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2008-04-15, 12:59 PM
Glass Arrow
Exotic Item
Damage: 1 d6 piercing, plus bow attack. Roll 6 to blind target for one round with shards.
Reach: (Depends on the bow?)
Special: Glass arrows shatter on impact, making it near impossible to tell where they came from- Or even if the attacker wields a bow and isn't some invisible daemon waiting to feast on the victim and his children. Used by assassins the world over.

Diamond blade
[Very] Exotic weapon
Damage: 2 d10s slashing, ignores armor
Reach: Non-Ranged
Special: Roll 10 on any defense roll to sunder enemy weapon (Must be a sword) that attacks you!
1 of a kind. Likely found in some dragon's hoard or something.

Grave Arrow
Exotic Item
Damage: 1 d4 piercing
Reach: (Depends on bow?)
Special: Unless enemy makes their will save, it slowly begins turning them into a zombie! Every 5 rounds victim may make a will save. Between failed will saves, however, they are forced to serve their attacker
Cannot be used by lawful or neutral good wielders. Chaotic good wielders must make a will save to use.

Grimm Scythe
Exotic weapon
Damage: 2 d6s slashing
Reach: (Non-ranged)
Special: Attacked enemy must make a will save for the first three times he is attacked by this weapon. If he fails, he is parylized with fear for one turn. Second attack will save has +1 added to the dice roll, third time it has +3

I dunno if their any good or not, or if they make sense with the rules, but if you like any of them you can refine them and use them for Tears of Blood or whatever homebrew you like.

And yes, I know the diamond sword makes little to no sense.:smalltongue: