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2008-02-18, 08:35 PM
You are awaken early by the bugler of the camp playing rather loudly near your tents. You have been asigned to start the journey to Fort Torrent today, which is about 3 days by foot should you keep on track.
General Hammerfell is known throught Carinahl as a ruthless bloodthirsty savage with the most powerful axe in all of Mynxazk. He is to accompony your group along with Colonel Orsinium.
Unfortunately for you, today is a bad day to be a spy. Carinahl had a second group of infiltration units. they attempted to kill the returning leader of the storm on streyhill, but failed. Morinal is abuzz with news.
You arrive where you were scheduled to meat Hammerfell. He looked a mix between worried, angry, anxious, and cautious.

Hammerfell: Well met. General Hammerfell. I've been told you are very experienced fighters. But you can't trust anybody anymore. You did here of Carinahl's filthy spies didn't you? from what I heard they tried to take down General Colovian.
But I'm talking tooo much. Shall we begin our march to Fort Torrent? or is there anything else you must do?

2008-02-18, 09:36 PM
Slightly tired and still yawning Bentar aprroaches General Hammerfell and says"Really now? A group of spies from Carinahl? First I heard of it. And to believe they have the gull to attempt to harm General Colovian. Anyway, I digress. I believe I am all ready to head out."

Meat Shield
2008-02-18, 10:46 PM
The hangover from the night before (induced by imbibing too much of something the Seargent called a "Foaming Gnoll Ale") beginning to fade into the background as he realises it's 'go time', Eaden pats the handle of his massive warmace.

Eaden:Point the way, sir. Nothing those dishonorable rats can do is going to stop me."

OOC: NoD, Can you give us a roster of the important NPCs and countries/locales we are dealing with please? I thought I had the story down, but your post above makes me think my backstory actually makes me working for the bad guys.

2008-02-18, 10:47 PM
Returning from the perimeter of the camp where he had been keeping the nightly watch, Eidreven, approaches the general"I have heard of these spies! Filthy curs with barley an ounce of talent among them. Tis a sad thing that they claim to be of our same profession"

edit: I think i may be mistaken but, are spies as assigned to be by the general, or of Carinahl? if the general then this post is okay. If from Carinahl, disregard this post as having never happened.

2008-02-19, 01:50 AM
Raven walk towards the general with his wolf. It is unfortunate of the attempt on General Colovian's life. I'm sure there can't be too much to worry about though. I believe he is quite capable of killing any spy that gets in his way. I don't know much about the guy, but I'm willing to assume he did in with his attackers quite easily. Do you know how he did it. I bet it would be pretty amazing to see him in action. Anyways, we're ready to go. Trying to get what little tactical information he can about Colovian, but not trying to push the subject.

2008-02-19, 02:30 AM
Ebeth drifts over, shaking his head slightly in amusement as he recalls the rampant drunkenness that many had elected to achieve the previous night. He personally elected the path of the pleasant morning instead, having consumed enough ale in his scholarly days to last him a lifetime. That said, he’d rarely had an unpleasant morning after – it had tended to be an early evening after, or even a morning-after-after.

His amusement fades as he reaches the general, to whom he bows slightly. “A grave matter indeed” he says, frowning a little, before his mind returns to his preparations for leaving. “I believe I am ready to depart”

He eyes his belongings without much enthusiasm, less than thrilled to be carrying them for a three day march. Still, at least he’d have an easier time than the bard – he’d better offer to help carry things if the bard appears to be struggling.

2008-02-19, 08:36 AM
Important OOC Note: I will allow a check of knowledge local, geography, or history to find out towns and people. Bardic knowledge can also be made if you choose to do this, post your knowledge modifier in an OOC note and I will PM you information.

Hammerfell would be able to recognize a hangover from a mile away. "I see you still have a bit of a hangover. It'll clear up. The road to Fort Torrent would have us going on the main road toward Miran, but we'll have to avoid it. We should go through black flats cave. I know an exit from there just a few miles from Fort Torrent. Hammerfell begins his walk southwest, expecting you to follow him.

2008-02-19, 09:31 AM
Regretting his woeful lack of local knowledge, Ebeth falls in line behind Hammerfell, refraining from speaking lest he display his ignorance. To comfort himself, he begins silently reciting from Selmoc’s 7500 songs in praise of Syreth. A sizeable portion of comfort is derived from the fact that he knows enough of it not to need to carry the tome with him.

Meat Shield
2008-02-19, 10:23 AM
Eaden:Aye, sah. A brisk march will take care of the dwarven forge in me head.

He shoulders his pack, flicks a speck of dirt from his breastplate, and strides forth. Once the pack is comfortable and his stride regular, he draws his axe and absent-mindedly sharpens it as he softly whistles a drinking song. Careful observation will note that he is already watching the hills and greenery to the sides of the trail for signs of ambush - he only seems distracted.

OOC: NoD, sent you a PM with some questions to clear up some things for me. Thanks.

2008-02-19, 06:37 PM
Knowledge geography [roll0]
and for good bearings on the road Knowledge nature(if its okay)[roll1] Allowing the general to take a large lead on him, Eidreven eventually begins to follow, keeping silent and ever vigilant as he moves.

2008-02-20, 12:03 AM
Slightly frustrated at the general for ingnoring him he fallows suit with the rest with his wolf at his side. Bow drawn, and ready for action.

2008-02-20, 06:11 AM
bardic knowledge [roll0]

As the rest of his companions follow suit, Bentar sighs and starts to tread in the path behind them.

Meat Shield
2008-02-20, 10:16 AM
During the march, Eaden will try to observe the good General and the Colonel. He is trying to get a feel for how they move, how they handle themselves, and a general feeling of whether or not they would be a worthy challenge for himself. If questioned, "Well sah, we are possibly stepping into the dragon's mouth on our march. I must learn how you and the good Colonel move in order to properly protect you from any assailants. After all, that is my job."

I'm guessing Martial Lore for this kind of check: [roll0]

Edit: and of course I do it surreptitiously. BTW, how are they armed and armored? Any mysteriously glowing items I should be concerned about? Venom dripping from fangs? That sort of thing. (Just the obvious stuff, not anything I would need a spot check for. I'll just take ten on it.)

2008-02-20, 12:55 PM
Ebeth's silent praising, and the subtle head-bobbing that accompany it, gradually fade away. Despite his confidence that his vast array of pointy instruments of creative violence will allow him to handle any situation, he hopes to avoid being caught unawares, and thus stays alert for anything untoward.
If anything odd is going on, could you roll me a sense motive check (+10 modifier) to get a hunch that something is up?

2008-02-21, 10:07 PM
Hammerfell actively ignores Eaden and pulls out his compass. he orients it and the needle points southeast. He heads in the direction of the needle.Black Flats cave is known for treacherous monsters. You've all heard the tales of Black Flats, right? He makes a sudden surprised expression and turns to the party. I've failed to hear much of you. From where in Morinal do you come from? and you must have proffessions. What've you done before you came into the army?

OOC: So sorry I haven't been posting. But my sweet internet is back! Hooray!:smallbiggrin:

2008-02-21, 10:26 PM
Bentar, with his quick wit has already formed a background story to apeassed those who asked ahead of time "If you must know, I originally hail from the city of Miran. There I lived with my family and the learned the art of performance. I would happen to be both a musician as well as a comedian. And to brag sir, but i am quite the ladies man. I happen to seduce many women right off their feet. However, when I reached the age of 26, I relized that my talents could be used to boost up the morale in the army and I enlisted." As Bentar finishes his story, he turns to the others hoping they can come up with a half-decent fake background.

Meat Shield
2008-02-21, 11:16 PM
Eaden:"I hail from the capital, sah, but my story is nae so rosy as my companion's here. My parents were but simple soldiers in this war at the beginning, and were lost to Carinahl treachery early in the fighting. I was given to an uncle who cared more for rolling bones than dealing with me.

I snuck away as often as I could to sit at the feet of Master Colovarius, a retired warrior. The stories of adventure and honor and combat he told fascinated me, and eventually I ran away to study the way of the sword at the same school he learned at.

As for how I came to be here, I would say it was a thirst for revenge for what they did to my parents, and that would be true. But also true would be a magistrate back home gave me a choice after one too many altercations at the pub - the stockade or the army. And thus I am the lowly private you see before you, sah.

When he is out of earshot of the General and the Colonel, he turns to Bentar and whispers "Do you know anything about these Black Flats? I dinna hae much time for reading...."

OOC: I will roll for what I know about the Black Flats (I have five ranks in both K(History) and K(Local). I am assuming I only get one roll so I will take K(Local):

Knowledge(Local): [roll0]

So what do I know?

EDIT: OK, so maybe I did read something. Good roll! w00t!

2008-02-22, 01:36 AM
Eh, I'm a tracker and a drifter. There is no one place I call home. I travel from place to place, where ever there is work to be done. How about yourself, where do you come from and what is your speciality?

2008-02-22, 03:55 AM
What do I know of the religion of the area? Do they have religious scholars? Would a worshipper of Syreth face any particular persecution, and are there any obscure religious orders to which I could fake membership if necessary? [roll0]

2008-02-22, 07:32 AM
Assuming Hammerfell turns to him:
"I go where my Lady calls me, from scholarly halls to the midst of war"

Deep within Ebeth's mind, a switch suddenly clicked. He was almost... asking... wasn't he?

His eyes light up; his body almost quivers with excitement. "Oh, let me tell you of my Lady, let me sing her praises to you, for she is everything to me! She saved me from my drab and pointless existence. Hang on, I must have some tracts in here somewhere..."Ebeth begins to rummage through his belongings. His manner, his expression, the slight edge to his voice: all combine to give the universal warning ALERT! ALERT! Enthusiasm approaching! Flee, while there is still time!

OOC: This is my last post until sunday - I thought it would be an excuse for Ebeth to find himself guarding the rear or something until I return, but whatever you think best. Be joyous.

2008-02-22, 08:41 AM
To Bentar: Well, people like you could actually make very good solldiers. With General Colovian under prime protection, I'd bet not even Guillian could make it in their. The axe on his belt glows a flourescent purple for about a second. I never know why that happens... His voice trails off.

To Eaden: So many people just like that. But I'd say you're relatively calm. I've seen some people just try to skip training and charge in to take revenge. They're rather stupid. I hope your mission will be succesful.

To Raven: I don't talk about me. People say when I remember I get angry. anger leads to strength and a loss of your own control. This horrid combination of anger causes many great warriors to fall.

To Ebeth: Hammerfell makes a :eek: expression. That slowly fades to a :smallconfused: expression. I'm rather confused. You talk of "your lady." Would this be somebody from your town or perhaps...Syreth?

Hammerfell looks at Eidreven. And what of you?

OOC: I'll send out PM's to who needs them as soon as i can.

Meat Shield
2008-02-22, 09:03 AM
Eaden:"Thank you sah. I am sure it will be successful."

Knowledge(Local) on who "Guillian" is: [roll0]

EDIT: Yeah, apparently I have no idea who that is. Any word on Stupnick?

2008-02-22, 09:39 AM
ooc: ooh, still here

Delight radiating from every pore, Ebeth's face is transfixed with joy.
"You know of her? You know of my Lady Syreth? Oh, what a blessing! I planned to hold a private Compline at dusk, and you would be most welcome to join me."

Satisfied, Ebeth returns to his usual, slightly better controlled, self. The head-bobbing returns though.

2008-02-22, 05:49 PM
((sorry for the delay in posting backround but here it is.))
"I hail from Arshlac sir. I am as well a ranger but am not so much as a nomad. I find peace when i am home with my family(wife and 4 children), but the army requested my services and who am i to deny." Not reveiling much about him self, Eidreven finishes, and returns to watching the trail.

2008-02-22, 07:36 PM
Bentar was now slightly releaved after the others stories were told, especially after Ebeth's outbreak. He turned toward the others and smiled. He turned back towards the general. "I thank you for your kindness. I try my best to make others see that strength isnt the only way to make a good soldier."

2008-02-23, 01:09 PM
In his head he thinks "Barbarian...Great." He does not ask anymore questions and just continues following.

2008-02-23, 02:27 PM
A slight breeze picks up blowing from the Northwest to the southeast, almost horizantily. This is combined with a trickle of snow. This shouldn't matter to much, we'll be in the cave soon Hammerfell was confident the snow wouldn't hinder the party...

Great Voice of the DM: Never ever say never. That will make it happen.

After several hours, the snow has turned into a blizzard and almost a foot of snow has already built up. The wind is like a giant hairdrier. It's tremendously strong and loud but still pointed southwest. I THINK I SEE A CAVE! Indeed, there is a black, cave shaped structure ahead. IF YOU STAY OUT HERE TOO MUCH LONGER YOU MIGHT DIE! INTO THE CAVE! Hammerfell and orsinium rush to the cave. the cave should block the wind and snow almost entirely. The snow is starting to weigh on you, and you'll be in trouble if you stay out any longer.

Meat Shield
2008-02-23, 04:29 PM
Eaden: "Come sah! Let's get thee in there as well! You're too important to risk out here in this wicked storm!" Eaden assists the General and Colonel into the opening, but hangs near the opening a moment until his eyes adjust to check out the cave.

In a dark tone Eaden mutters 'Tis many a good man hae ne'er came out o' this fell warren. We must be cautious."

Spot check: [roll0] (Yes that is right, no ranks in spot. All you elven types better step up.)

EDIT: And apparently I have gone blind. Sigh....

2008-02-23, 06:06 PM
OOC: ...The..general colonel rushed to the cave while they were calling you... You see nothing but darkness, Meat Shield.

IC: Hammerfell knows his party is in danger. HE can't keep his secret forever. GET IIIIIN! he steps outside and plunges his axe into the ground. His axe glows the same flourescent purple and the snow covering the path between where the rest of the party is plunged up into a tunnel that is made to block the wind and snow and leave a path to the cave. GOOOOO!

2008-02-23, 11:00 PM
Bentar rushes into the cave folowing the general and starts to play his lute to a quick tune. "Let's go my comrades. I don't want to lose anyone to the elements." Im playing inspire competence to spot

Meat Shield
2008-02-23, 11:51 PM
If the guy with the big glowing axe seems to think that it is time to go, apparently it is time to GO! Eaden busts his ass to get into the cave, takes a position near the General. He also draws his warmace, and readies for anything.

2008-02-24, 11:52 AM
"Shelter us, Guardian; the Dark doth swiftly come"

With his murmured prayer, Ebeth plunges into the cave. His hand rests on his greatsword, and he peers ahead:

Edit, ooc: He can certainly confirm that he has a nose.

2008-02-24, 12:15 PM
The purple glow begins to flow through Hammerfell's arms and begins to envelope him in whole. I CAN"T HOLD THIS TOO MUCH LONGER! GET IN WHILE THERE"S STILL TIME! he reserves the rest of his energy to maintain the snow tunnel.

OOC: Nobody can see anything. In the great words of Belkar Bitterleaf: I Think I failed a spot check.

This post is partially to say that unless stupnick returns, he gets engulfed by the snow. So too bad!

2008-02-24, 01:14 PM
The almighty spotter +7
If he sees it: Everyone this way.

OOC((I will NEVER get a ring of solor wings :smallwink: ))

2008-02-25, 02:01 PM
Rushing towards the cave, but going no farther then a few feet in, Eidreven begins to search the entrance for signs that is inhabited.
spot check [roll0]

edit:((OOC:huzzah for not being blind))

Meat Shield
2008-02-25, 03:16 PM
OOC: Well thank Odin someone is going to see what's about to eat us.:smalleek:

IC: Eaden , standing near the entrance to the cave, waiting until the General cannot hold anymore and is about to be swallowed up by the snow, grabs him and dives deeper into the cave to save him from harm. "That was very brave, sah. But I do believe it is our job to risk our lives for you. Rank doth has it's privileges and all."

2008-02-25, 03:34 PM
Curses! I couldn't hold it long enough. GRAH! Good Soldiers die because of a generals Ignorance! Gah! Hammerfell is clearly upset that Stupnick couldn't be saved. R.I.P. Stupnick. I'd rather die for my comraddes then have them die. HE stood in silence for a bit. I Think i have a map of this cave. could somebody light a torch? We Should be able to navigate to Torrent pretty easily If I can find it.

OOC: Yah. Screw spot checks. Dark Caves are why they invented 1cp torches.:smallcool:

2008-02-25, 04:37 PM
Your soul, wrapped in white shroud,
and carried hence on deathly tides,
enter a light both pure and bright,
Gods speed you safely home.

Ebeth offers a brief prayer for the departed, then turns away.

He sighs, lamenting his lack of equipment. If only he'd wasted less of his preparation time trying to choose which robe to bring.

In fairness, services were never quite the same without ridiculously impractical clothes in a variety of seasonal colours.

ooc: surely under-prepared adventurers are why they invented random and unexplained merchants in the most unlikely of places. It must be quite a lucrative niche market. Ooh, I know: there'll never be a merchant in this cave offering generous discounts on a variety of essential goods :smallbiggrin:

2008-02-25, 04:49 PM
ooc: surely under-prepared adventurers are why they invented random and unexplained merchants in the most unlikely of places. It must be quite a lucrative niche market. Ooh, I know: there'll never be a merchant in this cave offering generous discounts on a variety of essential goods :smallbiggrin:

((OOC: "what are you buying?) its a joke that im sure some one else will finish.)

2008-02-25, 05:07 PM
Ebeth smiled slightly to himself. Members of certain religious orders had been criticised for using their deity like a cosmic supply office. Such people would be happy to pray a prayer along the lines of "Oh Holy One, let your radiance fall upon us now. Preferably in the form of 3 ever-burning torches, a bowl of soup and some crusty fresh bread."
If only he were a little less devout. If only...

2008-02-25, 05:13 PM
OOC: Voice of the DM:

Light A Torch

2008-02-25, 07:08 PM
OOC: Voice of the DM:

Light A Torch

OOC: but only bentar has one

2008-02-25, 07:29 PM
Bentar quickly go into his bag and pulls out his everburning torch."Ummm... do you guys need a light or is this a no pipe zone?"

OOC: what are you selling?

2008-02-25, 07:45 PM
Ebeth smiles greatfully. [roll0]

ooc: I'm all a confusion. In other news, light!
That said, it appears that Ebeth is still in the process of confirming that his nose is in place...

2008-02-25, 07:49 PM
OOC: WHOOOOO!!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!!
and on a more sane note.

IC:finally able to see his surroundings, Eidreven ponders the best plan of action
knowledge dungeonering check[roll0]

edit:OOC, yay for hopefully decent enough roles

2008-02-25, 08:41 PM
First off to see when this storm is gonna let up.
Survival: [roll0]

Spot / Listen for any irregularities in the cave.
[roll1] / [roll2]

Meat Shield
2008-02-25, 09:30 PM
OOC: Are you telling me I'm the only guy that actually went to 'Ye Olde Adventuring Shoppe' before we left? On a related note, apparently I have some equipment you can buy from me - for the right price. :smallbiggrin:

IC: Eaden: Bowing his head a moment, he mutters a silent prayer for the fallen. "Fare thee well, Klausuth. We hardly knew thee."

To the group: "'Tis a shame we had to leave in such a hurry, else we would have been better provisioned. I'll be holding onto me torches in case we need them - I only have three and 'tis a long journey."

Turning to the General, "I'm just glad ye are unhurt, sah. 'Twas quite a show ye put on out there. Thy axe seems to be capable of a good bit more than splitting skulls. Be there any more surprises in store?"

In case it comes up, I have my warmace drawn, and will assume the Absolute Steel stance for any combat.

And finally, a spot check now that we have some light: 1d20

Meat Shield
2008-02-25, 09:33 PM
Grrrr, dice roller: spot check [roll0]

EDIT: GAAAAAAAH! Ebeth, can you help me find my nose since you are so adept at finding yours?

2008-02-25, 10:51 PM
Grrrr, dice roller: spot check [roll0]

EDIT: GAAAAAAAH! Ebeth, can you help me find my nose since you are so adept at finding yours?

I'm the only one that can see.
spot [roll0] and listen just in case[roll1]

edit:OOC: holy crap on a stick. double natural 20's

Meat Shield
2008-02-26, 10:12 AM
OOC: apparently my Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses (http://hhgproject.org/entries/perilsensitivesunglasses.html) (yes I am a hoopy frood) are becoming quite the hindrance. NoD, all I ask is that you be gentle with what I am about to receive.

Eidreven, try to give me the heads up.

2008-02-26, 03:16 PM
Sorry I've been late on posting. Let's get this campaign on a more serious note. No Ye Olde Dungeon Shop. Sorry Guys. :smallfrown:

IC: Hammerfell's second skin of purple finally was fragile enough to be broken. (I'm using this as a semi-excuse to be late for posting.) Ah, freedom of body, decompression of lungs. I'm Alive! Yes, bard, the mining faculity was shut down many years ago, so nothing should be left for us to blow.Hammerfell took a long breath and sigh, his breathing still wasn't regulated. Draw your weappons, though. Monsters still lurk here, and I don't want another good soldier to go to waste. He took a glance at his axe, still glowing faintly. As for the axe, I'd rather not talk too much of it. It controls ice to an extent and that is all you must know. He finds the map in a case on his belt and unrolls it. So if we took the opposite here from the camp, then east must be... He stops his mumbling to himself. Yes. Draw your weapons. We'll be passing through the longest path, and through the pit. stay on your guard. We'll continue forward and make the second right, about half a mile away. He begins forward, saying no more.

Meat Shield
2008-02-26, 04:00 PM
OOC: NoD, does Hammerfell's axe give enough light to see by, or to the group as a whole, do any of your weapons generate light? Or is that everburning torch the only light we have?

Also, Orsinium hasn't said anything yet, and we have no feeling for him. Who is he, what is he carrying, what is he like, etc. Hammerfell we are getting a feel for, but wanted to know about the other guy.

IC: "Careful, sah. Mayhap I should go in front of you?" He moves to protect the General.

2008-02-26, 04:30 PM
Benatr moves slightly to the back knowing he is not the most adept in combat but prepares his lute to you some of his abilties from his array of supporting skills.

2008-02-26, 06:40 PM
Keeping close to the back as well, but still slightly ahead of bentar. Eidreven readies his two-bladed sword, keeping it to his back. Also keeping an eye on the general, growing ever more suspicios of that faint purple glow that continues to show it self.

2008-02-26, 07:34 PM
OOC: What can I pick up from sense motive? Is Hammerfell genuinly interested in protecting us? Does he appear to trust us? What can I tell about his relationship to Orsinium? Also, does Orsinium seem to trust us? My modifier is +10 if you wish to do the roll yourself.

Ebeth, drawing his greatsword, forms off behind Hammerfell. Since Eaden is protecting the general, he will spare some attention for Orsinium, following him if he takes a different pace.

2008-02-27, 01:54 PM
Staying near the middle of the group with his bow drawn, Raven is ready for action.

2008-02-28, 08:52 PM
OOC: I need to go on the computer much more often. sorry guys. :smallfrown:

IC: Nah, sir, I would rather stay in front here. cannot have another mishap. Now it looks like we're getting close to the...turn. There is a side passage about ten feet in front of you. Everybody be as quiet as possible. As I've said before, these places are plagued with monsters nobodies been able to record. One false step, and we could have who knows what on our tail. Even in the light of the torch, the pathways are dark.

OOC: roll move silently, listen, spot, and sense motive now for some future rolls I have planned.

Meat Shield
2008-02-28, 09:25 PM
OK, if he wants to stay in front, I guess he is gets to stay there (not like I can order him not to). I will stay close to him however, protect as best I can.

Move Silent:[roll2]
Sense Motive:[roll3]
(What the hell did I spend my skill points on?)

Also, Knowledge(Local) for what kinds of creatures we are to face: [roll4]

EDIT: Well, that was a bunch of crap. At least I know what is about to kill me even if I will have no idea when it will happen. I predict I will take one right in the kidneys. Nice knowing you all.

2008-02-28, 10:26 PM
here go some rolls
move silently
and sense motive[roll]1d20+1

2008-02-28, 10:28 PM
redo sense motive[roll0]

2008-02-28, 11:25 PM
Hide: [roll0]
Move Silently: [roll1]
Listen: [roll2]
Spot: [roll3]
Sense Motive: [roll4]

Edit: Nice :smallbiggrin:

2008-02-28, 11:36 PM
OOC:we are all going to fall for what ever it is some is trying to make us believe

2008-02-29, 06:35 AM

OOC: two natural 1s????

2008-02-29, 11:44 AM
move silently[roll1]

2008-03-01, 02:45 PM
OOC: Mwahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahaahhshaahahahahhaa hahashasahaah! resistance to the bluff is futile! (rolls dice) oh. oh oh man. :eek::amused:

IC: As you make the turn, you see somebody hunched over a dead zombie. They called me CRAAAAAZY! Said I wouldn't last a day. A WEEK NOW! Come, precious meat, you must be eeeeaten..... Clearly this person is a lunatic. As you draw closer, his pointy ears perk up and he turns to look at you, him in rags and you in, well, adventuring gear. MY MEEEEAT! He runs further into the passage way. Come, we must save anybody we can, and he may know where the exit is. Hammerfell sprints in the direction the meat-crazed man.

2008-03-01, 04:33 PM
following hammerfell, but not moving nearly as fast, Eidreven lets a small chuckle escape his lips."I do love fighting the undead. Their rotting flesh makes for good swing practice."

Meat Shield
2008-03-01, 10:59 PM
IC: "Uh, sah, I'm not so sure about this. Why are we following the guy whose obviously got bats in his belfrey? I really think we should be a little more careful about this."

Or would I have been able to say that if I had rolled decently I guess.

2008-03-02, 01:05 PM
IC: Ebeth follows close behind Eidreven, his greatsword swinging by his side.

OOC: please disallow the action below if my failed sense motive prevents it. Also, can a quick glance in passing tell Ebeth whether the zombie was human, or something else?

IC: Aware that whatever created the zombie may still be nearby, Ebeth seeks out signs of other evil (activating Detect Evil).

2008-03-04, 06:17 PM
Charging after everyone and fully prepared to attempt the crazed man, Bentar follows. As he does such he starts to prepare a spell. He yells out"try and get him to slow down at least so i may effectively stop him."

2008-03-05, 07:50 PM
OOC: Oh Intertubes, How I miss you. Forgive me, I am but your minion, and minion was away for four days. spare minion. And MEAT! Speaking of meat...

IC: As Hammerfell continues to sprint ignoring all talk, he (quite conveniently) trips on a well placed rock, falling face first onto the cave ground. ((My Font colrs and fonts aren't working. my computer is suckish right now.)))
Hammerfell: "Crud. Well, He'll have to reach an exit or dead end eventually. We'll meet him again. I'm sure of it. But anyway, being careful has it's disadvantages here. Every second spent is a second lost. Wait. Ah, never mind the sayings. But, This person must be special. No life could sustain for any prolonged periods in here, the place has only three entrances, and maybe some mining gear." He stumbles to his feet hand picks up his pack.

OOC: You detect no more evil. you could tell it was a human zombie.

Meat Shield
2008-03-05, 09:41 PM
OK, Eaden know has a very confused look on his face as the General has apparently also gone booping crazy.

"Uh, sah, would ye mind telling me what we be up 'gainst? I'm a mite confused."

2008-03-06, 11:56 AM
"Indeed, Sir; while I sense no great stench of evil lingering here, the presence of the undead is not an encouraging sign."

Though Ebeth sheaths his sword, his hand rests on the hilt.

2008-03-14, 04:43 PM
OOC: CURSE YOU SMASH BROS. BRAWL!!!!! You look so good. I play and play and play and miss my campaign. CURSE YOU!!!!

IC: You really don't come from the battlefront, now do you? Otherwise you'd definitly no about Black Flats cave. When the mine failed, people got trapped inside. These people were perfectly good, honest miners. Legend has it that while their flesh deteriorated, they somehow lived on, trying to makle a life. They supposedly created the Pit, a large crater like indent with an entire underground city. But based on the map... Hammerfell pulls out his map. We should have to either go to the pit to the Torrent exit, head back for the Miran exit, or... wait. The..,exit into filad is..back but if the other..nowlere? ...OR go to the left for the Arshlac exit. Which way do you think we should go? they probably all lead to impending doom.

2008-03-17, 06:14 PM
"I'm disinclined to leave the undead alone, to appear behind us at an unfortunate moment - I say we head for the pit. That said, some estimate of numbers would be an asset: how many were trapped, and how long ago?"

ooc: it feels kinda like one of those moments in horror films where someone decides the wisest course of action is to go and wander around on their own in the dark forest where all the scary noises are... :smalltongue:

2008-03-21, 09:01 PM
This mine collapsed about 20 years ago, trapping hundreds of miners with not much other than poisonous gases and explosives. Even if they survided the explosive gases, Nobody could possibly find food inside of a mine for 20 years. I, personally, think that somebody reincarnated them so that they would need neither food nor water, but them live on. Hammefell paused in sillence for a second. But this is a major problem. I need the opinion of everybody. Follow the meat crazed man, or head into the Pit?

OOC: If you go to the meat man, flip to page 62
If you go to the pit, flip to page 107

Major plot decision! I want everybody to post their opinion.