View Full Version : The Richard Brautigan Thread

2008-05-29, 12:38 AM
He's a great author and a pretty magnificent poet to boot. Any other playgrounders agree with me? For the longest time, I've wanted to form a sort of Richard Brautigan Appreciation Society to champion his works, petition for reprints, maybe even do up a newsletter.

C'mon Playground. Gotta be some fans out there somewhere.

2008-05-29, 12:42 AM
I HATED Trout Fishing in America.

2008-05-29, 12:47 AM
He looks exactly like my friend's dad. EXACTLY.

2008-05-29, 01:19 AM
I HATED Trout Fishing in America.

I must say, I enjoyed it less overall than, say, Confederate General from Big Sur or Willard and his Bowling Trophies. What do you think of the rest of his work?