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black dragoon
2008-06-23, 01:19 PM
By request here it goes.:smallwink:
The TCG it brings more words to my mind than it should...
I thought I'd grown out of them and then....
at work late one night a terrible terrible thought creeped into my mind. A GITP TCG. Part of my mind exploded....
I thought of how Gitp seems to have numerous Vs. threads with a few powerful users that many back amongst them EE, Rutee and several others and it snowballed from there.
Like any Card game there will be a few phases the first would be deciding who would go first by drawing a hand of several cards. whoever has the iniative will be able to pick the arena or actually the forum area that will be played. From here The other guy would play a playgrounder who will start out as a pixie in playground. to advance you must win battles and play 'posts' or enhancements that increase the power of your playgrounders. Battle phases will allow for auto upgrades to your 'monsters' this is not to say that losing will completly set you out of the game and certain cards would only be played after losing a round. Also certain cards can only be played in certain forums. Specific cards such as Avatar threads or Termie pownege could only be played on specific threads.
wow that's a ramble alright, in short would you guy be willing to help create something as crazy as this?
here's the current run of card types.:
Posts: these are two ways you either can use them as an attack or to boost your post rating to advance a level.
Forum: the battlefield card. used to boost or hinder user and post cards.
Attribute effects: the style of posting cards such as troll and flamer are these
User: the 'battler' used to kick arse as needed based around various playgrounders
Tricks: a catch all for things such as trap cards, side-effects, stat boosts and RL things.

2008-06-23, 06:08 PM
I'm still with you.

I was thinking of another thing- maybe some posters could have subtype, eg Troll, with specific cards that only Trolls, Flamers etc can use.

2008-06-23, 06:35 PM
I'm still with you.

I was thinking of another thing- maybe some posters could have subtype, eg Troll, with specific cards that only Trolls, Flamers etc can use.

Trolls, Flamers... Snark-snipers. Like Solo and I.

black dragoon
2008-06-25, 05:02 PM
That or the abilities are level dependent. also the gaming section thread is currently housing much of the brainstorming so post new ideas there for now. At keast till I establish a real HQ for this epic undertaking:smallwink:

2008-06-25, 07:18 PM
BlackDragoon.....you're nuts. :smallamused:

I'm just gpnna spitball some ideas here:

1) Content Makers (Monsters, Classes, Races, the works)
2) Tears of Blood
3) Webcomics aplenty
4) THE BEAST and other interactive comics
5) Can't forget lurkers and newbies (n00bs too, I suppose).

That last one kind of brings up a good point when applying this to real people: make sure you have their consent first, 'cause getting classified as something (like a noob) will definitely hurt feelings.

black dragoon
2008-06-26, 11:49 AM
Fugure cards dealing with Tears of Blood will field mods., webcomics and The Beast are different types of 'trick' cards and Newbs and lurkers fall into the type mod. area like trolls and flamers. BTW yes I will ask anyone we use if they want to be used and if they don't they won't get a card. also, thank you for the complement:smallbiggrin:

black dragoon
2008-08-04, 12:54 PM
Anyone still in?

2008-08-04, 02:52 PM
Still in.

Do we already have the general shape of the game? Is it a dueling tcg or a munchkin like game?

black dragoon
2008-08-06, 12:22 PM
combo of the two. Munchkin like build up but you can attack other players. refer to the thread located in the gaming section for more.

2008-08-06, 12:40 PM
Don't forget a world-builder category. :smallbiggrin:
We do so love to come up with stuff we'll never use.

black dragoon
2008-08-06, 12:41 PM
Agreed probaley be a string of booster cards so you in?

2008-08-06, 01:01 PM
I wouldn't be against printing out and playtesting whatever you guys can come up with. Building game systems from the ground up is something me and my friends do a lot to stay in practice, so I'll throw in an idea or two whenever I see something that looks like a good idea.

For example...

Starting on a core mechanic (like Munchkin's kill a monster, get a level or MtG's get your attack higher than their defense) is a good idea.

Some common ones are:
Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanics- or Earth, Water, Wind, Fire
Greater Than mechanics- where highest number wins
Less Than mechanics- where lowest number wins (really just a slightly altered Greater Than)
and, most commonly, combinations of the above

black dragoon
2008-08-06, 07:36 PM
Feel free I picture the mechanics working along the lines of winning threads to go up in rank. based around a greater than thou concept.

2008-08-06, 08:20 PM
So, a game in the Munchkin style Race (be the first to reach/do something)? How would players get closer to this goal?

black dragoon
2008-08-08, 12:53 PM
They need to win threads and beat out other players for them sound logical?

2008-08-08, 03:13 PM
Yeah, that makes sense. So threads are the challanges, and the goal is to complete a set number of challenges before everyone else (in abstract terms). Makes sense.

How do players determine who wins a thread? How do they encounter threads? Is there one deck that players flip cards from? Two decks, like in munchkin? Is there a thread deck that gets flipped over every turn, and all players have a shot at winning it (like a hand in hearts)?

black dragoon
2008-08-08, 06:38 PM
I imagine it working along each player having a set that is their 'user deck' each player then adds their own collection of thread cards in a seperate deck shuffled together. I figure players use posts to 'flame' another player to reduce their 'ego'(HP) Rinse and repeat. Players can also use 'trick' cards that can goof an attack or defense or even simply cancel a thread. The gaming section goes into more detail but that's the gist.