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2008-03-08, 06:43 AM
I wrote up a game for my group set in Eberron based around some legal trickery, and decided that I wanted to build a cool "lawyer" class; it stands to reason that in a civilized magical universe, the best lawyers wouldn't just talk prettily, they'd have some powerful divination and enchantment training as well. So, I give you the first 10 levels of: The Arcane Barrister Class!

Requirements: Any non-chaotic, must have trained at an arcane law school.
HD: d4
Spellcasting: Spells known and spells/day as a bard, have access to full spell list for the class, bonus spells and min. ability score based on Int, saves based on Cha.
BAB: Poor
Saves: Good Will, Bad Fort and Ref
Skills: 6+Int/level
Class skills: Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Forgery (Int), Gather Information (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge [All] (Int), Perform [oratory] (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Cha), Speak Language, Spellcraft (Int)

Barrister Class Abilities:

Injunction (spell-like ability, mind affecting): As an immediate action, the arcane barrister can cause an enemy to stop his current action through threat of litigation. The save DC is 10 + ˝*barrister level + Cha; lawful enemies have a -2 penalty to save, chaotic enemies have a +2 bonus to save. Can use 1/day at 1st level, and an additional time per day every 3rd level thereafter (4, 7, 10, etc.)

Legal Expertise: At 1st level, an arcane barrister knows a little something about everything, at least in the course of representing a client. In the course of representing a client, the arcane barrister may make a check with a bonus of his barrister level + Int bonus to see if he can recall any information about the current situation relevant to his case. Use the same DCs as for Bardic Knowledge checks to figure out the result.

Fast Talk: An arcane barrister may, 1/day at 2nd level and an additional time per day every 2 levels, reroll a bluff check on the subsequent round.

Aura of Legal Protection: An arcane barrister at 3rd level can protect his allies from the influence of others. In a 10 ft. radius around the barrister, lawful allies receive a +4 bonus to saves against mind-affecting spells and to Bluff and Diplomacy checks; neutral allies receive a +2 bonus, chaotic allies receive no bonus.

Detect Chaos: At 5th level, an arcane barrister can detect chaos at will, as per the spell.

Detect Thoughts: At 9th level, an arcane barrister can detect thoughts at will, as per the spell.

Arcane barrister spell list:

0: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Message
1: Comprehend Languages, Identify, Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Charm Person, Lesser Confusion, Hypnotism, Unseen Servant, Temporary Restraining Order
2: Review Document, Obscure Object, Detect Thoughts, Locate Object, Daze Monster, Hypnotic Pattern, Misdirection, Eagle’s Splendor, Fox’s Cunning, Enthrall, Suggestion,
3: Nondetection, Magic Circle against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Arcane Sight, Tongues, Deep Slumber, Illusory Script, Glibness, Secret Page, Restraining Order

New Arcane Barrister Spells:

Temporary Restraining Order (Enchantment, mind-affecting): Barrister 1
Long range, duration of 1 round/lvl, Will save: Target may not come within 50 ft. of caster, attack caster, or cause caster to be attacked by another (e.g., by charming another or using a summoned creature.)

Review Document (Divination): Barrister 2
The caster can look at any written document, immediately understand it, and discover any hidden secrets it may have. This includes noticing fine print, secret codes, invisible ink, hidden arcane marks, or similar attempts to obscure a document's meaning. This spell also allows a barrister to read a document without being affected by written magical traps such as Exploding Runes and Sepia Snake Sigil. Casting time: 5 mins.

Restraining Order (Enchantment, mind-affecting): Barrister 3
Long range, duration of 1 day/lvl, Will save: Target may not come within 400 ft. of caster, attack caster, or directly cause caster to be attacked by another.


This was for a mid-level campaign, so I didn't extend it past 10 (the major NPC I wanted for the adventure ended up being an Arcane Barrister 8). I threw in some other jokes for the players, such as the idea that the spell lists might differ a little by the barrister's specialty (This spell list is for a corporate lawyer; Criminal defense attorneys get Invisibility instead of Obscure Object; Prosecutors get Zone of Truth instead of Obscure Object, for example.)

Thought? Extensions past level 10? Other special barrister spells?