View Full Version : belkar knows haleys dad?

2008-03-18, 11:57 AM
in the episode where they convince hinjo to leave azure city after haley tells hinjo something her dad told her belkar mentions "the man makes some fine roasted chicken" was he joking or did he know haleys dad?:smallsmile:

V Junior
2008-03-18, 12:07 PM
No. At least, I don't think so.

It's a quote from some movie or other. The guy that origianally said it ran a roast chicken shop, or something like that. Elan and Belkar knew the quote, and so Belkar could slip in the bit about the shop.

Trust me, a WHOLE lot of Pixies and whatnot got confused about this at the time...

Surfing HalfOrc
2008-03-18, 12:09 PM
The joke was tied to singer/songwriter Kenny Rogers, and specifically to his song: The Gambler.

Kenny Rogers also was involved in other business ventures, specifically a roast chicken restraunt chain.