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2008-05-31, 06:27 PM
Seeing as I am a theater nerd, my friends and I are prone to hypothetically cast plays, deciding who in our group would play which part. Most everything, however, has a certain degree of carry-over. As a result, I will sometimes cast plays with a set of characters from some other bit of media. This has led to things like Hamlet, starring Spider-Man as the title role.

So, I've posted this so that the denizens of the playground can indulge in a similar game. I'll post a play, and we'll cast it with various groups of people. We'll start with Hamlet, and to give an example, I'll cast it with Marvel superheroes:

Ophelia--Jean Grey
Claudius--Tony Stark
Gertrude--Emma Frost
Polonius--Professor Charles Xavier
Hamlet (the dead one)--Captain America
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern--Daniel Rand and Luke Cage

And last, but not least:
Yorick--Ghost Rider :smallwink:

Also, if this belongs in SMBG (I wasn't sure whether or not it fit there), please move it accordingly.