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2008-02-18, 05:39 AM
This is the Ooc thread for the Bring your own class campaign. Try to post here anything not directly related with your character's actions.

Here are the player sheets and classes:

warlock2000 and his limit freak, Experiment 14:
sheet- http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=41751

Expirement10K14 and his soldier, Throk Go'agrok:
Sheet- http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=41719
Rules- http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48316

Dualwielder and his soldier, Ezren Icuro:

Koga and his black knight, Alexander:
Houseruling- bonus feats reduced to fighter bonus feats and controling up to 2HD of undead per level.

Bandededed and his fire emblem 3 knight, Ryu:

The Ryu.
Hit die : d10
Base attack bonus: Full
Good saves : All
Weapon and Armor: All simple and martial weapons : Light and medium armor : Light and heavy shields
Skills : Any 12 + craft and profession.
Skill Points: 6 + int mod per level (x4 at first level)

{table]Level | Special
1 | Magic Pool, Healing touch
2 | Ascension(Whelp)
3 | Mettle
4 | Ascension(Fire, Frost, Lightning)
5 | Ascended Resistance (The Ryu gains resistance 5 to elemental damage while Ascended)
6 |
7 | Improved healing touch
8 | Ascension(Adult, Mutant)
9 | Heal All
10 | Ascension(Radiance, Shadow)
11 | Imp Nat Res (+10)
12 | Ascension(Warrior, Behemoth)
13 | Greater Mettle
14 | Greater healing touch, Improved Heal All
15 | Ascension(Kaiser)
16 | Grtr Nat Res (+15)
17 | Greater Heal All
18 | Ascension(Failure)
19 | Raise Dead
20 | Bone Break[/table]

Magic Pool : The maximum Mana a Ryu can have in his mana pool is equal to his wisdom, intelligence, or charisma modifier times his Ryu level. This Mana replenishes after two hours of peaceful, uninterrupted concentration or a full night of sleep.

This is the ability that the Ryu is named for. This allows a Ryu to take the from of a dragon-like creature. Ascending is a full-round action that prevokes attacks of opportunity. The brackets after the word 'Ascension' show the new genes that a Ryu can apply after he gains that level when he ascends. To Ascend, the Ryu selects up to three genes he can apply to his ascension, and then becomes a different dragon-like creature depending on his choice. For all forms other than Kaiser and Warrior, the Ryu loses all his worn equipment, but gains a natural armor bonus to AC equal to 1/2 his armor bonus to AC before he Ascended. (note: if wearing a wisdom enhancing item, the effect is not lost, so your total Magic pool does not decrease)
Ascending drains Mana equal to the total cost of all the genes selected, and then drains half of that cost (rounded up) from the Ryu at the beginnig of each round after that. The Ryu's dragon-like form has full HP when the Ryu first Ascends. The Ryu can hold his dragon-like form as long as he has at least one Mana in his Magic Pool to pay any part of the Ascending cost. If he has zero Mana, choses not to pay the cost, or is reduced to zero hit points, he reverts back to his normal form, which retains all the HP it had before it Ascended, regardless of damage he had taken while Ascended. If he was reduced to zero hit points, however, the Ryu is stunned for 1 round and staggered for one more.
There are three catagories of genes: Element, Type, and Miscellanous. The Elements are Fire, Frost, Lightning, Radiance, and Shadow. Selecting one of these in conjunction with a Type gene (other than Kaiser), allows the Ryu to access the Elemental powers from the Types form he selects. Selecting two allows him to access both, and selecting three turns the Ryu into an Adult with access to all the Elemental powers, along with a tri-breath and tri-claw attack which deals elemental damage from all three types. (Radiance's type is positive energy damage, Shadow's is negative)
The Type genes are Whelp, Adult, Mutant, Warrior, Behemoth, and Kaiser. These allow the Ryu to take a different dragon-like form, and a Ryu may only select one of these upon Ascending. Mutant allows you to Ascend without changing your form, giving you all the benifits of the genes you select while also letting you blend in with others of your race. A mutant has a breath weapon that does damage equal to an Adult's, but only if an element gene is selected
The Miscellanous gene is Failure. The Failure gene allows you to completely control the Kaiser gene.
Any spell cast on the Ryu that would alter his shape automatically fails while the Ryu is ascended. If the Ryu retains his intelligence / self-awareness, he may Ascend from a from other than his original, though he becomes his non-original form when the Ascention ends, unless the duration of that transformation has ended also.

{table]Gene name | Mana cost | Gene name | Mana cost | Gene name | Mana cost | Gene name | Mana cost
Fire | 4 | Whelp | 2 | Behemoth | 10 | Mutant | 4
Frost | 4 | Adult | 4 | Kaiser | 25 |Radiance | 8
Lightning | 4 | Warrior | 10 | Failure | 1 |Shadow | 8[/table]

Elemental Abilities
____breath - A cone (range depends on Type gene selected) which deals damage of the type specified, it does damage based on the Ryu's HD and the Type gene selected. The damage die increases to a d6 for each HD. This cost is the same as the breath weapon the Type gene grants.
____claw - As a standard action the Ryu can make an attack against one opponent that does 2d8 extra elemental damage against that opponent. This costs 2 Mana

Type gene forms and abilities
Whelp: A small creature stands before you, with a dragon's muzzle and scaled skin. It has wings and a tail, and it's back legs are shaped like a humans, but it stands on only those two legs, it's front ones instead supporting large claws...

Small size. +2 to all physical ability scores. Special: Whelp Breath: 15 foot cone does 1d4 force damage for each HD of the Ryu and costs 0 mana. This breath does 100% damage when the whelp is at full HP, and 0% when the whelp is at 0 HP. Gains fly 20 ft(poor). The Whelp gains a (primary) claw attack and a (secondary) bite attack with the same magical enhancements as any one of his weapons

Adult: A large creature stands before you, with a dragon's muzzle and scaled skin. It has wings and a tail, and it's back legs are shaped like a humans, but it stands on only those two legs, it's front ones instead supporting large claws...

Large(tall) size. +4 to all physical ability scores. Special: Adult Breath: 30 foot cone does 2d4 foce damage for each HD of the Ryu and costs 2 mana. This breath has the same percentage damage as the whelp breath(Gains fly at base land speed(average). The Adult gains a (primary) claw attack and a (secondary) bite attack with the same magical enhancements as any one of his weapons

Warrior: The creature that floats before you looks like a half-dragon. It's forearms and lower legs are covered in scales, and it has enourmous wings. A tail curls around from behind it, lashing the ground.

Med size. +6 to all physical ability scores. Special: A warrior only has a breath attack if a elemental gene is selected. It does damage as an Adult breath weapon. The warrior is unnaturally fast, and acts as if under the haste spell as long as he is in this form. Gains fly (base land speed +10) ft (perfect).

Behemoth: The creature you see looks like a giagantic turtle with a spiked shell, except that it's face and head seem to be part of the shell instead of extending beyond it. It has massive teeth, and looks as though it could trample you easily.

Huge size (10ft/10ft) reach only 5ft. +10 to str and con. Special: A Behemoth only has a breath attack if a elemental gene is selected. It does damage as an Adult breath weapon. The Behemoth's base land speed decreases by 10 ft (min 5). The Behemoth gains DR 15/-. A behemoth gains a (primary) bite attack (with improved natureal attack(bite)) and a trample attack, as well as a gore attack with the same magical enhancements as any one of his weapons. Also, instead of the standard natural armor bonus, the Behemoth gains an AC bonus equal to its armor's full AC bonus +10.

Kaiser: You don't understand. A moment ago your enemy had hair as black as the night, but now it gleams golden in the light of the setting sun.

All physical ability scores +10. Special: Kaiser breath: A Kaiser only has one breath attack. This breath attack is a 60 foot cone and does 4d6 force damage per HD of the Ryu and costs 12 mana, with the same percentage tapering as a Whelp. The Kaiser can also make a bonebreak attack 1/transformation. The Kaiser acts as if under haste and gains DR 15/-. The Kaiser's base land speed increases to 90ft. There is a 25% chance each round that the Kaiser goes out of control, attacking the nearest living thing instead of his enemies, though he will always attack the last thing that damaged him, if one does. After going out of control, the Kaiser has a 25% chance each round to come back under control. While out of control the Kaiser cannot use any of his special attacks.

The Ryu's caster level for all heal spells is equal to his total HD.

Healing touch: as cure light wounds that costs 2 mana
Imp healing touch: as cure severe wounds that costs 6 mana
Grtr healing tough: as cure critical wounds that costs 18 mana

Heal all: as cure light wounds, mass. costs 6 mana
Imp heal all: as cure moderate wounds, mass. costs 18 mana
Grtr heal all: as Heal, mass. costs 30 mana

Restore to life: as True resurection. Costs 50 mana. 1 / week.

Bonebreak: The Ryu can make one attack/hour as a bonebreak attack. This use must be declared before the attack roll (so a miss ruins the attempt). The bonebreak deals automatic critical damage on a successful hit, and if the roll indicates and confirms critical damage, it does damage as if the critical modifier were one step up (2x would be 3x, 3x 4x, etc)

4 skill points per level
Skill list:climb, craft, diplomacy, heal, intimiadate, jump, knowledge(any, taken individually), listen, search, spellcraft, spot.
Poor fortitude saves

MeklorIlavator and his hunter, Raz Meric:

Unclefesty and his blackpowdermage:

Bushwacked and his dragoon:
rules- http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68970
sheet- http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=42083

2008-02-18, 07:35 PM
I'm personally waiting on the kobolds to move before I do, I don't want to have to post twice to get my results :smallredface:

Uncle Festy
2008-02-20, 04:46 PM
Seriously. Ouch.
Lessee if a 30-ft cone of 3d10 damage can turn this battle around.

2008-02-20, 06:32 PM
To be honest when the battle started I tought that you would easily wipe out all the monsters in a couple of turns, but I wanted to test the power of the party in a real battle. Now, I'm happy I didn't make the ecounter harder.

2008-03-07, 05:48 AM
bumpy. Party with now 5 active players.

2008-03-26, 04:40 PM
Bumpy. 4 players.

2008-04-10, 10:27 PM
Bump, don't want to get this thread deleted.

2008-04-11, 10:24 PM
Okay, so now it looks like we're sitting on 4275 from my estimate.

-2000 for overpriced periapt of wisdom
+5000 for two exotic weapons
+750 from pendant throk has (if he wants to sell it).

Leads to: 8025 total GP

Thats 2006 GP, 2 SP, and 5 CP each.

If Throk keeps the pendant, he gets only 1256 GP, 2 SP, and 5 CP, while the rest of us get the above amount.

Should we buy in character or out? Either way I definitely want a list of items for sale :smallwink:

2008-04-17, 02:53 PM
Can we buy anything we want then? I don't want to ask and wait on a PBP game; otherwise we'll end up purchasing items for the next few days!!

Are there book restrictions? Is is all normal price?

Edit: Does anyone else think we may need to pitch in for a bag of holding? Type I would cost us 625 each, and Type II would be 1250 each. With the amount of stuff we're trying to carry, it might be useful.

I'm voting Type I, personally.

Edit2: OK, if we go with the Bag of Holding I, I'm going to want to buy a heavy mithril shield and a masterwork bastard sword. I'll give this until a day or so until I actually post to do so.

2008-04-17, 04:59 PM
For simplicity's sake assume is magic item'rus, aka every item with a gold price in the srd. If you want to buy something that 's not in the srd then tell what you want and I'll confirm it's okay or not(probably answer will be yes).

2008-04-21, 09:57 AM
Will go for a mithiril shirt and four more potions, sell the chain shirt if no-one wants it.

so he had 3G and 5S, +2006G 2S 5C, -1100 -200, (+50 chain shirt at half price)
=759Gp 7Sp 5Cp