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2008-06-29, 09:28 AM
I was looking at my bookshelf today, and realized I haven't opened my Iron Kingdoms books in a while. Now that the fourth edition is upon us, I took a quick peek to the official forums, and was surprised to find there really wasn't much converting going on. As I've got plenty of time now that it's summer, I figured I might try my hand at converting The Best Setting Ever to the new system. As guns are one of the things that make Iron Kingdoms Iron Kingdoms, here's the basic stuff:

Firearms of the Iron Kingdoms

{table=head]Weapon|Prof.|Damage|Range|Price|Weight|Group|Prope rties
Hand cannon|+3|1d10|15/30|80 gp|5 lb.|Firearm, pistol|High crit, load minor
Pistol, small|+3|2d4|10/20|60 gp|4 lb.|Firearm, pistol|High crit, load minor
Pistol, Rynnish holdout|+3|1d6|8/16|65 gp|2 lb.|Firearm, pistol|High crit, load move[/table]

{table=head]Weapon|Prof.|Damage|Range|Price|Weight|Group|Prope rties
Blunderbuss|+2|2d6|10/20|50 gp|16 lb.|Firearm, rifle|High crit, load minor & move, spread
Carbine, military|+3|1d12|20/40|175 gp|10 lb.|Firearm, rifle|High crit, load move
Rifle, long|+3|1d10|20/40|120 gp|10 lb.|Firearm, rifle|High crit, load move
Rifle, military|+3|1d12|25/50|175 gp|15 lb.|Firearm, rifle|High crit, load move
Vanar Liberator|+3|2d6+1|27/54|200 gp|20 lb.|Firearm, rifle|High crit, load minor & move[/table]

Weapon properties:
Load: Some weapons take exceptionally long to reload. When a weapon shows "Load minor & move", both a minor and a move action must be spent to load the weapon. These actions must both be taken before attacking with the weapon, but they do not have to be performed on the same turn and can be performed in any order.

Spread: Certain ranged weapons fire a burst of projectiles that have a chance of hitting multiple enemies. An attack with a spread weapon is a Wall 3 area attack.

Adventuring Gear
Pistol charge (5)|2 gp|1/2 lb.
Rifle charge (5)|4 gp|1/2 lb.
Gunner's Kit|50 gp|15 lb.[/table]

Ammunition: Firearm charges come in a pouch that holds five charges. Blasting powder is arcane in nature, but does not confer any arcane properties to the bullet itself. A firearm charge is ruined if it gets wet.

Gunner's Kit: A gunner's kit contains all the equipment needed for maintaining firearms, as well as the tools required to alter firearm projectiles. This kit does not allow a character to create blasting powder.


Now that you've hopefully read the whole thing, I think a few explanations are in order.

First of all, I didn't really like the whole "2 standard actions to reload" thing that was going on with the guns. Felt a bit like the Vancian mages of old, forced to conserve the awesome. As 4E did away with them, I figured I'd do away with the ginormous loading times. I don't think anyone wants to sit behind a crate reloading while their buddies are busy hacking up the dragonspawn. And yeah, no skill checks to reload a gun either. Didn't like how there were two rolls to see if you screwed up the shot.

Secondly, most of the numeric values of the weapons have been brought down to better conform with the fourth edition's weapons. The fairly prohibitive prices have been cut down quite a bit, but I need to review them when I get a grasp of the treasure rules. The damage has also been brought down, hopefully enough to balance the faster reload time. Unlikely, as I converted them fairly straight from the Character Guide, but one can always hope.

Third, most of the guns in IK have a critical rating of 19-20/x3, which is why I have given them High crit. I have a feeling it's kinda boring to have it across the board, but it's there for now.

Fourth, as the fourth edition does not have any weapon-specific special rules, I opted to go without as well. Therefore I made the blunderbuss's "lead sneeze" a property instead. (Making it a Wall was a bit off-the-wall (hoho) idea I nicked from a firearm conversion thread on the Privateer Press forums.) Now that I think of it, the blunderbuss and the Vanar liberator might need a note about special ammunition, but I'll let that be for now.

Fifth and lastly, no, no gun-specific ammunition. I know it's not particularly realistic, but I wanted the basic guns to be as simple as possible. Made it cheaper too, as the ammunition was too expensive to be shot.


Now, this will not be one of those great, well-planned projects that are all indexed and stuff. I'm still very new to this stuhomebrewery thing, and work when I feel like it. Next thing I'll probably look into are gun-related feats and perhaps creating one's own ammunition. After that, I might look into making a Warcaster paragon path or perhaps take a stab at the classes. Gunmages are one I'm definitely going to try, general gun-users will probably be another and I'd like to think something up for bodgers too. Maybe I'll make a Mechanik class with paragon paths for Arcane ones and Bodgers.

Ędit: Realized this stuff's too good to be Military stuff. What a silly goof.