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2008-05-22, 12:52 AM
I recently wrote this background for the Gnomish Warlock (Blitz Wizzleworth, the Third) which I am going to play in an upcoming campaign, and I thought I would share it with those who would be interested.. The halfling mentioned is a character I played in an older campaign. Comments and suggestions (on content and writing style) are welcome. :smallsmile:

Blitz Wizzleworth the Third (full name Blitz Tonk Francis Zilm Jump-Start Derjo Cake-Eater Riik Wizzleworth, the Third) was born in a fairly quiet village deep in the countryside. Little had happened there, although its past was full of Gnomes who ventured off in search of excitement and became Adventurers. Some were more successful than others, and some even returned with a heavy purse and bag full of strange and arcane items. Others returned with company, and several settled down with a partner and added to the Gnome population. And as long as they were Gnomes, the newcomers were welcome. Of course, there are creatures in this world who can just decide to look like Gnomes, and a union between a Gnome and shape shifting Fiend could still produce offspring with everyone believing the child was just a normal Gnome.

This unseen mixed heritage was bound to eventually manifest itself, and this was the case with Blitz. His childhood was normal, and none suspected anything until he reached his eighth birthday. Strange things started happening and Blitz could be seen displaying an arcane force unseen in even the naturally magical Gnomes. Of course, such symptoms had been heard of before, and a Fiendish ancestor was the likely cause. This caused the community to contact the one person who knew of such things: Shadowsneak Bloodspray, the Halfling.

Years before, Shadowsneak had become an Adventurer himself, eventually honing his talents to that of an assassin. In his quest for power, he had repeated contacts with Fiends in a successful attempt to gain some of their power. His malicious personality was complemented well with Fiendish wings and flesh, and he proved exceptionally adept at the task of destroying those who were required to stop living.

One such contract brought him near to the pre mentioned Gnomish village, and he spied that it was under attack by a giant. Hatred for giants more than love for Gnomes motivated him to slay the destructive beast, and of course the community was grateful. Bemused at their assumption he was good, he enjoyed several festivals in his honour before moving on. As if to add to the illusion, he left a trinket which they could use to contact him in times of need. He never truly intended to rush to their rescue unless he felt like it, but it seemed like an amusing thing to do.

Years passed, and the Gnomish community lived in peace without need to contact the Halfling, at least until the problem with Blitz. By this time, Shadowsneak had retired to an opulent manson and lived alone. When the call came through, the Halfing pondered the idea of a protégé and offered to train the boy to harness his power instead of letting it seep out on its own. The community agreed. While they feared what Blitz could do, they would only say they sent him away since the Halfing was the best person to help the young Gnome.

And so the young Blitz was trained by Shadowsneak Arterial Bloodspray, the famous Halfling whose malicious evil was only outdone by the skill he employed when directing it. While not a warlock himself, the Halfling had spent enough time among the Fiends to know how such power manifested in mortals and was able to guide the learning of the young Gnome. Years of training eventually enabled Blitz to wield his gift effectively. During this time he slowly picked up his mentors dark sense of humour, skewed through the naturally curious and light hearted perspective of Gnome kind.

Eventually the training was complete, and so following his great belief of “Learn by Doing” (and of course “Learn by Killing”) Shadowsneak sent his apprentice into the world to test his mettle, after gifting him with a trinket to contact the Halfling in only the direst of circumstances.

2008-05-22, 01:21 AM
Very nice, it looks good. A nice style, a nice backstory, and, above all, a bloody brilliant name! Who wouldn't want to be called Blitz Tonk Francis Zilm Jump-Start Derjo Cake-Eater Riik Wizzleworth, the Third. Reminds me when I combined a few names together for a different forum (but apparantly Captain Sir-Rameses-Niblick-The-Third-Kerplunk-Kerplunk-Whoops!-Where's-My-Thribble Not-As-Big-As-Big-Jock-But-Bigger-Than-Wee-Jock-Jock Smith was too long for a username...sorrow).