View Full Version : Looking for Singaporean English media

2008-06-11, 09:27 AM
Hi there, I will soon have an telephonic interview with a Singaporean firm, and I have been warned that their english is.. accentuated. I am looking for good places on the internet that have Singaporean Enlish video and audio files so I could practice listening to it. I already have found on Youtube a Singaporean Sitcom, and I was wondering if someone had any idea where else?

Also, it would help a lot if some of these things were audio-only. I won't have any visual aid during the interview, and I think having some (during video) is overhelping me..

thanks for any help!

2008-06-12, 09:42 PM
I'm not too sure what you're trying to say, but I doubt anyone would interview candidates using Singlish. Plain English is fine.