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2008-04-04, 11:04 PM
Letís set the scene first: Iím GMing a 7th Sea game. The Heroes will soon find themselves in possession of a treasure map, leading them on a merry hunt across Avalon (England) in search of unknown treasure. In true genre fashion, a couple of the partyís Villains have the other two maps.

Now, the maps are magical, and each contains a (different) 4 verse poem, telling the user what the four steps you have to reach the Treasure is. However, no individual poem tells the complete truth. Rather, I want to force the Heroes and Villains to work together if any of them intend to reach the Treasure.

What I need are 4 tasks that would be sufficient for finding the Lost Island of Atlantis (the treasure's resting place bears similrities to the Lost Isle). I know that the final act involves sailing to the resting place of the island, bearing a weapon of cold iron, to pierce the Sidhe veil placed over the ruins. Unfortunately, I canít come up with anything for the first three.

So, I ask the playgrounders: Anyone got a good idea?

2008-04-04, 11:09 PM
The third act could be finding a suitable weapon.

Lord Tataraus
2008-04-04, 11:25 PM
One act could be finding a gem or something that is required to see the veil. And/or maybe a sacrifice of some kind is needed, it doesn't have to be an actual death, but more like something that is designed to weaken the would-be treasure hunter from getting the item without trusting friends. This could be in the form of a poison that must be drunk (kind of like the 6th Harry Potter book) or cutting off a hand to put somewhere or something like that.