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2008-05-03, 02:53 PM
Tzeentch is an extremely machievellian demon from another universe. So is Mephistopheles.

Marvel Comics'es Mephistopheles is extremely dangerous. Only once or twice has someone won a soul back from him.

but, in a contest between Mephi and Tzeen, who would win the most souls?

Who would beat eachother in wars?

Who would beat eachother in combat?

2008-05-04, 06:59 AM
Do you mean Mephistopheles from D&D? DO you mean Mephistopheles from Faust? "
The spirit I, which evermore denies!
And justly; for whate'er to light is brought
Deserves again to be reduced to naught"

Both Mephistophelesses would make for entirely different contestants

2008-05-04, 07:20 AM
I think the plural would be "Mephistopheli", not "Mephistophelesses".

2008-05-04, 07:42 AM
So D&D Mephi, Faust Mephi or Ghost rider mepgi/sarcasm.

assuminhg D&D mephi, I'm goin to say Tzeetch
1. imortal intill there is no such thing as magic, hope, ambition or conspiricay. so basicly Mephi will have to destroy the MAteriual plane, Hell and himself, along with all the othe non-good planes.
2. Tzeetches demons are formed from thoughts, Mephi's from souls. thoughts are more numeros than souls.
3. Tzeetch has no su[periors or beuacracy.
4. Tzeetch has 40k tech.
5. Tzeetch has a demon able to see the future perfectly.
6. Tzeetch has hundreds of millions of cults
7. Tzeetch has somewhat better track record.

2008-05-04, 10:11 AM
To quote solo...

Need more grimdark

2008-05-04, 10:20 AM
grimdark, you say? *adds spikes, skulls, evil, hatred and gods who eat hope*

There you go. Toss in a few millenia-spanning schemes for power and it should be sufficiently grimdark.

I, personally, favour Tzeentch. Why? Chaos Space Marines. the guy has legions of them working for him, and they've got thousands of years of experience and godlike power to go with it. More than a match for demons.

black dragoon
2008-05-04, 10:26 AM
Mephi does have the fact that he's been plotting and planning as general in the Blood war though. But by the sounds of things he'd still go down hard and only mabye make Tee itch for a few minutes.
danm space marines..

2008-05-04, 10:27 AM
I would also go for Tzeentch. Even assuming that DnDemons and Tzeentch's demons and Marines are roughly equal in power, Tzeentch himself will tip the balance. Mephistopheles is himself just an underling for Asmodeus, and, seeing how lords of Hell have been replaced by violence and sheming before, if I remember correctly, certainly not in a position of absoulte power and control.
Tzeentch on the other hand is the personificatin of (magical) power, and control. He only exists because mortals crave to have power over their own and other's fates. He is no one's minion. He IS his domain, while Mephistopheles (from DnD) merely inhibits his at the time being.

2008-05-04, 10:34 AM
I call "Never going to happen".

Here is the deal, we are dealing with two trans-magnificent bastards (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagnificentBastard), chessmasters of the Nth degree (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheChessmaster)for whom a mere Xanatos roulete (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/XanatosRoulette)is part of the daily grind. Neither would engage in the contest unless victory was almost certain and each is at least capable of forcing a draw in my opinion. Seeing as a draw is a moral victory for the defender and a loss of face for the attacker neither would launch, and thus we would never have the battle in the first place.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-05-04, 11:33 AM
Mephistopheles wins.

Tzeentch's answer?

Just as planned ...

2008-05-04, 12:37 PM
also, lets remeber, Mephi get a small amount of LE souls
Tzeetche's realm is to horrible for human souls to exist in and they are rederd into just more of the warp.
also Tzeetch has prenicence, and allies, and no physical from to kill, and imortality as long as anyone with fre will or magic exists. (this included good people God of hope for the win)

2008-05-04, 01:13 PM
To quote solo...

Need more grimdark


To quote Solo,

Need more GRIMDARK!

2008-05-04, 02:51 PM
Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never Is, but always To be blest:
The soul, uneasy and confin'd from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

-Alexander Pope, Essay on Man

Tzeentch wins.