling sitting at a table not far from you.
As you survey the room, the old lady looks up, opens the door behind her and yells "Dirkie Jones! Get your fat butt outta here, we gots more customers!"

Smelkie and Stockard

Like Tori, you both don't have much trouble finding 'The Drunken Boar'. When you arrive you as well see the 2 old men sitting in the corner and the stranger eating a late breakfast sitting nearby. Behind the counter stand an old lady cleaning some wooden plates with a filthy rag. Next to her stands a middle-aged man who is clearly innkeeper. The both of them appear to be softly talking, but they stop as you enter.
The man turns to you two "Good day to you good sirs, welcome to the the drunken boar, my name is Dirk Jones, tell me what I can do for you, if you have the money for it."

Tathar Elendil

As you walk towards the town, the children who see you at first appear frightened and a couple even run a few 100 yards away, but a few brave ones keep watching you and seem to realise you are not dangerous. Still, they keep a safe distance from you.
Apricot walks right by your side, she knows to stay close once you enter human populated areas.

The town doesn't really have an official center, but once you arrive somewhere in what should be the middle of the town you see several buildings around you, including what appears to be the only tavern, a place called The Drunken Boar, and what would appear to be a small town hall of sorts, one armed guard waiting in front of a closed door.
The other buildings you see are mostly homes and a few small shops here and there.

2008-02-16, 11:57 AM
Tori Soulforge

As Tori enters the bar few people are gathered in the establishment. Two old men dont interest him much. i wonder who that human is and who is he companion is and that other younger man . Observing each individual has he strides to the bar mail clinking in the process. he lays down his shield scared from fights along with his razor sharp axe. "A pint of stout please" .. he slides some copper pieces towards the bartender. promptly he finishes his drink takes stock of the bars surrounding and leaves. he will be back later that night to gather information.

Tori walks out of the bar and down the street. The village is not big and with in a few minutes he is out into the forest. He finds a clearing that is a little rocky which isn't suitable to buildings or farm land. Perfect a place to nap and train my self.

Tori removes his pack and rests it on the out cropping, he lays his axe and shield next to it and begins to take off his mail. Once his mail if taken off he places it carefully because a fighters life can be saved by well maintained gear. He is left standing in the clearing with sun beating down on him and so he decides to take off his shirt.

Any passer by would be horrified by what they saw. A relatively large and young dwarf covered in dozens of scars, truly a fighter who has fought many . The most notable scar is one that runs his left shoulder to his right hip a souvenir from a pair of highway robbers when he set out from his home.

Picking up his war axe and shield he begins his afternoon training, finally after many axe swings and shield stuns he begins to tire. it is getting late into after noon and I am weary from training.

Tori removes some bread and cheese and a little bit of ale from his pack and thoughtfully chews his food. He will be able to get a better meal and colder drink once his is back in the tavern later in the night. promptly after eating he grabs his axe and shield putting them over his chest ready to fight if woken abruptly.

After a few hours of sleep tori wakes up to see the sun setting. now that the sun is setting I should get back into the drunken boar, the towns peoples and maybe information will await me their.
Tori gathers up his pack and checks to see if anything was stolen, thankfully none was. His mail was warm from the sun as he put it on, he then hoists his pack onto his shoulders and slides his axe into its waist loop and his forearm into the straps of his shield. With his preparations Tori makes his way back to the Inn for a night of drinking.

[OOC] sorry for the long read but context is cool and my character had an afternoon to do something

2008-02-16, 09:03 PM
Smelkie Greenhopper

Following Stockard throughout the town the party is heading for the centre of town where there are 2 partial stone buildings.

"The Drunken Boar eh... this must be the town Tavern. Lets head inside, im dying for some warmth." says Smelkie as they stand in front of the Inn.

Some children playing outside suddenly silence when Smelkie speaks those words. It seems as if they are very amazed to see a halfling in these regions.

As they enter the Tavern smelkie notices some old men that are probably discussing the meaning of life. The innkeeper introduces himself as Dirk Jones and kindly helps us.

"I need something warm to drink" ...Stockard can order for himself.

Suddenly a dwarf enters the Tavern.
Hmmm odd, I believe I only have seen humans in this town, what's a dwarf doing in this area?

After ordering a pint of stout the dwarf leaves again, he must be in a hurry to go somewhere. Perhaps i should keep an eye on him or sneak upto him to find out what his plans are. I'll check what Stockard is upto first.

After getting his drink, Smelkie is finally getting warmed up a bit.
"So Stockard, what was the reason you took me to this place? It seems as there aint much to go around here."

2008-02-16, 11:46 PM
Tathar Elendil

Why are the children so scared of me, I'm a bit dirty yes but not much more so than filthy thief just entering the bar. Tathar thinks to himself while his face turns into a glare at the halfling he has just seen.

Moving past the children Tathar spies the guard in front of the town hall and wonders what could be inside.
Casually making his way over to the hall Tathar can see the guard is very tired, and doesn't really seem interested in what is going on all around him, thus deciding it's probably best not to bother him at this time.

"Let's see if we can find a place to listen in, can never have to much information about a new town" Tathar whispers to Apricot and proceeds to make his way around the building.

Curses! Stone all the way around and only this single door that's guarded.

Tathar makes his way back around towards the left hand side of the building where he thinks he can probably here the best and is out of the way of the ever watching eyes of the townsfolk.

[Listen check]

2008-02-17, 04:13 AM

so Smelkie was proved innocent, no reason not to trust him then. No reason to be wandering the streets when no one has your back. Stockard is hesitant to speak, as the pub is very quiet early in the day, though Stockard's voice is one of the few sounds that can be heard in the tavern, it remains stern as he expresses what has been pestering his mind.

Stockard looks to his companion as if coming back from a daze of deep thought.

"Well Smelkie,to be honest with you, I came here to do a favor for someone in the monastery I grew up in. I would prefer to be able to go do that alone. As far as we go, I see no reason why we could not meet up later tonight, maybe here. If you do not mind my company, I have had no problem with yours. "

As Stockard sets off on his own to find the brother of a teacher in the monastery he was raised in, he was unsure of the best approach. With an uneasy mind, Stockard goes to the local town hall with hope of finding Mr. Richardson. With persistence in mind, Stockard asked all around the town hall for information about Mr. Richardson or his whereabouts.

2008-02-17, 10:57 AM
Smelkie Greenhopper

So theres something going on with the women. Perhaps this monk fancies a lady in this town and is trying to be heroic. I'll just let him figure out whats going on, monastaries aint my favorite place to go to. Specially not human ones.

As Stockard stands up Smelkie speaks

"I wont come along with you. I might wander around a bit in town to see for myself. Let's meet here again after you're done inquiring."

When Stockard has left the Tavern, Smelkie has a quick look around in the tavern for anything out of the ordinary and then turns to Dirk Jones.
"Mr. Jones, it seems that most people in this town are true craftsman. What is it that makes this village go round? And where do you sell all this wood you process?"

Afgter trying to get a read on the innkeeper, I decide to pay for the drink and to head into town... looking for what that dwarf is upto.
Somehow i think he will make quite the stirr, perhaps something of which I can profit. Heading out of the Tavern I see another humanoid, that doesnt belong in this place. Its a half-elf that is wandering around the town hall.

This town is getting stranger with the minute. First a dwarf, now a helf-elf...
Lets find that dwarf for now and come back to the tavern before the sun goes down.

After wandering around abit in town its not hard to see where the dwarf is heading. He's going straight to the forest for some reason. Smelkie hides behind a tree watching what the dwarf is upto. As the dwarf undoes his armor he spots a gruesome sight. Half-naked dwarfs arent the most pretty part, so Smelkie quickly turns his head in agony. Thats just gross, stupid me..
Looking back up I notice that luckily the dwarf is wearing something to cover up his body. Apparantly hes practicing his Axe skills and by the look of it, hes not a bad axeman at all.

After some time passes the dwarf is getting some food in and goes for a little nap. This is my chance!
Smelkie looks around to see what is he best way on getting closer to the dwarves belongings, perhaps he has more information on him about this place or anything else valuable.

Smelkie looks up into the sky. The sun is setting, I must be heading back to The Drunken Boar to meet up with Stockard and tell him about this dwarf.

2008-02-18, 02:00 PM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Early-afternoon, Fair sky, Cold, Little wind

Smelkie and Stockard

Dirk looks questioningly when Smelkie just orders something warm to drink: "I'm sorry sirs, but we only have cold drinks here, unless you meant you want soup? We do have that, yessir we do." Following confirmation from Smelkie, Dirk goes through the door into the kitchen and returns a minute later with a wooden bowl of steaming soup and a loaf of bread, which he puts on the table the both of you are sitting at. There you go sir, that will be 6 coppers if you please.", he asks looking expectantly.


When you have left the tavern, you look around for a moment. The town hall is located diagonally across the drunken boar. Relatively small, it's the only fully stone building in the town and only one story high. One large door at the front leads inside, though the door is closed at the moment. A few windows have been placed in the buildings, but they are too small for any full-grown human to go through.

In front of the door stands a guard on watch, but he looks tired and bored and doesn't really look threatening, more like someone slapped a halberd and a chain shirt on some random peasant and put him there to guard the entrance.

When walking closer towards the building you also spot a figure sitting in the small alleyway between the town hall and the next building. A smaller figure seems to be sitting right next to him.


When you call his name, Dirk walks over from behind the counter. After he hears your question he looks slightly odd at you again, he clears his throat once before answering: "I'm not sure what you mean by 'true' craftsmen, but this town basically lives on the lumber business. We chop wood and sell it to Harborwood, they always need it desperately. It's really what most people here do. And then there's a few people like me and Jake the blacksmith who provide the regular stuff every town needs." Since you asked no further questions, Dirk goes back to his work. You have no reason to suspect he was not telling the truth in any way.

When you leave the place, you have no problem finding the dwarf and following him from a distance. You watch the dwarf as he first practices and then goes to sleep. Going slowly you look for the best path, then sneak towards him as he rests. Getting closer you see no signatures, names, or other clues anywhere which might give away his identity or his intentions.
Then one of his eyes opens...

Tathar Elendil

You and Apricot crouch beneath one of the small windows in the building. Listening very intentionally for a while, your sharp ears eventually pick up snippets of conversation. The conversation appears to be between 2 men:
"...ny more new..."
"No, ....son still mis..."
".....people holding up?"
"...ared, dealing ...... oblem is b... with two is wo..."
"No ... Harborw...."
"What's taking .... long!"
"Can ... go .. Keeg.. me?"
"Sure. Be ... oon."
After that, the conversation ends again.

2008-02-18, 02:37 PM
Tori Soulforge

As Tori arouses from his afternoon slumber he opens one eye. Tori quickly realizes a little halfling rummaging through his belongings. "OI what are you doing going through my belongings". Tori springs to his feet with amazing speed

grabbing the halfling by the shoulders in a grapple. He suddenly realizes that he saw him in the inn earlier in the day with a companion. Instantly pushing the halfling onto the ground, grumbling he says "Don't you dare move of ill knock you senseless with the axe shaft."

Tori quickly scans the area for his human companion, after seeing nobody he concurs that the halfling came alone or the human was exceptionally hidden.

Turning his attention to the halfling he asks "Who are you, why are you looking through my stuff, where is your partner and why is a halfling in Saltstaff."

2008-02-18, 05:37 PM

As Stockard walks up to the guard, he attempts to walk right into the town hall. As he has expected the guard was not so easily persuaded.

"Good day sir. I am in hurry, as long as you don't mind. I need to speak with Mr. Richardson."

Stockard figures since this guard doesn't seem fully trained, that he could easily lie, and at the same time is careful not to let his guard down.

2008-02-18, 06:53 PM
Smelkie Greenhopper

Just about to stand up and move away from the snoring dwarf, Smelkie notices that the annoying sound has stopped. The moment he realises what has happened he feels a strong hand grabbing hold of his shoulder.

All shorts of foul halfling dirty language goes through Smelkies mind as he tries to get loose. However the dwarf holds him so tight that he cant break free. In the corner of his eye Smelkie sees the dwarf getting hold of his axe, trying to pin him down on the ground. Afraid of being hit out cold by the axe Smelkie gathers all his strenght and makes a final effort to shud off the firm grip. He felt the grip weakening for a small moment, but the dwarf got hold of himself and threw Smelkie to the ground.

I'm stuck............. by the name of Yondalla, how am i gonna explain myself.

Suddenly the dwarf speaks with the most nasty breath Smelkie has encounterd since a Half-orc he met awhile ago. The half-orc was put in the cell next to him this time he got caught attempting to steal a pair of sandals on the market.

Should i tell the truth? This dwarf has seen me before though with Stockard in the tavern. Perhaps i should propose to go back to the tavern to let Stockard explain himself, he must have some more anwers now as well.
I'm kind of wondering what im doing in Saltstaff as well at this moment.

With some hesitation Smelkie replies.

"My name is Smelkie and my partner is waiting for me at The Drunken Boar at the moment. He can explain our reasons for being in Saltstaff."

2008-02-18, 09:33 PM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Early-afternoon, Fair sky, Cold, Little wind


When you walk towards the guard, he turns his attention towards you, looking a little annoyed. When you mention the name however, his demeanor changes instantly. His face goes blank, not showing any feelings, but you notice him gripping his halberd tighter and changing his stance slightly.
"Mr. Richardson eh? And what business might ye have with him then?" he says in a clearly tensed voice.

2008-02-18, 09:34 PM
Tori Soulforge

Blinking twice, Tori releases his grip and gestures Smelkie to come have a seat. Going through his belongings Tori produces bread a cheese, handing some to the halfling. "I don't know if you are hungry or not but here is some food. I saw you in the inn before I came to train and have a nap. I presume that you followed me, with good reason I hope. The towns people must find us weird a dwarf and a halfling in their small town." Tori watches with skepticsm as the Smelkie eats his food.

My o my this little adventure to Saltstaff is begining to become quite interesting. I hope to find out more from this pair at the tavern perhaps having friends will be beneficial down the road.

Upon finishing his food Tori begins to pack his belongings. Touching his scar for good luck he puts on his undershirt and fastens his armor to his body. Noting that the halfling as watching his every move. He has all the right to, I just wrested him to the ground and could have seriously hurt him.

"Well Smelkie its getting late, lets head back to the Inn and make sure your friend doesn't come looking for ya. their should be plenty of town folk drinking tonight maybe we can see whats going on here".

Tori begins to walk back towards the village, pausing he turns around and asks"Are you coming little one or are you just going to stand their looking at the trees".

2008-02-18, 10:34 PM

Seeing how the guard has changed his attitude, Stockard is much more careful about how he choses his words.

"Please, guard, at ease. I meant you, nor anyone else, any harm. Mr. Richardson is the brother of a friend of mine. I have been sent here to bring him a something. If you would kindly inform me as to where he lives, I would be on my way, and out of yours."

Had I been born a pretty girl, this would be so much easier.....If for some reason, he choses not to tell me where Mr. Richardson lives, I would like to know why, and not just the 'why' this chump tells me.

2008-02-19, 03:27 AM
Smelkie Greenhopper

After explaining himself to the dwarf, Smelkie notices that the dwarf is getting abit more relaxed. He must still be in sleep-mode or good at heart to trust a halfling. He could have easily hurt me a great deal while he pinned me down. thinks Smelkie as he's being released.
He even provides me some food, and it would be silly to decline it.
"Thanks for the food" Smelkie says as he starts to eat it.

Smelkie tries to get a read on the dwarf, for it is very strange to share your food with someone that was just going through your stuff unasked. He doenst notice anything akward though, so this dwarf must be good at heart.

"Yes I followed you, for I found it very strange to see a dwarf in these regions. I dont recall having seen anything else than humans when I came to this town. Although as i stepped out the tavern I also saw a half-elf near the town hall."

While Smelkie is explaining himself the dwarf stands up to pack his belongings and armor himself up again. As the dwarf speaks he starts walking back towards town.

Looking into the forest Smelkie thinks back to earlier this morning when he and Stockard arrived in Saltstaff. Somehow these surroundings arent quite right.
Then the dwarf calls for me to come.

Huh, oh right... to the Tavern, i hope Stockard knows some more about this town now. I really wonder...

"Yes im coming, I didnt catch your name though".

2008-02-19, 07:00 AM
Tori Soulforge

"Name, oh yes my name is Tori Soulforge. You will have to forgive my rudeness". Perhaps some spare supplies would be in order. Smelkie perhaps we should look for a general store on the way back, it should be a fairly large building with an obvious sign hanging over the door, or maybe a stone foundation."

With a companion at his side Tori begins his walk back into the town. On his way to the Inn, he looks earnestly for a general store. Before he realizes he is at the Inn door waiting for Smelkie...

2008-02-19, 05:12 PM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Early-afternoon, Fair sky, Cold, Little wind


The guard seems relieved at your words, relaxing his stance a bit. "I understand. I will let you in so you can talk to the leader of our town." With that, he takes out a set of keys from his left pocket and uses the biggest one to open the door. Letting you in first, he comes in behind you and proceeds to lock the door from the inside. "Can't be too careful in these times..." he mutters.

When the door is properly locked he leads you through a small hallway, takes a corner to the right and then stops at another closed door. As he extends his hand to knock on the door, it swings open suddenly, revealing a thin, balding man who looks as surprised as the guard. "Oh, sorry Hank, I was just on my way out. Mayor Honesall is in there." he says and quickly moves past the guard with surprising speed, not even glancing in ur direction.
Hank makes a grunting noise and gestures for you to move into the room. When you do you enter a large room of about 16 ft by 20 ft. There's one big desk at the far end, behind which sits an old and very tired man. On the right side of the room hangs a very large map of the town and its direct surroundings. On the left side are several large straw baskets filled with papers. Strangely, in the far left corner you see a large warhammer hanging from the wall.

The old man looks up as the both of you enter. Hank, the guard, quickly speaks "This young man came to me, saying he was a friend of old Richardson, says he's looking for him. I figured you probably wanted to deal with him yourself, sir." Looking at you for a moment, the old man gestures at Hank, who gets the hint and quickly leaves.
Resting his eyes on your face the old man speaks with a surprisingly strong and deep voice for his age: "I am Mayor Honesall, might I inquire to your business here? As well as your relation towards Richardson?"

2008-02-19, 08:51 PM

Stockard now feels a bit nervous, but still remembers to thank the guard as he is let into the town hall. The guard must know who I'm talking about, but possibly too well. What reason could he have for bring me in here? And what is with locking the door from the inside, now I'm locked in, which isn't the best situation to be in.

"Yeah I know what you mean. We just had thieves break in at the monastery where I lived a few weeks ago. Couldn't tell you why they chose a monastery, I thought everyone knew there was no money there, heh. But why lock the door in the middle of the day?"

The guard's typical, 'safety first' answer did not satisfy Stockard. Delving deeper into the past conversation, Stockard can say that there is definitely something wrong in this place. Though he is still unaware of exactly what, he thinks it has something to do with why that guard was posted outside the town hall.

As they enter the mayor's office, Stockard looks around to see the warhammer in the room with only an elderly man there. Well, I guess I've seen stranger things than that. But now I just want to figure this out and get out of here...

"My good mayor, it is a pleasure to meet you. Please excuse me, as I do not quite understand why this is a town matter, as I just came here to see Mr. Richardson. I have an acquaintance where I am from who claims he is Mr. Richardson's brother, and I was told to come find him. If you would just let me know where he lives, I could go."

2008-02-20, 06:17 AM
harborwood... problems... what is going on? I bet it has something to do with the forest being cut down

"C'mon Apricot, we're going to follow the next person to come out of that building, perhaps we can find out a bit more, my gut it still telling me something is not right" Tathar says to Apricot as they sit in wait for someone to come out.

After a short time a Human begins talking to the guard outside the door and is eventually led inside.

Athough himself being half human half elf Tathar does not like humans, he is somewhat ashamed of having any human in him at all and refers to himself as an elf or a creature of the woods as often as possible, it's where he finds himself most at ease. Oh how I long to be back amongst the woods of the Séregon and to be running through... His thoughts are suddenly disturbed when a man exits the town centre, Hmm... not the same man as just went in Tathar notes, This one is dressed much more elegantly.

"Come Apricot, stay close, we must find out where he is going."

With that Apricot and Tathar follow the man, keeping to the shadows of the buildings and constantly scanning for anyone who may be watching them sneak around.

2008-02-21, 03:27 PM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Early-afternoon, Fair sky, Cold, Little wind


The mayor looks at you quietly for what seems a long time. When he finally speaks it is with a soft voice: "I am sorry to tell you this son, but Stanley Richardson went missing 2 days ago and has not been heard of since." he sighs deeply, then continues "I am very busy at the moment, as you may have figured out already, things aren't really normal here at the moment... I would like to meet you later today so we can talk. How about you take a room in the Drunken Boar? It's right across the street. I will meet you there tonight."

With that, he gestures for you to leave, while he goes back to reading some papers in front of him.

2008-02-22, 01:21 PM

Stockard is taken back by the situation presented to him. Hearing that the man he was told to come find was missing wasn't at all what he had expected of this trip. Stockard felt an immediate urge to help. Mr. Richardson was the brother of best teacher he had at the monastery. The mayor seems concerned about this as well. It would probably just be the best idea to do what he says and try to help. He is the leader of the town, and it would be wrong to disobey him.

"Yes Mayor Honesall, I will meet you at The Drunken Boar tonight. I hope I can be of service to you in resolving this matter."

As Stockard leaves the room, he takes one final glance at the war hammer, noticing the amount of wear on it. He goes straight across the street to The Drunken Boar to look into reserving a room. Once he gets the price on the room, he realizes he doesnt' have the gold on him, but he knows he should get a room here. Now wondering where his companion might be, he decides to check back in on Smelkie, who should be retuning to the tavern any time now. The mayor of this small town seemed to be hiding a lot of information that Stockard decided he needed to find out. Well with a halfling rogue as a friend, recon may be a bit easier.

As he scans the tables, Stockard sees Smelkie sitting in a corner with a dwarf. Making his way over to the table, Stockard sits next to Smelkie and inquires about the dwarf Smelkie has made friends with. As quickly as he can, Stockard changes to subject of his recent conversation with the mayor.

"Smelkie, I may need your help. I don't know yet if they mayor knows we are acquainted, but i would like you to sit in the tavern while I talk to the mayor here, Try to keep an eye out to see if anyone is with him, or just see if there is anything going in I may not be aware about. Oh and also i need to borrow some money from you to pay for my room, as soon as i can, ill repay you. You too, may want to get a room here. "

2008-02-23, 11:31 AM
Smelkie Greenhopper

Smelkie follows Tori back to the town. "Nice to meet you Tori, you are forgiven."
Im really lucky he didnt struck me. He surely had me pinned down, is this the start of a new friendship? Perhaps this dwarf can help me and Stockard in the future, cos Tori sure is tough. Ill ask Stockard back in the tavern. Strange i had to forgive him though, he must be short of memory....

Walking through the woods Smelkie thinks back to the days after he left his mother seeking adventures. He did meet up with some perculiar people before, but never has he teamed up with others. Although it is a new turn in events, this can be a very interesting one. Many eyes see more than one and many ears here more than one. Advantage does come in numbers
... and besides, if needed to be im gone before anybody can say: "By the name of Yondalla" The longer Smelkie thinks about, the more he likes the idea of meeting these new people and adventuring with them.

As the party enters the town again Smelkie is interested in one of the Lumbermills. He goes towards the mill and is astonished how small he is in proportion to the mill. He takes a good look around before returning to Tori. As Smelkie heads for the centre of town, with Tori ahead, Smelkie looks around at the houses. It has become some sort of second nature to spot for items of value.

Upon arrival at the Inn Tori was already waiting for Smelkie. "I just had to look at that Lumbermill, hence im a lill later hehe.. Let's go inside and see if my human friend is already in. We agreed to meet back here."
Stepping inside Smelkie notices that Stockard isnt around yet, so he moves over to a table in the corner and takes a seat.

After some chit-chat Stockard arrives and heads for the table, looking very surprised to see a dwarf sitting at the same table. As Stockard inquires about Tori, Smelkie explains to him what happened in the forest and presents Tori to Stockard and vice versa.

As it appears Stockard has met up with the mayor of Smallstaff. The monk is asking me to keep an eye out while he talks to the mayor in the Tavern.
Dirk knows we are together, as are all the others that are currently here, so the mayor knows or will know... but ok lets assume he doesnt.. As Smelkie gets his voice down he replies to Stockard.

"Ok, ill keep an eye out for anything suspicious, but the townsfolk know we are travelling together. So the mayor will find out sooner or later...
As for the room,dont worry about it. You helped me out once, time to return the favor. But i'd like to know whats going on if you have talked to the mayor. I think you should head for another table, for when the mayor comes in."

As Stockard moves to the other table, Smelkie turns to Dirk "Give me and my friend a drink please, a mug of ale for me." Smelkie waits for Tori to order and then asks Dirk for the history of the mills.

2008-02-24, 07:28 AM
Amd Minyatur

After a long trek through the forest , Amd finally arives in Saltstaff , weary from the long road , in search of a good meal and a nice place to rest .
This backpack is getting heavier by the minute . I should ask around for an inn and have a hot meal and a nice cold drink .
Maybee catch up on a little gossip .

Asking around he finds himself waiting outside the Drunken Boar Inn .

Laughing to himself:

What is it with humans and their inn names .Do all of them reffer to animals? Oh well . Let's have a look around.

Amd enters the establishment and finds a quiet table in the back that overlooks the entire room . He rests his backpack under the table and his staff besides his chair . Looking at the old wooden staff he remembers his father and for a moment he drifts off in thought but quickly shakes it off .

He begins to look around and notices a dwarf and a halfling sitting at another table .
Hmm ... Very strange ! What would a dwarf and a halfling be doing in a small human town like this ? And why would they be travelling together ? Perhaps it would be best to keep an eye on them.

Amd takes his backpack from under the table and rests it on the chair besides him .

You can never be too carefull around halflings. They are always up to no good.

2008-02-24, 11:51 AM
Tori Soulforge

Meeting Smelkie's human companion Stockard. Exchanging formalities it is learned that he is a human monk and that he will be meeting with the mayor of the town tonight.

"A tray of stouts".roars tori across the bar. The waitress brings out 5 frothy mugs of stout. that will be one silver piece. Tori grumbles as he rummages trough his purse and produces a silver piece. Handing the piece to the waitress, she looks down at him expecting a tip.

Not wanting to make a scene he produces a copper and hands it to the woman. Lousy humans, always trying to gouge your money.

Taking a mug in his hand takes a deep swig of the drought. To his delight its not half bad. He lifts his mug up to his face just enough that his little eyes can scan the bar.

Nothing important yet. Just the bar keep, and that waitress. A few local town folk. A elf sits on the far end of the bar with his staff resting against his chair. Kicking smelkie and mumbling elf to have his attention browse over to the elf. The door swings open a few more locals fresh from work in the mills walk in and take a table. Finishing his stout he grabs his second stout and continues scan the inn.

2008-02-29, 05:39 PM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Early-evening, cloudy dusk, Cold, Average wind

Tathar Elendil

You follow the small man around for a while, he does not seem to notice you at all. Over the next 2 hours you see him visiting several adresses in town, knocking on the door, going inside and coming out a while later. After 4 of these visits he goes back to the town hall. You wait outside for another 2 hours, staying out of sight of the guard at the front door.
When he finally comes out again, the sun is already starting to set. This time however, the small man is not alone as he is accompanied by a large, grizzled older man. This new guy is clearly old, but his physique shows he must once have been a very strong man. He keeps his long grey hair in a ponytail. You also notice he looks very tired and worn out.

Both men walk close by you, although they still do not seem to notice you as you are well hidden, and enter the drunken boar. You decide on a whim to follow them inside. You quickly take one of the last free chairs and observe what those 2 men do...

In The Drunken Boar

Tori and Smelkie are currently sitting next to each other in the left part of the room, with Stockard sitting a few seats away from them. Amd is on the opposite side of the room, with his back to the wall.
During the last few hours of daylight, the tavern has slowly been filling up as local workers and lumberjacks are done for the day and visit the only place in town that offers some entertainment.

As the place gets more and more crowded, Tori, Smelkie and Amd also draw more and more stares from the local folk. In the case of Smelkie and Amd some of these stares are actually more like sneers. None of the local folk speak to you guys in any way, not even those who are sitting next to you.
Dirk, his mother, his wife and his two sons are getting increasingly busy as the place fills up and they don't seem to be paying much attention to any of you, except when you order something.

Then, with the place fully packed and most men busy eating and drinking, the doors open and the mayor steps in together with the thin, balding man Stockard met earlier. Immediately the place quiets down, even Dirk stops in his tracks, as every man's attention is suddenly on the two people standing in the doorway. Upon noticing this, the mayor raises his hands and says in a loud voice "I am not here to report another incident! I just need a word with someone here! Please carry on with your meals.". After this statement he scans the room for a moment until he notices Stockard, then he proceeds to move towards you. The seat opposite you is already taken, but at one gesture from the mayor, that person quickly grabs his belongings and finds some other seat.

Dirk approaches, asking the mayor and his companion wether they want anything, both only take a pint of ale, which Dirk quickly brings. When Dirk has left and most patrons have resumed their regular conversations, mayor Honesall finally focuses his attention on you. "Sorry to have kept you waiting so long, but at least now we can finally talk. My name is Drake Honesall, Mayor and Protector of Saltstaff and this" he points at the thin man besides him, "is Jacob Stone, this town's secretary and financial caretaker." He pauses a moment to take a large sip from his beer, while Jacob Stone shakes your hand.
"Now that we have gotten acquainted, lets get to business shall we? Simply put, this town is in a bit of trouble and I could really use the help of you and your 2 friends over there." he waves in the direction of Tori and Smelkie, "Are you interested in helping us out here? There would be some financial reward ofcourse, if that might help convince you, or more likely, your friends..."

The Drunken Boar - Tathar Elendil

You enter the tavern shortly after the two men you were tailing, you hear the mayor calm everone down and see him move towards the far left corner of the room. Following him, you find an empty seat only a few meters away. Thanks to your superior half-elven hearing you have little problem following the conversation that goes on between.

The Drunken Boar - Amd

Sitting on the other side of the room, with your back to the wall, you see the events unfold. You are unfortunately unable to hear anything that is being said over there, though you can see from the faces of all 3 people involved, it is a very serious conversation. You also notice the dwarf and halfing sitting together seem to have just as much interest in that conversation as you do.

The Drunken Boar - Tori and Smelkie

Like everyone else in the tavern, you both also see the mayor and his companion enter and move to Stockard's side of the table. Unfortunately you both have a bit of trouble actually hearing the conversation, the background noise is just too loud for both of you. Smelkie, you however also notice from the corner of your eyes a half-elf accompanied by a badger walking in shortly behind the mayor and casually taking a seat near the mayor. You strongly suspect from his body language he is trying to listen in on the conversation as well.

I'd like to apologise for the long delay on this posties. It should be at least a bit faster from here on since I know have more of an idea where I'm going with you guys and since all of you are in the same room now.
Btw, I put a map of taver in the OOC thread. Also, in case this wasn't clear, when I mention people hearing (or not hearing) certain things, or seeing/not seeing certain things, it means they succeeded or failed a Listen/Spot check I rolled for them ;)

2008-03-03, 12:54 AM

As the bar fills, Stockard watches as the townsfolk come to have their drinks and socialize. Now meeting another town official, he knows this is a matter of law, and feels he must help. Stockard hopes his friends are paying attention, as it would be good to let them have as much time to think about this as possible. He attempts to speak clearly enough so that his friends can hear him, but not so loud as to be rude or obvious. "It is good to see you again, Mayor Honesall. It is also good to meet you Jacob. Heh, I don't know how much you know about the three of us, but I have just met the dwarf, and the halfling, Smelkie, has traveled with me for a while now. I cannot know how they will react, but I am more than willing to help you. I must apoligize, as I may have lead you to believe I knew more about Mr. Richardson than I do. I have never met the man, though his brother is close to me. I would be interested to hear any information you might have about him and why he might have gone missing. Also I would like to know how he made his living, and if possible, I would like to see where he lives, and the last place he was seen before he was missing. "

2008-03-05, 01:54 AM
Tathar Elendil

After a long series of visits to townhouses and sneaking around following the man from the Hall Tathar and Apricot are finally pleased to follow him into the Drunken Boar

"Let's grab ourselves a seat close to him, see if he has anything further we may be interested in" Tathar says to his companion Apricot, and the two make the way into the pub, with grumbling tummies.

Making his way to his seat a little behind they Mayor, Tathar notices the stares of a lot of other patrons, I guess they like me as much as I like them...

Tathar orders some soup and a small loaf of bread for himself and Apricot and they begin to relax and take in the surrounding conversations.

"Jacob Stone, this town's secretary and financial caretaker" Tathar hears the Mayor say. hmm.. the town must be in some sort of financial trouble, I remember these two talking about it earlier today, though I only caught part of that conversation, perhaps this will provide me with more information...

Tathar glances over to the door where an elf sitting in the corner catches his eye. He smiles for the first time in a few days, Who would have thought, an Elf in this town!? Finally some companionship, I shall have to make friends with him later though, for now I must listen to this conversation and he goes back to listening and eating his soup.

2008-03-08, 08:41 AM
Amd Minyatur

Since ariving in the tavern and first taking a seat Amd slowly became more relaxed , at ease . Probably because of the long journey so far and from the fatigue that slowly started to set in . He watched the townsfolk come and go , easedropping on some of the conversations to entertain himself . Still , except for the dwarves and his companions he didn't hear or see anything out of place .

When two other humans enter and join the dwarf's human companion , Amd wakes up from that mellow state trying to hear what they are speking .

"Well i couldn't have picked a worse spot in this place to sit . I am curios about what they are saying because it is clear that theese aren't your average lumberjacks . I should try to get a little closer to them without raising suspicion ".

Shortly after the two humans , another half-elf entered the bar and took a seat next to the humans . From his position it was clear for Amd that this fellow was trying to easedrop on the conversation just like him .

" Ok . This bloke was just what i was waiting for . Even if he isn't here to listen to those 3 a little companionship wouldn't hurt. It's been a while since i had a conversation with a peer . I won't hold the fact that he is only half-elven against him".

Amd looks for a spot next to the half-elf but he doesn't find a free seat next to him .

"Hmm ... the tavern is full and even if it wasn't , i don't want to attract any unwanted attention . I'll just wait for those 3 to finish the conversation and for the tavern to clear and maybe go talk to him later . For now , i'm gonna enjoy a nice cup of tea ."

2008-03-09, 12:52 AM
Tori Soulforge

As the Tavern fills for the evening quarters become close and Tori becomes uneasy. Humans have never interested him much, sure he would have a chat with them or trade with them but that is the extent of it. As far as Tori was concerned humans were ignorant to their surroundings and only willing to increase personal stature, rather than helping kinsman.

Tori continues to drink is stouts in a methodical manner, watching patrons faces turner deeper shades of red with each passing drink. Out of the corner of his eye, Tori sees a young male, early twenties fall off of his stool. The bar keep calmly walks over and drags the lad out side and tells him to go home. This brings a roar of laughter from the remaining men.

Finishing is 4th of 5 stouts Tori glances over to his new found friend Smelkie. Being a halfling his little langs were dangling off the side of the chair. Ah little one im glad I met you, its good to have somebody to relate to when you are so very far from home.

With that thought Tori's mind begins to drift back to the days in the mountain where his clan forged weapons and armor for the fighting units. He longed to be deep with in the earth, being able to smell the damp air and touch the cold stone with your bare hand.

More laughter from the patrons brings Tori about from his daydream, he looks up to see grown men spilling stouts and slapping each others back like their isn't a care in the world. Tori smirks to himself and starts sipping on his last drink.

"So smelkie, tell me a bit about your self, the usual stuff. like where did you grow up and that sort?"

Conversation had always been difficult for Tori, dwarfs tended to isolate themselves from the world and thus communication starting was never a high priority. Having enough charm to get a mate was their only real concern.

2008-03-09, 01:09 PM
Smelkie Greenhopper

Sitting next to Tori, watching the dwarf drink like theres no tommorow, suddenly the taverndoor opens and two men come stepping in. The whole place quiets down as if people have something to fear from these men. Then one of the two speak up loudly that he aint here to report an incident... What kind of incident? What IS going on in this town... from the moment we arrived i found it a strange place, im eager to find out what is wrong. Hopefully my friend Stockard will know more after his chat with the mayor.

The mayor takes place next to Stockard, as does his companion, and the three start to talk. The place is too crowdy to hear what they are saying, but Smelkie does notice a half-elf eardropping the conversation and without any hesitation he jumps off his seat and start walking towards the half-elf.
"Tori, please hold my seat will ya, i'll be back in a sec."

As Smelkie walks towards the half-elf he doesnt notice a free seat, but that doesnt stop an halfer. As he stands next to the half-elf he draws his attention. "Hello there, my name is Smelkie and i noticed you are interested in the same conversation as that i was, can you tell me more about what is going on? Thats on healthy looking badger there, what is his name.. and what is yours?"

After the chat with the half-elf Smelkie heads back to the table to sit next to Tori. As Tori asks him a question, Smelkie totally ignored it and tells Tori about the half-elf.

As Dirk passes by Smelkie stops him asking if he has a room available for him and his friends to stay the night.

2008-03-11, 11:52 AM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Early-evening, cloudy dusk, Cold, Average wind

The Drunken boar - Stockard

As you speak, the mayor's face seems to lighten up a bit. "Excellent! In that case I suggest we call your friends over right now and ask them." He looks over to the people sitting next to you and him and motions them to go away, again the people listen.
He then stands up and walks over to Smelkie and Tori, "Would you two gentlemen please be so kind as to join me and your friend over there?", without waiting for an answer, he walks back and sits down.

If Smelkie and Tori join them, the mayor will first ask them the same question he asked Stockard; are they willing to help him and the town out?

The Drunken Boar - Smelkie

You pull Dirks sleeve as he walks by and he quickly turns around asking what you want. When you explain you want a room, Dirk's eyes light up, "Ofcourse I have a room available good sir! You and your two friends can share the guestroom for 7 silverpieces per night! For 3 more silverpieces I'll even throw in a bath!", he grins from ear to ear thinking of all the money you will get him.

2008-03-11, 12:15 PM
Smelkie Greenhopper

After a short think Smelkie replies to Dirk "Okay the guestroom sounds fine, but id rather not share a bath with my friends." Ive already seen Tori undress and id rather not see that ever again... Smelkie thinks to himself.

Then he sees the mayor stand up from across the table and heading their way. As the mayor asks to join them and Stockard, Smelkie gets all excited, jumps of his seat and heads over to the three. On his way over he summons Tori to follow "Come on slowpoke, lets see whats up"

As the 2 take a seat with the mayor he asks if they would be willing to help out the town, best thing theres also a financial reward.
Hmmm i could use an adventure, as long as its nothing suicidal id be willing to help out.. If the reward is high enough we can even consider taking half in front and split.
"COUNT ME IN!" Smelkie says all excited.

2008-03-12, 02:40 AM
Tathar Elendil

Quietly eating his soup Tathar's mind begins to wander and his focus on the conversation begins to dim, instead he notices other conversations around the room.

Yeah, still at the lumber mill, much better now the new boss has arrived..." "
"...going to harborwood tomorrow, would you like to tag along?"
"another round for the...."
Tathar's trance is awakened by a Halfling standing to his left
"Hello there, my name is Smelkie and i noticed you are interested in the same conversation as that i was, can you tell me more about what is going on? Thats on healthy looking badger there, what is his name.. and what is yours?" Asks the Halfling shortly.

"I am not sure what conversation you really mean, I was just curious as to who this man behind me was, afterall, his importance is easily noticed... Do you know anything more?
Oh and I am Tathar Elendil, and this is my badger Apricot, SHE takes good care of me, and I of her, thankyou for the compliments."

"Something seems like it's going on at one of the lumber mills, I'm trying to find out a bit more but not much luck so far... anyway, seems like your friend wants you back, I'll see you around I guess..."

I Wonder what he wanted really.... how did he know I was interested in the conversation... oh well, best to be finding somewhere to stay tonight, getting a cool for the woods spot tonight...

2008-03-12, 12:43 PM
Tori Soulforge

Tori looks up from his drink to see the mayor walking over to his and Smelkies asking for them to go to his table. Before a reply could be given the mayor returns to his seat. "lousy humans, so ruddy impatient and just never considerate towards others".

Quickly finishing his drink Tori shoulders his pack, kisses his axe for good luck and straps his fore arm into his shield. Following the scampering Smelkie over to hear what the mayor has to say.

2008-03-16, 05:09 PM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Mid-evening, cloudy dusk, Cold, Average wind

The Drunken Boar - Stockard, Tori and Smelkie

The mayor's face lights up as Tori and Smelkie join the group. "Welcome to both of you!" He waits for everyone to get settled in, then he continues: "Ok guys, I'm not gonna beat around the bush. This town is in a spot of trouble and we need help from some capable folk to sort it out. Many a year ago I would have done this myself, but alas, now I am both too old and too important to the town to do so." he sighs for a moment, a sad look in his eyes..
Looking up again, he goes on: "This is the situation, about 4 weeks ago the people here started hearing noises in the woods from time to time and from time to time one of the lumberjacks would report seeing a shape or a shadow somewhere in the woods.
At first we assumed it was just the typical superstition that comes with this time of the year, but about a week ago Jamie Brenson, one of the 'jacks here, went missing. He had a morning shift, went into the woods very early and was never seen again."
The mayor takes a big gulp from his tankard, taking a moment to catch his breath. "The last week things have gotten increasingly more grim. We have had several occurences of people going out during dark or twilight hours and being attacked. Five days ago Richardson, our local priest of Ehlonna and an experienced woodsman, went into the woods to find out what was wrong. We have not heard of him since."

Mayor Honesall looks around to the three of you, he seems to be pondering about something. "So here's my request, I want the three of you, or more if you can find others to join, to go into the woods and find out who or what is causing all this. If you accept this mission, I will announce it right here to the townsfolk, so they know who you are and why you are here. That will ensure you some cooperation from them at least.
Obviously there will also be some financial reward for this. If you make it back succesfully, either having resolved the situation yourself, or have the information plus evidence I would need to call in assistance from our neighbours, I will pay each of you sixty gold coins for getting the job done. What do you folks say?"

2008-03-18, 04:30 PM
As the mayor starts explaining the situation Sallstaff is in Smelkie gets that feeling again he also had when he and Stockard entered the town. His feelings about this place just got confirmed.

I knew it, something is really wrong here. People venturing in the woods and not returning, thats not good. It makes Smelkie somewhat curious and he starts imagining what it can be that haunts the woods. Mhmm could it be a group of bandits or perhaps an evil monster or ...

Then the mayor mentiones a financial reward and Smelkie gets back to the conversation.

So, if we agree we all get 60 gold each and he will announce our reason for presence to the townsfolk. That'll make it some easier to get the trust of some people at least. Getting information and evidence is even enough to get that gold!
But 60 goldcoins each makes alot, especially if we can even form a bigger party than three. There must be much more in the Town Hall.... shall i try and find a way in tonight, or is it better to wait and find out whats in the woods first.

Im up for the adventure thats for sure. Stockard wants to find the priest aparantly, so he will join too. I hope that Tori will tag along as well, despite his smell.... hes one tough bastard.

"So if i get this correct the people that went missing all went into the woods somewhere between dusk and dawn. What about those that were attacked, did they see what had attacked them. Did they have any scratches on them that may lead to what was the culprit?

Perhaps we can have a chat with one of them before we accept your offer to get more information on what we might face."

2008-03-19, 08:53 PM

The Mayor's news was terrible. The town had a huge problem on their hands and I have to help them out. After all Smelkie seems to want to come, and I don't see why the others wouldn't. I hope the money reward is inviting to the others, as for me, I want only enough to survive, and I'd probably give the rest back.

"Yes Mayor Honesall, we will help you. Smelkie had a decent idea about talking to those who have been attacked. If we can get any information regarding the attacks from them, it would be great, otherwise I'm ready to go straight into the woods and work on it."

2008-03-20, 12:41 PM
Tori Soulforge

As the mayor talks about the villages problem, Tori thinks deeply about helping. After a moment he announces"I Tori will aid the village with its problems. "Grinning he leans over to shake the mayors had as a form of good faith and to seal the deal.

Whispering in the mayors ear "perhaps you can give me a more concrete description as to what i have to kill. "

I have no intention in running willy nilly around the bush at night risking my life if I dont have a semi decent idea what im trying to kill.

[ooc] sorry for the slow reply

2008-03-25, 01:42 AM
Tathar Elendil

Tathar is somewhat puzzled by the sudden questions from the Halfling and so is surprised when he see's him invited to sit next to the Mayor.

Waiting around for the Inn keeper Tathar decides to have a bit more of a listen to the conversation behind him.

Upon hearing the mayor talk about the problems occuring in the wood a wry smile comes on Tathar's face
A perfect chance to earn a bit of money and protect the woods at the same time, I can only think of one thing better than that.... He thinks to himself as his thoughts drift back to his love Nessa Ar-Feiniel.
Saddened by these thoughts Tathar grumbles to Apricot "Oh Apricot, why couldn't I just tell her how I felt before I left, She would certainly have come along, and I could definately use some company around now..." and then, in a more upbeat tone, asks "What do you say, Join the party or go back to the woods?"
Apricot looks up at Tathar and licks his hand as if to say "I'll always be with you, whatever you choose."

Noticing a break in the conversation behind him Tathar spins around and interjects "Excuse me Gentlemen, I couldn't help overhearing your conversation. There is trouble in the woods I understand and perhaps an Elf, or in my case, Half-Elf, may be able to offer some valuable assistance in the matter. Would you consider my application to join your group and seek out the answers to this mystery?"

2008-04-03, 01:22 PM
23rd of Leita in the year 1219, Late evening, cloudy night, Cold, Average wind

The Drunken Boar - Tori, Smelkie, Tathar and Stockard

When the half-elf suddenly joins the conversation, the mayor doesn't seem all that surprised. "While naturally the final answer on this cooperation lies with them. From my side, I have no problems with it. The more people helping out, the better." The mayor pulls out a seat from a near table and puts it next to him, "Please, take a seat good man, might I ask what name you carry and what skill set you possess?"

After Tathar has responded, the mayor once again turns his attention to all four of you. "Your idea is a good one, halfling, but unfortunately all those who were attacked in some way and survived don't remember much, it was usually dark and they were running away from whatever it was. Feel free to talk to them however."
Looking at Tori, he continues "I wish I could, sir dwarf. But as I just explained to your friend, nobody has really seen anything yet, so we don't know what it is right now, could be anything really."

At this point, the mayor stands up and makes a shushing gesture with his hands. The room almost immediately goes quiet as at least 3 dozen pairs of eyes are aimed in his direction. "Listen up folks! These four heroes have agreed to help solve our current problems! I expect all of you to treat them with respect and help them in whatever way is necessary! Maybe soon we will finally be able to find out what happened to those we lost!" When the mayor finishes, a loud cheer erupts from the crowd and some people even walk over to give you guys a pat on the back or to express their thanks.

OOC: Ok guys, you have your assignment, now its up to you guys :P
PS: All of you feel like the mayor has told the truth.
PSPS: Mike, feel free to take advantage of this opportunity ;)

2008-04-03, 02:09 PM
Amd Minyatur

After observing for a while the movements inside the tavern and hearing the mayour's announcement , Amd is slowly waking up from his numbness .

Well now , seems this town is in a little bit of trouble and this bunch will be trying to solve their predicament . Might as well offer my help . There probably is some sort of reward and my pockets aren't what you might call heavy . Plus , i just might be able to help theese 4 out not to get killed in the process ...

Getting up from his chair and taking his staff and backpack he walks twards the mayour's table . He clears his trhoat to get everyone's attention and says :

"Greetings gentlemen ! My name is Amd Minyatur , I am a traveller through theese parts . I hope i am not intruding . I was wondering if I may be of assistance to you . I couldn't help overheering what was said earlier and i thought i might be able to make your quest easier . Strenght comes in numbers after all ..."

2008-04-07, 08:06 AM
Tori Soulforge

Tori looks around the room, some mens faces are shock, some hope, some sadness and others respect. Over all the towns people are accepting of the newly formed group of 'heroes'.

With the group being set and the half elf getting to know the other two members of the group he steps out side.

Seeing a small bench he walks over to he sitting down he is relieved to be alone and away from all the people crammed inside the bar

Rummaging through is pack he produces a pipe, tobacco and flint. Promptly lighting it he begins to puff thoughtful while blowing smoke rings into the air

The night is still early and it seems that Tori and his group will be up for another few hours and nobody knows whats going to happen during that time if anything happens at all.

I wonder what kind of beds this Inn has, I hope the halfling got a nice room.

As time goes buy Tori continues to puff his pipe while waiting for the rest of his group to join him outside

2008-04-08, 08:40 PM

"Let me welcome you to our little group of adventurers Amd. I would assume no one else has a problem with you coming, as I personally would prefer an extra party member. However, now that we know the task at hand, I would like to get started on it as soon as I can. I won't be at ease until I know Mr. Richardson is safe again. As I would love to get acquainted, I'm sure there will be time for that in the woods tomorrow. Tonight I will sleep in my room and plan to be up early tomorrow to begin our search. If you all plan to enjoy yourselves in the inn, just make sure you don't enjoy too much [like Bricksie :) ]. Good night my new friends. "

2008-04-12, 05:52 AM
Tathar Elendil

"Greetings to you also Mayor, My name is Tathar Elendil and this is my companion Apricot.
I carry a number of skills, I am a druid by nature and as such provide valuable healing to other people in times they need it most. I am also extremely knowledgeable in things of Nature.
I believe these skills will be of great asset to our little party here." Tathar smirks as he looks at the faces of the other people in the room.

"I must also bid you goodnight, I shall rest tonight in the forest, I will see you tomorrow morning, at 8am, Rain or shine." And with that Tathar and Apricot make off to the woods for the night.

2008-04-15, 05:21 PM
Smelkie Greenhopper

well well well, this party is getting shaped more and more. This is bad for my reward though... the loot has to be divided into more portions if more people join. Although i dont wanna get killed in the woods by what- or whoever roams there.

"I think we have a good party at hand now, but i believe we should keep it at this size. We will attract too much attention when we venture into the woods in a bigger party. Perhaps this is even too big... I'll go to our room and sleep some now. Its gonna be an early morning tommorow. Lets think of the best approach on searching whatever lurks in the woods all, so we do have some sort of plan when we wake.

Dirk can you please show us the guest room?"

Hmmm i wonder if i should pay in advance or not...

Somewhat hoping that the room will be free, since they're helping the townsfolk plus the mayor mentionned that they should be helped in any way possible, Smelkie doesnt mention paying for the room.

2008-04-17, 01:15 PM
Amd Minyatur

"Well then it's settled . Nice to meet you all . I trust we will see each other bright and early next moring ."

Having said that Amd turns around goes to the innkeeper and pays for a room . Not saying anything he waits for his key . After getting the key he heads for his room upstairs and while climbing the stairs he sais a brief goodnight .

Ok Amd . The room should better be worth that coin . You need to rest . Whoo knows when you will be able to get a good night's sleep again...

2008-05-06, 11:09 AM

Stockard is uneasy for hours in his room. This has definitely been a lot to take in all at once. From living a quite disciplined life in the monastery to going out adventuring was quite a change. It seems almost fate that we ended up here, this adventure just seemed to fall into the hands of the lot of us. But oh is it exciting! My whole life I've been cooped up though I knew there were things out there I was missing out on. We must be careful. I am worried that I will underestimate the woods. There must be something fairly dangerous in there. Tathar would be a good person to get to know, not to mention he must know what he is doing in the woods.

With that thought in mind, Stockard gets up and sneaks out to the woods to find Tathar. He had been in his room for some time, as the inn seems to be less busy. Stockard stops at the bar and as politely as possible asks to have someone wake him up by 7 AM if he is not been seen downstairs yet. Finding his way outside Stockard decides his best chances are to walk the border of the woods. It wouldn't be the best idea to go exploring in the dark. If he is nearby, I could try calling his name and hope he hears. The more I think about this, the more I realize what a bad idea this is. I just wanted to know what Tathar knew about these woods. I wouldn't mind seeing where he is from, he does seem like an interesting character, having lived in the woods for how long with that badger. We must have such different perspectives on things. Where my life has been structured and maintained, he was given freedom.

Deep in thought, Stockard has not stayed as true to his plan as he had intended. He had wondered into the woods. Though he couldn't have been too far in, he decided to begin calling out to see if he could find Tathar. Stockard guessed as to which way would lead him in a relative circle around the town, figuring Tathar wouldn't be too far outside town if he had planned to be back early tomorrow. Still motivated to try to get some sleep, Stockard decides another hour or so of looking will be thorough. If he cannot find or wake up Tathar by then, he will return to his room and wait for the morning, hopefully sleeping as sound as possible.