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Emperor Tippy
2008-05-23, 05:28 PM
Each group gets 1 platoon of guys (50 soldiers).

1 Recon Platoon of Imperial Wasts (In Fury Born)
1 Platoon of Cadre in heavy weapons configuration (In Fury Born)
1 Platoon of Royal Manticoran Marines in power armor (Honor Harrington series)
1 Platoon of MI
1 Platoon of Ultramarines (warhammer 40K)
1 Platoon of Imperial Guard (warhammer 40K)
1 Platoon of Spartan 3's (Halo)

The environment is an abandoned, 100 square mile, city. Food and ammo pop are airdropped in to every group each day at midnight, at whatever location the majority of the force is at. All each group knows is that their are enemy forces also in the city and they don't get to leave until said enemy forces are dead. The fact that some of these forces are on the same side doesn't matter, assume all treat all others as enemies. All forces start at a random location in the city that is at least 10 miles from any other force.

I see it going:
Spartan 3's
Imperial Guard

2008-05-23, 06:30 PM
The Guard are thoroughly boned, I hope we can all agree on that. Everybody else I neither know enough nor care enough about to try and figure out a winner.. although it will probably come down to whoever has the best ability to detect and travel to the other groups' airdrops, so they can ambush the other forces while they're picking up their supplies.