View Full Version : The Devourers (Non-PC Winged Race)

2008-04-15, 01:13 PM
Alright firstly before I begin I NEED a new name. Devourers is far more then cliche' but it's all I can think of right now.

Now I don't have stats down yet (Their not needed that much yet, it not being a PC race and all) but I have a rough idea down of their backstory, looks, and overall them.

They came through a black hole of some sort, weather or not they summoned it is unknown. They sustain themselves on the very life essence of humans. Not all living things, just humans. All other races (Except those very close to humans like Dwarves and Halflings) are immune to their life-sucking. They devour by grabbing or biting a human (Doesn't really matter what body part they use to do this) and draining their spirit. Weather or not this denies the victim a chance to go to the afterlife or not is also unknown. Their proffered weapon is a scythe and they have normal sized bodies, (Perhaps a bit more buff) large talons and claws, and collosal wings. (And yes, they can use them) They are not orc-villains, each one is challenging and they fly in large packs. What their wisdom is cannot be determined, and thusly is open for suggestion. They are all at least decently intelligent, although you couldn't guess it seeing the sheer hunger in their faces and red eyes. Their skin color is dark-blueish black. Their main weakness is that they still don't really understand their victims, and thusly doing something unexpected against them that you haven't done to that individual one before denies their will save and penalizes their defense roll.

Take it from there, guys.