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2008-06-05, 09:54 PM
Deathclaw Scorpion Level 1 Solo Brute
Large natural beast XP 600
Initiative +1 Senses Perception +0; tremorsense 5
HP 128; Bloodied 64
AC 16; Fortitude 16, Reflex 12, Will 13
Resist 10 necrotic
Saves +5
Speed 6
Action points 2
(m) Claws (standard; at-will) * Necrotic
+4 vs. AC; 2d4 + 3 damage, and a Medium or smaller target is grabbed (until escape). A grabbed target takes 5 necrotic damage at the start of the deathclaw scorpionís turn.
M Sting (minor; at-will) * Poison
+2 vs. Fortitude; 2d4 + 3 damage, and the target takes ongoing 7 poison damage and is immobilized (save ends both). The deathclaw scorpion can use this attack against a target it has grabbed. The deathclaw scorpion can use this ability only 1/round.
M Reactive Sting (immediate reaction, when an enemy grabbed by the scorpion escapes; at-will)
The deathclaw scorpion makes a sting attack against the enemy.
C Dark breath (standard; recharge [6]) * Necrotic
Blast 3, +0 vs Fort, the target gains 2d8+5 necrotic damage and the target is blinded until the end of it's next turn.
C Adrenalin breath (immediate reaction, when the deathclaw scorpion is first bloodied, encounter)
The deathclaw scorpion uses Dark breath.
Alignment Unaligned Languages ó
Str 11 (+0) Dex 12 (+1) Wis 11 (+0)
Con 16 (+3) Int 1 (Ė5) Cha 10 (+0)

2008-06-07, 06:44 PM
is this something you dreamt up, or is it swiped from a video game or something? if the former, give it some fluff text so that we can imagine what is is supposed to look/act like. if the latter, give a synopsis, or a link to a site that would explain it.

2008-06-09, 01:54 AM
In her defense, everything from the 4e MM looks like it came from a video game.

2008-06-10, 09:20 PM
i wasn't knocking it--though, yes, 4ed is a big pen-n-paper video game. some of the cooler homebrew stuff i've gotten off of this site was done by playgrounders making stats for their favorite video game monsters/characters/maneuvers/spells/etc. i was just wondering what the source was?