View Full Version : Probably An Old Idea [BoED]

2008-03-24, 03:58 PM
Hey. I was thinking of combining the Ancestral Relic and Vow of Poverty feats into some sort of variant of the two. Essentially, some portion of the wealth you gain can be sacrificed toward your Ancestral Relic (your only valuable possession). This would allow for some interesting characters (though it would also result in many, many cliched characters). My question is, has this been done before, here or somewhere else? If you don't know of such a creation, have you any ideas what portion of the wealth should be set aside for the weapon, or any other rules that should govern such a union?

2008-03-24, 06:38 PM
This would certainly need to be homebrewed, as (and I have Asked Wizards on this point) Vow of Poverty "trumps" Ancestral Weapon.

I would personally say that it would require a third feat, that the bonuses from VoP do not stack when using that weapon, and any some other things that I probably haven't thought of.