View Full Version : A Protoss Zealot vs. an Eldar Harlequin

2008-05-25, 07:53 PM
So which'll it be? Both are very old cultures, the existence of both is threatened by crazy mindless enemies, both kick a whole lot of ass, and both are my favorite unit in their respective universes.

For the sake of clarity, assume they both have no knowledge of whom they're fighting, they both have their choice of weapons, and they're placed in some out-of-the-way terrain like, say, a large canyon somewhere.

Who hands whose rear end to whom?

Illiterate Scribe
2008-05-25, 08:00 PM
Ye mercies, another WH40K thread? :smalltongue:

Anyway, depends what sort of harlequin. I can see a death jester/shadowseer slaughtering a Zealot, and don't get me started on Solitaires . Normal harlequins, though ... I think I might have to go with the Zealot. Normal harlies are just too fragile, and don't have the same WTFwnery attacks as the others.