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Lord Afro
2008-04-07, 05:07 PM
I have begun making a campaign setting. It is an asian setting with greek influence in which there are too many gods creating holy conflict. I have almost finished the weapons section... The map is done and I am working on ecology/rand.encounters.
Next are monsters. That's where you come in. I need as many as i can get, and I can't make all that on my own.
I ask everyone willing to post any monster creations they wish to submit and when i publish the campaign here and elsewhere online you will be given credit. Anything will be considered. I am also accepting magic items, deities, and spells. Other things are good too. I will probably illustrate many of these
submissions. When any section of my campaign is finished, I will try to post a DL link here.

Lord Afro

P.S. To the people I abandoned awhile back, I apologize. I suddenly became very busy.

Map (http://img503.imageshack.us/my.php?image=kamiyochimapcolorcopyje6.jpg)

Weapons (unfinished)
[sorry, word table+copy paste = bad]
One-handed blades
Name Damage s,m Critical Cost Range Type
Wakizashi 1d4,1d6 19-20 x2 10g Slashing or Piercing
Kusari-kama 1d4,1d6 X2 Slashing
Tanto 1d3,1d4 X3 Slashing or Piercing
Kama 1d4,1d6 X2 slashing
Claw Bracer 1d4 19-20 X2 8g Piercing
Butterfly Sword 1d4,1d6 19-20 x2 Slashing
Kunai 1d4 X2 20ft Piercing
Katar 1d3,1d4 X3 Piercing

Two-handed Blades and Spears

Longspear 1d6,1d8 X3 - Piercing
Spear 2d6,1d8 X3 20ft Piercing


Blunt One-handed Weapons

Tonfa 1d3,1d4 X2 Bludgeoning
Nunchaku 1d4,1d6 X2 Bludgeoning
Keibo 1d3,1d4 X2 Bludgeoning
Heavy Mace 1d6,1d8 X2 Bludgeonng
Morningstar 1d6,1d8 X2 Bludgeoning and piercing
Wooden Sword 1d4,1d6 X2

Blunt Two-handed Weapons
Jo 1d3/1d3,1d4/1d4 X2 Bludgeoning
Metal Jo 1d4/1d4,1d6/1d6 X2 Bludgeoning

Ranged Simple Weapons
Bloody Pachinko 1d2,1d3 X2 15ft Bludgeoning
Longbow 1d6,1d8 X3 100ft piercing *
Dart 1,1d3 X2 20ft Piercing
Shuriken 1d2,1d4 X2 20ft Slashing *

Martial Weapons
One-Handed Blades/spikes
Katana 1d8,1d10 19-20X2 Slashing or piercing
Shuko 1d3,1d4 X2 Piercing
Ashiko 1d4,1d6 X2 Piercing
Ninja To 1d6,1d8 18-20x2 Slashing or Piercing
Spiked Chain 1d6,2d4 X2 Piercing and Bludgeoning
Sai 1d3,1d4 X2 Piercing
Siangham 1d4,1d6 X2 Piercing
Mantis 1d4,1d6 X3 Slashing
Spiked Hammer 1d6,1d8 X2 Piercing and bludgeoning
Net - - - - *

Two handed Blades/spikes
Naginata 1d8,1d10 X3 Slashing
Odachi 1d10,1d12 19-20x2 Slashing or piercing
Zanbato 1d12,2d8 X3 Slashing or piercing
Bitchfork 1d6,1d8 X2 Piercing
Guisarame 1d6,2d4 X3 Slashing
Bolt Axe 1d10,1d12 X2 Slashing

One handed Blunt Weapons
Metal Keibo 1d6,1d8 X2 Bludgeoning
Ball & Chain 1d8,1d10 X2 Bludgeoning
Keibo 1d4,1d6 X2 Bludgeoning

Two-handed Blunt Weapons

Hammer 1d8,1d10 X2 Bludgeoning
Paddle 1d6,1d8 X2 Bludgeoning

Exotic Weapons

In addition to what is here and what is noted, all weapons from the players’ handbook are included in this setting as exotic weapons.

Torch Spear 1d4+sp,1d6+sp X2 20ft Piercing
Fukimibari 1 X3 5ft Piercing
Whip Dagger 1d6 X2 15ft Slashing
Arm sword 1d6,1d8 19-20x2 Slashing or piercing
Spray bottle - - 15ft cone -
Deathbolt Crossbow 1d10,1d12 18-20x2 160ft Piercing
Webnet - - - -
Hyotokko 1d4,1d6 - 30ft cone Fire
Kindle Sword 1d6,1d8 19-20x2 Slashing or piercing
Sky Pebble 1d6 X2 25ft Piercing
Bomb 1d8 X2 15ft Piercing
Cannon 1d10 X2 50ft Piercing
Saw 1d4,1d6 X2 Slashing
Choker’s Palm Piercing and Choking
Gunpowder Gloves 1d6 X2
War Fan 1d6 X3 Slashing
Throwing Spikes 1d3/spike 19-20x2 Piercing
Odama 1d8,1d10 X2
Casting Staff - X2 +10ft -

Weapon Descriptions

Arm sword
As the name suggests, this attaches to the arm of a creature and can be used to make sweeping and punching motions. It does not inhibit spell casting.

An ashiko is a small sandal with spikes on it, used for running
up hills or climbing, it has great traction. The ashiko can be used as a kicking weapon and with it the monk can use his unarmed attack bonus.

Ball and Chain
It’s a spiked ball. On a chain. Give in to the primitive sexiness of this weapon. It has reach 10 feet.
Bolt Axe
A bolt axe is an axe with a spinning blade that has two indents on it’s sides. It is otherwise circular. This spinning occurs when it is swung because the wind from a swing catches the two raised fins on the face of the blade and spins it.

It’s like a pitch fork, but more annoying.
For any special abilities, refer to the trident from the PH.

Bloody Pachinko
This is a hard metal ball that you throw. It is about 1-2 inches in diameter.

This is a primitive gunpowder and fuse bomb. It must be lighted and takes 4-5 seconds to explode, so it has to be thrown late.
Butterfly Sword
This is a fat blade used for slashing. It is very short.

This is a primitive, one-shot cannon held like a rocket launcher. Once lighted, it will fire in 10 seconds. This will be fired on the turn after the turn it is lighted, at the target designated. The end explodes when it hits something, and is shaped like a comical dragon’s head.

Casting Staff
This is an arcane caster’s staff that increases the horizontal range increment of a spell by 20 feet. It also removes any somatic components that a spell may require. The staff can be used in melee as a Jo.

Choker’s Palm

Claw Bracer
A claw bracer looks like a gauntlet with two curved blades protruding upward then down from just above the knuckles. Wearing it, spells can be cast normally and the wielder cannot be disarmed.

These are just like the darts from the PH.

Deathbolt Crossbow
The ammo for this crossbow is the size of a large half spear and has a heavy tip.
It’s long range and high critical make it good for point defense. The weapon takes a partial action
to reload and this action provokes an attack of opportunity. Firing the weapon requires strength, so
add ½ your dexterity and ½ your strength.

These mouth darts are good for surprising your opponent. They can be spit as a free action. Do not add your strength modifier to them because they are to small to carry force and there’s no “Oral strength” ability.

This I just like the guisarame from the PH.

Gunpowder gloves

However it’s a pretty rare weapon in this setting.

Heavy Mace
It’s just like the mace in the PH.

This is treated as a breath weapon that affects a fifteen foot cone.
It is not magical. With it comes a special helmet that has an extended jaw that has a small candle on the end. The user wears the airtight barrel of dissipated oil on there back and clenches a tube coming from it in their mouth. With their tongue they can remove the cap. Then they suck in the gas and breathe it out. When it hits the flame it catches fire and shoots forward. Each gas barrel has 10 uses.

Peasants often carry these for defense. These are like quarterstaffs.

See the PH for a description.

This is essentially a bastard sword, but is commonly used as a melee weapon by samurai. Most soldiers use bows, naginatas, or spears.

Refer to the PH for the description of this weapon.
A keibo is a short, wooden stick used by guards and peasants because of it’s option to deal subdual damage. If you choose to do this, it will be at -1 damage.

These are throwing daggers that can be used in combat. Ninjas often use them.

Ninjas often use kusari-kama’s which are kamas attached to chains.
They can be used as a grappling hook, but take a -2 penalty to the roll.
Kusari-kamas are also reach weapons with 15 feet. You can also use the chain like a 15- foot…chain…with hardness 10 and five hit points.

Kindle sword
Lighted from oil-soaked grass stuffed into a metal frame in the back of the sword, the blade is like a heavy katana. The point extends over the top of the frame and so the sword can be used for stabbing as well. It must be wielded with two hands, and put out before being put away or things will catch fire. This sword creates light like a torch. When slashed with the lit sword, there is a 15% chance that the victim will catch fire and take 1 fire damage for that turn and the turn after. If stabbed, there is a 20% chance that they will take 1 fire damage for 1d3 turns +that turn after. This only affects creatures wearing some flammable item in the area struck and can of course be negated by the creature getting wet.

See PH.

A mantis is a blade with a handle that protrudes from the blade perpendicularly. This encourages fast cross blows. Since there are two motions involved in attacking with it, you can choose to roll damage twice but halve each roll. Doing this, you need to roll to hit twice as well.

Metal Keibo
A metal keibo is a stronger version of the keibo. You cannot deal subdual damage with it.

Metal Jo
This is simply a metal version of the jo and is commonly used by monks. They are metal, so druids cannot use them.

Refer to the PH for the description of this weapon.

This is a weapon commonly used by Buddhist monks in real life. It has a very rhythmic dancing style to it and is best used to make broad, powerful but graceful sweeping motions.

Ninja To/ninjato
A ninja uses a short sword like this. Ninja to are not much different from wakizashi, but they are slightly shorter, and better for killing strikes based on their shape.

See the PH.


An odachi is simply a long katana.

This is a version of the naginata that deals subdual damage.

See PH.

This is a very painful weapon. With a successful grapple check, you can attempt
to keep the victim down and on each of your turns you deal 1d4+1 damage
automatically if they are still under you.

A shuko is set of spikes on a strap that attaches to your palm.
Using it, the wearer has a +2 bonus to climb checks on surfaces
that can be dug into or have less than hardness 10. Of course, it
can be used like a weapon as well, and with it the wearer gains a +1
circumstance bonus to grapple checks.
See PH.

See PH.

Sky Pebble
This is a small metal ball that holds two highly reactive liquids separated by a rice paper membrane.
When it is thrown the ball’s weak metal collapses, sending the spikes on the inside into the rice paper and breaking the barrier. The liquids mix then and explode into a small radius of shrapnel 5 feet wide. To explode this way the ball must hit a hard surface, such as armor, and the thrower must have a strength modifier of +1 or higher. Without this bonus, there is a 20% chance that it does not explode.

See PH.

Spiked Chain

Spiked Hammer
With this weapon, ignore 1 point of the target’s armor bonus, 2 for masterwork.
This only affects tangible armor (not mage armor) and masterwork spiked hammers
receive no +1 attack bonus.

Spray Bottle
This enchanted wooden spray bottle will hold all but the most volatile
liquids or acids and will almost never break. It can be filled with a potion
or any liquid and has the same amount of uses the substance did. By pulling
the trigger the user can spray this liquid into a 10-foot cone. All variables of the
liquid above 1 take a -1 penalty this way. Some cunning adventurers have
filled the bottle with oil and then put a flaming torch in front of the bottle to
construct a makeshift flamethrower.

A tanto is a small knife used for protection by civilians.

Throwing spikes
In one throw, you can launch up to 3 spikes. Roll a ranged attack for each spike thrown.
These weapons are commonly used in place of shuriken and are faster. They are made of
wood and are thickest in the middle with points on each side.

Tonfas are used like mantis blades, so proficiency with them means proficiency with
mantis blades, and vice-versa. For all purposes this is treated as a blunt mantis blade.

Torch Spear
Below the blade of this spear is a hole filled with fuel-soaked wood. When hit by it, there is a 35% chance that it causes 1 fire damage for 1d3 turns after. It can be used to produce light as a torch and must be refueled after
4 hours of use. This only affects creatures wearing some flammable item in the area struck and can of course be negated by the creature getting wet.

A wakizashi is a shortsword shaped like a mini katana.

War Fan
War fans look like regular fans, and so the wielder may appear unarmed. With a successful
bluff check against the opponent (who is at a -4 penalty), your foe does not know you have a weapon.
He is treated as flatfooted when you first attack with your war fan.

Web net
Web nets are rare and coveted weapons traditionally made out of a drider’s silk. With it’s sticky hold,
users of it get a +6 to a grapple using it. It cannot trip things like a normal net.

Wooden Sword
A wooden sword functions like any sword, but deals blunt damage and only knocks victims unconscious.

Lord Afro
2008-04-08, 10:21 PM
And...bump. Is that allowed?:smallconfused:

2008-04-08, 10:25 PM
So what sort of critters you looking for?

2008-04-09, 01:41 AM
So what sort of critters you looking for?
Yeah. Those gods in that holy wars of yours. They got a theme, other then being greco-asian ? As in a God of Fire vs God of Air vs God of Wood (wood is an element in the asian alchemy circle) vs God of war, vs God of childbirths and so on. What challenge ratings do you need ? Will there be monsterious champions of the gods ? Do a god have a specific race created for him/her who is basically unified behind that god (Elves, Drow would be two examples, except for the created part in some settings). You want mook races, elete races and/or champions ?

Simply put, you need monsters above and beyond what is in the monster manual, but we dont have any criteria really. Greco-asian can only go so far.

Supreme Geasser
2008-04-09, 04:40 AM
Ever played God of War?
You could get some of the monsters in thee game

can we post a God/Goddess?

Lord Afro
2008-04-09, 09:06 AM
No i haven't played god of war. Shadow of the collossus is better.


The great city of Kamiyochi (god’s village) is a theocracy. At first, it’s palace lead by a high cleric ruled justly with balance for good gods and evil. The city prospered. It expanded to be a great power in their country. But then the gods began to breed. Quickly the number of supernatural voices that the high cleric had to attune to rose. He became stressed and appeared senile at only age 40. Clerics invented new gods. The belief of thousands brought these holy rulers to being. The high cleric went off his blessed rocker. Laws he passed became stranger and stranger, such as the No Wooden Plates Act and the I Don’t Like Sand ruling. With an insane ruler, can Kamiyochi fend off the armies
from the north or do the gods need some population control?

The kingdom they are at war with is not entirely evil, but the two kingdoms have political differences.Its name is Pazek and is a magocracy. The city is mostly red, and everyone in it is not entirely human because of the polymorph craze. Even their warriors are biologically optimized with tentacles** or bear claws. The average life of a soldier there is long, and high-quality (if one can get past the mutations). Pazek’s army need not be large because of this quality over quantity mindset.

This is an Asian campaign setting and does not cover the entire world. Rather, I will focus on one country’s power center. I may possibly expand for the sake of content, but one kingdom is my goal.

Adventure hooks

•The pcs are given a task by Rictor to slay a god/kami and must locate it and kill it.
•The pcs need to defeat a gods minions or pass through its dungeon to kill it
•Pazek is giving the Kamiyochi soldiers a lot of trouble and the pcs need to help out. They will follow the soldier’s warpath.
•Demons attack the village.

•Celestials are causing problems on earth.
•Assassin’s guild: Pcs are given a target to kill (if they’re in the guild) or if they are caught god slaying or doing something illegal or just have offended someone rich are targeted themselves.
•Exploring the wilderness the pcs find an area of interest.
•Rictor asks for an odd mission with no gods involved. Possible ideas for this include:
1. One of his friends is in trouble
2. Retrieval quest
3. The pcs need training.

Lord Afro
2008-04-09, 09:10 AM
Ever played God of War?
You could get some of the monsters in thee game

can we post a God/Goddess?

Yes! Please do!
As for the type of critters I want, monkeys and abberations are good. I also want extraplanars. Thanks. I like your figgy pudding and death gerbil swarm. ( I had a gerbil. He was great. Except that my parents had to buy me another and didn't tell me...)

Oh and see the top post for a map.