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2008-06-17, 05:03 PM
Since MGS4 is coming out in the US, I thought it would be prudent to renew my interest in putting the protagonists of Avatar against various MGS boss characters

This week: The Gaang vs. the Amphibious Mecha, Metal Gear RAY!


A fully functional Arsenal Gear (sans mass-produced Gears), patrolling near the coastline of a lake. Besides the obviously large quantities of water for Katara to use, the shore has enough rocks and mud in it for Toph to use Earthbending effectively.


1) The Gaang refers to, of course, Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Iroh, and Momo. No reason for that last one, just an interesting way for Aang to go into Avatar State if the pilot of RAY, bastard that he is, decides to shoot the poor lemur out of annoyance.

2) The RAY, due to modern, purified alloys, is immune to Metalbending, nor will it's pilot be damaged if the Gear is hit with electricity (the Gear itself is another matter). Also, Katara cannot use Bending to crush Metal Gear while it's in the water; It simply moves too fast for her to keep up.

3) The pilot of the RAY is Revolver Ocelot. Not that this has any effect on the battle...not counting the fact that he, if defeated, will reveal that he was planning for that defeat all along, though some convolted scheme or another. Also, although the top of the lake is able to be frozen, Katara just isn't powerful enough to freeze the whole thing, and RAY will soon break out.

EDIT: Balanced it a bit.

2008-06-17, 05:27 PM
Could they just freeze the lake?

2008-06-17, 05:52 PM
Could they just freeze the lake?

*Slaps self*

Just when you think you have a Vs. thread all balanced out, something this comes along.

Hold on, let me make a rule aganist that.

2008-06-18, 02:33 AM
Uh... the RAY is nothing more than a mook in the videogame that it comes from, to be taken on 13 at a time on a hard enough difficulty, and is also one of the easiest boss battles in that game. Solidus himself takes out three or four without trying in a cutscene, and he's just a guy with Dr. Octopus arms and a little bit of super-strength.

The Gaang redefine the concept of a Foe Tossing Charge (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FoeTossingCharge) against mooks, so one won't slow them down.

It'd take all thirteen Rays at once to make me think the Gaang could possibly lose, and even then I'd give them even odds.

They're Exalted characters against a boss of a Spycraft game.

2008-06-18, 09:15 AM
Jerthanis, that's why the fight is them versus the Super Prototype (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SuperPrototype), not the mass-produced AI-controlled mooks.

Now, I still think the Gaang wins, as even the prototype RAY isn't going to have the accuracy to hit them or the armor to stand up to a concentrated assault, not to mention their battlefield-manipulation abilities. The way I see it...

Aang and Katara get in close and keep it off-balance. Toph and Iroh stand back and deal damage from the shore (Iroh favoring lightning, based on the terrain). Sokka intuits a mechanical weakpoint, and he and Zuko hit it with swords for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

As for RAY, it's not going to hit any of them with machine guns or rockets (they know kung fu). Some of the heavier cutscene artillery could be a problem, but a concentrated defensive effort by Aang when it winds up the mortars should work.

Anyway, Gaang wins, Ocelot escapes, joins the Fire Nation, and manages to betray his way into Firelordship within a week. Azula is duly impressed.

Lord of Rapture
2008-06-19, 02:43 AM
Anyway, Gaang wins, Ocelot escapes, joins the Fire Nation, and manages to betray his way into Firelordship within a week. Azula is duly impressed.

No, no, no. Ocelot becomes the right-hand man of Ozai within a week. When the Gaang shows up to confront Ozai and Azula once and for all, Ocelot shoots dead Aang and Ozai immediately. Then, when the Gaang and Azula stand shocked in disbelief, Ocelot then delivers a ten-minute long monologue about how he was controlling everything from the beginning, from Azulon's death to the fall of Ba Sing Se to the failure of the invasion during the day of the Black Sun, and proceeds to kick their asses. Yes, even Iroh's and Azula's.

He kicked Solid Snake's ass in Metal Gear Solid 4 once, didn't he?

EDIT: Then, he takes over the leadership of the Order of the White Lotus, replaces the Fire Lord, and uses its army to take over the world.