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2008-06-10, 09:35 PM
Hey all, so I've decided to start an interesting sort of campaign from a combat standpoint, and since I just joined these forums, I wanted so get some feedback, suggestions and comments about the theme.

Harsh mountains leading down to an idyllic valley used to swarm with humanoid tribes that lived off the land and the monsters that they preyed on (or preyed on them). However, a paladin lord on a mission of righteousness to bring his god to the rest of the world, and expand the empire of his lord, came over the mountains and beat back the old inhabitants. Think American settlers beating back the native americans. 4 years ago, he declared the campaign a success and encouraged nobles from the old country to come and settle this rich new arm of the paladin kingdom's empire. Wealthy or desperate nobles have flocked to the scene, overloading the only port city in the region, which used to exist as a poor fishing town, into a cultural conflict that resulted in most of the inhabitants going into non-indentured servitude for the nobles and their great wealth coming from the northwest, there's a bit of a cultural conflict. The money in the new realm is being generated by the discovery of a vast set of mines of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum, Tin, Aluminum, and even one mine has reported Mithril. The natives as well as indentured servants from the kingdom across the mountains are now being pressed into service in the mines of this frontier (sometimes on account of their poverty)... think construction of the great railroad.

Now the conflict setup... because the paladins have withdrawn from this frontier almost entirely except for a few small bases, the nobles have been forced to hire mercenaries to protect their valuable shipments and defend their mining interests, resulting in an influx of all kinds of uncouth folk. Mercenaries are usually loyal once they accept a job, but a significant percentage are not above turning rogue to take over the shipment of silver they were supposed to be protecting. Additionally, there are some bands that are simply thieves, waiting for an opportunity to prey on a mine shipment of a prospecting village. To add to this, some of the remaining indigenous peoples, resentful about being forced into the wasteland to the east, have brought back raiding parties for revenge.

I run a big homebrew campaign world that emphasizes the idea of a "realistic fantasy." http://tearsofchaos.wikispaces.com/Introduction
I use the 3.5 rules system with a few small house tweaks in what I would call a low- to moderate-magic environment.
I dislike using a huge variety of core classes beyond PhB and Psionics, though I've been amenable to many of the "Complete" books. I just feel like most expansions don't offer a manifestation of character that the core system can't already accommodate.

Two 5th level fighters. Mercenaries who survive the rest of their band being slaughtered... that's how they get to know each other. One emphasizes archery while the other goes a pretty standard melee route (greatsword). Both are solid horsemen, and are familiar with the terrain of the area and the tactics required to win a battle in many environments.

My Challenges that I want some help on
I created a horseman character a good while ago and wanted to get into some good mounted skirmishes, but never got the chance to in a more dungeon and urban environment.
In this campaign I want to really be able to get a different feel out of the skirmishes that may take place from hill to hill, on opposite sides of a river, or involving really macro tactical movements (eg: we go to the other side of the hill/forest/whatever).
I'm not sure what house rules I can adjudicate to make this realm of combat more interesting and flavorful than standard combat. I don't think any dramatic changes are needed, just a bit of thought to spice things up from what may become: "move and shoot for 10 rounds, catch up to them, melee." I'm especially worried about this for my party of 2 fighters.

Also, any comments on how I should further enrich the setting?

Thanks in advance