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2008-03-03, 09:46 PM
Thought I'd give another try at making some shugenja prestige classes. I've got fire and water done, air and earth will be posted later.

this is the fire soul, please note that I took several of teh abilities for this class from the Pyromancer (I think) from the EPH.

Spells- Able to cast 2nd level shugenja spells
Skills- 8 ranks in spellcraft
Special- Must have chosen fire as your shugenja element
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Reflex Save|Will Save|Special|Spells
1st|0|2|0|2|Burning Bolt|
2nd|1|3|0|3|Flame of Inspiration|+1 spellcasting
3rd|2|3|1|3|Fire Resistance 5, +1 Caster Level (Fire)|
4th| 3|4|1|4|Flame of Inspiration +2|+1 spellcasting
5th|3|4|1|4|Weapon Afire|
6th|4|5|2|5| Flame of Inspiration +3, +2 Caster Level (Fire)| +1 Spellcasting
7th|5|5|2|5|Fire Resistance 10 |
8th|6|6|2|6| Flame of Inspiration +4| +1 Spellcasting
9th|6|6|3|6|Fire Resistance 15|
10th|7|7|3|7| Conflagration|+1 Spellcasting

Spell Casting: At every even level, a fire soul gains caster level, spells/day, and spell known as though he had gained a level of shugenja.

Burning Bolt: A flame roars dully to life in your hand and flies toward your target. Once/ minute, as a full round action, you may fire a bolt of flame dealing 1d6/class level fire damage. This counts as a ranged touch attack with a 60 ft. reach. This is a spell like ability.

Flame of Inspiration: Your features seem to glow slightly as speak and move, and those around you seem to be inspired by your presence. For One minute/ level each day (spread out however you want), you may inspire a +1 competence bonus on any skills check an ally within 30 ft. performs. This bonus increases as shown above. This is a free action. You cannot inspire yourself.

Fire Resistance: A Fire Soul learns to embrace the flames that burn others. You gain fire resistance 5 at 3rd level. This increases by 5 at 7th and again at 9th level.

+1 Caster Level (fire): Though limited in the number of spells known and the number of times you may use them, your soul burns brightly with the spirit of fire making you stronger with what fire spells you do know. When using a shugenja spell under the fire category, you gain +1 to your caster level. This increases by +1 at 6th and 8th level.

Weapon Afire: You summon the spirit of fire to wreath your weapon and heat its blade supernaturally. As a standard action, any weapons you wield can be imbued with the ability to deal an additional 2d6 fire damage on a succesfull attack. This bonus also applies to projectiles such as arrows, bolts, and sling stones.

Conflagration: Once/day as a full round action, you may emit a burst of extreme heat in a 30 ft. radius centered on your self. This burst of heat deals 15d6 fire damage and forces all subjects of the attack to roll a reflex save for half damage (DC 15+ CHA mod.) A failed save forces the subject to roll a fortitude save (same DC) or die from extreme heat. This ability exhausts the magical ability of the user, and he cannot find the strength to use another fire spell for a full minute. At the end of this minute, he may use any spell he wishes as normal.

I'll post the Water Soul shortly. Thoughts?

2008-03-04, 05:15 PM
Here's the Water Soul. Also, I forgot to post the prerequisites for the Fire soul, so this includes the prerequisites for the Water Soul which are pretty much teh same as those for the fire soul.

Water Soul
Spells- Able to Cast 2nd level Shugenja Spells
Skills- 8 ranks in spellcraft
Special- Must have chosen water as your preferred shugeja element

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Reflex Save|Will Save|Special|Spells
1st|0|2|0|2|Form of Wave|
2nd|1|3|0|3|+1 Caster Level (water)|+1 spellcasting
3rd|2|3|1|3|Healing Spring (max1)|
4th| 3|4|1|4|Immunity to Disease|+1 spellcasting
5th|3|4|1|4|Form of Vapor, +2 Caster Level (Water)|
6th|4|5|2|5| Healing Spring (max 2)| +1 Spellcasting
7th|5|5|2|5|Sea Scrying|
8th|6|6|2|6| +1 Caster Level (Water)| +1 Spellcasting
9th|6|6|3|6|Healing Spring (max 3)
10th|7|7|3|7| Form of Ice|+1 Spellcasting
Skills: As shugenja

Spellcasting: A Water Soul gains spells per day and spells known at every even level as though she had gained a level in shugenja

Form of Wave: Water is no longer a hindrance to your movement. You may move through or on top of water at your base land speed. This ability does not grant you the ability to breathe water, however.

+1 Caster Level (water): When casting spells from the shugenja's water list, your effective caster level increases by teh indicated amount.

Healing Spring: When using a cure spell, and when both you and the target to be healed are in contact with at least 5ft of water (each), you may add your charisma modifier to your effective caster level. This ability stacks with the increase to caster level for using water spells. You may only increase your caster level by so much as is indicated on table (1 at 3rd level, 2 at 6th, etc.)

Immune to Disease: So long as you come into contact with a small amount of pure water each day, you can not be affected by mundane diseases. You are, however, still affected by supernatural diseases and curses such as lycanthropy and mummy rot.

Form of Vapor: 1/CHA mod. times/day you may use the spell gaseous form to become vaporous. The caster level of this effect is equal to your character level

Sea Scrying: As a full round action, when in contact with a body of water, you may make a concentration check (DC 20) to become aware of all creatures and objects within a one mile/class level radius. Details remain blurry, but you are aware of the general size, speed, and direction traveled of the subject. A critical failure on the concentration check causes the user to be overwhelmed by the amount of information causing him to be dazed for a round/level.

Form of Ice: The spirit of water fills you before erupting in a cold burst all around you. As the cold fog clears, you stand tall and encased in a suit of solid ice. This ability is useable once/day. All creatures within 30ft. of you must make a reflex save (DC 20) or be frozen stiff for a full minute (paralyzed). For 10 minutes after using this ability, you are treated as having damage reduction 10/fire. Using this ability is draining, however, and you may not use any spells from teh shugenja water list for a full minute after using this ability. After the minute is over, spellcasting returns to normal.