View Full Version : Artemis Fowl vs. Lelouch Lamperouge

Lord of Rapture
2008-05-19, 07:52 AM
The arena is the city of New York in our world. Their goal is to find and capture their opponent. Artemis has access to any captured fairy technology he has and Butler, and Lelouch has C.C. and his Geass before it becomes permanently active. Who will win?

2008-05-20, 03:05 AM
To even it out, I think they both have to have an equal awareness of the other. If only one of them is aware, the fight goes to whomever learns about the other first. Remember that Artemis was able to thwart Holly's mesmer before, and it's been shown that reflective glasses are enough to block the Geass. If Lelouch strikes first, there's very little Artemis or Butler do against the Geass.

Artemis Fowl's greatest resource apart from his intelligence is his ability to apply that intelligence to technology. On the other hand, Lelouch is better at manipulating people. (Artemis has shown some abilities in suggestion, but it's nothing absolute like the Geass.) If Lulu can amass a big enough mob of people, what little fairy tech Artemis has isn't very useful. Apples and oranges; the outcome is not clear from here.

Butler is a highly skilled martial artist and hitman; he's also incredibly streetsmart. C.C. has the ability to temporarily stun someone. Her long life has also given her a fair amount of streetsmarts, not to mention she's immortal and has shown decent skill at hand-to-hand at least once (when she shook down that guy who Mao had purchased weapons from). I don't think just any person can pin a guy to a wall with a kick.
Butler definitely has the advantage in combat, but C.C. is impossible to kill permanently and can buy enough time to allow Lelouch to work with his Geass.

As long as Lelouch can get past Butler and whatever surprise Arty has prepared, he can win. But just how likely is that? I think they're more likely to play a chess match to a stalemate and end up working together. Now that would be awesome.