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2008-05-10, 12:39 AM
Escape Pod is a weekly science-fiction short story podcast. It's free (though they appreciate donations) and can be found both on Itunes and at Escapepod.org. They also have Podcastle (Fantasy) and PsuedoPod (horror).

My brother introduced me to escape pod a couple months ago and I love it. It's rarely straight sci-fi as in Starship troopers with laser beams, more often is psychological speculative stuff, or just interesting takes on things (See the Union Dues seriesm which is a darker and edgier take on the standard super-hero genre). Sometimes they just have fantasy stories (Although Podcastle now covers that more so). By The Way, I highly reccomend that you listen to this weeks story A little room in Koboldtown.

So, does anybody else listen to Escape Pod or am I the only playgrounder that does ( Or , the only playgrounder that does and reads this thread anyway).