View Full Version : Best shadow-runs?

2008-04-09, 09:26 AM
I know you read this forum, players. Begone!

As for the rest of you, I am in the middle of a Shadowrun campaign. I'm looking for inspiration for individual runs, so who better to turn to than you lot? Please share your experiences, the more details the better. :)

2008-04-09, 10:56 AM
Well the Emergence campaign book is chock full of amazing ideas for runs. Course the overall campaign is about the emergence of Technomancers and the troubles that arise concerning public fear of them and corparate explotation of them so it's not a great campaign for old salts of the game who understand everything about Technomancers.

But one that I came up with was an act of industrial sabatoge. The runners are contacted over the net by somebody who wants to launch their own anti-ghoul medication but Corp B9 has been the only one producing the anti-ghoul drug for years none of the doctors or hospitals want to switch brands to a drug that offers no real significant advantage.

So the Johnson wants the runners to disrupt the flow of the drugs for a couple weeks so that they can get their product out there. Now they can't just start hijacking trucks cause the corp will just produce more and send it out with more guards or send it out in unmarked trucks so that's a no go. They can't blow the place up because they have security swarming all over.

The way that they should go about it is introducing a chemical that stops the medicine from forming into one of the raw materials that they bring in and it'll gum up the machine and stop production.

Depending on how fast your group normally is you can add in them finding out the active component of the drug and find somebody who knows how to disrupt that.

And in traditional Shadow Run fashion have the news report how ghoul attacks are out of control after news that the Anti-ghoul medication is out of production for the next several months.