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2008-04-28, 11:38 AM
Ahh.. a Submarine Movie if there was ever one. I just finished re-watch this fine piece of the 7th Art, and I felt like discussing it among other tatoo-fans around here.

What tactic was your favorite as the one depicted in the movie? Do you really think a 2nd world war submarine could have sneaked in the middle of the screws of a supertanker?

Is Emily Lake hot?

Discuss :)

Blue Paladin
2008-04-29, 10:26 AM
I enjoyed the scene where the Orlando crew hear the Stingray in the water.

"Sounded like diesel."
"Diesel? Then it can't be a submarine."

I like the fact that Dodge knows his opponent is still meta-thinking about being in a wargame, and discounts the possibility of facing such an old bucket.

Jack Squat
2008-04-29, 10:51 AM
I do enjoy this movie...have to find it for sale somewhere.

I would have to say my favorite part is probably the pirate scene, although that wasn't really much of a tactic.

And in reality, no, I don't think a diesel could outmaneuver a modern sub, as they're slower, travel on the surface most of the time, and cannot go as many places as a nuclear sub.

2008-04-29, 11:10 AM
I first saw this movie when I was...seven or eight or so. You'd be amazed how few of the jokes I got back then.

Great movie. Sonar is my favorite character, by far.