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Heaven Striker
2008-04-29, 10:06 PM
Well people, this is my first post here, so, don't be too rough now...

Ok, I have got some crazy stuff for D&D in my head, but I just ain't got the time and knowledge it needs to put them all on the paper.

So, here they are, if you guys can help me with these, I will thank you a lot. And... I'll bring some cookies...

1) About liches.
In a campaing setting, I would prefer to make lich-style templates for both arcane/divine casters and good/evil characters. So, there would be 4 templates:
-Arcane Evil (undead) (the true,bad, evil lich)
-Arcane Good (??) (not the good lich from Monsters of Faźrun, I guess)
-Divine Evil (maybe undead) (just not the common lich)
-Divine Good (??) (some kind of saint)

An Arcane Good "lich" could be motivated by his own purposes, he just didn't want to become a lich, using a diferent way to become immortal in his quest (wether for knowledge, or for vengeange, or to protect his family's treasure/tomb).
Divine Evil should become something else too, but to attend to his deity's will, not his own.
The Divine Good "lich", or a Saint, Exalted Chamion, or whatever, should do some self sacrifice, in order to continue his fight against evil-doers, and also to attend other problems of his god.

Could some one help me with that?

2)A basic class, much like the samurai, but also like the basic fighter, and the knight...

I mean, the Vowed Knight.
He has a strict code of conduct like the Paladin's, but not necessarily Good. He has sworn a vow, not to a deity, nor to a "force", but to a noble on his country.
In my original idea, he would have heavy militar training, and would act both as a body guard and as a represetant. He could adventure on his own, but still bearing his Lord's name. Proficient with all simple and martial weapons, all shields but Tower Shield, he would get some ability that makes the armor count as one class lower (medium armor counts as light, heavy counts as medium) for the purposes of speed, and anything else it regards.
The levels on this class could count as fighter levels ( or the level -X) for the feats that require fighter levels.
At some level, he could also get a "noblility certificate" being considered as part of his Lord's family (not a heir) and getting the advantages he could get as a noble in his country.This should also give access to the Aristocrat class to him and his closest relatives (spouse, son,etc)
He is sworn like the Samurai, but without the powers (Oriental Adventures), and is made to be a great warrior, like the fighter, but with a code of conduct (either Good or Evil, but always Lawful).

Well, I guess you people can help me?

It's late here, I must go sleep, tomorrow, if a remember something else, be sure I'll post it.

And sorry if you don't understand something, tell me and I will fix it ASAP.