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2008-04-27, 08:59 AM
Today I'm going to start as a player my first game of D&D in about eight years. I have to say I don't care for the system much (BURN THE HERETIC!), but my participation was part of the deal to convince the group to eventually play Nobilis, so I'm willing to go along with it. :)

My preference for play is sorcerers, as I like casters, and I really like spontaneous magic. However, this campaign setting apparently completely lacks arcane magic (?!), so I'm going to give Favored Soul a shot instead. As I was reading the Complete Divine book, though, I noticed something odd: Despite being the book that introduces the Favored Soul, its list of twenty something prestiege classes contains very, very poor pickings for them. My favorite, for a number of flavor reasons was the Radiant Servant of Pelor (Favored Souls tend to come from Pelor, a prestige class in his name makes sense, right?). To this end, I hatched a crazy scheme to obtain turning via Sacred Exorcist, and the sun domain via Contemplative, and thereby at level 12 enter into RSoP. Considering the class could be entered by a cleric at level 7, my DM and I both thought this was kind of silly, so he said he'd fix it for me.

I thought this was going to mean that he intended to modify the requirements for RSoP. This did not happen; instead, he changed the FS base class in a number of ways, to create 'Favored Soul... of Pelor':

The Bad:
* Cleric's inferior reflex save
* No energy resistance
* One less spell known per spell level.
* Lack of light reduces my caster level from 1-3, depending on severity. Magical light fixes this problem, which makes me think it's not much of a weakness.

The Good:
* Turn Undead, as a cleric (GM says "I'll need it")
* Access to the Sun domain... which includes knowledge of all Sun domain spells.

Quite frankly, I think I got buffed significantly this way (particularly when I asked him if I could 'just know' all the spells from the bonus domain from RSoP, and he responded "I don't see why not"). I don't actually enjoy playing broken characters much (unfortunately I'm stuck playing with someone who does, this time as a ToB swordsage), so I'm wondering, just how overpowered am I? Is life going to be depressingly easy, until the wrath of the GM (over his own mistake...) rears? :P

2008-04-27, 09:13 AM
I'd say no.

You're losing one spell known per level, but gaining one spell known per level via the Sun domain, so this is actually a small loss (as some of the Sun domain spells aren't that great).

So you're gaining turning, but losing some Reflex, energy resistance, and the ability to cast freely in darkness. Doesn't seem very broken to me. If I'm reading your post right, you're still going into the RSoP PrC at level 7, so from that point on, you'll be a little stronger than usual . . . but you'll still be one spell level behind a cleric, and you won't have the cleric's enormous spell variety either.

My guess is that you'll be more or less on par with a Sorcerer as regards power. You're certainly not going to dominate over ToB characters, not until very high levels anyway.

- Saph

2008-04-27, 09:35 AM
Generally, I would also agree with the above comment, you should be fine. Honestly, Favored Soul was sub-par to begin with. They were dependent on two castiing abilities, and now turning undead gives you another use of your Cha score. Unless you have feats planned out, may I suggest divine metamagic or feats that give you more turns and more uses for turning undead?

Anyways, yeah you should be fine.

2008-04-27, 09:38 AM
considereing you are playing what i would considder a slightly nerfed full caster, then i would say, you are not so much broken as slightly bend.

2008-04-27, 09:39 AM
This is a relief to hear. I'll leave the pissing off the GM to the rest of the party then. :)

I'm taking Extra Turning at level one (its a prereq for RSoP anyway), and I was planning on taking DMM eventually, but only for Purify spell. It might be far from the most powerful use, but I really love the looks of purify. :)

2008-04-27, 09:50 AM
I wouldn't worry. If the DM's willing to do that much to get you the class you want, I'm sure that if, by some strange freak of chance, you are completely broken, you could just talk to him after you realised and bash out some way to nerf you slightly.,