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Emperor Demonking
2008-02-17, 05:40 AM
The mound of earth moves around the sole star, it gets heated by the sun.

That's all their is, for now.

2008-02-17, 08:41 AM
Emrys looked down on the ball of dirt, and glanced at the sun. Sighing to himself he decided that he would be the first to alter this giant ball of clay. Closeing his eyes, he was suddenly on the world, and started to walk around searching for the right place to begin. After what seemed like three hours of walking for him, he stopped and nooded to himself.

Haveing his hand's points to the earth, he grasped the air before pulling his hands up. As he did so the earth rose beneath him in jagged peaks and also plautoes. Rising on the highest peak, balanced perfectly, he looked around at the thing he has just created. He was 6,000 feet above the dirt world's surface, and looking towards the north he saw the range go on for 40 miles, before turning in a arc to the east to form something like a C. The range continued to go to the east before stopping after 35 miles longer.

With a smile and a snap of his fingers he was suddenly back in the castle.

2008-02-17, 09:39 AM
As Noth searched the castle a little part of him, let's call it his divine instincts, felt the urge, the need, to create. A god without followers was as incomplete as a human without arms.

Out in the world energy started buzzing the ground opened up to give birth to ten figures born from its soil. As they reached the surface and looked around they realized they all looked completely different from each other. Three were humanoids with colors ranging from brown to bright green and sometimes ridiculous amounts of arms. The others were either monster- or animal-like, one more unlikely then the next.

One of the humanoids looked at a turtle-like being next to him and envied his protective shell. Suddenly he could feel a similar shell placed on his own back. And so they realized, they weren't confined to any single shaped.
As they still communicated more instinctively then vocally they all realized it without need for words and started to experiment.

The Nothans had been born.

(Demonking: I realize you said simple shapeshifting so if you want to they could loose their ability to transform into non-humanoids. (Let's say their forms stabilized or something, I just wanted a nice first post about them :)

2008-02-17, 09:39 AM
Xankul looks at the newly formed mountain and decides creates random tunnels into the mountains a. He also creates Hobgoblins to populate the tunnels. He also makes tunnel fungus grow in the tunnels, and creates some iron(Not sure how much, or if i can).

(That was my God Point, and i think 2 divine point?Also do we have to teach out race anything or do they already know like language and stuff)

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-17, 09:48 AM
(Yeah say they stabilized. You can say they already know.)

2008-02-17, 11:18 AM
Xankul somehow appears on the world.
He looks for the tunnels in the mountains and goes in.
As he looks inside he sees the hobgoblins.
He creates a Codice(Like the Xankul Bible!!!:smallbiggrin: ) and drops it in with instructions on how to, Mine, Make fire, Create ink, and how to handle animals.
I also create a minature forest of saplings, and create some 10 worgs to habit the mountain with the hobgoblins.

[3divine points(1 for Forest, and 2 for Worgs) Codice is free

btw its a huge codice its like 60 cm length and 25 cm width. and is black with a skull in the middle and the book is made of steel.

2008-02-17, 12:13 PM
Wh'le appears from somewhere, and looks around. It goes to the top of the clouds and begins to create two creatures, a pair of large dragons. They appear almost nonexistent, yet they are there. These are Air Dragons, fully matured. Wh'le gives them the ability to use magic, though not much or very powerful. They are then set free to do as they wish, and Whale vanishes.

2008-02-17, 12:19 PM
Xankul appears on the highest peak of the Mountain and yells "HELLO!!" to the dragons.

2008-02-17, 12:21 PM
Xankul appears on the highest peak of the Mountain and yells "HELLO!!" to the dragons.

2008-02-17, 12:21 PM
One of the newborn shapeshifters suddenly heard a voice. Even though he did not possess a language yet, he could understand everthing this voice was saying. It spoke to him. It told him he was the one who would teach his people to speak, and imbued him with the power to teach them. Work would have to be put into learning this language by all, sure, but it would be learnt.

This shapeshifter would become a disciple of ___. A chosen one, granted powers stronger than those of his peers. The power of convincing speech, rhetoric.

But he was not the only one. High up in the mountains, where a sole hobgoblin was attempting to make sense of a book dropped by his cruel deity in vein, the voices appeared as well.

"Do you wish to be able to read the holy command of your god, little one? Ah, no, I suppose you do not even know what a god is. This book probably means nothing to you. Beyond basic insticts, you understand nothing. But I will change that. I will give you the ability to read, the ability to write, and the ability to teach others these skills. As you read this book, know that it might contain lies. But also know that you can learn something even by reading lies. Now go, disciple, and spread the written word"

Two disciples, two races. The god of language did not want much. He wanted to help, merely, to spread this wonderful gift. His disciples would gain followers, and even those who did not follow would learn their ways, the gift they had been given. No-one could deny the strenght of language. ___ did not wish to lead these creatures, he wished to teach them, and for at least a small part of them to honour language.

2008-02-17, 12:23 PM
Cryn looks at the mud ball. The mountains while interesting are not his to play with. Reaching out a silver bolt strikes the ball of mud making a crater lined with silver. In the center a large stone stands, written on it is a simple spell of magic. (I don't know how many points i use to do this, or if I can.)

2008-02-17, 12:24 PM
Xankul appears on the highest peak of the Mountain and yells "HELLO!!" to the dragons.

2008-02-17, 12:29 PM
The two dragons begin circling around Xankul, and begin to speak telepathically to him. One is a female and the other a male. (Lighter speech is female)
We are Dragons of air
Created by the God of Air,
Wh'le. We can speak
Telepathically and use magic.
We have no wish to harm any
Creatures of the Earth
And, if anything, we wish to
Protect them.
And who
Are you?

2008-02-17, 12:59 PM

A hooded figure appears several miles from the mountains, gazing at the other beings that are appearing.

Interesting, it appears I am not the only one...

With that the figure disappears, moving hundreds of miles away from the mountains. As it reappears it floats closer to the earth.

It is here that I shall begin.

With that single thought, the area below the figure changes instantly. Before where there was only earth there is now a forest of black trees.

Excellent, and now for some worshipers.

Again the world changes to that single thought. In the trees figures begin to appear, walking out of the forest into the opening.

Floating down to the earth, Nosferatu appears in front of these new begins.

"Greetings my creations." A voice flows out across the area and into each of the beings sensory organs, filling each with a feeling of wonder and awe as they gaze upon the hooded figure. "I am Nosferatu, your creator. You are my children, the Vanhilia. I have made you this land before you as your home," With that Nosferatu sweeps its hand to display the Black Forest to all of the Vanhilias. "In it you shall find all you need to prosper as a people." Suddenly there is a shimmering amongst the trees of the Black Forest as Nosferatu sweeps its hand across it. "Each of those objects, trees, shall produce a different substance for you to use in order to build your homes. The lighter ones, their coloring is called Gray, produce a hard durable substance called stone. Some shall produce a light weight brownish color substance called wood. And still others shall produce a dark substance much like the color of your skin. This is what you shall use to continue living." The hooded figure turns to view its creations, its children. "I shall leave you with two gifts. The first, shall be theses." With a flick of its wrist, Nosferatu creates a shimmering field across all the Vanhilias. As soon as the field disappears, the Vanhilias find skeletons, ghouls and other undead creatures beside each Vanhilias. "These are your souls, the essences of your being. They shall be used to communicate amongst each of you." Some of the Vanhilias have a look of shock on their faces, but all still remain staring at Nosferatu. "My second gift is this." As those words enter the minds of the Vanhilias, a large Black skull enters each of the Vanhilias hands. "Use this to pray, and communicate with me. If I find your wishes worthy, I shall respond. I bid you farewell." With that the figure disappears leaving the Vanhilias to their own devices.

2008-02-17, 01:20 PM
There is a terrible thunder in the air, the wrath of a god. The wind begins to howl terribly, high up in the mountains mountain, troubling the noble dragons. A voice calls for them, booming from the sky:
"Dragons, you have displeased me. So early in creation, and already you manage to attract the wrath of the gods. But you are in luck. I am a kind god, a benevolent god, and I shall forgive you, for you did not realise you had made offence. All that I ask of you, is never to use your telepathy again. It is not a high demand. If you were to break this first commandement, your species will be smite down with thunder from the heavens, and no dragon will ever come into creation again. Heed my words, dragons, and prosper"
As the speech ends, so does the howling of the wind and the thunder. All is calm, once more.

2008-02-17, 01:24 PM
As Noth suddenly appeared in front of his people he assumed the shape most natural to him, the ever changing one, always shifting from one form to the next.

"Nothons" He said to get their attention. Their eyes turned to him, most of them had stabilized in a humanoid shape by now although no one looked like the others. "I am Noth, your creator and guardian. I have already given you the gift of shifting to avoid being stuck in one form like the others"

"There are others?" One of them asked and his peers whispered in the background. Noth was pleased that the gift of speech had already spread among them.

"Yes, there are others. Other gods beside me and other mortals beside you" He paused for a second to see their reaction and noticed that the news caused several of them to change appearance, probably due to nervousness.

"They pose no present threat to us but we can not know for certain that things will remain like that. Thus, I have a plan for you, my children"

Noth focused, for the first time using his divine powers consciously, and invoked the power within him before he turned it against his followers.
They changed back to their original earth form for a moment before regaining their shapes along with a new ability.

"There" Noth said, feeling that he was physically exhausted "Now you can create images out of thin air, true enough to fool anyone but one of your own"

The Nothans were quick learners and immediately started to test their abilities, creating illusionary duplicates of each other and other things around them. Noth smiled, pleased that they learned so fast. He would allow them to practice a little more before revealing his plan.

2008-02-17, 01:25 PM
Emrys appeared on the earth around fifty miles away from the most southern tip of the mountains. Looking around he decided that this spot would be worthy. Changing his form to that of a Giant lizardman 24 feet tall, he stuck his hand into earth and pulled out an egg. Muttering over the egg it split, and he let it drop to the earth. Out of it there was a giant shockwave, as suddenly marshland sprung up with area of water and ground. It was the size of a small city. Smiling a giant toothy grin, Emrys picked up a mound of dirt, and in an instant put it into the form of 10 lizardfolk. Dipping his hand into the water, he poured it onto them, and they sprang to life, shakeing off the dirt. Looking up at him, he spoke to them in Draconic, and gave them the power to understand him, but not speak it themselves.

"I am your creator, I am your god, I am Dracul."

With this he saw his people bow before him. Smiling, he then pointed at the lead one, and motioned him to stand.

"You shall be the chosen one to lead our people. Remember that to be great, we must be superior to all."

With that Emrys, walked into the water and submerged himself beneth it, before going back to the castle.

2008-02-17, 01:27 PM
The dragons stop circling Xankul, and begin talking to eachother.

It would appear we have angered some god.
But which one?
Likely a god of the spoken word.
Quite possibly, though if so, I feel he overreacted.
Well, we can't please everyone, though it might by a good idea to do as he says.
It would seem that way.

They resume awaiting a response from Xankul.

The Faceless
2008-02-17, 01:43 PM
Balthazon manifested in the world, looking around at the plain muddy area she had chosen to appear in. She extended one hand and swept it through the air, lush grass rising in a swath across the landscape as her hand moved. she sighed, sensing that this would be the only effect she would be able to make on the world for a while. she needed to set up a proper area for her new race, one with lakes for water, game and crops for food, wood and stone for buildings and fires, clay for pottery... there was so much to think about. She withdrew back to the castle, planning her new area in her mind.

2008-02-17, 01:43 PM
During the dreary night upon their creation, one of the Lizardmen was visited in the marsh by voices, that seemed to come from nowhere. The lizardmen pained his brain to understand this, but he could not. The message these voices brought, however, was all too clear: he had been chosen as a disciple for the god ___. He would have the task of spreading the knowledge of Draconian to the rest of his people, a gift brought to him by this god, but perhaps also a burden. The work would pay off though, and his people would be able to speak.

The god ___ also told him of an alliance of the gods. It seemed ___ and the god that had created the lizardmen were friends, and both should be worshipped, not just one of them. Off course, more honour was due to their creator, but ___ should not be forgotten either.

2008-02-17, 01:46 PM
Garal didn't have to search long to find where he would make his grove. He stood where he wanted the centre to be, about five kilometres (three miles) in front of him the ground began to to rise to wards the sky. It only rose one kilometres up then it began to spread out in a curve always staying the same distance from where Garal stood.

The mountains once three quarters of the way to be a full circle they began to slope to wards the ground until they were level with it only 100 metres from touching. Along the outside the slope was steep and dangerous, while the inner slopes were gentle and safe. Garal studied the barren area, he walked to the top of the mountain range saying, "You are the Crescent Mountains let all know you're name."

From his vantage point he began to will vegetation of all kinds into existence, grasses, trees, shrubs, the mountains were soon covered in pines, and any other hardy trees one could think of, the flat space in the middle was covered with short grasses and maples and ashes and poplar. Tiny shrubs were everywhere.

With that Garal spread his arms and a lake that covered about 20 squared kilometres grew out of the spot he stood when he made the mountains, at it's deepest it was 30 metres down and at it's shallowest it sloped gently up to shore. Next a river, about 20 metres across sprang up beneath Garals feet and crawled its way down the mountain into the lake and out the entrance to the grove cutting it in half.

Now at the base of the mountain he created five figures formed out of the mountain's stone. Two males and three females none more than four feet tall. "You are my children, the children of nature and stone, you are Gnomes," Garal spoke. One by one he laid a hand on each, "You are now one with nature," He smiled, "You may drink form the water here from this river, and eat from the fruit of the trees." He laid a hand on the nearest tree and suddenly all the trees in the grove and many of the bushed now bore fruits and berries. "I will not be gone long my children. You can find shelter in the caves of the mountain." With that Garal was back in the God's Castle.

2008-02-17, 02:09 PM
Appearing under water, Dracul looked about. Noticing that his people would need food, he cupped his hand and closed in into a fist. Opening it suddenly there were 70 fish that flew out of it, going every which way. Seeing this, he knew that some of the fish would probably be eaten tomorrow, but that many would continue to thrive and give enough food for his people. Raising his head slightly out of the water, he saw his people becoming excited as the saw the glistening of scales jump out of the water. Then they dove in after them, and Dracul was happy to see that they could swim. With that he went underwater again, and returned to the god's castle.

2008-02-17, 02:15 PM
Staring down upon the young world, Deneral takes in the happenings. There is a large mountain and a small forest so far. Others must be at work here, looking down he picks a spot about 100 miles south of the great mountain. This would be the spot where his people would triumph, but first he had to make the land suitable for Empire builders.

(Using my Divine point)

Deneral spreads out his arms and through sheer force of will begins forging a great sea around a central peninsula. It would be wide, deep and filled with the most brilliant blue water. It would be a source of sustanence for his worshippers as well as a defense by forcing any would be invaders to march through the penisula.

After hours of work he was satisified with his sea...

OOC: Can I also create fish and rudimentary sea life with this divine point?

(Using 3 God Points)

Now, he would produce a river basin for his future people. Depressing a patch of land along the coast he lets the water from the sea flow in, depressing a little more land, and a little more land he creates a fine river that can be used for farming and drinking for his soon to be conquerers.

But, now Deneral was tired and he needed to rest.

2008-02-17, 02:22 PM
The wind howled softly where the Nothans lived.
But then, suddenly, it spoke. Not to just that one chosen disciple, though he was closest to the invisible source of the sound, but to the whole people.

"Nothans! I am ___!"
The name instantly imprinted itself on the minds of all the Nothans.
"I have come here to bring you a magnificent gift, a gift you will be able to use very well indeed. The gift of universal speech!"
The Nothans were momentarily struck with a slight pang of headache, and suddenly, there it was: the power to understand and speak all languages.
"Remember this, Nothans, and honour me"

The Faceless
2008-02-17, 02:24 PM
Balthazon reappeared over the grassy vista, hovering over it with her cape billowing in the wind.

She extended one hand to create a glassy sphere in her palm. The god then lightly tossed it to the ground, where it broke and released white mist. Standing in the mist were ten figures, seven female and three male, all humanoid in appearance. all had dark skin to combat the hot sun of the area, as well as long straight black hair. the females were the taller of the two sexes, as well as being more athletically built. they looked to the sky where their deity, with similar skin and hair, floated. Balthazon smiled, she wanted them to watch this.

floating down to the ground, she raised one hand, clenched it, then brought it down on the earth. The ground cracked and broke, reforming itself into a huge bowl in the earth. She floated up and raised her hands to the sky, then swung them down slowly. the crater filled with water. she extended one finger, pointing it down, then "poked" into the air several times. With each poke, a smaller lake appeared somewhere in the grassland. She turned her hand palm up and raised it to the sky, whereupon crops of wheat and clusters of trees sprouted from the landscape. bringing her hands together and clenching them made crops of stone rich with iron ore rumble out of the ground.

finally, she produced another sphere identical to the one she had used to create her people. Throwing this to the ground produced a larger smoke cloud, and when the cloud cleared there was a herd of creatures. Quadrupeds, about the size of horses with similar bodies, they had large horns on their heads and fine fur to protect from the sun without overheating. The people watched on this in amazement, then turned to their goddess.

The deity spoke: "I am Balthazon, god of chivalry. I have created you, given you a place to live in, food to eat, water to drink and materials to work. I shall return tonight to instruct you. Until then, explore this area and establish a home." with that, she vanished in a burst of sunlight.

(OoC: 1 DP for the tribe, 1 DP for the herd, 1 WP for stone, 1 WP for iron, 1 WP for wheat, 3 WP for lakes, 1 WP for trees)

2008-02-17, 02:25 PM
When Noth once again saw his people they seemed to have mastered their illusions, fast learners indeed. He studied them for a few moments before he made his presence known to them. Their various forms where stable and their illusions trustworthy. Excellent.

"Nothans," He called out to them, just as before. "You please me with your quick mastery of your abilities. Now the time has come to put them to use."

"As I said there are other beings around you. They live their own lives and their gods take care of them. Your divine mission will be to infiltrate them, become them in a way, yet remaining Nothan at heart"

His people looked at him. Curiously, but not with doubt. That was good.

"I will give you their locations and you will split up and join them. As there are more of you then races some of you will remain behind and await new races. The god of language have assured me that you will be able to speak all languages so that will not be a problem. Just make sure that you let them speak before you do as not all races have language yet"

"What are supposed to do, lord of the everchanging?" Asked one of the Nothons. Noth had grown attached to his fake title and liked when they used it.

"For now, nothing" He said, "Just blend in and be a part of their lives. Remember any information you learn"

"What about the dragons?"

"Stay away from them. None of you will be able to take their shape and they will notice an intruder. There are only two of them after all"

"Won't the other ones notice intruders too?"

"I don't think so" Said Noth reassuring, "Most of them seem to spread out over a large area and no one is especially good at counting. But take no risks, approch invisible and turn invisible again if someone suspects you"

"Now go!" He commanded and then left the mortal world.

2008-02-17, 02:28 PM
And Jasper looked upon the world and he said that it was good, and it was good. The world was ablaze with activity and the other gods were hard at work. It seemed nothing could disrupt them.

With a flick of his hand the lizard folk increased their numbers by fifty, and it was good. Deciding to improve upon the work of others, he granted them the ability to have a large reproduction ability, allowing their race to expand faster, and the ways of warfare but mostly the knowledge that other races could be used as their slaves. And finally he gifted them with the feat that other races would always stereotype them as having large genitals, even if they really do not.

With a smile of perversion, he saw that this was good. A spoken word was formed from his mouth and from it formed a monster. A large creature of power it was, a horrible thing from the depths of Ry'leth it seemed. A mass of tentacles came from it to destroy any in his path. With a snap he made it a terrible thing, immortal, and placed it on the other side of the earth from his people, the lizard folk. With his final act he made the largest mountain bigger, with a more pointed and suggestive tip.

With an old man cackle, he saw that it was really good. He tipped his hat to the lizard folk, telling him that their new prowess was because of him, and took his leave.

God point for the monster, divine point for its immortality. Divine point for the mountain. All my Worship points for the lizards, and three divine points for their abilities.

2008-02-17, 02:45 PM
Xarkul goes to check on his creations. He uses some 1 worshiper point to create weapons for them, and another to create a spell book. I once again drop them in front of the cave, then i write in my copy of the codice of the coming of god, then i go back to the gods castle.

2008-02-17, 02:56 PM
An old scribe walks into the grove, and sits down upon a log. He pulls a scroll out of his robes and begins to read it.

2008-02-17, 03:02 PM
The dragons see that Xarkul has left them, and still not knowing his name, they begin to ponder.

I wonder who that could have been?
As do I, though I suspect we shall find out someday.
Perhaps we should seek out his creations to ask?
No, if he does not wish to tell us, we should not seek the answer.
The gods truly are ineffable aren't they?
Indeed. We should go.
To the grove perhaps?
There is nowhere better to go.

With that they fly off to the grove, landing there several minutes later.

2008-02-17, 03:07 PM
Emerys appeard standing on the peak of the tallest mountain in the Emrian. Looking down over the world he sighed as he viewd some of the others with disdain, yet some with joy. He saw that the grove was going to be a good place, and looking far south, he saw the marsh lands. Lowering his head, he hoped that when he made something next time the others would leave it alone.

Emrys then waited for another god to appear, wondering if any would speak to him.

2008-02-17, 03:11 PM
Garal appeared before his gnomes and beaconed, "Follow me," they walked to the shore of the lake, "Another god will join us in time, but for now watch."

Garal raised his staff and out of the ground rose 100 orbs of clay. They formed into four different shapes twenty-five each. One two groups were similar, four-legged creature one group was small and reddish-brown these were foxes, the other almost as large as a human, with silvery grey fur they were wolves. The next group was about two feet tall, with beaks, talons and wings, their feathers were black, these were birds, ravens to be exact. And lastly there were the serpents, green and scaly, long and slender.

Garal addressed his new creations, "You are living, and all life in this grove is sacred, in time the circle of life will be complete but for now feast only from the fruit of the trees and bushed."

For sometime the animals and the gnomes explored the grove as Garal walked among them, but soon Garal had called them back together. He motioned one of each animal forward, they were gathered around the only tree in the valley that had all of its fruit removed. One by one he touched each of the animals he called forward and then the tree and then the gnomes, he imbued them each with intelligence above that of most other life, then only to the trees and animals and the tree did he make them stronger than most other life as well as faster, even allowing the tree to move and walk, and tougher.

It was only now that Garal noticed ___, was in the grove. He lead his creations to where ___ was sitting and said "I hope my work has not left you waiting to long." Garal was in front of ___ now with the intelligent creatures to his right and the gnomes to his left. He was even more surprised to see the dragons flying over head.

2008-02-17, 03:14 PM
After a few hours of rest, Deneral returns to his little slice of creation. He is ready to continue preparing the world for the arrival of his people.

Looking around, he decides on his next course of action at the end of his river he creates a lake(3 wp) to give his people even more of an advantage. But his people would need a source of food and they would need stone and iron to build weapons and fortifications.

Pointing his fingers north of the river, he summons a small grove of trees to the spot creating a small forest(1 wp.) Satisfied with his creation he takes a bits of wood. Carving them into the shape of deer he releases the herd into the forest...but he couldn't let life be too easy for his creation. Taking more wood, he whittles together a small pack of wolves(1 wp) to release into the forest.

Giving a nod to his pack of hunters, he smiles, they are the perfect predator. Working together to bring down their enemies. That is how he wants his worshippers to behave. But, they would need resources. Moving to another area he turns the ground into a hard rocky region, creating a stone and marble quary(1wp,) then taking another piece of land he raises it into little hills filling the interior with iron(,1wp)

Excellent, everything was coming along nicely. He only had one more thing to do before he could rest and prepare himself for the creation of his people. Taking two fistfuls of stones, he imbues them with magic, throwing one fistful into the ocean and sprinkles the other into the river and lake. Upon touching the water, the stones turned to scales and through them fish were born.(1wp)

He would let his creations reproduce now, and then he would return to bring about the future rulers of this world.

2008-02-17, 03:16 PM
Xankul appears nearby Emry's on the mountain looking for the dragons once again, but see's Emrys. "Hello Emry's... I see you changed your face and name.I like that new marsh, perfect place for some Scrag's to live.hmmmm ive still got some power left maybe??"

2008-02-17, 03:18 PM
The old scribe smiled.
"No, patience is one thing I have. I'm not as hasty as a wargod would be. I believe you wish these creatures to speak gnomish? Any reason you wished to be present here yourself?"

2008-02-17, 03:19 PM
"Ah...yet again change.."

Looking at Xankul he shook his head at him. Motioning him to follow him, he turned into a green bird, and flew down the mountain untill he was at the entrance to the hobgoblin cave. Turning back into his human form, he made himself appear invisible to the mortals. Waiting for Xankul, he would show him how change could anger someone so much.

2008-02-17, 03:34 PM
I follow Emrys down the mountain to my creations and observe what he does.
"What are you doing?"

2008-02-17, 03:37 PM
Looking over at him Emrys smiles slightly.

"I plan on makeing a terrible beast that will cause your creatures to ever fear leaving there dark caves."

With this I pick up a stick and two leaves, and throwing them up into the air, ten owl's appear to fly away into the night.

"You shall see in good time what my feathered friends are able to do."

2008-02-17, 03:41 PM
"Intimidating..."Xankul says mildly.
"But i think that that wasn't a smart idea. I think dragons get hungry."
Xankul leaves once again to the top of the mountain to find the dragons.

2008-02-17, 03:42 PM
Following him up the mountain, once again as a green bird, Emrys speaks to him.

"Why do you not give more gifts to your people..Do you not have any power left on this day?? I only ask because compared to the others I think they may soon fall behind."

2008-02-17, 03:42 PM
"Well ___, "I wanted to make sure," He motion and the ten being at his sides stepped forward, "That these ten be granted speech, along with all future gnomes. Now the five to my right are meant to be my emissaries to the mortal world and I would like the to speak all languages. I also wanted to make sure that the simpler creatures, the animals and the plants, behind me are able to communicate amongst themselves, not with complex language just enough to get by..."

Garal paused a bit before continuing "I also want these ten to be able to speak with the animals, only the sentient tree need speak with plants. I believe the gnomes should be capable of these but your help making sure would be appreciated. Now this last one may be a bit much, but I'd like my own language, one only those I grant it to can speak. This language would be to worship all things natural and it would allow those not adept at communicating with the simpler life do so a few times a day."

Garal seems nervous by now, "I know it's a lot to ask of you ___, and by no means do you have to do it all right now, just these ten speaking gnomish, and speaking to the animals, for now would be enough."

The Faceless
2008-02-17, 03:46 PM
Balthazar appeared hovering above the grassland, where she saw her tribe sitting around a crude fire, feasting on the carcass of a roasted antelope beast. Invisible to mortal eyes, she smiled, waiting for Mithras to appear.

2008-02-17, 03:49 PM
Following him up the mountain, once again as a green bird, Emrys speaks to him.

"Why do you not give more gifts to your people..Do you not have any power left on this day?? I only ask because compared to the others I think they may soon fall behind."

"I do not pamper my people. I chose and have given my dark blessings to this race for a reson. I intend to only influence there religion and culture through the Codice. I have given them food, weapons, a home, this should be enough. I also intend to have those air dragons help them, and if that doesnt work i will create Red or Blue dragons to help them."

2008-02-17, 03:55 PM
"Ah I see...so your people are peacefull then..no thast not the case, because you are destruction....I wish to ask you for a deal if you will. Make a great body of water..a sea if you will on the oppisite side of the forest on the mountain range..I wish to make something there yet do not have the power. If all goes as plan our people can be allys and control the sea and mountains."

With the Emrys turned human again, and floated beside Xankul, awaiting his awnser and wondering if he would accept the proposition.

2008-02-17, 04:00 PM
Next to where the remaining Nothans had set up camp there was an empty valley, perfect for Noth's needs. Gesticulating at his people to follow him he walked to the center of the valley. It wasn't very big, maybe a thousand meters across. It was big enough, he decided, he wasn't even sure that he could've manage anything bigger with his current powers.

Feeling the faith of his followers giving him strenght, Noth's mind and powers reached out over the valley.

It was done. Nothing was visible at first but after a few seconds things started to appear around him. Illusions, yes, but wonderful illusions.

The valley would sense the desires of whoever entered it and show them what they wanted to see. They wouldn't be able to eat the food or mate with the females but, even for a god, it was still a dazzling experience. A Valley of Wonders indeed.

(In order to pull this off I transformed ten of my worship points into a god point and used it. Considering nothing in the valley, no matter how convincing, is real I figured that should be enough)

2008-02-17, 04:06 PM
Balthazar appeared hovering above the grassland, where she saw her tribe sitting around a crude fire, feasting on the carcass of a roasted antelope beast. Invisible to mortal eyes, she smiled, waiting for Mithras to appear.

Wait, is it Balthazon or Balthazar?

Mithras appeared next to Balthazar, and was silent, waiting for the Deity of Chivalry to introduce him to her people.

2008-02-17, 04:06 PM
The dragons fly back to the mountain, somehow knowing that Xarkul has returned to that spot.

Hello again, good sir.
I'm afraid we still don't know you're name.
Would you mind telling us?
And what are you the god of?

The Faceless
2008-02-17, 04:13 PM
Wait, is it Balthazon or Balthazar?

Mithras appeared next to Balthazar, and was silent, waiting for the Deity of Chivalry to introduce him to her people.
Balthazon, sorry.
Balthazon descended from the sky to appear before her people "My tribe, i return just as i promised. With me i bring Mithras, god of smiths and crafting." she raises one gauntlet clad had to gesture at where the forge god hovered. "It is time for you to learn, my children. Time for you to make your place in this world." She gestured that mithras should join her, so that they could begin to give the people knowledge to survive in the world.

2008-02-17, 04:16 PM
The old scribe smiled.
"That is indeed a lot to ask, but I will grant it, and I will grant it all now. Hear me now, gnomes and other creatures, you shall be granted the greatest gift of all, the gift to understand each other, by me, ___. Remember this name, and worship it evermore"
A thunderclap struck in the minds of those present, and Garal's wishes had been granted.
"I trust we can see each other as allies, Garal. I will revisit this place, for it's sheer wonderfulness. But also because the people of the lands will need a place to find me, ___, when I am present. Prosper, friends"
The scribe walking off, quietly singing a song to himself, and dissapeared beyond the horizon.

Even after he left, you can hear a voice say: "Oh, and remember, Garal, I myself will always be able to speak any language, even your secret one"

((I've used two DP because this seemed quite a hefty task. Be sure to remember my efforts, Garal))

2008-02-17, 04:19 PM
Xarkul looks at Emry's and creates a large ocean.
"I have one last request before we form an alliance. I want you to create one of those air whales that i tried to eat."
Xarkul turns around to look at the dragons
"I demand your names first."

2008-02-17, 04:24 PM
Struck by the absurbity of the question, Emrys let out a laugh. As it echoed down the mountains he nodded to Xankul.

"Yes, yes I will make you an air whale..but I will not be able to on this day, but as soon as I can I shall."

2008-02-17, 04:28 PM
I spend another divine point to create a pavilion on the part of the mountain we are standing on.

2008-02-17, 04:33 PM
That was rather rude of you, making demands like that.
Well, he is a god, and with that comes an inflated ego.
Regardless, we shall not reveal our names until you have.
Well, one of us might reveal our name first, if you become more polite.

Wh'le pops into existence nearby.

"What's this about air whales?"
It would appear our skeleton friend over there wishes to eat one.
Eating the semblance of a god, such a disgrace.
You real should be offended.
Or perhaps complimented, for to him you appear tasty.
"I'll go with the first option thank you very much."

2008-02-17, 04:36 PM
"My name is Xankul, god of destruction. And once again i do not need to eat... but you do look good to eat :amused:"
Xankul begins to walk down the mountain again.

2008-02-17, 04:43 PM
Appearing above the mountains, Nosferatu takes the form of a murder of crows and flies throughout the region, taking in the area.

2008-02-17, 04:46 PM
"Umm... Thank you?" :smallconfused:
The two dragons just laugh at Wh'le's confusion.
I am called Rhina.
And I am called Ryn.

2008-02-17, 04:46 PM
As Xankul walks down the mountain he see's the murder of crows flying by.
"Strange...What do you think that is Ryn and Rhinda?"

2008-02-17, 04:49 PM
Turns around towards the sea, and flies over top of it gazing at all its wonder. He then starts to slowly fly to the marshlands, to show his people how to build, and live.

2008-02-17, 04:59 PM
It would appear to be a murder of crows.
Yes, it would appear that way.
"But keep in mind, a book should not be judged by its cover."
Of course, but the only beings that good at disguising themselves...
...Are gods like yourself.
"So, it's either a god or crows. It doesn't really matter I think, so I'll leave you now."

Wh'le disappears.

2008-02-17, 05:02 PM
Eventually Xankul reaches the hobgoblin cave
"Dragons i have a question...I need a guardian for this mountain and the forest. Lacking the power to create another creature to fulfill this duty,I want you to protect it."

2008-02-17, 05:06 PM
I don't know, I believe we will have to think about.
Give us some time and we shall have an answer.

With that the pair fly off, up into the clouds.

((And I have to go as well.))

2008-02-17, 05:09 PM
Xankul looks up to where they flew off. After a few seconds he decides to return to the godly plane

2008-02-17, 05:09 PM
Noth looked around, ignoring the delights the valley created for him and focused on the Nothans. They were effected by the valley as well and seemed pleased. It didn't hurt to make his followers happy but the valley had greater uses then that.

Reaching for the power that remained within him he created a subtle telepatic message for everyone who came fairly close to the Valley of Wonders. It wasn't enough to force anyone in there but enough to make them curious and interested in the valley. They wouldn't even know anything had effected them, just think it was their own minds communicating with them.
After a moment of thought he made sure it effected animals as well. The Nothans would eventually need something to eat after all.

(One Divine point spent on the message)

2008-02-17, 05:17 PM
"Thank you very much ___, all my creations will forever be told to remember you and if you ever need anything ask me." He turns to his children, "I am Garal Lunarchorus your creator, that was ___ he gave you speech. You are Gnomes, you are foxes, wolves, serpents, and ravens," Garal said while point to each group in order.

One of the gnomes asked, "You have a name, the Scribe has a name, we are only things?"

Garal looked them over, "You are right, you will be the only generation to be named by me." Point first to the male gnomes, then the female gnomes, then his sentient wolf, raven, serpent, fox and tree. "You are Leif, you Erik, you Joro, Mani, Sif, Fenrir, Munin, Lucifer, Kitsune and, Treebeard." With those finial blessings Fenrir grew to over 8 feet tall, Munin remained the same size but his feathers became white and his eyes became bright purple. Lucifer became 6 feet long and sapphire blue. Kistune grew eight extra tails and his fur became fire red. Treebeard grew to over twelve feet tall his bark hardened and his figure became humanoid. "I must go for now, enough you new forms, and gnomes you will find some tools and baskets in your caves. Please gather as many fruit as you can before you grow tired," and with that his ten worshippers could also speak Druidic.

Garal walks away form the gathering and appears to slide into nothingness. He appears in the god and heads for his room.

2008-02-17, 07:10 PM
Mithras turns to Balthazar's worshippers, bows, and strides through the air towards them.

Once close to the mortals, Mithras first explains the basics of smithing, demonstrating with the iron ore, a fire near to the ore, (Perhaps Mithras made it) and his hammer, showing exactly how smithing works. Moving on to slightly more complicated smithing, Mithras explains that too. After demonstrating smithing, Mithras gives the elaborate yet deadly sword he created as a smithing example to Balthazar.

He then proceeds to teach the mortals crafting, though not as much as smithing, and after that, he teaches quarrying/mining, again not teaching to as great extent as smithing.

After teaching the mortals, Mithras turns back to Balthazar.

"Curious, your followers are. Perhaps I could forge some of my own near yours, and our two peoples could help each other?"

The Faceless
2008-02-17, 07:45 PM
Balthazon stroked her chin "Possibly, though i would still like to hold off a true alliance right now. I still know little about you and your goals." she smiled a bit "though i do hope that you will turn into an ally." she then turned to her people and started to instruct them on farming and hunting, how to capture and breed the roaming herd beasts to get more meat or a better work beast, how to erect buildings, build streets and roads and dig ditches.

most importantly, she talked to them at great lengths about the code of honor she expected them to follow, of defending their property, always having a reason to fight that is right and good. Of how the strong should defend the weak, not subjugate them, and that conquest of others just because they were different was not the noble thing to do.

"now i leave you for a while my children, to develop into a people i hope to be proud of. You will find that women are better suited to being fighters amongst yourselves, but this does not mean that men should be excluded from war if they so wish, and they should certainly not be barred from any other task in society. You are the Amazons, and you have my hopes and my blessings." with that, she vanished.

2008-02-17, 09:45 PM
Urg the god of strength decided to make his presence known to the world. He used all the power he had to create a giant paradise as close as possible to the center of land where the many races were being created.

He created vast amounts of trees, wheat, water, fish, metal and animals all concentrated in the same area. Beyond it lay only barren land making it stand out greatly from vast distances.

Urg bellowed down to the inhabitants of the new world that they were to fight for this new land to separate the weak from the strong and they should worship him if they wanted more opportunities like this.

After making this announcement Urg left to the plane of the gods to watch what would happen and talk to his fellows.

I converted all my points worship points.
6 points for 2 lakes
10 points for metal
7 for 70 fish
7 for 70 antelope
10 for a forest or trees whichever gives more food
5 for wheat

45 worship points total based on conversion from page 4

2008-02-18, 01:16 AM
Noticing the new lands being created next to him Noth took a closer look at it. Lots of food and no one visible to claim it. Tempting. He gathered his remaining Nohtans and instructed them.

"You see the lands over there? They are filled with food and not guarded by anyone. Use your invisibility to get in and out without anybody noticing you and bring back as much food as possible"

The Nothans all nodded and without another word they disapperad from sight but he could feel them moving away from him, towards this new "paradise".

Now completely alone in the Valley of Wonders, Noth left.

2008-02-18, 07:33 AM
There was thunder that night, and a voice visited one of the amazons. The voice told her of many wonders and taught her many things. The most important thing this new disciple learned that night was sign language, the art of communicating without making a sound, a skill so usefull to warrior races. The god ___ told her to go off to her people, and spread the word. She would teach her people, and ___ would have some new followers.

2008-02-18, 08:51 AM
Xankul appears on his pavilion. As he looks around he can see the paradise.
"Finally. Somewhere i can destory."
Immediately he unleashes a plague to destroy the forest and what lives in it.
(Spends 1 divine point)

2008-02-18, 09:03 AM
Emrys appears beside the Skeletal man, and turns into his lizard form.

"You fool....did you not think the plague would spread to all the rest of the earth. You may have ruined the planet."

With the Dracul jumps off the mountain before turning into a giant green bird and flying to the lizardfolk. Turning back to his lizard form he looks at the forest, and decides that is time for his people to start spreading.

"You must get prepared to leave, there is great danger, and this place may not be safe for long."

After this Dracul went back and stood gaurding over his people, ready to stop the plague if it started to get closer.

2008-02-18, 09:07 AM
Xankul looks at Emry's fly away for a while then decides to start writing in his codice about how to not catch the plague or at least how to avoid it.

"Emry's may be right... A who cares. At the end of the plague my Hob goblins will finally emerge from there cave to attack."

2008-02-18, 09:23 AM
(This posts assumes there is some sort of connection between the gods and their followers but that seems pretty logical to me so I'm rolling with it...)

Sensing strong feelings of anxiety from one of his Nothans Noth swiftly left the divine plane and when he returned to the mortal world he knew it came from the Nothan who had been choosen to infiltrate the lizard people.

Not wanting to reveal his infiltrator by showing up unannounced he looked around his valley and noticed that the Nothans he'd sent to gather food was returning, bringing enough food for several days. The new lands were plentiful indeed.

Whatever had caused anxiety among the lizards would surely reach the other gods, it was only a matter of time. Noth returned to his home among the gods.

2008-02-18, 09:26 AM
Xankul began to move down the mountain towards Emry's Marshes.
After a while he reached the marshes. He began to look for Emry's.

2008-02-18, 09:33 AM
Seeing Xankul, the giant form of Dracul/Emrys turned to face Xankul.

"What issss it that you sssseek, fellow god?"

With this his people the lizardfolk slowly backed away before hiding in the water, so that just the top of their heads wer sticking out.

"I have busssssinesss to attend to, sssso be quick."

2008-02-18, 09:40 AM
"Its about the plague. Its a respiratory disease that stops the heart by thickening your blood sugar. But the time in which it dies when exposed into open air is to quick to escape from the paradise, but i can live for up to a week clinging to plants. so as long as you stay away from it you will be fine. Clearly whatever animal tries to live in there will die but the plants should survive. Within 1 week everything inside should die."

2008-02-18, 09:47 AM
"Ssssso you made a plague that affectssss only intelligent thingsss. You killed 70 animalssss then..I ssssee."

Turning towards his people, he spoke to them, telling them what they needed to hear.

"From now on, the so called paradisssse, is forbiden for all Lizardfolk. If you eat from it, things so horrible will happen that none will be able to ssspeak of it."

With that, Dracul turned into a giant green bird and flew to the Emrian, and pearched on the pavilion.

2008-02-18, 09:49 AM
Xankul leaves to the godly plane.

2008-02-18, 09:59 AM
Xankul reappears in the pavilion and begins to enchant the area.(one for only gods, and hobgoblins being able to see it, one for magically magnifying anything that is seen from the pavilion, and another for being able to warp into the godly plane from here)

-Im not sure how many points that is or if there worship points if not then

Xankul reappears in the pavilion and begins to enchant the area. As he begins he realizes nothing has happened
"Curses. Im out of power already"

2008-02-18, 10:06 AM
"Same here."

The bird floats down to land next to Xankul before takeing his human shape. Looking around he sighs.

"Where are all the other gods, I feel as if they are letting the world go without their care."

2008-02-18, 10:11 AM
Mmmm..Yes i suppose they give there creations to much of a free rein. By now you must realize you have 11 lizards instead of 10. And those air dragons have been let go by there creator. Anyways if they let it go all the better for us... Soon they will not have enough power to stop us anyways.

2008-02-18, 10:14 AM
"No I have more then 11, Jasper has made it so there are fifty of my creations, but why do you say 11?"

With this Emrys turned his eyes toward the marsh, wondering exactly what he was talking about.

2008-02-18, 10:23 AM
"The first time i came to the mortal plane i saw strange creatures. 10 many limbed creatures. They can change shape, I dont know who they are but they have ,for sure, taken a part in your society. One of the Lizards acted a bit diffrent from the others. You should go back and count them again."

2008-02-18, 10:37 AM
OOC: Just going to give this a run-down of my creations, just for time sake, as it's easier to list:

1 GP - Adoxin creates a lush forest, with a small lake at it's centre.
1 DP - Enchant the lake to make it primordial, a hotbed for new lifeforms.
1 DP - To enchant the primordial lake as to never degrade from its current state.
1 GP - Make 10 Tardigrades to live in my primordial lake.
2 DP - Enchant the forest twice, thus to make it overgrown.
1 DP - Increase the Tardigrades procreation rate, done by enabling them to bifurcate.
[Convert 8 WP into 2 DP]
1 DP - Enable the Tardigrades to feed off of time itself (if needed I can go into detail how this can be done).
1 DP - Give my Tardigrades sentience, with a hive mentality.

For more info on Tardigrades Click here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tardigrade)

Pleased with his creations, Adoxin returned to the God Plane to see his work unfold.

2008-02-18, 10:39 AM

With that Emrys disappered and appeared above his people, and he took the form of a bird, and begain circleing his people, watching them.

2008-02-18, 10:47 AM
Xankul exchanges 8 WP to 2DP

Xankul enchants the pavilion so he can magically magnify things, and then he creates a minor plate shift, just by a few mm so the lava could finally come out to make a volcano.

(1Dp for each i think)

Also he sits there looking at all races. Watching events unfold from his pavilion.

2008-02-18, 11:31 AM
One of the lizards, who weren't quite a lizard, noticed a bird circling above him and the other lizards. Clearly not the normal behavior of a bird, thus a god or a shapeshifter more skilled then himself. In any case, the Nothan had to make sure he didn't draw attention to himself.

He jumped into the water, showing only his head as he had seen other lizards do, and seemed to relax next to some other lizards as he carefully observed all lizards within sight, making sure he would be able to mimic their behavior exactly.

(Might I point out that it's a little odd that Xankul knew "for sure" that the shapeshifters infiltrated other communities? It's likely but hardly a fact)

2008-02-18, 11:36 AM
(Ya well I going to have my person just not believe him)

Flying away from the marsh, Dracul went to the forest on the mountain side, and and pearched in a tree. He then became an owl, and calmly watched the front of the cave enterence to the hobgoblins, ready to put his plans into action.

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-18, 11:45 AM
Where the plague once was it stops and only 10 of each of the species died. A black pearl appears in the forest and a white pearl appears in the valley of wonders.

2008-02-18, 11:54 AM
One gnome was not quite like the others. For a while he had remained invisibly hidden in plain sight among them, in order to study their behavior and await the right moment to become one of them.

After a fairly long wait, he realized that it would be to risky to take a place among the gnomes, for the time being at least. They were few and knew each other by name. There were... other possibilities however. While his shapeshifting was limited to humanoid forms his illusions certainly weren't and he could remain covered in illusions much longer then he could remain hidden by them.
He hid in some bushes before quickly switching his invisibility for another illusion and made himself as small as possible.

A few moments later a very convincing silver-colored wolf left the bushes and playfully ran amongst the gnomes for a minute before going to rest in the shade.


Another Nothan had an ever harder time with his mission. Not only were the hobgoblins fairly few, they also seemed suspicious to a ridicolous degree. He quickly understood that if he were to gather any information on them, he would have to remain hidden. That didn't prove a very hard task though as it was easy to either stay invisible or to blend in with the walls of the tunnels.
His feet were very soft, not very comfortable in a cave but almost completly silent.
Eager to fulfil his creators request he walked between the different groups of hobgoblins, trying to learn something important.

2008-02-18, 12:00 PM
Emrys senseing that something had changed, flew towards the forest. Landing within it he looked down at the stone, decideing that his people must have it, he would go to them. Upon reaching them, he turned into a small lizard in the water, and swam up to the one that original was taught draconic. He would then whisper into his ear what he wanted him to do.

"I wish for you to go into the forest. Do not worry for your saftey for I, Dracul, shall travel with you. I ask that only you and you alone go, if asked, tell the others that you are on a mission from your god and must go on a pilgrimage."

With that the Lizardman went out of the water, and picking up a walking stick, started to make his trek into the forset.

2008-02-18, 12:19 PM
___ appeared in the valley and gazed upon the pearl. A thing of beauty, yet, he wondered, was it just an illusion? His fingers stroked it's surface, hoping to gain certainty on this matter.

2008-02-18, 12:20 PM
Five new Nothans had just hatched from their eggs in the valley. Their closeness to their god made them mature quickly and within minutes they were as clever as the adults although slightly smaller.

The wandered around in the valley, enjoying it's illusions when one of them noticed a pearl lying on the ground. To his suprise, the others noticed it as well shortly there after. It wasn't an illusion, but what was it?

Cautiously one of them shifted into his most protective form, a muscular human shape with claw-like nails and approched the pearl. After a few moments of hesitation he touched it lightly.

(If I could get a better description of the pearl and possibly what it does I'd be grateful)

2008-02-18, 12:22 PM
Upon arriving at the peral, Dracul turned into a normal size lizardman. Looking at the other he motioned him to stay back. He then bent down and pick up the peral, wondering exactly what its powers were.

"Go back to the marsh, I must see what this is."

With that he teleported away and was soon underwater in the marsh's. After he arrived, he examined the peral more closley.

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-18, 12:29 PM
When touched it starts to glow. It's around the size of a rugby ball.

The pearls speak in the touchers mind. Soon I shall reveal my secret find my fellow for a head start."

2008-02-18, 12:35 PM
As Noth appeared he saw that the pear had started to glow and both ___ and one of the Nothans were touching it. Shifting into a more authoritarian form he walked over and put both his hands on the pearl.

"This land, and everything in it, is mine" He said, looking straight into ___'s eyes. "In time, I will repay you for your aid but the pearl belongs to me"

With that he snatched the pearl from the god and the Nothan and held it up in front of his eyes.

"It's beautiful... but I can't help but wonder where it comes from"

Suddenly he realized that he pearl communicated telepatically with him and judgeing from the confused look in the Nothans face, it had done the same to him.

With a thought Noth summoned one of his followers that had remained in the valley and handed the pearl to him.

"Guard this with your life and all of your power. Stay out of sight" Noth commanded, knowing that not even gods could find a hidden Nothan. His servant nodded and disapeared from sight in the blink of an eye.

2008-02-18, 12:45 PM
Upon hearing the peral speak, Dracul instantly thought of what to do next. Decideing the best thing would be to search for the other and obtain it, he changed into his human form, and put it in a pocket in his shirt. He then appeard ontop of the mountain, wondering exactly where the other peral was.

Once atop the mountain, Emrys called out to the other gods.

"Will any being that knows of these perals please come and speak with me, for I wish to know what this is."

2008-02-18, 12:53 PM
Just as the Nothan had vanished Noth heard Emrys' call and knew that ___ would hear it as well. If he was to come out on top of this Noth had to act quickly.

"___, my friend" He said with a kind smile "I spoke to quickly. If what Emrys claims is true there must be another pearl that is the 'fellow' this one speaks of. If we work together we could obtain them both"

While confident on the outside Noth was well aware that whoever had the other pearl, there was no doubt in his mind that it had been found already, wouldn't give it up lightly. Noth wasn't the fighting sort, he prefered dealing. Power shared with one or two other gods is better then on power at all, right? He told himself.

2008-02-18, 02:29 PM
Emrys continued to wait, wondering exactly if no other god and realized that there were two perals of power out there. Hopeing someone would come soon, he started to pace back and forth.

2008-02-18, 02:32 PM
Xankul sees after a while Emry's holding a pearl. Xankul begins to scale down the mountain again and approach Emry's.

"What is that"

2008-02-18, 02:39 PM
Decideing the best thing would be to search for the other and obtain it, he changed into his human form, and put it in a pocket in his shirt. He then appeard ontop of the mountain, wondering exactly where the other peral was. (You see no pearl)

Looking at Xankul, Emrys would then stop his pacing.

"Do you know anything of these perals?"

2008-02-18, 02:50 PM
"No but you could show it to me..."
Xankul looks at Emry's carefully.

2008-02-18, 03:03 PM
"I suppose I could, but what would be the purpose of that?"

2008-02-18, 03:08 PM
"Were not enemies right? Why not like i can steal it..."

2008-02-18, 03:09 PM
Appearing above the Black Forest, Nosferatu gazes upon its people. A civilization is beginning to form, small buildings dotted amongst the numerous trees. After viewing the forest from above for awhile, Nosferatu floats down to the earth. Upon touching down upon the soft ground, he is approached by a single Vanilia.

Hello once more my children. How do you fair?

2008-02-18, 03:12 PM
"For one moment you may glance upon it."

Emrys took it out and showed it to Xankul. After a few seconds Emrys then put it quickly away, and rested his hand on his rapier lightly.

"Nothing of great importance."

2008-02-18, 03:16 PM
"...That looks like a normal pearl.. Meh whatever. I thought it was some sort of super weapon."
Xankul goes back to the godly plane.

2008-02-18, 03:23 PM
Xankul yells looking for Emry's in the marsh. After looking for a while Xankul decides to return to the God's plane.

2008-02-18, 04:11 PM
___ appears next to Emrys on top of the mountain.

"Nice view you have from here. But above all, the sounds are magnificent. I can hear the whole world from here"

He remained quite for a while, no matter how unlike him that was.

"The second pearl has been found" he finally spoke.

2008-02-18, 04:30 PM
Realizing where ___ had went Noth followed and heard what he said to Emrys. Noth himself would have prefered a more... subtle approach but it had already been done, not to mention that the lizards' god could prove a useful ally.

"I have a suggestion, gentlemen" He said, using his friendiest voice and apperance. "The way I see it we have two options. The first is to fight over the pearls by force and I can't even imagine the effects on that given our combined powers and we would also risk the second pearl, mine is... safe for now."

He stopped for a few moments to gather his thoughts and let his words sink into the gods in front of him.

"The other option..." He begun and smiled "Is to work together. Surely the reward will be great even if shared and if we combine our powers few will be able to stop us"

"It's perfect really, none of our domains, or creatures for that matter, compeat with each other. They as well could benefit from a triumvirate of the three greatest gods. What do you say?" He asked and put on his most charming smile.

2008-02-18, 04:36 PM
Nixe, Goddess of the Sea

As Nixe descended to the ball of earth that made up the mortal realm she was vexed at the lack of a massive sea. This thought drove her forward bubbling forth from the ground as a massive stream of water, soaking the ground which began to sink around the land she had chosen for her children. As the ground around trembled and sunk down ward, filling with the water that she had brought to the surface, she changed the nature of the land her sea would surround breathing fertile life into and making it habitable. As the land around her began to form into a bowl and fill with her blessed sea she carved the land to include holes and niches for the life she was about to give to it.

As the massive bowl finally finished Nixe brought her hands to her chest before placing them in the water, and from this point schools of fish, packs of sharks, all manner of sea life flowed into the still growing sea. Along with this abundant sea fauna with her blessing sea flora began to sprout and spontaneously grow across the now teeming sea.

Turning to her island, the one that would be the home to her most beloved, most cherished, creation, she pricked her thumb and let ten drops divine blood out onto the sandy floor, from these ten spots rose the Nixiens, created in the image of their goddess they were of blue skin and scales, humanoid looking but with the mouth of a shark and the build of a fish. As her children rose from her blood she spoke in a motherly voice,

Hello my darlings, I am your mother Nixe and you are my children the Nixiens, I have raised this sea to provide you with my care and this island to shelter you from the others on the outside. Know this my children, love me and obey me and you shall prosper like none other, but should you betray my trust I shall bring the wrath of the sea to bare against you.

Points Spent:
1 God Point - Creation of the Sea, measures will be up on status
1 Worship Point - Creating natural terrain on sea floor
5 Divine Points - Creating abundant sea life and making the island habitable.
1 God Point - Creation of 10 Nixiens, 5 Males and 5 Females

2008-02-18, 04:40 PM
"I would say I agree, Noth. You have both been friends in the past, and I have no wish for a war between the gods. It would not benefit the evolution of language. I know that I would be a Lepidus, maybe a Crassus to this triumvirate, but that nly makes me more important from my point of view. Without the third, there is the downfall of the two, remember that. That being said, I have no crave for power, only for some worship and peace, so I'd be more then willing to share"

2008-02-18, 04:44 PM
Noth nodded at ___'s words. He was pleased. "Of course, I will do my best to preserve the peace and worship you seek. Our methods may differ but our goals are similar, my friend"

For now, at least, he added in his thoughts, as always careful not to show anything on the outside.

2008-02-18, 05:11 PM
Xankul appears in his pavilion and observes the land. After looking around he sees a new sea appear with all sorts of life in it.
Xankul decides to check what has happened there.
Seeing the new sea he decides to connect it to the mountain by creating a small underground tunnel that emerges near the bank of the Sea.
Soon after he writes of a fish supply that is nearby in the Codice.


After he teleports to the godly plane

2008-02-18, 05:53 PM
Finally, he was ready to create his people. Taking bits of wood and stone he builds a forge. He creates for himself a stone hammer and chisel. Taking stone, he chisels man into his image, 5 men and then 5 women, at the top of their heads he chisels in a deep hole. Here they would recieve the purifying fires of life. Heating the forge to unseen levels he turns the iron molten, and pours the the molten metal into each skull. Proud, he seals each hole and lets life seep into his creations.

As they slowly gain awareness he bestows upon them intelligence(2 divine points) so that they may better be able to conquer this world and make it their own.

Watcing them from above he observes them as they take in their surroundings and try to find their place and meaning in the world. He lets them do this for some time, before luring his favored one away from the pact, it was not his first scuplture, nore was it his last but it is was his most perfect one. He lures the man over to the lake before appearing in a brilliant flash of golden light.

"Behold! I, am, Deneral, the Master Builder, you and all which you see are my creation. And, you are my favorite creation. Forged from stone and iron in my own image. Whatever name you have chosen for yourself no longer matters, you shall be known as Cato, and you shall be the leader of your people. Their first patron, their first king. You shall lead them into building a city, and lead them and your children to expanding your influence over this peninsula, then this world. And when you pass into the afterlife to join me, I shall name another to take your place. It shall be a hard and long task but success will be rewarded. Failure will not. To help you in your task I will give you a tiny spark of my power, so you may lead your people."

Cato is covered in glowing radiance as he is infused with magical ability(2 worship points.)

"Now, return to your people. Spread my message and begin building. I will return to you, and only you as you are the chosen one amongst these people."

2008-02-18, 05:58 PM
Sounds like Dwarves, I declare war!!(j/king)

2008-02-18, 06:10 PM
Cato is covered in glowing radiance as he is infused with magical ability(2 worship points.)[/COLOR]

OOC: It's up to Demonking but I'm pretty sure magical ability (depending on the strenght of course) will cost more then two WPs even if it's just for one individual. But hey, I might be wrong, the boss will surely decide.

2008-02-18, 06:14 PM
Cato? As in Cato the Elder? Nice pick.
Oh, and I think his people are more like golems than like dwarves.

2008-02-18, 06:22 PM
As he waited for Emrys to answer Noth took the opportunity to do some thinking. He wasn't a very philosophical individual, definatly not, but this was a question worth putting some effort into. These pearls was another hint, the first one had been the existance of themselves and their world.

The hints pointed in the same direction, there was something else above them. A god for the gods if you will. It was a frightning but interesting thought. Of course, one of the other gods could have created the pearls but he didn't thought so. There was... something about them that led his mind in another direction.

Who or what had created the world? Would that someone have an interest in what went on in the world like the gods themselves was interested in what happened to their creations? It was likely. If so, what would that mean for Noth's own position?

He had no answers to that and a multitude of other questions. In time, he told himself, he would get them.

2008-02-18, 06:34 PM
Cato? As in Cato the Elder? Nice pick.
Oh, and I think his people are more like golems than like dwarves.

OOC: Well they are humans(skin and all) they just have a nice creation myth to represent their future martial might.

2008-02-18, 06:42 PM
After pondering the different options that were put before him, Emrys nodded in aggrement. Wondering exactly how they would share he decided to ask a question.

"I do agree with you, yet how do we share the power, when one being must have both perals? I feel I can trust you ___ with both yet, to no offense to you Noth, you are the god of everchanging, how do I not know you wont change your word?"

2008-02-18, 06:50 PM
As he listened to Emrys Noth smiled to himself. This could be an interesting alliance indeed. Then he quickly cleared his throat and spoke.

"May I suggest another alternative?" He asked and continued without waiting for an answer. "One that might work and undoubtedly has some nice symbolism. What if I hold my pearl and you, Emrys, your pearl and then ___ hold on to both of us, thus creating a connection between the pearls"

"We must not forget that some sort of intelligence must be behind the creation of the pearls and whatever gifts they bring. Surely such a being would be able to sense our motives and intentions of sharing the gifts"

2008-02-18, 06:53 PM
"Yes let us do that, bring forth the pearl, and we can start."

2008-02-18, 07:00 PM
"Very well. If you would follow me to my valley..." Noth said and vanished, confident that they would find him. He reappeared in the centre of the valley and called out for the Nothan he'd selected to carry the pearl. Before the other two had even arrived the Nothan suddenly appeared before him as he dropped his invisibility and handed Noth the pearl.

"You have done well, Nothan" Said the lord of the everchanging and bowed his head at his creation as a sign of respect. "Now go, I have important affairs with other gods"

The Nothan obeyed and moments later Noth was alone again, awaiting his fellow gods.

(OOC: Since he's already in on the deal, I say we NPC ___ a little bit (unless he's online now) and say he arrives with Emrys. We'll still have to wait a while for Demonking to tell us what the pearls do)

2008-02-18, 07:05 PM
Emrys looked down and saw the valley, and the apperd there, some 20 feet from Noth. ___ was soon to follow him as well. Walking up to Noth, he took the black pearl out of his pocket, and held it to his side, waiting for Noth to begin.

"Ready when you are."

2008-02-18, 07:34 PM
Urg watched the other gods from above and decided to meet with the ones holding the pearls to see what would happen. He flew down beside them and said:

"You know that black pearl appeared in the forest I created. It might not have appeared if I had not made my own creation."

2008-02-18, 07:56 PM
Adoxin peered from the god's plane. Moving down into the world he gazed expressionless at the pearl. Addressing the communion surrounding the pearl he smiled.

"There is time enough to study it. May I suggest to take to the God's plane. Although a good effect is a noble intention, so is the path to hell paved with them. I can take us out of time, out of effect. The pearls may have sentience, I rarely credit a creation with such. One can only hope for armageddon, a fresh start should your carelessness, if not to heed my solution, ends what you have made. I can survive with my painting being wrenched from me, can you as artisans survive the same?"

2008-02-18, 08:03 PM
Ignoring Urg's and Adoxin's comments Noth reached out and placed his hand on ___'s shoulder as he saw Emrys do the same.

The pearls were connected. What would happen next?

(OOC: Slight NPC:ing of Emrys but I hope it's okay. I just want to get this "cermony" over with as soon as possible, not to mention that I'm curious to what the pearls do)

EDIT: I didn't notice luciel's post when I posted so I just added his name in the first sentence. I hope Reaper and Nigma are okay with ignoring him.

2008-02-18, 08:14 PM
(Ya its fine, was away so whatever)

2008-02-18, 08:49 PM
Urg puts his hands on two of the people in the circle so he can see what happens first hand. If anyone tries to remove him he will nonviolently resist.

2008-02-18, 08:58 PM
(would that still take effect as you did it afterwords?)

2008-02-18, 09:06 PM
(I guess depending on what Demonking says since he hasn't described what happens yet. :P)

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-19, 10:21 AM
(2wp would be like a 1st level sorcerer.)

Noth, Emrys and ___ get a divine point each.

Speaking into the three people who touched the pearl. "It only has one use do you want to use all" Then Urg touched it and started to hear the voice. "its great and mighty power."

Emrys heard a voice in his head. "Convince them to save it then use it for yourself, your better than them."

2008-02-19, 10:32 AM
As the pearl "spoke" Noth felt his power growing stronger. Not much though, most of the pearls' power apperantly remained within them. He tried to think quickly, how would he best turn the situation to his advantage? To make things even worse another god had connected to them.

Noth realized he needed more time to think, not to mention some sort of advantage. A few Nothans was watching them from a distance and Noth came up with a plan. It relied on the Nothans capicity to think for themselves but they had so far showed progress in that area.

Tapping into his powers Noth sent the white pearl flying from his hand at incredible speed, reaching the Nothans moments later. One of them took it and, just as he'd hoped, they all immediately went invisible and he could sense them splitting up and running in different directions. Not even Noth himself would be capable of finding the pearl now and the other gods certainly wouldn't.

"Do not worry" He said to his fellow gods, putting on his trustworthy face. "The pearls will be reunited. I just felt that we should deal with the matter of... ownership at first. There seem to be some disagreement regarding that"

One worship point used to send the pearl flying.

2008-02-19, 02:34 PM
"I do not mind your intervention, Noth. However, I take great offence at yours, Urg. You were not included in our deal. We could have bargained, but so far you have not proven a very wise god. More of a troublemaker, really. I have faith you will mend your ways, but do not return to us until you have"

___ then spoke to Noth and Emrys in words only they could understand.

"We have a deal, the three of us. I do not wish to claim the pearls for myself. I merely feel no one god should gain more power than the rest of us. The three must share it, for that is our purpose. This being said, it does not mean we should not try to gain the power after all. As long as it is shared"

He then checked his scroll and shook his head in dissaproval.

"Vile words have been spoken, vile secret words. But no matter how secret, as long as they have been communicated, I may understand. The scroll keeps the record, of everything. I remain certain though, that no amount of vile words will tear the triumvirate apart"

2008-02-19, 03:01 PM
Noth just nodded in agreement, not wanting to reveal anything of what ___ had said and neither capable of his selectivly understandable speak. Then he turned to Emrys.

"Emrys, I suggest we hide away the black pearl as well, I fear we cannot trust the others not to interfear. If you don't mind I could hide that one as well, I can guarantee it will not be found"

2008-02-19, 03:50 PM
Noth just nodded in agreement, not wanting to reveal anything of what ___ had said and neither capable of his selectivly understandable speak. Then he turned to Emrys.

"Emrys, I suggest we hide away the black pearl as well, I fear we cannot trust the others not to interfear. If you don't mind I could hide that one as well, I can guarantee it will not be found"

"That I must object to. No one man can have possession of both pearls, that is the way it will be, unless all of the triumvirate decide differently. I'd rather have that Emrys or me hide the pearl"

2008-02-19, 06:52 PM
"On the contrary, dear ___" Noth said and reached out with his hands in an honest gesture "I would have possession of neither, the Nothans would handle it. If it would please you we could put your diciple among them in charge of the black pearl"

"It's not that I want the pearls for myself, you have to agree that when it comes to Hiding, Nothans are the best we've got"

"That being said" Noth added after a few moments, knowing fully well that some battles were unable to win. "If you don't agree with me I suggest we preform the joining of the pearls in one of the rooms at the divine plane. It should be easy enough to keep everyone else out of there"

"So I guess the real question is, do we want to use it now or later?"

2008-02-20, 06:28 AM
"That I can agree to, for now, my disciple could indeed hide the pearl. He for one worships me more than he worships you, but he is still a Nothan, and thus untrackable. Off course, Emrys would have to agree to this"

2008-02-20, 01:46 PM
Looking at ___, Emrys nodded, still heading what the voice had said to him.

"I trust you ___ I shall come back for it after I am done with some things."

With that Emrys gave ___ the pearl and dissapered.

2008-02-20, 02:00 PM
___ stared at the pearl for a bit, still perplexed with it's beauty. Then he handed it to the Nothan that had become his disciple. The disciple bowed and murmured something in draconic. ___ said something back, and that was that. The disciple dissapeared, and would not be found unless ___ called for him.

2008-02-20, 02:01 PM
"Excellent" Said Noth and then called out to his and ___'s shared follower who stood nearby. The Nothan came up to them and out of respect for his two gods he had assumed ___'s old man apperance but with Noth's golden hair. It was quite a peculiar look.

"Nothan," Noth said to him "Take this pearl from ___ and go into hiding until both of us call for you again"

The Nothan nodded, eager to please, and held out his hands.

2008-02-20, 02:03 PM
OOC: Seems like we posted at the same time. If we just say that my post happened before yours things shouldn't be too confusing.

2008-02-20, 02:04 PM
"He's my disciple. In matters like this, he listens to me. If that weren't the way it worked, there would be no use in handing the pearl to him. We'd have to find someone who didn't listen to you at all. I don't distrust you, but that's just the way it is. Besides, I have one disciple, you ahve a whole people. Most of them worship me in some measure as well, but you're their main god, while I'm this guy's main god"

2008-02-20, 02:10 PM
"But of course" Noth said smilingly "You have done me great favors and a single diciple is a small price to pay for that. I simply want to make sure that both of us is needed to regain the pearl. After all, we don't want any back-stabbing in this matter, do we?"

2008-02-20, 02:17 PM
"Both of us is needed to regain both pearls. You are needed for one, but not for two. I am needed for one, but not for two. Emrys is currently needed for none, but I will make sure he does not get cut out. If anyone else should be needed to summon the second pearl, it should be Emrys, and not you, Noth. I say that respectfully. Anyways, this Nothan honours me in much greater measure than you, and I have instructed him to return only on my call, and my call alone. This is how it will be, no need to insist"

2008-02-20, 02:22 PM
"Very well then" Noth replied and bowed his head slightly "So be it."

"Regardless of that, we need to discuss what the pearls said, do we wish to use them now or later? Personally, I think it might be wise to wait a while and see if we can't find out more about these pearls and, perhaps even more important, who put them here. Can we really be sure that they are harmless?"

2008-02-20, 02:29 PM
"I think they are harmless, yes. The being that created us wished for us to create, or we would not have the power to. Therefore, anything else he creates can not be meant to harm us or it would harm our ability to create. In fact, I believe possession of both pearls will enlarge our ability to create, as sharing it did, but only in a bigger measure"

"That said, I'm still not sure whether we should use them. No one god should have more power then the others. We could off course try all touching both pearls at the same time"

2008-02-20, 02:41 PM
As he listened to ___'s words Noth raised an eyebrow in suprised disbelief. No one god should have more power then the others? He very much doubted that all the other gods would share this belief. Of course, being a god of something like language it was an understandable point of view. No matter which races grew to dominate the world one way or the other, they would still communicate and ___ would still have followers.

"Then we share a position regarding the use of the pearls but not the reasons behind it" Noth paused and thought about how to continue. "I can appreciate the thought behind the idea of sharing the power equally but I don't believe in it. It is in the worlds best interest that some of us, the more sensible ones, hold greater power. Imagine if a god like Xankul somehow gained the upper hand. He would tear the world apart in his attempts to conquer or destroy it."

"We don't want that to happen and thus we must use whatever power we possess to remain powerful enough to stop all attempts to harm the world and it's inhabitants"

2008-02-20, 03:01 PM
"The Triumvirate are not Xankul. That being said, despite his urges toward destreuction, Xankul is still an ally of mine. Only if he should actually start a war would our friendship be in peril"

"As for the pearls, if we use them, we should all touch them at once"

2008-02-20, 03:13 PM
"We are not Xankul indeed..." Noth lowered his head and thought for a few seconds. "I agree that the Triumvirate should use them together but I'm still doubtful if we can be sure that the pearls are purely good. It is fairly obvious that us gods have different moral standars from each other. What if more then one being has created us and the pearls? That is a possiblity we cannot ignore and one of those entities could be... hostile, just like some of us may be hostile towards other gods creations"

"Let us wait for Emrys before we make a final decision. Since we have some time on our hands, I'm curious about what your future plans are? After all, you do not have a people of your own to tend to"

2008-02-20, 03:40 PM
Urg ignored the rest of the gods and their pearl discussion. Instead he decided to use his energy to create another forest to add to his paradise hoping someone would try to claim it soon.

(spending the 1 god point we got recently)

2008-02-20, 04:49 PM
"I do not wish a people of my own. They are merely devices for the powerhungry, seen through my eyes. Should I have a people, they would focus solely on language, and be trampled by the other races. So I decided to have none, and bless all other races with language instead. They are more powerful that any race I would create, and even if they do perish, there will still be the other races"

"I will never be the one and only god, but there will always be a place for me. A small one, maybe, but still. Not even the god of destruction could possibly seek to destroy me. I am vital for the balance. This triumvirate is an excellent example. Both of you have strong peoples that worship you, both of you are strong gods. Emrys representing strenght, and you cunning. Or at least, that's what one would believe if one had seen your people. I, on the other hand, am not very powerful, but I am the bond through which you speak. I am your effective means of communication, and so shall be my part. The god of language is neutral, and can not possibly be anything else. I seek balance, for that is when language thrives"

___ continued in a tongue only meant for Noth.

"And you, friend, what are your plans for the people that can blend with the masses and travel from folk to folk? There has to be some greater purpose in having them speak all tongues, does there not?"

2008-02-20, 05:07 PM
"Well put, my friend" Noth replied after listening to ___'s speech about his plans. Noth knew that ___ was right, all the other gods could fall and so could their people. ___ however was likely to remain some strenght no matter how things played out. An interesting approach to godhood no doubt.

Then he realized that ___ had continued, this time in another tounge that Noth realized was aimed only for him. As he opened his mouth to speak he discovered that he spoke the same tounge, for now at least, allowing no one but ___ to hear his answer.

"A greater purpose indeed" He admitted "My plan is actually not all the different from yours, although of a slightly different flavor. Let the other gods strive for physical might and worldy influence, I prefer to stay in the shadows so to speak. Watching, listening and planning without being noticed. The same goes for my people. Power is fleeting, the real currency of this world is information" Noth stopped, knowing that he'd revealed enough to be a suitible answer yet not much that ___ couldn't have guessed already.

2008-02-20, 10:06 PM
Nixe, Goddess of the Sea

Descending to her spreading creations of the mortal coil, Nixe streams forth from the ocean that she gave life to onto the island the Nixiens called home. As her loyal children gathered around her a rare smile crept onto her face as she made sure as to pat each one on their head before speaking,

My children, it has been long since I've been back to visit you and many surprises you have in store for me I am sure but I came with good reason. Current events lead me to fear for your safety so I have arrived today to create a protector for you, one who will show no mercy should any try to harm you. This creature will know to not harm you so should any trouble come, flee to the waters you were born from and he shall protect you until I can arrive. Fear not my children for the Kraken shall be your protector for all eternity!"

With this Nixe spilt more of her blood into the sea around her, where as it contacted the crystal blue water it began to solidify and take on a massive be-tentacled shape. As the Kraken grew to its full size it let out a beastial roar before diving deep into the waters surrounding the island of the Nixiens.

1 God Point Spent - Creating the Kraken

2008-02-21, 01:15 PM
The following actions, while terribly a-holey, have been approved Emperor Demonking. Keep in mind that I've mentioned earlier that Noth can sense and locate all of his creations even if they are hidden.

"I must bid you farewell for now, friend" Noth said to ___. "I will see you again soon so we may continue our discussion" That wasn't true and Noth knew it. Perhaps the language god would once again call him 'friend' some day, perhaps not. Other things were more important.

Noth quickly teleported between a few of his Nothans until he found the one carrying the white pearl. He quickly reclaimed it and then focused he senses to find the one carrying the black pearl. The Nothan's loyalty may have been divided but he was still Noth's creation.
Luck seemed to be supporting the lord of the everchanging since he sensed the other Nothan not far away. He turned to other Nothans nearby and quickly instructed them before he teleported to ___'s disciple's location. With a thought he took away the Nothan's ability to change his shape and cast illusions. He was now nothing more then a normal creature.

Realizing what was happening ___'s disciple started running but other Nothans followed and he stood no chance agains his invisible, shape-changing brothers. The cought him within moments and pinned him to the ground. Each of his arms and legs were held by a Nothan and a fifth started to strangle him.
Noth snatched the black pearl from his grip and now held both pearls in his hands.

As the world's first murder took place by his feet Noth looked at both pearls carefully and then spoke to them after telling the Nothan's to hide him and the pearls by their illusions.

"Now..." He said to the pearls with a vicious smile on his lips "Show me your power!"

Two WP's spent on reclaiming one of the Nothans' powers.
Sorry about the betrayl, guys. A god of deceit has a certain reputation to uphold after all. Nothing personal...
Demonking: Noth chooses to active the pearls' power right away as I have a feeling that other gods might be dropping by soon...

2008-02-21, 01:21 PM
As the pearl "spoke" Noth felt his power growing stronger. Not much though, most of the pearls' power apperantly remained within them. He tried to think quickly, how would he best turn the situation to his advantage? To make things even worse another god had connected to them.

Noth realized he needed more time to think, not to mention some sort of advantage. A few Nothans was watching them from a distance and Noth came up with a plan. It relied on the Nothans capicity to think for themselves but they had so far showed progress in that area.

Tapping into his powers Noth sent the white pearl flying from his hand at incredible speed, reaching the Nothans moments later. One of them took it and, just as he'd hoped, they all immediately went invisible and he could sense them splitting up and running in different directions. Not even Noth himself would be capable of finding the pearl now and the other gods certainly wouldn't.

"Do not worry" He said to his fellow gods, putting on his trustworthy face. "The pearls will be reunited. I just felt that we should deal with the matter of... ownership at first. There seem to be some disagreement regarding that"

One worship point used to send the pearl flying.

When I let the disciple carry away the pearl, I had this in mind (the bit in bold). You have specifically stated you would not be able to find the pearl, and not in character speech either. Speech could be a lie. This could not.

Besides, a single sound from the disciple would be enough to call ___ and have him stop the murder. Your actions would not work. Do not believe ___ did not expect betrayal, all was calculated.

As far as I know, it was never mentioned you could track your followers. It was in fact mentioned you couldn't. That I am sure of. Even if Emperor Demonking still agrees after having seen this specific statement, ___ would still appear to save his disciple, or at least the pearl.

2008-02-21, 01:26 PM
When I let the disciple carry away the pearl, I had this in mind (the bit in bold). You have specifically stated you would not be able to find the pearl, and not in character speech either. Speech could be a lie. This could not. Besides, a single sound from the disciple would be enough to call ___ and have him stop the murder. Your actions would not work. Do not believe ___ did not expect betrayal, all was calculated.

What I meant by the sentence you referred to was that he couldn't know exactly which Nothan had the pearl (since he didn't see which one took it), thus his teleporting around to find the right one in the beginning of my post but I guess I didn't make that totally clear.
I guess we'll have to leave it up to Demonking as I asked him if my plan would work in a PM and he said it would.
I really hope he rules in my favor as I suspect the alliance between Noth, ___ and Emrys could be a bit... chilly with this OOC-knowledge. I hope he comes online soon so we can settle this.

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-21, 01:37 PM
Noth can sense the Nothans but ___ could've reacted to what Noth was doing.

___ found himself aware that Noth was looking for the pearls, as Noth got the first of the pearls.

2008-02-21, 01:40 PM
___, moving at the speed of sound, thunders through plains and valleys, spreading the divine word. Suddenly, out of a bush, his disciple appears.
Quickly, the god takes the pearl and travels to his private room in the god's plane.

2008-02-21, 01:45 PM
___ found himself aware that Noth was looking for the pearls, as Noth got the first of the pearls.

I accept that ___ might be able to save his disciple but why would he notice that Noth had gotten the first pearl back?

Anyone got any ideas on how to make my post make sense?

Geez, I'm starting to really regret coming up with this whole plan. :smallyuk:

2008-02-21, 01:55 PM
Honestly, I don't think any god should be able to sense any creature. Sure, the Nothans would answers Noth's call, but out of their own choice. That said, I really didn't think he could. If anything, I think Noth could only find the Nothans that worshipped him primarily, but that's already a bit of a stretch.

I don't think ___ could sense the happening either, I think ___ would hear his disciple call for help, but he wouldn't sense Noth gathering the first pearl. I've decided to roll with what that Emperor said, because he runs this game, but I do feel both decisions are rather flawed.

It's like when the pearls said Emrys should have the power. I felt that was rather flawed too. I mean, they seemed to imply he had accomplished more than other gods, but his creatures had simply reproduced more. I hardly think that's a measure for power. I don't even have creatures (as far as you have them, creations are communal) and I don't wish to have any either.

Oh, and you need not worry about the OOC chillyness, Faustling, we all knew OOC Noth was going to betray us. He is the god of deceit, after all. I just went with it because that's what ___ would do. That said, the new IC chillyness might be a thing to worry about. Shame, a triumvirate was a nice idea

2008-02-21, 02:02 PM
In the first post where I mentioned that Noth could sense the Nothans I said I just assumed he could do it and since neither Demonking nor any players objected I went with it. Of course, this would mean that all gods could sense their own creations.
Yeah, I kinda liked the triumvirate as well and I hesitated for a while whether to betray you guys or not but ultimately decided to do it. When I asked Demonking for permission I figured that I either betray you and end up with both pearls or not betray you and benefit from the triumvirate. Now my whole plan just blew up in my face. Stupid plan. :smallyuk:

2008-02-21, 02:05 PM
Well, it was in character for you to betray us. I don't blame you. As for the sensing bit, I think I must have missed that, as I don't recall it. And creators sensing all their creations really sounds rather lame. It would make creations somewhat like their possessions

2008-02-21, 02:10 PM
I don't remember exactly where I wrote it but I think it's in a spoiler tag in one of my earlier posts.
I figured it would be logical for gods to sense their creations as are somewhat parts of the gods themselves. Kinda similar to how ___ can detect what's being said since language is pretty much his creation.

2008-02-22, 08:09 PM
Xankul reappears on the world in the paradise. Right after he begins to gather the dead creatures bones. After that he animates them and lets them free to kill other creatures in the forest.

I think its 1 DP for raising some dead antelopes and stuff. I think i have like 20 or something

2008-02-22, 09:44 PM
Urg comes down to rekill the attacking animals with his bare hands.

2008-02-22, 09:57 PM
Nosferatu beings to scout the world once more, appearing over the paradise as a murder of crows. Upon eying the constant rebirth and death of the creatures below, Nosferatu feels as though it must step in.

"Halt this abominable task at once." Nosferatu declares, anger clearly in its voice as it descends from the sky, taking the guise of a hooded figure.

2008-02-22, 10:05 PM
"And why should I?"
And i continuously animate dead things except this time I get them to attack Urg.

I think ill be a necromancer.Spend a god point to allow me to animate them at will? or a few times a day?

2008-02-22, 10:12 PM
You can't. The only Necromancy in existance at this moment is in my Vanilias minds, and since I'm the God of Death you can't become one.

Frowning at this continued desecration of the eternal slumber, Nosferatu waits for the other god to act.

2008-02-22, 10:14 PM
((Really? Damn...and i spent a god point for nothing. Could i change it to the whole destruction domain spell list?))

2008-02-22, 10:22 PM
((I wouldn't know. I don't think you spent the point though since its impossible for you to do what you desired to do.))

2008-02-22, 10:27 PM
((I edited it. I think it fits to use destruction domain spells[Also include the destruction spell]. Also in that case i think you can just take away those powers))
Xankul watches Urg destroy the remaining skeletons.
" I realise your the god of death. How about we make a deal? You give me the ability to reanimate the dead and i give you the ability to kill for more dead..."

2008-02-22, 10:33 PM
((Nice try.))

Frowning at Xankul, Nosferatu sighs.

"Life and death are not play things. There is a balance that must be maintained at all times. It is not allowed to disrupt this balance. I must decline your offer. I am sorry."

2008-02-22, 10:41 PM
"Bah.. Your like the rest of them... Peace loving fools, no ambition, grasping at straws, using so little of there full potential,"
Xankul casts destruction at a random tree,
", at some point you will submit and allow me to grasp the power of DEATH!"
Xankul stalks to the mountains.

2008-02-22, 10:51 PM
Emrys appears behind Xankul. Looking at the god of destruction, he shakes his head at him. Walking over, Emrys starts to walk beside him.

"Having problems getting what you want?"

2008-02-22, 10:54 PM
"Yes, apparently all gods are fools. Look at many of them, never using there true powers for a purpose... I think there will be a future problem with ___, and also with this Nosferatu..."
Xankul scowls and casts disintegrate on a flying insect.

2008-02-22, 11:01 PM
"Hold your tounge when speaking like that, for I feel that ___ just seeks peace, and wants to spread the power of language. As for this Nosferatu I do not know him, what is the problem with him?"

At this Emrys' mind started to calculate, and as he started to form a plan, he let a small smile form on his lips. Relizeing this, he made it into a smile of friendship at Xankul.

2008-02-22, 11:11 PM
"When you said the words 'peace' and having something to do with respect in the same sentence you have been lowered in my eyes... Nosferatu does not realise that together we could create a vast undead army! With his help we could slaughter the lands people and raise a large undead army!! There must be other lands to destroy, and in these lands other people. I have killed more and Nosferatu has gained more dead!"

Xankul's yellow eyes are now a bright crimson red.

2008-02-22, 11:15 PM
Urg plants seeds and tends to his forest to pass time.

(Blah I might as well be a god of nature since I don't really have a reason to care about fighting anyone.)

2008-02-22, 11:21 PM
"What is the point of killing all things, if afterwords you have just bordem to satisfy you for the rest of eternity!!

......I am sorry...I should not have raised my voice. I did not say that I try the same as ___, but I respect his views because he is a fellow being with the power to create or destroy just like us. Do you wish to be known throughout time as the god that was dishonored?"

Emrrys then extended a hand out to him, offering him to shake it.

"I come to you in peace my friend, please let us have no querral between us, for if you want to change the world, why fight me when we can benifet each other?"

Well technicoly you could interact with my people, they are basically going to become a people of war, because in their mindset they think they are better then all, so you could help them there??

2008-02-22, 11:23 PM
The seed that Urg is planting is destroyed.
"That doesn't suit you Urg... From what i saw you are a warrior. Not a gardener. Join me on my quest to conquer them all, to conquer all other gods that will oppose us. We have... mutual interests. War and Destruction fit side by side, one hand in another. Why not join me?

Xankul hears Emry's response.
"Yes... Why not join each other? I think that its a wise. It is true that ___ is most likely the most powerful god. If he did not exist imagine society, true chaos. Thinking about your words, its true. There will be nothing left once I destroy everything. But there is one problem here. My creations, these Hobgoblins begin to bore me. I am thinking of what to do with them, they take to long to grow and i run out of patience. It is to much effort to solve all their arguments, referring to the codice for every single quarrel or dispute. I think because I have never made direct contact with them... Another could be there god, this other could be you. In the book i have written of the near coming of god but have been to lazy to actually join them. After a while i think that destruction should remain true to destruction, not law."

2008-02-23, 05:58 AM
There is thunder in the mountaisn that night. ___ has returned to his disciples among the Hobgoblins to check on their progress. Much has changed since his last visit. The Hobgoblins have become a warlike people, riding beasts and forging weapons deep within the mountain. They hunger for war, but no opponent has been given to them, no goal. It is as if their god has abandoned them.

Even though they are frustrated, the Hobgoblins still honour whatever entity created them, and they still worship the codex. The codex, see, is the unification of their both gods. Their creator has written it, and in it they can read his commandements (though he has never quite made any, only tips for forging metal and such). The book however, also represents ___, the god who gave them the power to read and write. The Hobgoblins can not speak and communicate by grunting, which causes many misunderstandings among them, but they can write, and those few disciples of ___ among them have spent their time gathering their history and primitive philosophies in an immense library.

While deep in the mountains lie the magnificent forges, here, near the top, lies a huge room, walls hacked out into shelves to stack the books on, and in the centre of the room a stone altar, on which the librarians wrote and honoured ___. The library was equiped with huge steel doors, much like the throneroom of their king, to prevent any damage should a disaster arise. The forges were not equipped with such doors, since nothing there couldn't be regained by a bit of work. The libraries works were unique, and irreplacable.

Here ___ appeared, to his four librarians and all it's visitors (there were quite a lot of them, since reading was one of the Hobgoblins sole sources of entertainement).

"Hobgoblins, I have returned to thee! You have done well, building up these thick volumes of lore, and these studies of the codex. You have become indepent thinkers, as you needed to channel your warlike urges some way. Now that you have achieved this wonderful library, I feel it is time to give you my next gift. The gift of speech!"

There was a loud thunderclap, echoeing through the halls and tunnels of the mountain, and then ___ was gone. But the Hobgoblins had learned to speak. this was a glorious day, and they would celebrate.

2008-02-23, 08:34 AM

Name: H


H is a generally a calm, soft-spoken man. He always seems to take his time answering questions, and he enjoys playing with light, creating flames, rings, halos, and other means of displaying his power. He is sometimes irritating to other gods as he loses himself in his hobby, hardly paying attention to other deities unless they truly have something important to say. He seems to enjoy doing this when he thinks he knows their words are empty, and attempts at being mildly irritating towards them until they decide to reveal their purpose or tell him more.


H generally wears a silver robe, draped around him to his feet. Generally, he seems to be displacing himself as he walks. It looks like the light emanating from other places are drawn and reflected from him. As a result, he hardly is able to maintain a disguise or shadows to hide himself. In fact, shadows cower as the man drifts, and disguises unveil themselves as he uses that displacement power to get himself into a seat. His face, none can see it. It radiates an aura of light, and only the features of his smile seems to appear, the rest is only the outline of the visage, and the white skin surrounded by the almost golden glow.

Domain: Light.

Light: such a simple, and yet powerful concept. As H descends upon the world, he observes the forests, the mountains, the marsh, then the people. He walks for a while around the plane, leaving only afterimages of light, a faint blur behind him. Going to the caves of the gnomes, he looks upon them, treading on their land. His voice, soft-spoken, rises so as to be heard by the 15 gnomes:

"You seem to lack faith in the world, poor creatures. Even though thou are keenest of the creatures to research and discover. "

With those words, he lifts his hands in mid-air. A mighty tunnel opens in the caves, like a huge chimney of reflecting mirrors drawing in the light of the sun and illuminating the caves with the bright rays of the warm sunlight. (1 DP)

"With light, comes knowledge. Heed my words, harken to them, and you will become mighty in your own right."

With that, he disappears from the sight of the gnomes, leaving their caves and going to the mountains of the hobgoblins. There, at the bottom of the mountain range, he goes to the northwards-most tip of them, and escalates to a great height. There, he lifts his arms and closes his eyes once more.

As he does so, the tip of the mountain slowly crumbles and the snow slowly drifts away. Rocks expands outwards from the cliff face, making something similar to a great rectangle out of both sides of the mountain top. The top part becomes flat, and a range of stairs start crawling down the mountain, forming out of the rock with solid man-sized steps. The rectangle that is formed out of this divine power seems to reach about 30 meters in length, 20 in width and its depth falls a clean 90 degree angle towards the bottom-most of that area. (2 DP)

Taking a deep breath, struggling from the effort, the aura of light around the god dims slightly so that the eyes are almost apparent. Ignoring this, he claps his hands together, like a prayer. Then directing them towards the smooth flat surface of the rectangle of rock now sitting like an eagles nest among the mountains.


The stone begins to shatter and break, they start forming bricks, bricks that rise and keep rising. A great round medieval looking tower forms itself and stands tall on the pinnacle of rock that H has just made. The about 50m. tall tower overlooks most of the land, and it has been made habitable with rooms On either side of the rock outside the tower, room is made for some tilled earth and beautiful, blessed fruit-producing trees are placed there. (2 DP)

H looks fairly exhausted by then, his clear amber eyes are visible, even though bright, and his mouth outline is now clear. It seems exhaustion reduces his ability to draw in light. But nevertheless, he now takes what looks like a vial of light from inside his robes and smashes it on the ground. Mumbling to himself some odd incantation or ritual as the liquid light spreads, he calls forth his power as a god and summons his people to him, 10 specimen of his design, ready to inhabit his tower and feed on his fruits.

They were called the Luminati, and they were beings of light, fragile and frail, the citizens. And others were strong and unyielding, the protectors. Yet they both had grace with them, and they hovered around the ground of their new dwelling like ghosts.

And inside the tower, H climbed. Going to the summit, opening the trapdoor to the room made for one purpose, he goes inside and examines it. It was roughly circular with a 10 meter diameter. And, already at his limit, he summons what power he can to place reflecting mirrors around the room and a giant light absorbing crystal that would release its light during the night, becoming this world's first beacon. (6 WP = 1 DP (crystal)+ 1 WP(mirrors))

With that, H beckons farewell to his people and enters back into the God's plane.

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-23, 08:42 AM
Each race created found that they had five extra members, half of these members found themselves drawn to going to the valley of wonders while half went to Ug's land.

These two groups found themselves given magic when they were at thier point. They found themselves thinking of each other as the same and that they wanted to stay. Then they were left alone.

2008-02-23, 09:07 AM
Xankul seeing the new mountain decides to travel there.
Once he reaches there he decides to destroy one step of every 5 on the large stair case as he climbs it.

After a while traveling undisturbed he reaches the top. He goes through a door and looks around.

Destroying some bricks in the wall he grows bored and eventually finds the trapdoor to the room with the crystal in it.
"What do we have here?"
He moves towards the stone and grabs it.

((Waiting for something to happen. Hurry up. Hurry!!! HURRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111 .roar))

Xanul grasps it and attempts to destory it with his magical power.(Use destruction) After using his most powerful spells many times he finally destroys the crystal.(Hey i gave you like 37 minutes and Emperor Demonking asked where the god of destruction was and you were online the whole time.). After he leaves taking some of the shattered pieces with him.

2008-02-23, 09:51 AM
A wind stalks the tower. It howls, and resonates off the mirrors, making it's way inside.

"Greetings" the wind spoke.
"You have only just been created, my dear creatures, but here I am, ___, the god of language. I shall grant you a gift. use it well, and remember me, honour me"

There was a loud bang and all the mirrors shook, the Luminati trembled. But then they noticed that they could now speak. They had been granted language.

2008-02-23, 09:53 AM
Xankul travels down the tower looking at the shards of the crystal
"I wonder if it's any use... Ahh whatever they look fancy"
As he travels down he hears the voice of ___
"Hey ___ get down here!"

2008-02-23, 09:54 AM
Xankul travels down the tower looking at the shards of the crystal
"I wonder if it's any use... Ahh whatever they look fancy"
As he travels down he hears the voice of ___
"Hey ___ get down here!"

There is a thunderclap and ___ appears before Xankul in the form of an old scribe.
"You summoned me?"

The Faceless
2008-02-23, 09:55 AM
Balthazon appeared before her people, floating in midair "Amazons, i come to you bearing a new gift." she raised her hand, and a bright light shone from her palm "Those women amongst you now possess great strength, to aid in your virtuous pursuits, one of which i will now relay to you." she descended to the ground and spread out a scroll with some basic architectural blueprints "this is a grand temple-fort, dedicated to order and valor. build it in my name, to further honor, and to have a proper home city, a glorious point in a dark world."

(using a god point to give the women strength. about how long will it take to build the temple? there is stone available on the grassland.)

2008-02-23, 09:56 AM
"You know what these things are?? There pissing me off, I really wanna kill one."

2008-02-23, 09:58 AM
"You know what these things are?? There pissing me off, I really wanna kill one."

"Hmmmm. No, I do not know. You could ask them, though. I have granted them speech. They call themselves the Luminati. The newest god created them. You realise you should see whom I call the creator, right? He called for you. I heard. I hear everything"

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-23, 09:59 AM
^^^ Shall we say 1 day in real time.

2008-02-23, 10:00 AM
"Bahh..He'll have to come to me. Im not going when theres much to find/kill here. Anyways if he's the omnicent person that we all are, he'll be able to find me quiet easily."

The Faceless
2008-02-23, 10:03 AM
^^^ Shall we say 1 day in real time.

damn that's fast work.

2008-02-23, 10:06 AM
"Bahh..He'll have to come to me. Im not going when theres much to find/kill here. Anyways if he's the omnicent person that we all are, he'll be able to find me quiet easily."

"Well spoken. It's not because he might have created us we should dance to his tune"

2008-02-23, 10:07 AM
" Agreed..."
Xankul leaves after to the god plane.

2008-02-23, 10:57 AM
Xankul spends on WP to disguise himself as a Lizardfolk.

He begins to mingle with the Lizardfolk attempting to find a group of them who have different intents than Emry's.

2008-02-23, 11:39 AM
Emrys returns to the earth, and takes the form of a bird. Flying slowly around, he landed on a tree. As he looked down, he saw that his people had built huts, and had also started to use spears. Happy that they were makeing progress without him telling them how to do everything Emrys looked around. Seeing all the lizard folk he had he again was very happy. Emrys felt that it was time to now start his people's legends. Glanceing to a part of the marsh, Emrys flew over, before turning invisible to mortal. Turning into his lizardfolk form, he bent down and drew up some mud. Debating what to do with it, he slowly tossed it hand to hand. Walking around slowly he looked at his people, watching them he slowly figured out what he wanted to give them. Useing a bit of the mud, Emrys made ten deer, yet these deer were larger then normal deer, and stronger. Emrys then appeared before his people, before they could attack and eat the new animals.

"I have made these animals for you for beast's of burden. They shall pull carts for you, and once old and frial, still be good to eat."

Emrys then went invisible to them, before slowly walking through them, not touching a single one, before he stopped, and useing a divine point, he created five more beings of his race. He then took them into his hand, and dissapered with them, before reappering in Ung's forest.

2008-02-23, 12:01 PM
Looking at the new animals Xankul decides that he will grant his people divine magics. He leaves to the mountains, not before attempting to kill one of the beasts(Disintegrate!!). After he arrives he goes into the caves for the first time and goes to the first Hobgoblin he see. He touches the hobgoblins head transferring knowledge on how to use destructive spells to him. And then punches the hobgoblin unconscious so he forgets Xankul came in here.

After he gifts his people with the power to be able use divine spells.

(1wp to transfer the basic spells and stuff, and 1 dp to allow them to use spells)

2008-02-23, 12:21 PM
Emrys sets the people down, and quickly teachs them what his people already know. He then goes back to the god's plane.

2008-02-23, 12:42 PM
I write in my book a command to send out 8 warriors mounted on worgs with swords and shields out to move towards the marsh. They must never move into the marsh, just observer and after 2 hours they should go back to the mountain to report anything they saw with the Lizard folk.

Xankul once again uses his Lizardfolk disguise to sneak in and recruit more to his traitor group((Suicide bombin!!! Prepare explosive runes on them and make them run in))

2008-02-23, 12:53 PM
I write in my book a command to send out 8 warriors mounted on worgs with swords and shields out to move towards the marsh. They must never move into the marsh, just observer and after 2 hours they should go back to the mountain to report anything they saw with the Lizard folk.

Xankul once again uses his Lizardfolk disguise to sneak in and recruit more to his traitor group((Suicide bombin!!! Prepare explosive runes on them and make them run in))

I don't get it. How would you convince lizardfolk of killing themselves to kill more lizardfolk? They don't really have a reason to...

2008-02-23, 01:00 PM
((It was a joke. If i was serious id use dominate monster or something, hey thats not a bad idea. Use Charm person on one of them so they will think there better than god himself and group together the ones who think the same way))

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-23, 01:01 PM
(Can you give a reason why they're joining you?)

2008-02-23, 01:03 PM
((There supremacist's or something. Just act and pretend to suck up to some Lizard folk who thinks hes better than there god. Soon enough he might start organizing some retarded rebellion against there creator and easy enough you can probably control someone like that. Make them think its there idea))

2008-02-23, 01:19 PM
Urg looked closely at the enchanted people in his paradise studying their mannerisms. They were the first people that had ever came with the intent of staying. He brought them food and gave them a tour of his land. Then he tried to figure out what powers each had.

"You people who have come here are welcome to stay because I have had not had any visitors until now however I ask that you do not put any other gods before me. This land is large enough for all your needs so you will have no unfulfilled desires."

Urg showed them how to build houses made of wood and built one for them.
Urg then decided to call ___ to his new people and asked him if he could teach them how to speak since he wanted to know them better. In return he would give ___ some fruits and animals or a block of stone.

(Can I find out which ones have powers and what they are? Also could I get a list of each race I've got? There's a bunch now including light people that just came up.)

Urg told Xankul he might help him if he did not attack his new people and if he did they'd probably have to come to blows. :/

Emperor Demonking
2008-02-23, 01:26 PM
You have Emrys's fiv lizard folk.

You have 5 gnomes, 5 lizard folk, 5 hobgoblins, 5 amazons, 5 of those necromancers and 5 light creatures.
Same powers as 1st level sorcerers and 1st level druids.

2008-02-23, 01:42 PM
OOC: Sorry that I haven't been more active. I am going to put up a bunch of posts tonight.

2008-02-23, 02:37 PM
Seeing that his people had the gift of magic Urg told them to cast unseen servant to help with their building of homes and gathering of food. He told them not to waste excess food or animals and to acknowledge their druid tie to nature.

The last thing Urg said was that they were all equal regardless of what they looked like or could do and that disputes should be brought to him.


2008-02-23, 02:45 PM
Xankul appears at Urg's paradise.
"Urg... Surrender control of those Hobgoblins. They are mine. If you keep them i will kill them and destroy your forest, or you hand them over and i let them live."

2008-02-23, 03:45 PM
"I don't think you should be giving me orders. The rest of the gods probably don't like you much after they saw you destroying everything. All I did was create. Besides I'm a god of strength both physical and mental. I could just as easily destroy your people with my bare hands as you could destroy mine with your magic. If you destroy my forest I'll cave in your mountains or persuade someone else to. I have way more to offer everyone else with my vast resources.

We can always settle this through a trial by combat. It'd give me a reason to put on my fighting gauntlets."


2008-02-23, 03:50 PM
"Do you think sheer force can fight magic? I have arcane powers you cannot even comprehend!!"
He casts a disintegrate at you. (I'm pretty sure you could dodge that)
Then he casts contagion on you.(Shakes is the diseas i choose)

2008-02-23, 04:05 PM
"NO ONE MAKES ME SHAKE!":smallfurious:
Urg shouts loudly hoping the God's will hear "COME ONE, COME ALL! SEE THE FIGHT OF THE AGES!"

Urg jumps at Xankul wherever he may be and attempts to grapple him hoping to bend him into a pretzel. If there are any hobgoblins around to help Xankul, Urg will jump while holding on to him to a spot out of reach.

(I'm just going to attempt to restrain you but I figured I'd make it epic.)

2008-02-23, 04:14 PM
Xankul does not waste time on banter and immediately uses destruction on you (you probably save but alot of damage is dealt). And then Xankul worms out of your grasp and fires another disintegrate.

2008-02-23, 04:22 PM
I'm waiting for DemonKing to judge this. If Xankul does manage to worm his way out Urg will attempt to punch him in the throat and then choke him.

2008-02-23, 04:23 PM
To bad im skeletal(Lich)

Also Demon king never comes on right now, and if you got destructioned i don't think you can grapple me.

2008-02-23, 04:39 PM
I'm waiting for DemonKing to judge this. If Xankul does manage to worm his way out Urg will attempt to punch him in the throat and then choke him.

Not when theres a disintegrate flying right at you.
Anyways I spent a God Point to give myself Magic, you have spent it on this forest.

2008-02-23, 04:59 PM

As H descends to the world, he looks at the damage done, the broken mirrors and the destroyed crystal and steps. He smiles wearily. He had tried to do too much, in too little time.

"It seems this place wasn't as safe as I intended it to be."

He turns to his people and helps them mend the stairs and mirrors. His hands turning the rocks inside out and remaking them, touching the mirrors as they recreate themselves. The Great Crystal, however, was assembled in its place, with all its shattered pieces, and could only shine during the day, having lost its power of being the beacon in the darkness. (1 WP)

Then his people started to speak to him. He seemed fairly surprised by the ability, and he asks them:

"And who brought you this gift, my people?"

It was ___. It seemed he had the power to bestow the ability to speak... perhaps to write. Or perhaps was he the god of communication. ___ had been here, had given his people this gift, and all the mirrors were shattered.

"I think I know him."

He gets up, then moves, his robes flowing in the sun. He goes to the trees and picks fruits from them, handing them to his followers.

"Eat and grow strong."

He was about to leave for the godplane, then he turned his head sideways and breathed deeply.

"One more thing. Who was the one to destroy the stairs... and more importantly, the crystal?"

There was no name. Just an image. The image of a skull and a creature of the undead. H smiles slightly and goes back to the god's plane. He was new, he was bound to make mistakes.

2008-02-23, 05:30 PM

As H descends to the world, he looks at the damage done, the broken mirrors and the destroyed crystal and steps. He smiles wearily. He had tried to do too much, in too little time.

"It seems this place wasn't as safe as I intended it to be."

He turns to his people and helps them mend the stairs and mirrors. His hands turning the rocks inside out and remaking them, touching the mirrors as they recreate themselves. The Great Crystal, however, was assembled in its place, with all its shattered pieces, and could only shine during the day, having lost its power of being the beacon in the darkness. (1 WP)

Then his people started to speak to him. He seemed fairly surprised by the ability, and he asks them:

"And who brought you this gift, my people?"

It was ___. It seemed he had the power to bestow the ability to speak... perhaps to write. Or perhaps was he the god of communication. ___ had been here, had given his people this gift, and all the mirrors were shattered.

"I think I know him."

He gets up, then moves, his robes flowing in the sun. He goes to the trees and picks fruits from them, handing them to his followers.

"Eat and grow strong."

He was about to leave for the godplane, then he turned his head sideways and breathed deeply.

"One more thing. Who was the one to destroy the stairs... and more importantly, the crystal?"

There was no name. Just an image. The image of a skull and a creature of the undead. H smiles slightly and goes back to the god's plane. He was new, he was bound to make mistakes.

Just to be clear on this, ___ didn't break the mirrors. They merely trembled because he was present (he appeared in the form of a soundwave, see).

___ appears where Xankul and Urg are fighting. He ignores the fight, as it does not concern him now, and asks: "You summoned me, Urg? You wish me to teach your people in trade for fruit? Know two things: most of your people have already been granted speech by me, and I do not work for fruit. If I want fruit, I can take it. I work for worshippers, or simply out of friendship. A block of stone will not buy my services"

2008-02-23, 05:40 PM
Emrys gathers up one of his people and flies to the mountains. He goes inside the forest, and then starts to talk to his follower about the world and everything that is happening in it.

2008-02-23, 05:40 PM
((I figured as much, which is why I just stated it rather matter-of-fact-ly, rather than point the finger towards ___))

2008-02-23, 05:42 PM
Looking once again at the shining beacon he stops his fight with Urg and leaves to the god plane.

2008-02-23, 05:55 PM
After talking and explaining everything to the lizard man, Emrys nodded, for it was now time to complete the transformation. Standing overtop of his lizardman, he put his hands over him, before muttering to himself. Energy flew from the surrounding area, and into the lizard man's body, causeing him grow, and slowly change form. After many minutes the lizardman was no more, now he had changed into something more. He was now a fullygrown black dragon. The dragon took flight, and then followed Emrys, flying back to the marsh's he showed them to all the other Lizardfolk.

"This being shall be your gaurdian, and in the future the main source of word from your god, Dracul!"

With that emrys dissappered the the mortal eye and watched the world, wondering what else was going on. The dragon then slowly walked into the marsh, before sinking under the water, and finding a home.

(1 god point on dragon.)

2008-02-23, 06:07 PM

Going to the tower, he uses one of the remaining empty rooms to create a place of worship. He places there symbols of his faith in the middle of the circular room, then adds all around on the side several spots for other gods. And on one of the pedestals, he places the name ___.

"You can come place your symbols of faith on this altar whenever you want, ___."

2008-02-23, 06:10 PM
A strong wind whirls around the tower. Once more ___ visits. This time he appears in the form of an old scribe. He pulls out his scroll and reads the words he spoke earlier today. Writing. Right. More libraries, more codexes, more notes, scribblings, lore. ___ couldn't be happier.

"Folk of the tower, I have returned. It has only been a short time since my first visit, but still, I have returned. Your creator has asked me too, and I am a kind god. I will grant you the gift of writing, one that you will use to the fullest, I am sure"

There was a sound as if a shift of rock, and for a moment it seemed the tower would crash down, but it was only sound, after all. As the Luminati looked up, ___ had gone. But he had left the gift of written language behind in their minds.

2008-02-23, 06:18 PM
If he had told us we could spend god points on ourselves I would have. :/

Plus disintegrates/blah/blah flying doesn't mean much because if you want to use dnd rules I auto succeed grapple and instantly stop you from casting spells since your strength must suck as a caster and so should your ac. Since strength in dnd is used for attack rolls I'd do even better. And when hit from disintegrate all I have to do is roll a fort save which I should easily be able to win being a god of strength/endurance. Plus when does having magic make you better fighting wise? It's an alternate form of attack not a stat buffer and we could've waited but you decided to pretend you auto-succeed everything. Who cares if he's not on, don't attack me first then? Really you just bs everything. You want dnd powers but you want real time fighting? How can you instantly break a grapple with no harm to yourself and then cast a spell at the same time without needing to get any distance?

Anyway, Urg keeps talking to his people after the fight ends not really caring because Xankul apparently did not destroy his goblins or forest or he would've made a post about it. He taught his people to swim, fish using nets and rods and showed them that they could make boats by making one himself which was mostly just a big raft. He told them to share everything they knew with each other in case someone missed something or learned something else from their previous home.

2008-02-23, 06:26 PM
If he had told us we could spend god points on ourselves I would have. :/

I only realised that it was allowed at some point and regretted wasting 2 points on my retarded HobGoblins
If i had know earlier how much more powerful could my god be...

The Faceless
2008-02-23, 07:39 PM
I only realised that it was allowed at some point and regretted wasting 2 points on my retarded HobGoblins
If i had know earlier how much more powerful could my god be...

I regret nothing! My next god point is going to be spent giving the men clerical abilities.

2008-02-23, 07:47 PM
I regret nothing! My next god point is going to be spent giving the men clerical abilities.
I spent a divine point on it. I think you should use a DP instead. your choice

The Faceless
2008-02-23, 07:53 PM
I spent a divine point on it. I think you should use a DP instead. your choice

GP = More clericitude. Plus i want to preserve sexual equality, even if they are specializing in different roles, and god point strength is probably going to outshine divine point cleric magic, at least in battle.

2008-02-23, 08:02 PM
By alot. I dont remember how many DP one GP is worth.

The Faceless
2008-02-23, 08:05 PM
4 worship points is one divine point, and ten is one god point, so thats at least two and a half times the power, likely more.

2008-02-23, 08:19 PM
Concerned for his tardigrades, to be taken from him, he thought that not only the gods could do this; but also the other inhabitants. His recently obtained power, he thought, is a solution to this.

"My people do not need the real world to survive. They need time. So forth I decree, my people will no longer inhabit the real world. They shall be incorporeal, living in what they survive on; time."

Thus, it was so. All Adoxin's tardigrades became incorporeal. They observe the real world, but do not interact with it, or can be interacted with. In the time stream itself of the world. The hive mind, praising Adoxin for the gift, gave rise to their name; The Animalia Ecdysozoa Panarthropoda Tardigrada Temporis, the Prodatemps for short. They took to dominance of the time streams, studying it, growing. More of the mind to take into full comprehension of their existence.

NB, There is no leader in the Prodatemps, moreso each one acts as part of one larger brain. They hoard together due to this link.

OOC: 1GP spent to pull the Prodatemps into the time stream.

2008-02-24, 01:27 AM
Urg decided to now to teach his people how to make bows using the wood from a tree and the sinew of an antelope and practice archery. He also took some stone and shaped it with his hands into blades which could be used for shovels, spears or knives to cut wood and distributed them to his people.

Finally he used his power to create 5 horses and taught his people how they could be ridden and used for hard labor. They were to be bred and protected, not to be eaten.

(1wp we got a while ago)

2008-02-24, 04:10 AM

H looked down from the tower onto the far fields below. His eyes narrowed as he watches something gathering, something like a dark aura. He could feel the powerful entity approaching. Yet, that power was akin to his. He walks down the tower slowly, reaching to the top of the stairs and simply waits as a grin appears on his face.

Someone was coming home.

Little Toe
2008-02-24, 04:47 AM
I arrives in the mortal world.

"Shabby." She thinks to herself.

She summons a book on illusionary spells, which seems to crawl out of the shadows and take form in her hands. She opens it quickly, turning a few pages. She closes her eyes lightly and the book returns to a shadow form which seems to melt into her own shadow.

Opening her eyes slowly she looks around and sighs.

"Now where can I find him." Just as the thought of wasting time on looking for him starts to dawn on her she feels somewhat blinded by a repulsively extreme brightness coming from the mountain in the corner of her eye.

"Eurg, how terribly horrid, I see nothing has changed, he's still completely overthetop when it comes to lighting things up..." She tuts lightly and decides to use her newly learnt spell, Shadow Walk.

As she reaches the top of the dreadfully, unccessarily high steps, she looks around to find an almost blinding city. If she didn't hate light, she would have been in awe. I slowly creeps around the shadows of the building, giving them unatural darkness. A path dims around her as she walks towards the tower.

As she approaches she sees H, waiting patiently, with the same bright smile he usually wears in such occasions.

"Cut it out H, this isn't some giddy family reunion! I'll be to the point.."

(God Point used on learning Illusionary Spells)

2008-02-24, 04:58 AM

"Now what could I do for my dearest 'sister'?"

H only grins more brightly. I had not changed one bit. And quite obviously she had gone through some transformations. The way she moved was strange and unfamiliar to him.

He seems to look around.

"These are my people, the Luminati. How do you like them?"

He looks at I.

"Oh but where are my manners. Since you seem to want something of me, and you don't have anywhere of your own, how about you delve inside this rock here." He taps his sandal on the smooth flat surface. "I'm sure inside would be cool and dark enough for you."

Little Toe
2008-02-24, 05:23 AM
I sniggers.

"The Luminati? I suppose they come with glowing skin? But at least they seem able to speak and write"

She looks down at the rock.

"It needs to be reinforced brother. But I will take care of that myself. You don't mind if I help myself to your people, do you?"

"Well, whilst you mull over that thought brother, I think I'll start developing the inside of the rock if that alright?"

I doesn't wait for a response a looks for an agreable spot for an entrance, she gets down and touches the rock with the tip of her fingers. Shadows crawl under her hand and expands until they form a dark ornate trapdoor. As she slides inside the dark tunnel, she touches various places along the corridor to form various rooms, as well as making a few deeper levels until she stops at the end of the last corridor and creates a dark but richly decorated room, her "den". Feeling satisfied with the decor and feel of it she creates a private set of stairs out of the inside of the rock.

Finally, finding herself back outside of the rock, she does a final incantation to fortify it, and seems that for a spilt second the darkness and shadows from inside the stone suddenly wrapped themselves around the exterior facades.

(1 Divine Point to build inside the rock)
(1 Divine Point to fortify the rock)

2008-02-24, 07:12 AM
Descending from the overworld, in rejoice for them naming themselves he decided to aid their growth, aid their intelligence. The more of them there are, the larger the hive mind. He blessed them by increasing their growth rate ten fold.

Convert 4WP to 1DP
1DP - Increase the Prodatemps growth rate by ten fold. Maturity in 2h24min, 10bpd (bifurcations per day).

2008-02-24, 08:04 AM

He seems thoughtful for a few moments.

"Well, I don't mind. It seems that I'd have less trouble if I let you in rather than kick you out. If you can reinforce this rock and the tower, then we don't have to fear obliterating doom perhaps."

As she goes nevertheless inside the rock and builds, H simply follows her down into it until he reaches her den.

"So you want some of my people then? Does that mean you can't have your own somehow? Is it because of the sacrifice you made to get that power?" He smiles slightly and nods his head. "I figured as much. Good thing someone here knows reason, right?"

H closes his eyes slightly, crossing his arms.

"I have 15 luminati divided in two castes. 5 of them are citizens, and 10 of them are strong protectors of the light. I doubt you'd like the unyielding types, but then, you can take the weaker citizens and change them to a desired outcome. A bit of divine power should be enough to change them, they're not particularly resilient."

H smiles, quite pleased with himself.

"But then, you need to fulfill the end of your bargain, 'sister'. I'd like you to use those powers of yours to help our people prosper. They need a shield, and until I acquire powers like yours, you'll have to fill in the job."

He smirks. He then leaves and calls for the 5 luminati citizens. Almost only shells, devoid of the faith and power of those he called "Paladins" of his.

"My dearest beings. My sister has decided to take charge of you. She will take good care of her children, so there is no need to be afraid. Go below, she is waiting." (1 WP to convince them of the truth of those words)

Then he climbs up the tower and mends the broken shards of the crystal, replacing the missing ones by simply making the crystal slightly rounder in shape, similar to a globe, and as he does so, some power returns to it. It seems capable of lighting up the night around 2 km from its spot. (1 WP)

2008-02-24, 12:23 PM
Urg creates another 10 horses (2wp recently) and learns from the hobgoblins and others how to smelt and shape metal. He then helps create a few forges with his own hands and the few strong amazons to help speed up the process.

2008-02-24, 01:33 PM
Szilardasaur uses a god point to make 10 steriotypical humanoids, and uses a divine point to enhance them in his image (A tall human with Deinonychus legs). He also uses a worship point to create some triceratops for the Dinomen to feast on.
(Used a god point, a divine point, and a worship point. That leaves one god point, four divine, and 9 worship right?)

2008-02-24, 02:00 PM
There was thunder in the air that night. Somewhere, on a patch of empty land, neutral territory, ___ appeared in his usual form of the old scribe. He checked his scroll.

"Not long now..." he mumbled.

The air shimmered, and Noth appeared. He had been posing as a bush, but it had been rather obvious, what with the land around here being completely empty and such.

"You're early"

"I always am. It's good to have a head start on things"

"I agree" the scribe said, tapping his scroll.

"Emrys coming too, or did you betray him?"
Noth laughed.

"No, he'll be here soon enough. I am the god of language. I tell people stuff. Or gods. No secrets here"

"I see"

"I picked out some nice neutral territory too. There's not much left. This'll probably all be inhabited soon enough"

"It reflects you nicely. I guess this place is, in a way, yours. You're the neutral god. the one without a people. Or is that just a show?"

The scribe smiled. "No show. Someone has to be neutral. It's a hard job, but we can't all be backstabbing bastards, powerhungry war gods or holier-than-thou gods"

Noth nodded. Maybe he agreed, maybe he just thought ___ would like him better if he pretended too. All they had to do now was wait for Emrys.

2008-02-24, 02:04 PM
Forming out of the mud itself, Emrys then stood there in his lizardform, before slowly turning to his human. Nodding at Noth, he put on a small smile at the two gods, and then crossed his arms. Waiting for things to begin, he let the ones with the pearl's start.

2008-02-24, 02:19 PM
Two Nothans appeared out of nowhere. One was the disciple of ___, the other simply a follower of Noth. The follower of Noth was carrying Noth's pearl, but ___ had his own pearl. He gave it to the disciple. Both Nothans stood waiting for what came next.

The three gods each stood between the two pearls, and at the same time reached out and touched both.

((Now, we play the waiting game. C'mon, Demonking! :smallbiggrin: ))

2008-02-24, 02:20 PM
(hope he gets on soon)

2008-02-24, 04:12 PM
Szilardasaur, uses another divine oint to give the dinomen tails.
Nothing much happening, other than dinomen eating the triceratops as if they were cattle.
___ can teach races languages right?

Little Toe
2008-02-24, 05:35 PM
I smiles.

"That is quite agreeable. I'm not surprised you would spend all your energy and power on getting some creatures. You always liked them, didn't you?"

She stops as if remembering an old habit.

"But I thank you nonetheless."

She looks down, giving out a little sigh of dismay and turning towards the glaring Luminati. She whispers under her breath.

"Gosh I hate speeches..."

She lets her shadow crawl towards them.

"Dear creatures, do not be afraid, I will lead you into the peaceful realm of night, I have built much for you already, come in and inhabit these new homes..." (1 DP)

And with that, the luminati seem to dim a little, as they take the form and appearence of their new Deity.

I smiles and turns towards H.

"Well, I don't suppose you'll mind me changing their names... I mean, Luminati will hardly be a fitting name anymore... I'm feeling a little poetic, H."

She seems to gaze out onto the structures of light for a moment.

"It seems we're much like the moon and the sun, one lives in light, the other in darkness... But seeing as I'm impeding on you 'brother', much like a moon eclipse the sun, I shall call the people The Obscurati as a reminder of how they were once beings of Light which were... obscured."

"Oh and those stairs? They have to go."(Spell is Screen)

And on those words she lets some of her shadow drip towards the stairs. The shadow almost resembling black ink drip down the stairs engulfing them in darkness until they become no more. The last drip coming out of I's shadow crawls wearily towards H, but is quickly engulfed by the light.

"Of course, you can still see the stairs H, because I've given you some of my shadow, but anyone else who doesn't possess the spell now sees nothing but rock..."

She smiles and forgets how blinding H looks, before averting her eyes.

"Well, I believe we are done for now 'brother' but you know where to find me. But for now, if you will excuse me, I shall go check on my Obscurati"

I turns around and slips down the tunnel becoming one with the darkness.

(1 DP to convert the Luminati)

2008-02-24, 06:35 PM
Because of Szilardasaur's knoledge in science, he made sure to use as little poser to accomplish a lot of things, and most cocaquences have been thought of. As the dinomen eat the protien rich meat, their offspring will grow smarter, and they shall learn of things themselves, and worship the monolith.
Szilardasaur plops a monolith 450 feet high, 200 feet long, and 50 feet wide.
(1 GP for the monolith, and 1 worship point for 5 more dinomen who should be smarter, smart enough to build and settle the land.)