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2008-05-04, 10:25 PM
Gasp! A versus thread. So yeah, it's The Crow against The Slayer.

Eric is as he is in the film (not the comics), Buffy is confined to her powers listed in the TV series.
Therefore Buffy has her superhuman strength, agility, reflexes and toughness, along with her prophetic dreams (which probably aren't of any real use). Eric has his superhuman traits (strength, agility, reflexes toughness) coupled with his immortal healing rate, along with his skin-contact memory-sharing and his ability to see through the crow's eyes. He is subject to his weakness of losing his strengths should the crow's power be drained.

Buffy is armed with her standard slayer kit: stakes, a crossbow and a knife (standard weapon against demons). Eric starts unarmed, but can pick-up weapons later (probably a few taken from Buffy during the fight). He also has the crow at his disposal for scouting purposes and the like. Neither get any form of allied combatants, although Buffy gets the core three scoobies (Giles, Xander and Willow) who act in research mode only. No joining spells or other combat-involvement allowed.

The scenario is as follows: Eric rises from the grave to set out on his vigilante vengeance massacre. Buffy, who's purpose is basically stopping undead killers from slaughtering people, heads out to stop him. Eric has four civilian targets who he intends to kill, these people are incapable of stopping him. If he either succeeds in killing them within 24-hours or incapacitates Buffy (killing her or otherwise) so that she is unable to stop him he wins. If Buffy manages to incapacitate Eric (the scoobies will be able to find Eric's weakness within 24 hours provided they aren't interrupted) before he can accomplish his vengeance she wins. Any other result is a draw. Both sides may talk, but they will not be able to negotiate a peaceful solution as Eric will not settle for anything less than the death of his targets, which Buffy will not allow regardless of his motives.

The scenario will be played out in two locations:
1) Sunnydale (Buffy's hometown)
2) Inner Detroit (Eric's home city)

So who'd win in each and why?

(bonus contest, Buffy's puns and insults vs. Eric's quips and poetry quotes)