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2008-06-04, 05:45 PM
I apologize for the wall of text, but I am looking for balance. I have all the flavor done. But my world has entirely different races, so I wanted to get some thoughts on how these races look.

Humans ... well, they didn't change.

Changelings - Use Dopplegangers from MM.

Average Height: 4’6” – 5’4”
Average Weight: 88 lbs. – 130 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Common, three others at character creation
Skill Bonuses: +2 Diplomacy, +2 History
Great Ally: You work exceptionally well with your allies. When successfully aided on a skill check or attack roll by an ally, or when aiding another, you apply or gain an additional +2 bonus on your check or attack roll. Furthermore, you gain an additional +2 on attack rolls against opponents flanked by an ally.
Kenku Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the Katar.
Luck of the Raven
- Encounter
- Free Action - Personal
- Effect: Reroll a reflex defense roll. Use the better of the two rolls.

Kenku Weapon Training [Heroic, Kenku]
Benefit: You gain proficiency and a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with katars.

Kenku Luck [Heroic, Kenku]
Benefit: When you use the Luck of the Raven power, you gain a +2 bonus to the new reflex roll.


2008-06-04, 05:56 PM
Average Height: 3’2” – 4’”4
Average Weight: 65 lbs. – 82 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence
Size: Small
Speed: 5 squares
Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Common, Kitsune
Skill Bonuses: +* Acrobatics, +2 Arcana
Persistent: When you become bloodied, you gain +1 to all defenses.
Tails: You have a unique magical nature, giving you a mystical protection to the forces of nature. Choose an energy type: Cold, Fire, Force, Necrotic, or Radiant. You gain resistance 2 of the chosen energy type for each tail you have. You also gain a +1 to Acrobatics for each tail you have. You start with one tail.
Four-legged: You can double your speed by removing your armor/ability bonus to your AC until the end of your next turn.
- Encounter
- Minor Action Personal
- Effect: You shift 2 squares.

Blessing of the Tailless One [Heroic, Kitsune]
Benefit: You grow an additional tail.

Communion with the Tailless One [Heroic, Kitsune]
Benefit: You gain a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls when you use a power that has the same keyword as your tail.

2008-06-04, 05:59 PM
Average Height: 6’2” – 7’6”
Average Weight: 140 lbs. – 220 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Qill
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Streetwise
Carapace: You have a naturally tough skin, defending as well as most armors and giving a +1 Miscellaneous Armor bonus. Increase to +2 at 11th level and to +4 at 21st level.
Qrill Weapon Proficiency: You are proficient with scimitars and falcions.
Perceptive Minds: You gain a +5 to all saving throws vs. charm effects.
Discerning Thought: Whenever you roll an insight check, you can roll twice. Use whichever die roll you want.

Qrill Weapon Training [Heroic, Qrill]
Benefit: You gain proficiency and a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with scimitars and falcions.

2008-06-04, 06:02 PM
Average Height: 4’3” – 4’9”
Average Weight: 130 lbs. – 200 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
Size: Small
Speed: 4 squares, 2 squares burrowing
Vision: Darkvision, Tremorsense
Languages: Common, Talpid
Skill Bonuses: +2 Dungeoneering
Oversized: You can use weapons of your size or one size larger than you as if they were your size.
Burrowing: You have the burrowing ability as stated in the Monster’s Manual pg. 280.
Quaking Charge:
- Daily
- Free Action - Personal
- Effect: You may charge from underground, ignoring the normal burrowing rules.

Strong Digger [Heroic, Talpid]
Benefit: You can increase your burrowing speed by 2.

Human Paragon 3
2008-06-04, 06:12 PM
Nice work, these look great! I really like the flavor of the fox folk and the abilities seem appropriate. My one concern would be the burrowing speed and borrowing charge. It could be abusable by PCs, unless I miss my mark. Any campaign that features that race will need to adjust dungeons and such accordingly.... or you could change the abillity.

2008-06-04, 06:16 PM
Average Height: 4’10” – 5’8”
Average Weight: 110 lbs. – 175 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 5 Squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Zai
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Intimidate
Amphibious: You have the ability to breathe both air and water freely. You can also swim at the same speed as you walk.
Sharp Tongue
- Encounter - Martial
- Minor Action - Melee 3
- Target: All opponents in a straight line up to the range.
- Attack: Strength +2 vs. Reflex, Constitution +2 vs. Reflex, Dexterity +2 vs. Reflex
- Hit: 1d6 + Strength modifier damage. Increase to +4 bonus and 2d6 + Strength modifier damage at 11th level, and to +6 and 3d6 + Strength modifier damage at 21st level.
- Special: When you create your character, choose Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity as the ability score you use when making attack rolls with this power. This choice remains throughout your character’s life and does not change the power’s other effects.

Thick-Tongued [Heroic, Zai]
Benefit: Increase the damage of sharp tongue by +2 and the range to Melee 4.

PEACH for me, so I can upgrade my game to 4th, as generally the system is stronger, imo anyway.

2008-06-08, 04:24 PM
I hate bumping, but now that 4e is out in stores, I wanted to get some more opinions on what you Playgrounders think on my world's races.

2008-06-08, 04:41 PM
There are no defense rolls. Those are all static numbers that you add half level and mods to...

Also melee 3? that doesn't work... You'd probably have to use Close Blast 1 or 2.

Not being really anything but nitpicky really; though that Kenku power probably needs to be redone, as I mentioned there are no Defense rolls, and all saves is a flat roll a 10+ on a d20 adding the racial bonus, like dwarves get a +5 against poison (was it dwarves?)...

2008-06-08, 06:19 PM
Don't have time to read it all, but your Kenku Heroic feet, which can only be taken by Kenku, gives them Proficiency in a weapon they already have, so their feet only gives them a +2 damage to Katars, which seems a lot weaker then some of the other racial feats out there such as Halflings Luck (Or whatever its called) and the Dragon Borns Enlarged Breath.