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2008-05-27, 06:43 AM
This is a killer series from todays master of mayhem Garth Ennis. He can write a series that has disgusting humour ,disturbing violence and still have touching and poinent moments.

Like most of his works I've got no real idea where he's gonna go with this. Ennis is just about a master at throwing writing curveballs so we've got no idea where he's going to go with the series. He knows pacing like few others that I've seen in the industry. he's waited until the comic is almost 2 years old

Just wanted to see if there's other ennis fans here and get your opinion on where you reckon Ennis is going to go.

oh and to see what D & D class butcher would be.

2008-05-28, 07:00 PM
I don't really know Ennis other works, but the Boys is an incredible comic. It is ridiculously dark and funny - wee Hughie left holding his girlfriend's arms in the first issue made me shout "holy ****!"

as for where the story is going... I've gotta couple of ideas. Possibly Butcher "betraying" wee Hughie (who seems to me to be sharing the spotlight with Butcher as front main man). I've only got up to the issue when Butcher and the rest are (spoilers here) poisoned and love sausage and hughie are gearing up.
Honestly though, given Butcher's past, I think things are going to come to a head when he finally decides to move on Homelander (who I believe is the man who raped his wife). Possibly a sidestory involving Hughie and the new girl on the Seven since they seemed to hit it off and she is a super who (gasp) sucked off half the team.

What do you think?

2008-05-28, 07:21 PM
I gotta admit I think the Homelander being the guy who raped Butcher's wife is a bit too easy. I suspect Butcher was never married and that is just a story he tells the new recruits so they'll excuse his brutality.
What Butcher is really up to will be a lot more dark and twisted I suspect.

Garth Ennis has also down a fatastic run on Hellblazer and The Demon. He wrote Hitman and numerous mini-series. Pretty much all of tehm are worth checking, with my personal favourite being the 'Dangerous Habits' story in Hellblazer

2008-06-07, 10:08 PM
Beautiful, wonderful comic. That's all I can really say about it.

2008-06-19, 09:19 AM
Not sure If I'm going to get in trouble for posting in my own subject, but I m drunk and bored so what the hell.

Thought I'd turn this from just a one off 'I Like This Comic' post and turn it into a kind of review of each issue. If no one reads it and I get banded I don't really mind, If some people enjoy it I guess I'll go with it.

In Issue 19 we finally get the backstory arc that explains more of the world that The Boys inhabit.Wee Hughie sits down with the Legend while the rest of the Boys have a meeting with The Seven.

It seems that Darick has finally been given enought time to work on more of the artwork.Good thing too.The fill in that they had was OK but it seems the comic needs his touch to really flesh out the look of the characters and scenery.

What I really liked was a thing that Garth has done in a few of his comics . I want to see if there are any hard core Garth Ennis fans that hang in this section. I'll give ten fans points to whoever spots what it is.If no one gets it I'll reveal it with my review of the next issue.

2008-06-21, 03:04 PM
Just picked up and read The Boys today. Great comic. Recommended, even if somewhat surreal and disturbing. It's as if the writers have developed issues from However, there is one thing that is bothering me and it could be the most disturbing thing I've read in comics.

In issue 6 or the last issue of the storyline Cherry, The Female does some hefty damage to Popclaw, and uses one of her forearm blades to free a hamster wrapped up in masking tape. But the thing that bothers me is does she

A)Seperate Popclaw's hand and claw from her body with her powers the violence and gore are not shown on screen; or

B)Drag Popclaw's unconscious body with the arm attached to it to Hughie and use the claw to remove the masking tape from the hamster?

The panels are rather ambigiously drawn so it's hard to make out whether Popclaw is missing her right hand and part of her forearm, so I can't tell from here.

What disturbs me is that the authors would use violence so casually with panels focusing on character. In Transmet, Gareth always had violence clearly happening on panel leaving no-uncertainty to who was hurt and how badly. So I hope someone here can shed light on this for me please.

2008-07-08, 05:43 AM
Just got issue #20 a few days ago.

Once again, great writing from Garth. We find out a bit more about background of the Seven and story arcs for the next few issues and the comic as a whole are set up.

We see that Billy Butcher is master at misdirection, making the Homelander focus on him so much that he didn't notice anything else I won't give away what happens but it is good to see the Homelander brought down a peg or two.

From here on in we can roughly work out where the comic made end, but what's going to happen inbetween is anyones guess.

As for the answer to my last post, Take a good look at the rifles that Darick drew. They're meant to resemble the SA 80, the standard assult rifle of British armed forces which has become nortorious for being unreliable.