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2008-05-03, 09:28 PM
Some people complain about the skill point system. It gets a bit difficult to keep track of skill point use when creating PC over the 5th level and class skills overpower nonclass skills quickly. There's also the trained and untrained skill systems that can be a bit boring and some of them move masters too class to the unexperienced.

So here are the goals of the skill tier system
1- Create a clear and easy way to organize skills
2- Create a decent sized gap between the rolls of skill experts and novices
3- Allow novices to have some proficiency at a skill without being on the heels of those who have been doing it most of their careers.
4- No stupid synergy
5- Make skills feat not suck

There are 5 tiers of skill

Master- These are skills that are heavily focus on
Expert- These are skills that are actively trained and used often during the person's career
Trained- These are skills that are practices a few times and performs often
Experienced- These are skills that the person doesn't train but performed a few times during his life.
Unskilled- These are skills that the person almost never use or never tried

Skills use the formula equal to
1d20 + skill ranks + modifiers

Skills at the Master tier have ranks equal to the character level + 10
Skills at the Expert tier have ranks equal to the character level + 5
Skills at the Trained tier have ranks equal to 3/4 the character level + 3
Skills at the Experienced tier have ranks equal 1/2 the character level +2
Skills at the Unskilled tier have zero ranks in the skill

When creating a character, the character places a number of class skills equal to the number of skill points his character would gain with each new class level in the Trained tier. Every other skill is placed in the Experienced tier.

Learning new skills is easy. When you raise a skill's tier, you lower another skill down 2 tiers or 2 skills down one tier each. If the skill you raise is a class skill for any of your classes, you only have to lower another skill one rank. Normally a character cannot raise a skill to the Mastery tier without the Skill Focus feat for the skill. You cannot learn more new skills that your Intelligence modifier,

When first you gain a level in another class, you simply raise one class skill one tier and lower another skill skill a tier. If the character's would gain more the 10 skill points, you may raise two skills instead of one.

Whenever a character gains a feat or new class feature that grants a bonus to a skill, it raises a skill's tier.

So a fighter4/rogue1 human with 12 Int might have

Expert 10 ranks: Climb (raised via Rogue)
Trained 6 ranks: Jump, Ride, Swim, Hide (raised via Stealthy feat), Move Silently (raised via Stealthy feat)
Experienced 4 ranks: Every other skill
Unskilled 0 ranks: Bluff (lowered via Rogue)

What do you think?