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2008-03-25, 01:44 PM
What ways have GMs out there given players incentive to do/try something?

When I first ran a D20 Future mecha game with my irl group I used candies and packs of doritos of various sizes to represent enemies on the map. Each time a player killed an enemy they got to take the corresponding candy/doritos pack. The enemies were Starship Troopers style bugs, so the small candies were the hordes of bugs that attacked the mechs while the doritos packets were larger plasma firing bugs. In the end I used a large pack of doritos to represent a huge transport/master bug that commanded every bug in the region. The competition between players was both fierce and effective :smallbiggrin: . They all wanted the doritos, but also knew that unless they worked together the could not take out something so deadly. The end result was some fantastic teamwork and ingenuity.
The combat sections were a huge success because of this. My irl group is very roleplay heavy and while it comes to combat they like to have their few specialities but are on a whole fairly passive. It was good to see their blood-craving side. They enjoyed it too :smallsmile: .

Any other incentive stories?