View Full Version : American Idol Season 7 - Discuss! (Spoilers)

2008-05-23, 11:59 PM
I realize that it's a bit late, since the show ended two days ago, but I have a burning desire to discuss it with total strangers since it's been discussed to death at school. :smalltongue:

So: thoughts on Idol?
Did David Cook deserve to win?
Favorite judge?
Most memorable performances?

Personally, I thought Cook was a total class act all the way through, with a ton of originality, amazing versatile voice, and very good musical taste. Can't wait for his album.

Simon Cowell is my fav judge because he tells what he perceives as the truth, even if it is damning or brutal, no matter what. He speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as he sees it. I really respect him for that. That, and, I agree with him 75% of the time.

Your turn. :smallbiggrin:

2008-05-24, 12:32 AM
Cook did deserve to win. Archuleta was just to young sounding, although he can still go places.

Final performances by both were stellar, but I did like David Cook a lot more than Archuleta, the rock style is much better sounding than a kid who grew up singing a lot of religious hymns.

PS: The Archuleta family is cool though, they let my scout troop use their pool to practice kayak entry and exit a few years ago. My grandparents live a stone's throw away from them so I was rooting for him all the way, hometown pride and all.

2008-05-24, 01:06 AM
I believe this would go under Media.

That said, I agree with Cooke deserving to win.

2008-05-24, 01:36 AM
The only time I watched it was the last time, so i might be missing a lot, but I thouht that Archuleta really did a whole lot better than Cook. Nearly everyone I talked to at school agreed, so I was a little surprised when Cook won. Except for the fact that Cook had an electric guitar. That was good.
But the thing is, you know both of them will get record deals anyways. Archuleta probably didn't need the title to get one, and I think Cook might have, so maybe it's good the way it turned out.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-05-24, 06:24 PM
Cook is ready for stardom. He looked really comfortable jammin' with ZZ Top, while Archuleta looks like he's about to pass out every time the judges compliment him or the fans scream for him.

Archuleta has been more consistently good on all his performances than Cook, but Cook has a certain quality to his voice that makes him unique.

I'd be more interested in buying a Cook CD than an Archuleta CD, because I already know what Archuleta will sound like - Cook has the potential to surprise me.