View Full Version : Epic Dilemma! (Sandstorm)

Deth Muncher
2008-06-15, 07:59 PM
My party just got smacked with the WORST thing to happen to us. Yet, anyway. As we went through our session, we met both one good and one evil demigod (our BNGG and BBEG, respectively). As it happened, we got captured by the bad guy after being charged by the good guy to go out and try to stop him. The bad guy presents us with a choice: join him or die, basically. After repeating a line our BNGG said ("Just remember to keep your faith. All will be well."), our Sorceror/Sandshaper, Paladin, Barbarian and Bard all sided with the BBEG. Myself (Sorceror/Force Missile Mage), our fighter and our other Sorceror all denied him (with me, I wanted to bluff the guy into saying I'd join him and then betray him later, but as soon as I mentioned this, the DM got pissed and had the BBEG do stuff). The three of us who denied him were flung into a jail cell. As it turned out, the small huddled mass of robes in the cell turned out to be our BNGG, who told us "I only have enough power to save those of you who keep the faith. Well done." and proceeds to teleport us back to his town. (Did I mention he has a town? He's got a town. Full of his followers.)

Currently, our campaign is now split. The problem now presented is that we aren't going up against our DM now, we're going up against our DM + fellow players. Fellow players whom I know to be very sneaky, underhanded and good at what they do, which is namely, pissing me off. I'd like to know you guys' thoughts on how to combat my former teammates. But foist, some information about the campaign!

The "Good" Guys:
-Sargus- 30th level Paladin, Demigod (D.R. 1)
-Sargus' Minion: A Half Celestial Centaur Crusader
-Sorc6/FMM3 (myself)
-Sorceror 9
-1/2 Gold Dragon Fighter

The Bad Guys
-Kzendrix?- 30th level ??
-Kzendriz's minion: An Azer ??
-A now Paladin2/Blackguard7
-Fighter1/Bard7/Dirgejiggy1 (That one PrC from Libris Mortis for Bards)
-Barbarian 9

Current area: Desert.

GG- Sargus' town. It's got lots of stuff. We've actually been given a house to call our own Base of Operations. I plan on getting it outfitted with an alchemical lab as well as a cartography room, at least for me anyway. Class skills for the win! We've also been given one of those SUPERGIGANTOR sand ships, fully equipped and manned. Also, the other sorceror and I have been given access to the local Mage Guild.

BG- A town nigh-identical to Sargus', because the DM spent a lot of time on it and didnt want to make another. I have no clue as to what they've gotten as nifty thingses.