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2008-06-14, 06:18 PM
So my step bro came down today so we all went to see a movie. I really wanted to see the Happening but my madre said Strangers got a better rating. Expected not too much, which was probably why I was so pleasantly suprised.

If you've ever talked horror films with me, you know that Im 90% of the time displeased with American horrors...they're all jump and jitter with not too much underlying thought or meaning. I mean, am I really going to question the amazing philosophy in Hostel later? No. And the filming isnt particularly...idk the word im looking for, haha. But I hope you'll get the picture anyways.

However, I didnt actually get that from Strangers. It was a little predictable, at times, but the overall idea and symbolism was pretty creative. And the filming wasnt too bad at all.
for example..
The scene where she sees the guy outsider her window and hits the record and it plays on repeat as she runs to the pounding door and back to her room..LOVED that. The whole record thing itself was pretty ingenious. It's one thing to have those creepy sounds that give you the chills (refer to the random clicking in Ju-On everytime toshio appears..) but to give it a place and a reason is something I can respect.

Even that aside, it's play on human nature and religion is absolutely delicious. Thing about this movie? All completely human, to the point of being disturbing.
The whole masked thing really didnt take away the fact that they were people, but it added this..distance. A misunderstanding. No communication. Emotionless. You couldn't understand what these people were thinking except that they were absolutely crazy. It seemed to refer to the general nature of people that we dont understand. Moreso, though, the twisted nature that every individual has and the fact that it's so hidden. idk. maybe thats obvious.

What I really loved, though, is the existentialist ideas. ULTIMATELY, throughout the whole movie, they created their own fate. Every slight choice had a reaction. What they were dealing with wasnt a superpower, wasnt invincible..they created majority of their problems. in fact..
I knew from the get-go that answering the door was one of these choices. if they JUST HADNT ANSWERED THE DOOR, the entire sitatution would cease to be. "Because you were home." Now, answering the door is a polite gesture..anybody would. Which is probably more a play on this human nature thing but I dont have any really developed ideas on it. It's all extremely ironic...if she had said yes, if he hadnt had shot his friend, if... it goes on and on. All choices. They could have surely gotten away..they caused their own fate.

In all, I actually kinda liked this movie. I agreed with it on a lot of levels.

lol and I dont ever see much horror movie talk on here so I wouldnt be shocked if nobody actually answered this thread