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2008-06-09, 09:37 PM
What movies scare the living crap out of you but you watch 'em anyway because they're just so darn awesome?

Currently my vote is for the movie Event Horizon. I'm watching it right now actually.

In the dark.

While a thunder storm is going on outside.

I think I need a blanket.

2008-06-10, 05:19 AM
Dog Soldiers... or maybe that's just because after seeing it i went and stayed on my aunt's farm in the middle of nowhere.

2008-06-10, 07:45 AM
Anythign with Uwe Bowel in the credits.

black dragoon
2008-06-10, 07:48 AM
For no real reason The Mothman Prophecies. I don't know why but it just did.

2008-06-10, 08:36 AM
' The Descent', but I am claustrophobic. 'Alien' for pretty much the same reason.

Purple Dragon
2008-06-10, 05:04 PM
Stephen King's The Mist disturbed me so much that it had me lying awake for a coupla nights after watching it. As such, I gotta say it was the most completely successful horror movie I've ever watched.

Other great scary flicks - I've gotta go with some classics:
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Exorcist
Prince of Darkness
Serpent and the Rainbow

And if you're just looking for something cheap 'n easy that'll make you jump:
The Grudge
What Lies Beneath

I know there's a ton of 'em I'm forgetting, but it's quittin' time! :smalltongue:

2008-06-10, 05:25 PM
Guillermo Del Toro's The Orphanage scared the living crap out of me. And I'm usually immensely blasť with regards to horror films.

2008-06-10, 06:04 PM
"A clockwork orange", because I can see our society heading that way...

2008-06-10, 06:32 PM
Ever so rarely does an american movie or an american re-make scare me...

however, I did find both Ju-On 1 and 2 terrifying..

Kairo is scary in the wierdest way. and I dont entirely get it, and that probably doesnt help. I dont know that it ever made me jump but I think I can safely say its the kind of movied that'll creep you out later.

Odishon is just disturbing. It'll make you uncomfortable. Watch it if you can literally HANDLE it..

yay for j-horror?? lol im not actually somebodies whose just obsessed with japanese anything because its japan. no anime obsessions or anything...so i think you can trust my opinion :smallsmile:

2008-06-10, 08:22 PM

But I don't think this is the type of "being scared" that the OP meant.

2008-06-11, 05:23 AM
I can't remember any films that have actually scared me. I've seen plenty that made me jump, but never anything that truly scared me.

2008-06-11, 05:46 AM
I never been scared by any "horror" movie. I do remember The Good Son freaking me out some a number of years ago. Culkin's performance in that was perfect and rather frightening. Alicia Silverstone also gave a very good performance in The Crush, which was fairly disturbing. It has been a number of years since I have seen them though, so I'm not sure if they would still hold up.

2008-06-11, 08:13 AM
Pan's Labyrinth.

The Pale Man. I just... oh god. He/It... just... gah!

I would imagine him 'staring' through my window, HP-Lovecraft's-The Hound-style, for weeks afterward. Hell, I still do occasionally.

2008-06-11, 08:19 AM
There aren't any movies that really "scare" me, but I was disturbed by The Butterfly Effect. And, to the post above me, Pan's Labyrinth, that was a great movie, wasn't it? The Pale Man, he's bloody great.

black dragoon
2008-06-11, 08:25 AM
Yeah. The Mist was fairly terrifying I hate the Spiders!

Lizardfolk Lich
2008-06-11, 10:53 AM

2008-06-11, 11:23 AM
Arlington Road really disturbed me. It's very well done, but I don't really want to watch it again...

I don't like zombies, so almost all zombie movies worry me, but I don't like watching them, either.

Hmm... I'm a real coward, but I can't really think of anything that I found really, profoundly scary... I've heard that Pet Semetary is genuinely horrifying mostly because they're not afraid of killing children, but I haven't seen that... I hid under the covers watching Jaws and imagined dinosaurs coming for me after Jurassic Park, but I was only, like, 8 then.

I do enjoy Japanese horror movies. Most of them are terrible, really, but meh. I saw most of the prequel to Ring... That was pretty damn horrifying, actually, now that I think about it :smalleek:
The one where the girl decapitated herself with her own arm was fun...

Also I did like The Mist.

Jack Squat
2008-06-11, 11:54 AM
imagined dinosaurs coming for me after Jurassic Park, but I was only, like, 8 then.

Same here, although I was 6.

...My parents were never too good on the "not suitable for young kids" thing. Despite me telling them beforehand that it's too violent, they let my little brothers watch the new Rambo, apparantly 12 year olds don't like to see people get blown up, whodathunkit?

2008-06-11, 12:31 PM
*thinks about inappropriate movies for age-groups*

Terminator at 6 (babysitter got in trouble for that one).

Aliens at 8 and the original not too long after that, I think.

Jurassic Park when it was in theaters, but I was 12 by then and I'd read the book, so that's not so bad. I do remember wondering why so many parents brought their kids to the movie, though ("kids" here meaning under 10 years old, I was practically a grown-up after all *rolls eyes at own youthful delusions*).

Probably a lot more that I'm not thinking of. None really scared me. Hell, the facehugger jumping out of the egg in Alien was the last time a movie startled me enough to jump until the first Resident Evil movie (and even that was just a little Boo! moment near the beginning, damn them, a streak of over a decade down the drain because I wasn't expecting them to pull that crap so early in the movie).

That being said, I really liked The Blair Witch Project. I only saw it the one time in the theater, and I don't know if it'd hold up well to multiple viewings, but I thought it was effective.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-06-11, 03:05 PM
How's Annie? How's Annie? Hehehe. How's Annie?

:smalleek: :gnidne taht dna - frawd eht ,BOB. Em fo tuo sthgilyad gnivil eht deracs skaeP niwT tub, (eno ekil tohs tiebla) mlif a yllaer ton s'ti.

2008-06-11, 04:59 PM
...My parents were never too good on the "not suitable for young kids" thing. Despite me telling them beforehand that it's too violent, they let my little brothers watch the new Rambo, apparantly 12 year olds don't like to see people get blown up, whodathunkit?

My parents did the EXACT same thing. Whenever they rented a horror film, I was usually allowed to watch it with them and because I had an overactive imagination and I thought that films were real (I was like, three or four) I developed a HUGE fear of people getting their heads chopped off or people being cut in half. Violence was never a problem with my parents. Hell, I was allowed to watch movies like The Shining and The Godfather at the tender age of 7 and 8. But I wasn't allowed to watch Cool World though. Cause you know... S-E-X.

2008-06-11, 07:03 PM
I've never seen a straight-up horror movie - Jurassic Park was closest - but Dante's Peak was the only one that kept me up at night. In fright, anyway. I'd visited a lot of hot springs by that point.

2008-06-12, 09:19 AM
The Exorcist. To this day I have never been able to sit through that whole movie. Any movie dealing with possession freaks me out.

The Ring really scared me, but I think that's mostly because of what my husband did to me after we watched it. It was late at night (did I mention we lived next to a dense forest at the time?) and I went to the bathroom, when I came out, all the lights in the house were off, and he had turned the TV to a static station. I didn't sleep with the lights off for a month.

2008-06-12, 12:41 PM
After me and my wife got done watching The Ring at the theater, she put a blanket over the TV in the bedroom. The thing wasent even plugged in.

Does anyone know if there are any plans to translate the two books after it into english?

As for movies that scared me, im not sure. I've had movies that were sickening such as Hostle and other shock horror movies like that. I dont go for the whole torture people to make the audiance feel dirty thing.

Rigel Cyrosea
2008-06-12, 09:15 PM
When I was about 11, I saw a trailer for some zombie movie in the theater. I think it was 28 Days Later, but that might be wrong. In any case, during the next week I averaged about 1 hour of sleep a night, drove my parents absolutely crazy, and developed a phobia of movie theaters. That one little preview scared the crap out of me.
Now that I'm old enough to not get quite so easily freaked out, I've been tempted to figure out exactly what movie it was and watch it, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. And movie theaters still make me uncomfortable. What can I say, I'm a coward.

2008-06-12, 11:08 PM
The Shinning, of course, this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuaYk-yDAgc) made it alot less so.

I remember watching Event Horizon, and man, that thing scared the pants off me.

2008-06-13, 12:53 AM
I was quite shocked the first time I saw Final Destination 2.

2008-06-21, 03:36 PM
When I was a kid, the wolf-thing from the Neverending story scared the heck out of me.