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2008-04-22, 05:16 PM
If interested, please read the first entry here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77308).

It's been a little while since I have contributed to the thoughts on the world I'm trying to piece together due to time constraints. TBH I still don't have the time to be doing this, but I am a master procrastinator. :smallwink:

Anywhoo, without further ado here is the second entry of my forum based world creation. I would (greatly) appreciate any input.

When I last wrote I ended by describing that this world (yet to be named... might want to work on that) has a great deal of magic items created by various components from magical beasts. Humans (the primary plotline race for this campaign) learned how to make many items from halflings. Magical item creation will not require a caster. In fact, it is the proximity to magic involved in making magical items that eventually allowed the halflings (and soon humans) to control magic. Most people don't know the cause and effect of all this.

Back on track, magical beasts are transported randomly on occasion from the 'magical realm' (also no name, will work on that shortly) to the mundane realm, which is where our characters reside. There will be a very small chance that the party will actually witness one of these teleportations, far more likely that they will respond to a sighting of one of these creatures. I intend to start with a list of 5 magical monsters per CR, and decide on a type of magical item that can be created with them. Some of these monsters (the much weaker ones) will likely be farmed by the humans for magical item creation, whereas others will be too dangerous or rare for farming, and will be a real prize when found.

I guess no better way to start than simply list beasts. I think I'll choose 5 monsters per CR for CR 1 through CR 5, and 2 or 3 from CR 5 to 10. This will be a low level campaign, it will take them a very long time to get past level 10.

CR 1Stirge: blood drain, con damage. Thinking about lesser healing potions. (actually CR 1/2)

Pseudodragon: Sleep poison. Think farming these to milk the poison for both 'sleep dust' and sleep immunity potions/rings...

Darkmantle: Can cast darkness spell. Thinking blind/blind immunity items.

Krenshar: Mind affecting fear affect

Shrieker: Used to make alarm type effects for warding property.

CR 2Blink dog: Could make a cloak that 1/day allowed you to cast blink as per the spell

Hippogriff: Not sure what type of magic these guys could provide, will come back to this.

Shocker lizard: Rings of shocking grasp, +1/lightning weapons, all sorts of fun.

Thoqqua: wands of burning hands, +1/fire weapons, again lots of options

Vargouille: Paralysis potions, immunity to paralysis potions

CR 3 Found a ton of good CR 3 monstersRust monster: Sky is the limit with this one

Howler: wisdom affecting howl, badass quills. Whistle of idiocy? Quills could make good arrows.

Unicorn: Horn for cure poison, blood for cure mod pots

Allip: Truth serum

Ankheg: acid and acid immunity items

Assassin vine: Too much fun to give up.

Ettercap: Web stuff and dex affecting poison. Could be used for dex boosting items.

Yethhound: rings of 1/day swift fly

CR 4 not many, makes up for lots of CR 3Barghest: D-door, levitate

Displacer beast: Blur cloaks, other illusionary effects.

Griffon: Useful for the same sort of stuff as hippogriff, but more powerful

Mimic: all sorts of illusion magic

CR 5Cloaker: Think of all the cool invisibility/shadowmagic stuff you could make...

Basilisk: Flesh to stone poison, immunity to gaze effect charms...

Arrowhawk: higher end electricity stuff

Achaierai: insanity poison, cure for insanity effects...

Gibbering mouther: stone to mud/mud to stone type effects

Hydra, 5 headed: Useful for all sorts of elemental weapons and wands based on breath attacks. Also good for regen items

Well this is only a start, but I should get back to more pressing matters.

In the end I hope to make a list of monsters that will be a mostly all inclusive list of the creatures in my setting, each with a general 'field' of magic that it can provide components for. Most magical items will be possible, but many will require expertise unavailable to them (only halfling item creating masters know all the secrets) and will also require magical components from more than one beast.

Anyone who feels like adding their 2 cents for some higher level monsters or monsters I overlooked and you think I shouldn't, please let me know!