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Moff Chumley
2008-06-08, 11:01 AM
My thought was, as long as I'm browsing the new MM, I might do something productive.

Kobold Bandits (Lv 1, 500 xp)
- 2 Kobold Slinger (Artillery 1)
- 2 Spiretop Drakes (Skirmisher 1)
- 4 Kobold Minions (Minion 1)

As you walk through a mountain pass, two small, green dragon-like creatures swoop at you from a nearby outcropping. As you watch, two scaly heads pop up and begin slinging stones at you, and four other little scallies charge at you from two sides, surrounding your party. The little scaly monsters and their pet drakes attack viciously, but cowardly.

Elf Xenophobes (Lv 2, 625 xp)
- 3 Elf Archers (Artillery 2)
- 2 Elf Scouts (Skirmisher 2)

A gaunt elf steps from the trees, about one hundred feet ahead of you. He says in Elven, "You should not have come here." About six seconds later, arrows whiz from the forest and you spot several more elves with a look of rage in their eyes attempting to drive you from their forest.

Hobgoblin Raiders I (Lv 3, 750 xp)
- 2 Hobgoblin Archer (Artillery 3)
- 1 Hobgoblin Warcaster (Controller 3, L)
- 8 Hobgoblin Grunts (Minion 3)

Hobgoblin Raiders II (Lv 3, 750 xp)
- 1 Hobgoblin Warcaster (Controller 3, L)
- 4 Hobgoblin Soldiers (Soldier 3)

The red goblins stand in tight formation, and as their commander shouts orders at them and throws spell after spell in your direction, they move with practiced precision.

Human Gang (Lv 4 875 xp)
- 3 Human Berserkers (Brute 4)
- 1 Human Mage (Artillery 4)
- 1 Specter (Lurker 4)

At about dusk, a cloaked human stands before your party on the road, about fifty feet away. She holds up her hand for a second, looks up and drops it. Then, with several ugly shouts, a trio of ugly humans run at you with axes, and a translucent figure and the woman begin throwing roiling balls of energy at you.

Tomb Guards (Lv 5, 1000 xp)
- 2 Blazing Skeletons (Artillery 5)
- 2 Boneshard Skeletons (Brute 5)
- 1 Wight (Skirmisher 5)

The dwarf says, "And why do we always ernd up nerxt to a maursoleum whenever we dercide to march through ther night?" as two burning skeletons light up the night, and other undead horrors creek towards you from the graveyard off to the right of the road.

Lizardfolk Marsh Guards (Lv 6, 1,300 xp)
- 1 Greenscale Marsh Mystic (Controller 6, L)
- 3 Blackscale Bruisers (Brute 6)
- 1 Macetail Behemoth

As the terrain gets more swampy, a huge lizard-like beast emerges from the yuk. Several reptilian humanoids follow suit, and begin to charge at your party.

Shadar-Kai Hero Slayers (Lv 7, 1,500 xp)
- 1 Tiefling Heretic (Artillery 6)
- 1 Shadar-Kai Witch (Controller 7)
- 1 Shadar-Kai Gloomblade (Lurker 6)
- 2 Shadar-Kai Warriors (Soldier 8)

Several hooded figures, two of them with large and quite noticeable weapons, confront you on the road at dawn, and one figure lifts her hood, revealing a graceful, if pale and gaunt, face, and spits, "Your deaths will bring honor to our family!" As the two men with large swords charge you, and one disappears to the side of the road, the fifth figure raises her bright red hands and says, "As long as I get that staff, I'm fine." and begins tracing mystic runes in the air. The woman who spoke previously looks at her with contempt, and follows suit.

Troglodyte Raiders (Lv 8 1,750 xp)
- 1 Troglodyte Curse Chanter (Controller 8)
- 2 Troglodyte Impalers (Artillery 7)
- 1 Bullete (Elite Skirmisher 9)

A huge, armored monster bursts from the earth right in front of you, and several huge humanoids follow from it's hole and attempt to turn you into kabobs.

Succubus Entourage (Lv 8 1,750 xp)
- 1 Succubus (Controller 9)
- 1 Cambion Hellsword (Brute 8)
- 1 Doppelganger Assassin (Lurker 8)
- 1 Werewolf (Brute 8)
- 1 Tiefling Darkblade (Lurker 7)

In a dark corner of the bar, five rather odd individuals sit at a bar: a stunningly beautiful woman who looks like she's about to kill someone, a rather demonic looking fellow starring at her prominent cleavage, a bored, nondescript fellow starring into his mug, a huge, wild looking gentleman, and a tiefling in black leather flipping a dagger and looking expectantly at the woman. Suddenly, she stands up and walks towards your table. Her companions have all stood up and formed a loose semicircle around your table, except for the non-descript man. A fight seems about to break out, and the woman looks as if she's going to be the center of it.

Oni Gang (Lv 10, 2,750 xp)
- 1 Oni Mage (Elite Lurker 10)
- 1 Gibbering Mouther (Controller 10)
- 2 Minotaur Warriors (Soldier 10)

An old man stumbles up to your party in the middle of the night, and asks politely for some change. As he turns to go, he suddenly turns into a large ogre-like figure, and draws a large sword. He turns to grin at you, revealing a broken set of yellowing teeth, and behind him you see a horrendous... thing. You realize that there's something behind you, and you realize you're surrounded by a group of nightmare monsters.

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"Elf Xenophobes" makes me hear banjo music :smallyuk: