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2008-02-15, 03:06 PM
This is an idea I was playing with, based on the Paper Masters from the Read Or Die anime and manga.
I haven't played tabletop for years and years, and it's been ages since I even played one of the D&D PC games. So please be gentle with your critique!:smallbiggrin:
It was fairly hard to balance this because the Paper Masters in the anime are so imba, but I think I did okay.

The Paper Masterís art is understood by few, and executed by even fewer. From a young age, a Paper Master will show extraordinary abilities to manipulate paper, making fantastic origami-like creations beyond the skill of even the deftest non-Master. This develops into an ability to control paper mentally, shaping it; directing it; and bending it to their will. The Paper Master is a skilled combatant and also adept at espionage, as they are invariably sought out as agents and spies by governments, kings, and other less reputable bodies. Their ability to arm themselves in deadly fashion from apparently nowhere, or to make good their escape, with a few sheets of paper hidden away or grabbed from nearby renders them immensely valuable as field agents.
Dexterity and strength are important for their combat skills, charisma is important to succeed in their more subtle interactions. Paper Masters must always carry paper with them to allow them to perform their paper manipulation.

Race Any
Alignment Any
Class Skills Bluff (cha); Concentration (Con); Diplomacy (Cha); Disable Device (Int); Disguise (Cha); Escape Artist (dex); Forgery (Int); Gather Information (Cha); Knowledge (Local) (int); Open Lock (dex); Profession (Wis); Tumble (dex); Use Rope (dex)
Skill Points 6 + int modifier
Proficiencies Simple and Martial Weapons, Light Armour, Shields (except tower shields)
Hit Dice d8
Starting gold 4d4 x 10. A level 1 paper master also starts with 100 sheets of paper.

Paper Master
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special
+0|Paper Weapon
+0|Paper Deflection
+1|Paper Companion I
+1|Improved Paper Weapon
+1 |Paper Shackle
+6, +1|
+1| Paper Crafting
+7, +2|
+2| Paper Companion II
+8, +3|
+2| Waterproof Paper
+9, +4|
+3| Blindfold
+10, +5|
+3|Greater Paper Weapon I
+11, +6, +1|
+4|Improved Paper Deflection
+12, +7, +2|
+3|Paper Companion III
+13, +8, +3|
+4|Fireproof Paper
+14, +9, +4|
+4| Paper Smother
+15, +10, +5|
+4|Greater Paper Weapon II
+16, +10, +6, +1|
+5|Paper Companion IV
+17, +11, +7, +2|
+5|Paper Wings, Greater Paper Deflection
+18, +12, +8, +3|
+5|Greater Paper Weapon III
+19, +13, +9, +4|
+5|Paper Companion V
+20, +15, +10, +5|
+6|Paper Fury[/table]

The Paper Master always keeps paper close at hand. In bags, in pockets, tucked into belts, sewn into the lining of clothes. Accessing this paper is a free action.

Paper Weapon (Ex)
Flavor text. The Paper Master forges weapons from paper, as strong and resilient as the metal or wood weapons they imitate.
Benefits: As a standard action, the Paper Master creates a weapon from paper. They must be proficient with a weapon in order to create it. The Paper Master may create an exotic weapon if they have the proficiency. It requires the same number of paper sheets as the maximum damage of the weapon created. (e.g. a dagger, damage 1-3, requires 3 sheets of paper to create.). The exceptions are arrows, bolts and bullets, which only require 1 sheet per 4 created.
The weapon remains intact for 1 round/level or a minimum of 5 levels, after which it collapses back into its component sheets, which can be reused. Ammunition has no duration limit, and cannot be reused once fired.
The Paper Master may spend one standard action concentrating on their weapon to refresh the duration of the weapon to its maximum.
Only the Paper Master may use the paper weapon Ė if anyone else picks it up or attempts to wield it, it collapses back into its component sheets. The exception to this is ammunition, which may be used by others.
If the Paper Master is disarmed, or their weapon sundered, the weapon collapses. If the weapon becomes wet, the Paper Master must make a concentration check (DC: 15) to maintain it. If the weapon is hit with a flame attack, it is destroyed.

Paper Deflection(Ex)
Flavor text. The Paper Masterís swift reflexes allow her to instantly harden a sheet of paper, deflecting missiles
Benefits: Once per two rounds, the Paper Master may make a reflex save against missile weapons (DC: the attack roll + attackerís dex modifier). If she succeeds, she holds a sheet of paper in between her and the missile, deflecting it and nullifying damage. The paper is destroyed. If she fails the reflex save, she is hit as normal.

Paper Companion(Ex)
Flavor text.The Paper Master creates a paper animal to fight alongside her.
Benefits: The Paper Master may select one animal from Summon Natureís Ally I and create a paper version of it. This requires the creatureís hit dice x 4 in paper. Any animal thus created does not gain any of the special attacks of the equivalent summoned creature unless these are solely physical. (e.g. a created snake will not have poison attacks, but a created wolf will know Trip.). The Paper Master has direct mental control over the Paper Companion and can, for example, tell it to attack a specific target or guard a specific ally.
Being made of paper, the creature is particularly vulnerable to fire and takes double damage from any fire-based spells or attacks. If the companion becomes wet, the Paper Master must make a DC15 concentration check to maintain it, or the creature collapses into its component paper, which cannot be reused.
As with Summon Natureís Ally, the creature exists for 1 round/level. If the creature is defeated, the paper cannot be reclaimed. If the creature ceases to exist because its time expires, any remaining hitpoints x 2 in paper may be reclaimed.
The paper companion cannot be affected by blindness, deafness, or mind-altering spells.

Improved Paper Weapon
As Paper Weapon, but any weapon thus created is now considered a masterwork item.

Paper Shackle (Ex)
Flavor text.The Paper Master hurls a lasso of paper at the targetís feet, attaching the other end of the lasso firmly to the ground.
Benefits: Once per encounter, the Paper Master may, as a standard action, attempt to shackle his target. The shackle requires 1 sheet of paper per 2 points of constitution/per 2 hit dice of the target. The shackle acts as an Entangle spell on that target, with the same saves and full round action to break free.
The Paper Master may shackle twice per encounter at level 10, 3 times at level 15 and 4 times at level 20.

Paper Crafting(Ex)
Flavor text.The Paper Master can create tools, clothing, rope and mundane equipment from paper.
ToolsThe Paper Master may create masterwork tools such as lockpicks from paper. These last until they are used (by the Paper Master only) and are crumpled and destroyed in use.
ClothingThe Paper Master may also create paper clothing, altering its light reflection to change its colour. The Paper Master may only imitate cloth or leather in this fashion Ė plate and chain cannot be imitated. For example, a priestís vestments could be accurately recreated; as could a town guardís tabard, but the guardís armour and helm could not. These costumes require one sheet of paper per 5 lbs of weight of the wearer and persist until the Paper Master releases them, at which stage the paper may be reused.
Paper clothing grants a +4 circumstance bonus to disguise checks and a +2 to Bluff/Diplomacy checks.
Rope The Paper Master may create 5 feet of paper rope per rank of the Use Rope skill, requiring 2 sheets of paper per foot. The paper rope has the same strength and durability as silk rope. The Paper Masterís control over paper gives them the permanent spell-like ability Animate Rope over rope created in this fashion.
Mundane items At the DMís discretion, the Paper Master may create items such as plates, cups and cutlery. Where appropriate, the paper acts as if waxed, thus being waterproof to a certain extent.

These crafting feats may not be used in combat.

Paper Companion II
As Paper Companion, but equivalent to the spell Summon Natureís Ally III

Waterproof Paper(Ex)
The Paper Masterís control over paper has increased to the stage where she suffers no penalty from her paper becoming wet. She no longer needs to make concentration checks to maintain her weapon or companion if it becomes wet.

Flavor text. The Paper Master hurls a sheet of paper at his opponentís face, causing it to stick over his eyes and blinding him.
Benefits: Once per encounter, the Paper Master may throw a sheet of paper at an opponent, in an attempt to blind them. The Paper Master makes a ranged touch attack to determine success. If the touch attack is successful, the target may still make a reflex save (DC 10 + Ĺ Paper Masterís level + Paper Masterís Dex modifier), which allows the target to tear the blindfold from their face. A successful reflex save removes the blindfold with no damage to the target, but the target may take no other action that round.
The blindfold persists for 1d4/4 levels of Paper Master, for a maximum of 5d4 at level 20. If the blindfold lands successfully, it attaches to the targetís face. Each subsequent round, the blinded target may attempt a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 Paper Masterís level + number of rounds the blindfold has been in place) to tear off the blindfold as a standard action. Removing the blindfold causes 1 point of damage per round it has been attached.

Greater Paper Weapon I
All paper weapons created are consider +1 items. Creating a paper weapon becomes a swift action, as does concentrating on the weapon to increase its duration.

Improved Paper Deflection
The Paper Master may now deflect 1 missile per round as under Paper Deflection. Also, for any area of effect spell that allows a reflex save to halve damage, if the Paper Master succeeds on this save they create an instant wall of paper to protect themselves, absorbing all damage and destroying 1 sheet of paper per point of damage absorbed.

Paper Companion III
As Paper Companion, but equivalent to the spell Summon Natureís Ally V

Fireproof Paper(Ex)
The Paper Masterís will over her paper creations is so strong they are protected from burning. Paper Companions now take normal damage from fire spells, and paper weapons cannot be destroyed by fire.

Paper Smother (Ex)
Flavor TextThe Paper master hurls a sheet of paper at her opponentís face, smothering their nose and mouth and causing them to panic and eventually suffocate .
-Once per encounter, the Paper Master may make a touch attack against her target. If it successful, she hurls a sheet of paper at her targetís face, where it attaches tightly over their nose and mouth. As with Blindfold, a reflex save of the same DC removes the smother before any damage is taken. If the target fails its save, it becomes subject to the rules of Suffocation. The Smother can be removed under the same Fortitude check as a Blindfold
-In addition, the target must make a Will save each round (DC 10 + number of rounds the smother has been in place) or become Shaken at the prospect of being unable to breathe in a combat situation. While shaken, they will be unable to make the Fortitude check to remove the Smother. Succeeding on a subsequent will check removes the fear effect and the target no longer has to make will saves against the Smother. The target is again able to make Fortitude checks to remove the Smother. However, if the target fails a will check while Shaken they become Frightened, and if they fail while Frightened they become Panicked. This persists until they pass a will check, the smotherís duration ends, or they pass out from suffocation.
-The smother persists for a number of rounds equal tor 1d4/4 Paper Master levels, for a maximum of 5d4 at level 20.
-The smother has no effect on, and will not attach to, undead, constructs, and another creatures who do not need to breathe.

Greater Paper Weapon II
Paper Weapons are now considered +2. The Paper Masterís concentration and hold over the weapon is so great that any paper weapon can no longer be Sundered.

Paper Companion IV
As Paper Companion, equivalent to Summon Natureís Ally VII

Paper Wings (Ex)
Flavor TextThe Paper Master creates an enormous pair of paper wings that spread across his back and arms, allowing him to take flight.
Benefits As a standard action, the Paper Master creates a set of paper wings. These may only be set upon the Paper Master himself. They require one sheet of paper for each lb of weight of the Paper Master. They grant the benefit of the spell Fly, as if cast by a caster of the same level as the Paper Master. As with Fly, if the wingsí duration ends when airborne, the wings will automatically lower the Paper Master to the ground for 60 feet per round for 1d6 rounds before dissipating. Any paper used to create the wings may be reused.

Greater Paper Deflection
When making a successful reflex save against an AoE spell, the Paper Master may elect to use their paper wall to reduce the damage against any one ally within 1ft/level. If the ally has failed their reflex save, they still only take half damage. If they have succeeded on it, they take no damage at all.

Greater Paper Weapon III
-The paper weapon is considered a +3 item.
-Creating a paper weapon becomes a free action, as does concentrating on the weapon to refresh its duration.
-The Paper Master can no longer be disarmed.
-The Paper Master may elect to make a paper weapon a permanent item. She must concentrate on any created weapon for one full day and spend the equivalent experience of creating a +3 magical weapon in order to grant it permanency. Although the permanent paper weapon may be picked up by another person without collapsing, they may not wield it as they are not able to grant it the appropriate hardness/sharpness etc. A paper weapon is therefore useless for anyone except the Paper Master other than as a trinket or curio. It would not, for example, be possible to sell created paper weapons to vendors as if they were equivalently powerful standard weapons.

Paper Companion V
As Paper Companion, but equivalent to Summon Natureís Ally 9. In addition, any paper companion created is granted additional resilience by the will of the paper master, and receives a +5 enhancement bonus to its armour, as though it were under the maximum effect of a Barkskin spell.

Paper Fury(Ex)
Flavor Text The Paper Master causes a shower of paper to burst forth from them, causing massive damage.
Benefits Once per day, as a full action, the Paper Master may use Paper Fury. Shards of paper burst forth from the Paper Master, causing 40d6 damage.
The Paper Master has control over the shards and can select their target(s) and damage type(s) (they would cause blunt damage against a skeleton, for example). For the purpose of overcoming damage resistance only, the shards are considered to have a +3 enchantment. The Paper Master does not make an attack roll: the shards always hit their target. However, a succesful reflex save (DC 10 +1/2 Paper Master's level, + Paper Master's dex modifier) halves the damage.
For example: Yomiko is a level 20 Paper Master. She rolls 10d20, resulting in 112 damage. SHe elects to cause 75 points of blunt damage to a nearby skeleton, which fails its reflex save, and the remaining 37 as slashing damage to the ecromancer controlling the skeleton. The necromancer succeeds on its reflex save and takes only 18 points of damage.

2008-02-15, 03:28 PM
This is a pretty cool class. One thing I reccomend though, is maybe reading up on 3.5 just so your vocab comes across better. Also some where I saw a homebrewed paper magic school that would go w/ this nicely. Nice job.

2008-02-15, 04:14 PM
I like this class. Though, Paper Fury seems a tad powerful and it requires a good bit of book keeping. Perhaps just a sumple 40d6 damage to max range with damage type determined against each opponent? Reflex save for 1/2?

2008-02-16, 01:11 PM
What's the hit dice? Also, doesn't it seem like they'd have more skills than that? I'm already using this in a game, and me and the DM worked it out, we went with a d8 HD, which seemed appropriate, and we added some skills, forgery, knowledges, and profession. We figured, that someone like the girl from Read or Die, agent paper, who reads books all the time, could logically have just about any knowledge skill, and forgery we figured, well, bluff and they always work with paper, so let's just add forgery. We added profession because everyone has it as far as I know, and it seemed like it would make sense if they, say, got a job as a bookkeeper. In other news, congratulations on making a GREAT class. It's very flavorful and faithful to the anime, very cool indeed. It makes for a WONDERFUL spy.


Edit: Oh, and if I did my math right, might not have, I'm dirt tired. Then 3d20+17 is about the same as 20d4, but a lot easier to roll.

2008-02-17, 06:30 AM
Thanks for the feedback.

I've added in the hitdice - I thought that was there already; added a couple of skills - I think you're right Serania and a spy-type character should be skilled up - and have changed the Paper Fury mechanics.

2008-02-17, 10:43 AM
Excellent. The only thing I can possibly find, with my insane scrutiny, is that you put a ( before Open Lock in the skills section. Other than that, my congratulations, you have made an awesome class. A fun/flavorful/useful ability at EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. The only downside is I don't know how to describe it, is it a wonderful spy class? Or is it one of the best anime adaptations ever?


In case you couldn't tell, I love the Paper Master ^_^

2008-02-17, 04:30 PM
We could tell. ^^

2008-02-17, 09:56 PM
This is honestly one of the most interesting and fun classes I've ever seen.

2008-02-19, 05:42 AM
Aww shucks.

It's probably a good thing I won't end up playing this - I'd spend my whole time singing the Read Or Die music during combat and p*ing everyone off.

Admiral Squish
2008-02-19, 06:43 AM
Rock, on, sir. This is a great class.

2008-02-19, 08:22 PM
What's first level starting gold?

2008-02-20, 04:10 AM
Perhaps they should recieve starting cash like that of a sorcerer? i think they get 4d4 X 10. If the numbers don't match, I think they should get 4d4 X 10 GP. But that's just me.

2008-02-20, 06:04 AM
I haven't the foggiest idea about how to calculate starting gold. The sorceror amount seems fine to me.
Depending on how much the DM decides paper costs in his campaign...

2008-02-20, 07:55 AM
Well, since paper is their weapon of choice, you can give them a 100 page book fer free. The same thing a wizard gets. I think a 100 page blank book costs 13 gp. not too sure though.

2008-02-20, 10:00 AM
Cool. I gave them 100 sheets for free anyway, but I've added in the gold, and by the time the first book of paper runs out they should have plenty of money to get more.

2008-02-20, 03:27 PM
Good. I think yer done with this. Maybe you should stat out the peeps in ROD?