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Emperor Demonking
2008-02-17, 08:49 AM
Post your gods here, put what your gods have done here as well.

2008-02-17, 08:51 AM
Name: Emrys, or Dracul
Personality: Emrys feels that he is superior to all others, and because of this looks down on them. He feels that if his people can not be the true rulers by peace then he will have to force the others into suppression. He rarely tries to obtain this peace, and does not believe the he needs to keep his promises.
Apperance: In lizard form he is 20ft tall on the mortal plane or 7 ft tall in the god plane. He a dark green scales,and a 3 foot long tail.
As a man he appears with a height of 5 '8. He has jet black hair that is in a military cut. He wears a black clothing with a cape, and gloves of the same color. There is also a rapier on his waist. Sometimes he appears as other beings to see how the other people of the world view him.
Domain: Supremacist

Has made a mountain Range-Emrian
Has made Temperate Marshland
Made LizardFolk
Made ten owls

God points: 1
Divine points: 2
Worship points: 2

Create a home for his people
Create his people

2008-02-17, 09:41 AM
Name: Noth
Personality: Not exactly evil but far from nice. Noth is very egoistic and loves to manipulate everyone around him. If he was a human he would likely be diagnosed as a psycopath. Being the god of deceit he is of course very skilled at hiding his true personality from the world. Most other gods consider him a charming, friendly and helpful individual although some of them have learned their lesson.
Appearance: Being the incarnation of trickery and deceit Noth does not possess any true form. Instead he shifts from one form to another to suit his current needs. His standard form is a beautiful young man with blond hair and green eyes.
At the moment his shapeshifting is limited to human forms but this might change as he grows in power.
Domain: Deceit
Goals: Like many gods, Noth dreams of power. But to hold power himself is often dangerous and he prefers to establish a system where he's the power behind the power. Visible only through his actions.
Current short-term goal: Discovering what power the two pearls hold. Oh, and surviving the wrath of two betrayed gods.

The shapeshifting and illusion-casting Nothans (current population: 49)
The Valley of Wonders - a small valley imbued with Noth's illusions. Whenever someone enters it, they see what they want to see (subconsciously, they can't control it) and if two or more people enter it at the same time, they'll probably see totally different things. When someone comes close to the valley they subconsciously feel the urge to explore it.

God points: 1
Divine points: 2
Worship points: 2

2008-02-17, 11:03 AM
Name: He is commonly known as Wh'le or Wael (Both pronounced Whale).
Domain: Wh'le is the god of Air (If 2 add Celebration) and related things.
Appearance: In order to not drive its followers insane, it appears in the form of a giant blue whale. Its true form is unknown, and can drive any non-deity insane.
Personality: A jovial fun-loving sort, Wh'le is not above using its powers in wrath, though it prefers to use them in defense of others or itself.

None for the moment.

Created 2 Benevolent Mature Air Dragons and gave them magic.

God Points - 0
Divine Points - 6
Worship Points - 2

2008-02-17, 11:06 AM
Name: Xankul
Personality: Loves to destroy stuff and be hated by others. Is extremely lazy and will only put any real effort in pissing Emry's or destroying stuff.
Appearance: He looks like a lich. *Gasp* is a Lich
Domain: Destruction


Has created tunnels in the mountain Range-Emrian.
Populated it with Hob goblins
Made fungus for them to eat
Created a iron vein(not sure how big but enough for my Hob goblins)
Created the Xankul Codice(Teaches my Hob goblins)
Created some worgs to inhabit the mountain along with hob goblins
Created a sapling forest by the mountain range -Emrian
Created a Sea behind the Mountain range
Created a Pavilion that is magically enchanted so you can see very far from it.
Created a plauge to destroy the paradise.
Gave himself Destructive powers(Cleric Domain spell list:Destruction, and includes the spell destruction.

God points: 0
Divine points: 0
Worship points: 5

2008-02-17, 11:43 AM
Name: Garal Lunarchorus
Appearance: Garal looks like any other god (humanoid,) however he wears think, heavy hides with the fur still attached, the fur seems to change much like the colours of a diamond in sunlight. He can also become as animallistic as he please, from growing claws, to appearing exactly like one, his favourites being the fox, raven, serpent and wolf.
Description: Garal loves all thing that respect and admire, or are a part of, nature no matter which god created it. He resents the needless destruction of all things natural, while cutting logs for timber or slaying a creature for food is survival, and he likes survival, burning a forest to see a forest burn or slaughtering animals for game is unholy. He sees all thing living, animals, humanoids and, plants as having the same right to live and killing any for unjust reasons is murder.
Domain: Nature

Created the Crescent Grove and Gnomes.
Made Gnomes fey with ability to speak to animal at will.
Made trees bare fruit.
Created caves for the Gnomes.
Created foxes, ravens, serpents, and wolves.
Made a tree and one of each animals along with the first five gnomes very intelligent
Made his chosen creatures (the one tree, wolf, raven, serpent and fox) strong, quick and tough,
Gave gnomes basic tools.

Goals: Set up a stable circle of life on the planet, create a moon, name the planet.

God Points: 0
Divine Points: 1
Worship Points: 9

2008-02-17, 01:02 PM
Name: It is different in every language. It even differs in every dialect, and often from person to person. The general concept is understood by all who hear it though. For ease, let's call him ___. That's three _, not two, nor four, but three ___.
Domain: ___ is the god of language, the spoken and the written word, sound and anything that makes it.
Appearance: The god of language can take three different forms. In his minimal form, he is invisible, and can only be heard: he is a being that exist solely of sounds. In his second form he is a gigantic floating ear. Suffice to say he doesn't use that one a lot. His third and final form is that of an old scribe with an endless scroll of parchment that has all words ever written on it.
Personality: He is a patron to the arts, as long as they have to do with language. Any constriction of language will be brutaly smite down by him, but except for that he is a very peace loving character. A peacefull society is where language develops best, afterall. He also approves of variety of cultures for the same reason. The god of language usually chooses to express himself by using a mixture of all languages at once, but still everyone appears to understand him miraculously.

Has created a Hobgoblin disciple in written language.
Has granted speech to the Hobgoblins.
has granted speech to the Luminati.
Has created a Lizardman disciple in Draconian.
Has created an Amazon disciple in sign language.
Has created a Nothan disciple in oral language.
Has granted universal speech to the Nothans.
Has granted a complex system of speech to the Gnomes.

Goals: The advancement of language in all it's forms.

The Triumvirate:
Noth, god of deceit
Emrys, supremacist

Other Allies:
Xankul, god of destruction
Garal, god of nature

Plane Points: 1
God Points: 3
Divine Points: 1
Worship Points: 1

The Faceless
2008-02-17, 01:09 PM
Name: Balthazon

Personality: Balthazon is even tempered and good natured, though his trust is earned, not given. She aids those who are too weak to aid themselves, or those strong in heart and pure of deed. His commitment to chivalry and refusal of underhanded or dishonorable tactics is reflective of her domain and may be considered weak by some. This does not mean that he is weak, and in open warfare on the field of battle, her tactics are excellent.

Appearance: Balthazon appears to each race and culture as a young adult, in good physical shape and modestly attractive, of whichever gender and/or caste traditionally assumes the warrior role in that culture. He is usually seen wearing heavy armor and carrying a sword and shield or similar traditional "knightly" setup. That is unless seen in her third aspect of the farmer, in which case he wears simple hardwearing clothing and carries a sturdy farming implement, though still with a weapon slung on her belt.

His symbol is a shield with an ear of wheat emblazoned upon it.

Domain: Chivalry

Created a grassland, filled it with water, wheat, antelope style beasts, wood, stone, iron, and a tribe of amazons, 108 in number, and has given the women vast strength (equal to D+D strength of about thirty)

God points: 0
Divine points: 0
Worship points: 7

2008-02-17, 01:38 PM
Name: Deneral

Personality: Deneral is a strict deity. He demands unwavering loyalty much like a general would demand of his troops. Cunning and intelligent, he relies on subterfuge as much as he does force. The only important thing is advancing his cause or the power of his worshippers.

Appearance: Deneral appears as a human(his favored race,) he posseses a very Roman look and favors wearing his armor as well as cloaks in the purple or red.

God Points: 1
Divine Points: 0
Worship points: 0

1 God Point: Created a large sea south of the mountains with a penisula in the center leading to the mainland.
3 Divine Points: Create a river through the peninsula

8 Worship Points: Forest, lake, deer, wolves, iron, stone/marble, fish in the sea and river

1 God Point: Creating 10 humans.

2 Divine Points: Granting intelligence upon his creation.

2 Worship Points: Giving magical abilities to his follower Cato.

2008-02-17, 04:03 PM
Vin you start with 2 god points..only saying that cause I think you used 1. but not sure.

2008-02-17, 04:07 PM
Thanks. I thought it was 1.

2008-02-17, 04:18 PM
Name: Adoxin the Temporal Noble
Personality: Adoxin is a being of entropy, believing all must end and all must be reborn. In this sense he is fickle, but also forgiving. He messes around with time to bring and avoid the cycle. His reasons for doing so are mostly driven by his wild mood, but also from an experimental outlook.
Appearance: Adoxin appears in the mortal realm as a bald, blind man of average build, though rather short (5'6"). He wears simple dress, not wanting to grab attention to itself. In the gods realm he looks similar however, he seems to be in silhouette.
Domain: Time
God Points - 0
Diving Points - 0
Worship Points - 0

Progress Report:
1 GP - Adoxin creates a lush forest, with a small lake at it's centre.
1 DP - Enchant the lake to make it primordial, a hotbed for new lifeforms.
1 DP - To enchant the primordial lake as to never degrade from its current state.
2 DP - Enchant the forest twice, thus to make it overgrown.
1 GP - Make 10 Tardigrades to live in my primordial lake.
1 DP - Increase the Tardigrades procreation rate, done by enabling them to bifurcate. (1 day to reach adult hood, then 1bpd [bifurcation per day] after that. Tardigrades on average live for around a decade)
[Convert 8 WP into 2 DP]
1 DP - Enable the Tardigrades to feed off of time itself (if needed I can go into detail how this can be done).
1 DP - Give my Tardigrades sentience, with a hive mentality.
1GP - Adoxin makes the Tardigrades incorporeal, taking them into time. They can observe the real world, but no longer interact, nor be interacted with. NB Due to lack of degradation of cells they are technically immortal.
Hive mind names themselves: Animalia Ecdysozoa Panarthropoda Tardigrada Temporis, the Prodatemps for short.
[Conver 4 WP into 1 DP]
1DP - Increase the Prodatemps growth rate by ten fold. Maturity in 2h24min, 10bpd (bifurcations per day).

2008-02-18, 12:17 PM
Name: Nixe
Personality: Nixe is much like the sea she so favors, she is both petty and fickle and can go from being a motherly figure to an ill-tempered temptress to a full blown calamity in mere moments. If you stay on her good side she will share with you the wonders of the sea, but cross her and face the deadly wrath of the abyss.
Appearance: Nixe is short and lithe, her light sea green skin is covered in a variety of sea vegetation. While she is humanoid in appearance she usually takes on several aquatic traits that depend on her mood, when she is peaceful she takes these traits from more docile creatures, when she is in a rage, she takes them from predators.
Domain: The Sea.
Goals: Create a massive sea, populate said sea with a variety of sea life, create a race

God Points - 0
Divine Points - 0
Worship Points - 9

Race (Nixiens):
Population: 60

2/18/08 - Nixe forms and enters the home of the gods
2/18/08 - Nixe forms the Nixia sea filling it with life (1 God Point and 5 Divine Points)
2/18/08 - Nixe creates the Nixiens [10] (1 God Point)
2/20/08 - Nixe Created the Kraken to protect the Nixiens

2008-02-20, 12:45 PM
Just bumping the thread so that new players (or old players who haven't done it yet) remember to post their gods and their accomplishments here. Also, the list in the start of the thread could probably use an update if it's going to be useful.

2008-02-23, 08:48 AM

Personal details
Name: H


H is a generally a calm, soft-spoken man. He always seems to take his time answering questions, and he enjoys playing with light, creating flames, rings, halos, and other means of displaying his power. He is sometimes irritating to other gods as he loses himself in his hobby, hardly paying attention to other deities unless they truly have something important to say. He seems to enjoy doing this when he thinks he knows their words are empty, and attempts at being mildly irritating towards them until they decide to reveal their purpose or tell him more.


H generally wears a silver robe, draped around him to his feet. Generally, he seems to be displacing himself as he walks. It looks like the light emanating from other places are drawn and reflected from him. As a result, he hardly is able to maintain a disguise or shadows to hide himself. In fact, shadows cower as the man drifts, and disguises unveil themselves as he uses that displacement power to get himself into a seat. His face, none can see it. It radiates an aura of light, and only the features of his smile seems to appear, the rest is only the outline of the visage, and the white skin surrounded by the almost golden glow.

Domain: Light.

Goals: To bring light to both the mind and the body of the races. Harvest and harness its energy.

Points Remaining:
God points - 0
Divine points - 0
Worship points - 5

Race (Luminati)
10 people


1 DP Given light to the gnome caves.
2 DP To make a stable -eagle nest style- dwelling.
2 DP To make the tower and gardens.
1 GP To make the Luminati.
4 WP To make the Light drawing crystal.
1 WP To put reflecting mirrors inside the beacon room.
1 WP to repair the damage on the stairs and mirrors.
1 WP to prepare giant lenses to focus light for defensive means, teaching his people how to, at the same time.

2008-02-23, 04:20 PM
Name: Urg
Personality: Has a neutral outlook on things. He is most interested in keeping himself entertained to pass time. He would like to create strong people. He is not afraid of fighting if threatened.
Appearance: Tanned 7 foot tall man with brown hair and eyes. Extremely muscular.
Domain: Strength
Goals: Teach the people he now has to become civilized. Will fight gods in person to protect them.

Used all his power in the beginning to create a giant paradise with everything needed such as stone, animals, forest, 2 rivers, wheat and fish.
Later created another forest connected to the first.
Now has attracted a mixed group of races that he is teaching many basic things to such as building shelter, fishing and so on.

God points: 0
Divine points: 0 not 100% sure
Worship points: 1 not 100% sure

Little Toe
2008-02-26, 08:52 PM
Name: I


I is somewhat moody and is persuaded that she will always be right. Quite short-tempered she gets snappy very quickly and dislikes anything that isn't to the point. It seems she feels that time is definetely something precious that shouldn't be wasted with unecessary curtesy and politeness. She dislikes comformity, is generally pessimistic and takes great pleasure out of sarcasm. Not much is known about where I comes from, although there is much speculation that I and H are actually related and possibly siblings... which have taken very different paths in life.


I is always seen in black robes, her appearence and mood generally denotes darkness. It seems almost as if she absorbs all light . The only thing one can certainly discern in the darkness of her appearence is her eyes which are unexpectedly golden. This contrast makes her eyes striking to anyone who -she lets- stare into them.

Domain: Darkness

Points Remaining:
0 GP
1 DP
7 WP (converted 4 WP to 1 DP)


To bring Darkness to all and show the beauty that dwells in the Night.


1 GP : Learnt all spell in the illusion repertoire
1 DP : Delve into the stone of H
1 DP : Fortify the stone as a whole
1 DP : Change 5 Luminati into Obscurati
1 WP: Teaching the Obscurati to grow Black Truffles
2 DP : To make both the Luminati and Obscurati