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2008-02-16, 06:20 PM
Welcome to the hordes of Evil! I will be your resident player killer Dungeon Master for this campaign!

You were brought together for a purpose. THe evil lords have combined their power and are working towards a common goal. The ruling of all the known world!

Each as a servant of a seperate lord, your group was forged together as one. An elite group, sent on missions of utmost importance. Without you, there can be no success. The leaders car not how the job is done, so long as it is done. Killing each other is not acceptable.

Your band of Evilness finally arrives at the destination. The mouth of a particularly boring looking cave. It is difficult to believe this cave could hold one of the most important artifacts to the evil campaigns. You have all been informed that it is an orb of some kind. Appearing to be made of glass, it contains an eternal flame. This is one of many artifacts required by the lords, and is your first assignment.

The mouth of the cave is dark, and cannot be penetrated by ordinary vision. It seems to be a natural formation, but you know otherwise. Stories of terrible creatures that reside here, and the informant who told you of the fanatical cult who guard the orb itself. All these will have to be dealt with to achieve your goal.

2008-02-16, 07:17 PM
Sn'ikt shambles forward to the mouth of the cave and raises his nose, sniffing the air coming out of it. He turns to the group with a wide grin: "A beautiful place to spread my most excellent diseases!" he says with an insane chuckle. "Let's not wait-wait!"